Emma Scott interview with The Times

Just thought you might be interested in an interview that took place between Emma Scott, MD of Freesat; and The Times.

The interview includes some interesting information and thoughts of Emma Scott, including the fact Freesat has already achieved 250,000 sales and is expected to reach “low millions” by the time digital switch-over concludes in 2012.

Have a read for yourself, let us know your thoughts.

Emma Scott: All set to broadcast bad news to rivals

21 thoughts on “Emma Scott interview with The Times”

  1. This bit caught my attention:

    “From this summer it will also offer the BBC iPlayer, via a broadband connection. […] which makes it a game-changer for its pay-TV rivals.”

    So it’s kinda confirmed now, unless The Times is taking rumor as fact again.

  2. Ah. Also this bit

    “We are just saying if you have a broadband connection you can use it to connect to Freesat and watch iPlayer.” ”

    That means content will be sent over broadband and not the satellite connection which is a shame as my broadband connection is slower than a pregnant snail with a limp.

  3. @Peter: “slower than a pregnant snail with a limp”, lol

    On the subject of broadband speeds, remember that as BT rolls out its 21CN (21st Century Network) over the next couple of years, more people should be able to get ADSL2+ (up to 24 Mbps, depending on how close you are to the exchange of course).

    At the moment Be ( https://www.bethere.co.uk/ ) seem to the only provider offering it for those whose exchanges have been enabled already (they also offer regular up to 8 Mbps broadband as well). You can find out a rough estimate of when BT is planning to enable 21CN WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) on your exchange at this handy site:


    Of course some people who live in cabled areas are already able to access fast broadband.

    Back to the interview, though, it seems like Freesat is in capable hands and she knows what she’s doing.

    I noticed that the journalist got this bit wrong: “… Freeview, which won’t carry HD channels till after 2012 …”

  4. It also says no Freeview HD until 2012. The first three channels begin rolling out across the country later this year!!

  5. also noted
    “…These may eventually include pay-TV services, but they are not essential.”

    I think Emma should really consider a softly softly developing of the pay-TV service, perhaps even carrying out trials with dedicated Join Freesat fans – *raises hand and waves it* !!

  6. I wonder what Emma Scott’s salary is? Selling EPG slots at 30k a year surely can’t be Rocket Science? The transmissions/broadcasts are already there so it’s not re-inventing the wheel . .

    Perhaps I’m missing the point somewhere?

  7. That was not an interview, it was a public relations exercise.

    The ‘reporter’ failed to nail anything of substance, and allowed Emma Scott to get away with superficial answers.

    The style of the article suggested to me a ‘nice’ conversation over tea and biscuits.


  8. @ derek500 it also says no Freeview HD until 2012.
    well i hope that Freesat will have more HD channels before 2012, as i see it how things are going at moment, that may be ” Pie in the Sky ” As to Freeview i did read somewhere that Ofcom may not allow Freeview to get full HD, but MPEG 4 instead.
    So i wonder where that leaves us, the general public are not even ready for the switch over, as many of them have’nt even got HD ready TV’s.

  9. Francis, mpeg4 is a codec and is the one used with freesat and most blu-ray films. It is unlikely that freeview will get full hd (1080p) but that is probably down to other reasons than ofcom not allowing it.

    It wouldn’t surprise me though if freeview get ch4hd before freesat and the itv offering looks better than on freesat. I’m considering getting a new freeview box!

  10. @Col .. I have been searching high-and-low to find a DVB-T2/MPEG4 compliant Freeview box on sale . . So far, nothing..

    Humax have hinted they have something up their sleeve, but not yet. Hence am putting on hold the purchase of new Freeview equipment ’till then..

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing 1080p via satellite for several decades yet.. There is simply no capacity (bandwidth limits) and no receivers anywhere in the world either . . Nothing to do with Ofcom really . . Would also be even more expensive to broadcast. Maybe by cable/optical fibre?

    With ‘four’ HD channels likely to appear in some Freeview regions by end 2010 will Freesat be able to follow by then? Mmm.. Dunno . .

    How about a TV License discount for those unable to receive the full complement? . . πŸ˜‰ . .

  11. Steven, Vantage do a combined Satellite DVB-S/S2 and Terrestrial DVB-T/T2 MPEG 2/4, available at Sat Europa, not too expensive either.

  12. This also caught my attention, she like Ryan Adams not Bryan Adams. Whats wrong with Bryan Adams πŸ™‚

    Interview a bit sketchy, no focused questions or answers

  13. Scott, be careful of anyone offering DVB-T2 at this stage. There are no production chipsets available, and it’s not a feature that manufacturers can add with a software upgrade. It requires new silicon, and the first DVB-T2 receivers in the world are being designed for the launch of Freeview HD later this year.
    At Wotsat we’ve seen several manufacturers making claims like this that don’t stand up to scrutiny.

  14. Ok Lex . . Thanks for that. If you recon there’s no chips yet then obviously it’s likely there’s no compatible receivers either, yet . .

  15. “But it’s not our intention to get into 9m homes or anything.”

    Thats one bad attitude for an MD.

    Her sole aim should be to make Freesat as big a success as possible and get it into as many homes as possible. She should also be making it as competitive with Sky as possible on the content front in so far as her budget allows.

    If shes doing anything less, then as a licence payer and someone who’s indirectly paying her salary, I object to her position. We shouldn’t all be contributing to her big salary if she has no real ambition for the service.

  16. I think really you need to take such comments with a pinch of salt. Emma is very ambition and has a proven track record, I think it’s probably more a case of just not wanting to ‘compete’ with the Freeview brand, but in reality, Freesat has much more scope of future use than Freeview and I’ve no doubt it’s their intention to challenge in the long term, no matter what she says. In discussions I have often with Freesat, sales figures are always bounced around, they are very proud of the figures so far and hope for millions inside a couple of years.

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