FOXSAT-HDR Stock At Dixons This Time

Dixons FreesatIt’s the turn of Dixons today it would seem, they have stock available of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ online, priced £299.99 plus £4.95 delivery, but don’t forget to claim 2% discount using code FEB2 and free delivery using code FREEDEL149.

No idea how long they’ll last, so place your order pretty sharpish!

Buy online at DIXONS for £293.99

Currys FreesatAlternatively, Currys also have stock, priced slightly higher (without discount) at £299.99 with free delivery. Now would be a good opportunity to bag a PVR!

Buy from CURRYS online for £299.99

(Sorry to everyone who has a Freesat+ box already and doesn’t really want to read so many stock updates, but just trying to help those still looking!)

14 thoughts on “FOXSAT-HDR Stock At Dixons This Time”

  1. Keep the stock updates comming!!! A freind of mine has been looking for one since Xmas! They don’t want to order on the web so finding a store with stock is a challenge! But it looks as if Humax are finally get some stock out there!

  2. Perhaps the code for the 2% discount should have been called VAT2, as its only what you are entitled to (plus another half percent) thanks to the Govenment not Currys.

  3. thanks for that but i with lee, been messed around far too much by dixons in past, cant understand how come argos did not have more buying power to secure more stock, he wanted one for the hd rugby but its not to be

  4. Argos DO have stock ( perhaps only in certain Post Codes). ordered mine last night & have been promised delivery on Monday. HD here I come!!!

  5. keith – have tried on line and nothing and have tried the kent stores search in store this morning and nothing, also have sent texts to all local stores for when they get one n stock and nothing, nearest i have got is reserved one that they could not find,

  6. Just checked Argos site at 1pm 8/2/09 Humax Foxsat PVR in stock for home delivery, Ian in Devon

  7. getting one on friday, just had a text from argos to say they have one in, whoop whoop, only problem is tv just been written off my insirance company and they pay out in vouchers which will not arrive till next week, o well at least i will have the box

  8. You don’t have to accept vouchers and they can’t make you. Tell them you want a cheque for the full amount.

  9. apparantly the terms of the insurance through alliance which was free, tv was a 42 toshiba and had produced a grey spot in the left corner, was 2 1/2 years old, they could not get the price for a board and therefore wrote it off, they have said that terms of sale was full refund in vouchers, which was are you ready 1170 for a 42 in.

    only problem is really confused what to get, the sony 46w4000 has had a great review, the 46w4500 has a better review but loads of revirews over clouding.

    i know the panasonic is good but personnel choiuce is lcd and need the ptr box.

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