Every Star Wars Movie In HD On ITV HD

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Jump aboard the Millennium Falcon and prepare to fight the Death Star as the entire Star Wars movie franchise is coming to a living room near you, in High Definition and subscription free, on the ITV HD service from Freesat, starting 24th October.

Running throughout the month of November and December, the entire series will be airing on ITV HD in consecutive order, beginning with Episode I: The Phantom Menace on 24th October, culminating with Episode VI: Return of the Jedi in December, and including the terrestrial premiere of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. A favourite of film fans of all ages, this franchise has to be seen in digitally remastered HD.

The Star Wars have generated a universe of their own, from books to video games and has made stars of actors such as Harrison Ford. Originally released in 1977 with Star Wars, followed by The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, director George Lucas returned to Star Wars in 1999 with The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, prequels to the original series.

Other ITV HD highlights on Freesat include films such as Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Champions League and FA Cup football.

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  1. Goodmans HD and Panasonic 32″ LCD LXD 700 15months old.
    Find most HD pictures excellant. Last nights Life prog on BBC HD was absolutely stunning.

  2. Just put ‘Revenge of the Sith ‘ on (DVD) and it’s quality is higher than the rubbish broadcast quality of Saturday’s ‘HD’ Phantom Menace.

    As has been remarked upon – from any film source you can get a decent HD result with proper work. So what did ITV DO to get theirs?

  3. Maybe they got their copy from a pirate source!

    It seems that ITV have a mind set that goes back a long way that they think they know what the viewers expect whilst in reality they get it so wrong. For example back in the days of 4:3 TVs they would only rarely show films in the piller box format on the grounds that viewers would complain. Instead they would use the panning process which I used to find very annoying.

    Generally I have never been keen on the way ITV present films. It is so annoying having to wait 40 minutes in the middle thanks to the news. The ads are often placed in the wrong places and films are often edited either to tone down adult scenes or just to trim the film to a time slot. If you want to watch the film in HD I suggest waiting for the Blu Ray discs.

  4. Ste Rush, do us a favour. What sort of idiots do you think we are? How anyone can praise ITV for this is beyond me. Calibrate my TV? I can quite easily compare the quality of ITV films by switching to BBC HD, playing a BD or watching an upscaled DVD. The ITV broadcast was poor in comparison to all these and with a DVD you get 5.1, so ITV fail on the sound aspect as well. A Sci-fi film like that with two channel stereo – ITV just can’t be bothered.

  5. @David R I don’t think anybody is an Idiot.
    It is not I making sweeping statements that are just not true Quote “How many Freesat HD owners are likely to be watching on anything other than a widescreen HD TV? None I bet.”

    I hope you did not bet as the last two systems I installed were both Humax HD boxes linked to a 28″ CRT and the other a 32″ CRT.

    We could ramble on and on but it does seem odd that people use BBC HD as a symbol of quality when it itself receives poor remarks about quality.

    The amount of BLU RAY disc comments often revolve around picture quality or as in some cases, a lack of.

    As regards my comment about calibration…I guess that’s a no then.

    I stick to my statement that it’s good for me on this platform whilst I do agree that 5.1 sound would be great.

    I just like to be positive and encourage as I find that a lot more constructive, albeit more difficult in the face of more and more blind authoritative statements.

  6. The original (1970s) films upscaled on a DVD player looked better than what ITV broadcast last Saturday. The only thing worse than the “HD” picture was the SD picture by the same channel. ITV, give the guys who are trying to do this work more budget, please.

  7. ITV should have given it to the experts at the BBC who have done miracles on programs such as Dads Army where they have converted black and white film copies into digital colour. They have done fantastic work restoring numerous TV programs including replacing basic CSO effects with CGI.

    However I suspect Frod has hit the nail on the head in respect of the budget. ITV is no longer the licence to print money, but is now the relation who has fallen on hard times!

  8. Ste Rush

    CRT TVs are the past. HD broadcasting is the future. ITV should not be broadcasting HD films to cater for people with old TVs. It makes little sense. What is the benefit to someone with a nonHD TV? HD TVs are the reason for HD broadcasts. Why on Earth would you be arguing the merits of HD broadcasting when your TVs are not HD?

  9. Agree anyone watching a CRT TV is missing out on a lot. Its like watching a pirate video of a cinema film. They are not getting the full picture.

  10. @David R
    Just to clarify as this seems a pointless task. Please read the posts thoroughly. You are again making statements that are just not thought out. Please note in post 50 it quite clearly states what system I have so just to appease you I am running a HD Plasma with a Humax HDR linked to a surround sound amp to which I also have connected a BLU-Ray player so that is why I am able to comment on HD issues.

