Echostar Plan Freesat+ PVR With Slingbox Feature

Echostar Plan Freesat+ PVR With Slingbox Feature

Echostar, owners of Slingmedia have confirmed plans to launch a Freesat+ PVR receiver which will include the Slingbox feature; allowing users to watch their TV from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

The Slingbox product is expected to go on sale by the end of 2010, though prices are yet to be confirmed. There are also thoughts that this device may also include DVB-T2 technology for Freeview.

If you are unfamiliar with how ‘Sling’ works, it essentially allows you to connect to your Internet in the UK, then watch anywhere in the world via a PC device, including smartphones such as Android and iPhone. This includes controlling scheduled recordings, playback of existing records etc.

This will certainly be a very interesting development for the Freesat platform, though we are some what surprised that Freesat have agreed to such technology given it allows access to UK broadcasters channels outside the UK.

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  1. Hmm will this allow us to view iPlayer over here in mainland Europe? That would be nice 🙂

  2. @Froggie, This box will not let you view bbc iPlayer all over europe.

    If the DVB T2 tuner is included it will prove a very popular receiver in Ireland. UK channels on freesat and Irish channels on DVB T2 tuner. I will be one of the first to preorder one!!

  3. I just love it when they say “watch anywhere in the world with a PC device”.

    I think sat on the beach on the Costa Del Sol watching any thing on UK TV would set you back a million pound Euro lottery win before the opening titles finished

  4. To make myself clear, what I meant on the above post was using a UK based mobile broadband dongle.

  5. @ChrisK
    To be fair it would not be clever to do that. I was recently in Portugal for 10 days and i could buy a WIFI package for 10 days for €10. This package and Slingbox would be sweet on Hols.

  6. This is very interesting news. I suppose it is permitable because although it allows access to UK broadcasters channels outside the UK, it is technically being “watched” by your receiver in the UK.

  7. I have had a Slingbox Pro for two years, permanently connected to my Humax PVR. It is fantastic when abroad, allowing access to TV and radio in your hotel room during business travel. Especially good for the footie when stuck in Asia for a weekend. I actually use the radio just as much as TV. A lot of sporting events are not available online due to broadcasting rights and this gets around that problem.

  8. @Admin

    Why are you surprised that Freesat allows the functionality to be integrated? The capability is already there and I can view Freesat content from anywhere I can get an IP connection through Slingbox. Al this does is reduce two boxes into one. Most Slingbox users I know are people who travel or have a second home, either way there is still a requirement to have a TV license for the home where the equipment is installed for UK users.

  9. This could well prove to be the best selling freesat receiver ever, especially if freeview is going to be included.
    If the price is right, I will certainly buy one.
    I’ve never had a care or need for Slingbox before (although a friend in the US keeps asking me to get one!) but it could prove to be a fantastic feature.

  10. Ooops, I forgot to ask.
    If Freeview is included, will it be available for Freeview HD and will the PVR also work for Freeview?

  11. Mark @ #10

    I think this is unlikely. The use case of two different EPGs and then two different virtual drives suggests that the Freeview option will be for real-time viewing either locally on the TV or remotely through Slingbox. My Slingbox Pro has an integrated Freeview receiver that many users have given up on due to the quality. This is not a problem for me as I want the PVR functonality of my STB anyhow.

  12. A mate of mine recently gave me a really impressive demo of slingplayer on his iPhone. I was in fact watching BBC News whilst on a train heading out of Manchester, the buffering held up and picture quality over a 3G connection was really impressive. All this brought it home to me that this technology is something which in the mobile multimedia age will be how people can consume television media whilst not necessarily having to be sat in their own armchairs!

    I think a Satellite receiver with built-in Slingmedia capabilities is going to be a potential pre-Christmas big seller and combined with a Freesat Christmas marketing campaign will do well.

  13. Well this certainly explains why Echostar, a company with no prior connection to freesat, were co-sponsoring the awards.

  14. David@12 I was in portugal last month. Booked through algarvegetaways. They were offering wifi for €15 ( not €10)for the duration of my hols. I can only assume it was a wifi hotspot at our apartment. I did not use wifi. Left the laptop at home..

  15. Echostar and their confirmed plans! 18 months ago they announced their Dish Network Slingbox STB for the USA and that has never appeared. So don’t hold your breath for the exact same idea on the Freesat platform.

    Tony (a user of Dish Network with Echostar ViP722, Freesat with Humax Foxsat HDR and various models of Slingboxes)

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