Freesat Announces 2010 Product Of The Year Awards

Freesat, the subscription-free satellite TV service, has announced the winners of its annual Product Awards for 2010, with Panasonic, Humax and Technisat receiving top honours.

Panasonic’s Freesat+ HD Blu-Ray Recorder box (DMR-BS880) has been revealed as overall Product of the Year in recognition of its superior features that outshone the competition.

The very best Freesat products from across the categories of ‘HD receiver’, ‘Freesat+’ and ‘HD TV’ were recognised, showcasing the innovative technology available. These products enable viewers to enjoy the broad choice of quality programming available on Freesat, as well as services such as free HD and catch-up TV on BBC iPlayer – with ITV Player coming soon.

The winners were chosen by a prestigious panel of technology experts including the editors of What Satellite & Digital TV, Home Cinema Choice and The winners are:

– Freesat+ HD recorder: Humax Foxsat-HDR
Best Price: £214.99 (inc delivery)

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– Freesat HD TV: Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Best Price: £1600.00 (inc delivery)

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– Freesat HD receiver: Technisat HDFS
Best Price: £128.39 (inc delivery)

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– Freesat Product of the Year: Panasonic DMR-BS880
Best Price: £647.00 (inc delivery)

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Emma Scott, Freesat Managing Director, congratulated the winners on their success;

This was Freesat’s first dedicated Product Awards. We wanted to showcase the very best Freesat products from across the categories of ‘HD receiver’, ‘Freesat+ PVR’ and ‘HD TV’ and recognise the excellent work of our partners in delivering product quality, innovation and choice to Freesat customers.

The products’ innovative functionality, quality features and excellent performance have helped contribute to Freesat’s continued success, and we look forward to bringing viewers more exciting and award-winning TV products and services in the future.

Freesat Product Awards 2010 winners

Freesat+ HD recorder – Humax Foxsat-HDR
With its 320GB disc, great AV performance and competitive price, the Humax box was deemed Freesat’s top personal video recorder.
Runner-up: Sagem DTR-94500

Freesat HD TV – Panasonic TX-P50VT20B
Panasonic’s full HD 50in plasma screen delivers stunning HD and SD pictures, is 3D-ready and features flash and network storage playback. Its broadband internet connection also gives access to On Demand services courtesy of BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player coming soon.
Runner-up: Sony KDL-46Z5800

Freesat HD receiver – Technisat HDFS
Technisat’s debut product for the UK market builds on the Freesat HD specification to let users enjoy music, video and pictures, while also offering an optional Wi-Fi connection and On Demand access.
Runner-up: Humax Foxsat-HD

Freesat Product of the Year – Panasonic DMR-BS880
Panasonic’s Freesat+ HD Blu-Ray Recorder box demonstrates what can be achieved if you want to deliver a high-end home media centre for HD entertainment. Its delivery on superior features, such as twin tuners, Blu-ray recording, network and flash media playback and access to On Demand help set the bar very high against the competition.
Runner-up: Technisat HDFS

15 thoughts on “Freesat Announces 2010 Product Of The Year Awards”

  1. No surprises there then!

    And excellent and well done to all suppliers, well deserved. Panasonic [get your price[s] down!!

    A good result and one that needs t be publicised to a wider audience.


  2. (removed by moderator – keep it clean please!)

    I am surprised it was not the Humax Foxsat HD that won best HD reciever, i tried the Technisat HDFS and frankly, it was pox, tried the Foxsat, never been happier!

  3. Not so. The HDFS is a brilliant HD reciever and has the ability to be a single tuner PVR unlike the mundane and frankly overpriced Foxsat.

    Emma Scott said ” Freesat now provides subscription free satellite TV to one and a half million customers”

    Congratulations Freesat

    ITV player coming soon. They have been saying that for at least six months. How long is soon in Freesat terms? Suspect ITV player will come when CH4 HD comes, is that a flying pig I see over yonder?

  4. Amid much patting of own backs on the hardware front, its good to remember that it is the content that really makes a difference. To that end (and in my order of preference) we are still waiting news on:

    – when ITV player will be ready
    – when iPlayer will be out of beta
    – when the remaining CH4 and Five will be available in HD

    Answers on a postcard please (or just post them here…)

  5. sorry admin! it was funny though 🙂 i will be a good boy, pinky swear!

    Id like Channel4HD to be avalible before christmas, but chances are, it wont be on Freesat untill atleast Feb next year, if it is on before christmas, il show my. . . . oh wait, i said il behave! 🙂

    As for ITVplayer, again, dont get your hopes up, not for a while yet, ITV is leaning toward pay now, and i suspect that ITVplayer will be apart of that, and if it is a pay service, it cannot currently become a service offered by Freesat can it!

  6. Any idea when the new PVR from Humax is coming? Have an ageing TiVo that could do with replacing but holding out for next version. Sure it was due in Autumn when announced…..

  7. Alright admin! ian be good! 🙂

    What is the chances of another Q&A with the Freesat boss, Emma Scott?
    With reading the comments on here, and the questions that most of the time are still unanswered because no one knows, i think it would be a good thing if another Q&A was in the pipe line!

  8. @10,11 Yep… another Q&A would be good….. Especially now that BBC iplayer, ITV player by now should have been rolled out , and LG’s LF7700 ‘fiasco’ with their BBC iplayer solution.

    Here’s a couple of starters…

    Q1. There are many channels FTA, but not on the Freesat EPG. Are there plans to secure these on the Freesat EPG (or at least reduce the cost of the +1 channels)

    Q2: How involved are Freesat in issues manufacturers have with software problems. A good example is LG with their LF7700 Television, unable to be updated for BBC iplayer, etc.

    Q3. When will ITV player appear ? Coming soon… has been such a long time.

    Q4. Any more SD/HD channels planned to be added to Freesat ?

    Q5. Any Channels planning to leave Freesat ?

    Q6. Will Pay Per View or Subscription channels become available ?

    Guess there’s plenty more Questions

  9. @Shaun

    Don’t want to turn this into a Q&A post as we’ll create an official one in the new year and put the questions to Emma; I’m sure she’ll be happy to oblige again, but in answer to some of those:

    1) Freesat have a clear policy on pricing and cannot reduce, or offer discounts to broadcasters; all they can do is encourage them to add channels showing the level of sales and projections.

    2) Freesat are not contractually obliged to get involved in manufacturer’s issues, as per the contracts in place, though they can lean on them, so if any particular manufacturer is holding up a certain service (such as Panasonic on iPlayer) then send a complaint in to Freesat.

    3) Freesat still have ITV Player under closed beta (it’s coming along nicely) but has been delayed (obviously). Freesat still expect to launch before the year end, though I’m not clear on whether it will be a general launch, or beta on Humax units only.

    4/5) They’ll never release this information before contracts are signed and EPG allocations have been made, not even to me (in most instances). They are working hard to get all FTA channels on though, and are pushing even harder to get HD, but that isn’t easy.

    6) As far as I’m aware, pay-tv is on hold until a time when the audience increases and demand is there.

  10. Woo, campaign ian strikes again!!
    I do hope Emma Scott will do the Q&A, i wonder though, how many will ask.. ‘when is dave coming to freesat emmaaaa, what about ESPN, or even Sky Movies..’ and then we all go to youtube and watch a vid of Admins head go pop!! 🙂

    Admin, when is da……. lol (had to be done! sorry)

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