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Mar 12 2012

Freesat 2012 Awards - audience voteWith the Freesat Awards 2012 nearly upon us now is your turn to place a vote for your favourite entertainment show of the year.

Entries this year include:

– Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
– Call The Midwife
– Celebrity Big Brother
– Downton Abbey
– Educating Essex
– Great British Bake-off
– Sherlock
– Strictly Come Dancing
– Take Me Out
– The Hotel Inspector
– The Only Way Is Essex
– X Factor

For me personally, Educating Essex was the stand out programme; a true to life school documentary you should really watch if you haven’t already (available on 4OD).

Votes must be in by Friday 11th May 2012 on the Freesat website, and you’ll also be in with a chance to win a 40″ freesat HD TV, as well as a “Best of British” hamper.

20 Responses to “Freesat 2012 Awards – Your chance to vote and win!”

  1. Matthew Carrozo Says:

    Thanks for posting this!


  2. upthePOSH Says:

    Just voted , has to be Sherlock for me , one of the best dramas on tv. I know I’m a sinner but make me a winner!!!!


  3. Brian P Says:

    It has to be Sherlock for me as well. Didn’t watch any of the other programmes at all.


  4. ian Says:

    Downton Abbey, only saw it as the missus loves it and i have no choice but to sit down, shut up and watch it lol :)


  5. Paul Says:

    Sherlock for me too as it’s the only one i watched as well


  6. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I am a little confused as there are some surprising omissions. I would have expected ‘The Shadow Line’ to be included as it was one of the most gripping dramas on in the past year. Maybe it was shown too long ago but I am sure it was on in the past 12 months.


  7. steve 1 Says:

    I tried to vote on my smartphone but the website drops out everytime very annoying but I would of voted downton there a way you could put my vote forward admin?


  8. admin Says:

    steve 1 said:
    I tried to vote on my smartphone but the website drops out everytime very annoying but I would of voted downton there a way you could put my vote forward admin?

    Sure, but email me your full name as I can’t really put “steve 1” 😉


  9. steve 1 Says:

    Thanks admin

    admin said: Sure, but email me your full name as I can’t really put “steve 1″


  10. Neil Says:

    Not a massive fan of most of the above but my vote goes to Take Me Out!!


  11. roger mellie Says:

    Out of that list its Sherlock for sure, although the missus would have Downton


  12. Jock Says:

    What a load of cr*p! I don’t watch any of these on a regular basis – just enough to know they’re cr*p. Why weren’t voters given the chance to nominate their own winners?


  13. steve 1 Says:

    Have you noticed us old twitters are polite and the new ones are unfriendly just a observation


  14. dave Says:

    hi take me out gets the vote in our house x


  15. Rosco Says:

    Im with Jock on this one – I can honestly say Ive never watched a single minute of ANY of those choices.


  16. monkeymagic Says:

    Again! Sherlock for me, all the rest are down the pan. Christmas was terrible, been going to bed early since, as there’s nothing worth watching at the moment, most channels are just going around in circles with repeats or the same old thing. I hope Freesat is not getting like Freeview did back 4 or 5 years ago when things became stagnant, the very reason I moved to Freesat in the first place, I know it’s all down to the broadcasters with what they put on the box.


  17. lawrence Pearce Says:

    Does anyone really care about these awards – and what in any case is the freesat relevance, since all of these programmes go out on all TV platforms in any event?
    The small number of responses here suggest that they are of not much interest to visitors of this website anyway!
    Then again by having these awards, Freesat raises its awareness among the public in general, so perhaps i have just answered my own question.


  18. Roger Says:

    Of the 12 programmes listed above, I couldn’t give a damn about 11 of them and the one that I would be mildly interested in is sitting on the recorder waiting for me to either delete it or get around to watching it.

    Given that, I couldn’t be bothered voting in an excuse for an awards jolly either.


  19. Jock Says:

    Just after I posted my initial reaction at #12, I visited the Freesat website to see what it was all about. The terms and conditions make interesting reading. They are offering a TV as a prize to get you to vote and they are insisting on getting you to leave personal information “so they can contact you in the event of your winning the prize”. This allows them to build up a contact list of committed Freesat viewers which, presumably, has considerable commercial value. The range of shows on offer will keep the list short, but will probably reach the demographic which they are after. The first prize is a telly – the second prize is an in-box full of spam!

    Part of the prize is a free dish installation. How can you watch Freesat and vote if you haven’t already got a dish?


  20. lucy lowbridge Says:

    It has to be sherlock for me, the best TV drama ever GOOD luck xx


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