    You stated and I quote “How many Freesat HD owners are likely to be watching on anything other than a widescreen HD TV? None I bet.”

    To which I replied to show that your opinion, whilst you are entitled to one, is not actually accurate, said -quote ” the last two systems I installed were both Humax HD boxes linked to a 28″ CRT and the other a 32″ CRT.”

    To clear this up I said I installed them, as in a customer asked me to install Freesat for them, at their home, not mine.
    The reasons for fitting this box are numerous and for another discussion.

    I would say your opinion would hold more gravitas if you could quit being so aggressive in your wording and not as sensationalist in your thought process. Read and take in the points and take a deep breath.

    I like the phrase empty can rattles the loudest. I realise this comment is not constructive so the last words on the matter for me will be yours, use them as you wish.

  11. There are further reasons for buying a HD box despite using a CRT TV. The price premium for selecting a HD box over a SD box is small so it makes sense to get equipement for present and future use. Secondly the TV schedule on BBC HD is often different to the other channels and they show repeats of some shows only on the HD channel. Last of all it could be a false economy to purchase a SD box because it is expected that a new HD TV is to be purchased in the near future.

  12. @ Kevin
    Spot on with reasons, and one of the big reasons also for choosing the Humax is reliability as shown in the problems Harvard have had recently.

  13. Ste Rush-

    The issue is ITVs output of films. ITV should not be catering for the lowest common denominator. There may be people who choose a Humax HD box for differing reasons, but they are undoubtedly the minority.

  14. Attack of the Clones ………….. excellent picture on ITV HD this week

    So why is The Phantom Menance so bad — ITV must have a very grotty copy!!!

  15. @KDHUK

    Agreed…excellent picture this week, little noise compared to last week.
    Still looking forward to the news in HD in the break…maybe next week?

  16. @ Kevin
    It’s only ITV new’s programmes that are getting a revamp, no HD what a pity though, would like to see some new HD channels (nea chance there), i wonder what 2010 will bring for us on Freesat.

  17. After all my whining about the first film, the second was much better, although it should still be improved, particularly the aspect ratio and the sound. The overall quality is still patchy. Close up shots of faces etc are good, but background clarity is hardly better than SD.

  18. I can’t even begin to describe how my heart has been filled with joy.

    Not only did ITV HD disappear in the final five minutes of the Paulton vs. Norwich FA Cup game, which I presumed to be a result of someone treading on a cable in Somerset, but Star Wars III has so far failed to appear in HD in any form whatsover. The red button takes you to a completely black screen. Must be that cable in Somerset…perhaps they’ve only got the one?

    Hopeless…absolutely hopeless. I even phoned ITV to complain about their red button “service” (their description) but being a menu driven “service” (my description) they naturally only work weekdays (!).

    ITV HD..largely doesn’t appear to work Mondays, as other postings on this site have suggested (looking forward to “Collision” anyone?), as presumably the bloke who switches it on has his day off. Seems now it doesn’t work at weekends either. After “Jurassic Park” failed to appear in HD a few weekends back, the latest development in non-appearance of HD content can only lead to the conclusion that….

    ITV 1HD (when it appears) will be a complete & unmitigated disaster because ITV cannot be bothered with it.

    “Admin” would you therefore please remind your contacts that the public would wish Freesat to be a success (saw the tv commercial at half time in the football)…however…being long of tooth I recall the TV landscape of 20 years ago where $ky swallowed BskyB….and have experienced NTL struggling to pay $ky fees for product & consequently hiking their fees, hence I wholeheartedly support the Freesat model. If Freesat does not start punching it’s weight & its USP (only recently have BBC program ads noted “also on BBC HD”), given the popularity of the licence fee (which $ky have also argued against recently) I can sadly foresee a landscape in the next 10 years where everybody has only one option….and none of it is “free to air”.

    Finally…also another question for admin. Could we have a survey seeking views on ITV HD & its service & whether it should be scrapped in favour of another HD provider (e.g. Channel 4 HD)?

  19. Starwars III HD , No problems from winter Hill, Very little film noise due to high use of CGI, too many ads breaks.Only thing missing was DD 5.1.
    More things were going on in the background then I ever noticed before.
    What was with the borders on the last scene?

  20. I managed to watch Star Wars III in HD. The prompt came up before the start of the film – no complaints here.

  21. Just had a look at the ITV HD schedule for the next week and they now have HD content for every day of the week! Is that a first?

    I think ITV is really letting down the side by not providing a varied schedule of HD content. Sky must be laughing all the way down to the bank as ITVs audience share is further diminished. The BBC have been making programs in HD for years so the technology is now settled and many American programs are now produced in HD. Surely it is time they abandon the red button and just create a ITV HD channel like the BBC!

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