Freesat announces technology partnership with LG

Freesat, the subscription free satellite TV service, and LG Electronics (LG), leading global consumer electronics manufacturer, today announced a strategic partnership to provide the Freesat service on LG’s new and existing satellite enabled smart TVs.

LG will launch Freesat channels on the new LF650 and LF630 TVs, in screen sizes ranging from 32″ to 55″ and fully compatible with LG’s market-leading Magic Motion Remote Control. The new range of Freesat-enabled LG TVs will be available from leading high street retailers.

In a first for Freesat, LG will also support the service across its existing TVs. Owners of satellite-compatible TVs will gain access to over 200 subscription free TV and radio channels, with many in high definition, via a software rollout to customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Andy Mackay, UK Commercial Director, LG Consumer Electronics, said:

We’re excited to bring the Freesat offering to our new and existing smart TVs. We are committed to offering people the latest technology innovations, with which to enjoy their favourite content, and this partnership helps us to ensure LG customers are getting access to the very best.

Matthew Huntington, Chief Technology Officer at Freesat, said:

Freesat is delighted to be partnering with LG to offer Freesat on its range of new and existing satellite TVs. LG has built an important position in the UK market, repeatedly positioning great products at the right price. Partnering with Freesat will provide customers even better choice, with over 200 channels, completely subscription free, this partnership between LG and Freesat is offering viewers something special.

24 thoughts on “Freesat announces technology partnership with LG”

  1. We have 2 55EC930V OLED t/v are these updatable as using external box now, if so what is expected date for the update. Regards Richard

  2. I’m trying to understand this. The LG TVs mentioned aren’t listed as having freesat tuners…does this mean they will work without a freesat box??

    Where could we fine a list of compatible TVs?

  3. Great to hear that one of the top selling TV manufacturers is supporting the platform and impressive to see that this extends to updating existing sets to receive the Freesat EPG. Will be interesting to see if this update includes the full Freetime package and whether it allows satellite TV recording to an external hard drive?

  4. Nothing much of note gets posted on here any more, but glad to see the Hummy is now sporting the new bbc red button…very slick!

  5. Would be good to see more TVs with freesat included – there’s a particular shortage of 32″ TVs with freesat.

  6. LG are also the only brand that I know of who have Now TV, Amazon, and Netflix available for those that want it – other brands seem only to have 2 of the three. (HAppy to be proved wrong here!)

    For us Now TV and Freesat is a great combination for seven quid a month.

  7. It is an interesting development. To the chap who wrote this, is there any chance that you could do a follow up piece and get an official update from Matthew Huntington or Andy McKay on how the updates to legacy TV’s is being pushed out. i.e. OTA updates or via Wifi enabled smart TV’s. Are there any limitations to the models that can be updated ? i.e. is it restricted to TV’s with sat tuner modules and smart capabilities.

    A timeline for expected rollout would be welcome!

  8. There is a very poor (actually Zero) response to Mike @ 11!
    Does anybody on this site monitor/moderate content?
    I think Mikes question is absolutely clear. I cannot get anything out of LG.
    I’d like to purchase a 32″ but only when these points are clarified.
    Anybody out there heard?

  9. The content is moderated/monitored, but I’ve yet to receive a response from either LG or Freesat on when the roll-out will take place for legacy televisions, which ones, and how. Will keep trying, but would recommend you contact Freesat as a consumer directly too.

  10. Thanks admin.
    I did a bit more digging with LG and I took the plunge ahead of any rollout and purchased a 32LF630V.
    The on-board Sat. tuner was able to tune to FTA channels SD and HD no problem.
    On registering the unit by phone call to LG, the agent advised that the S/W update is due very soon!

  11. Well I never!
    I have Freesat – yes- Freesat.
    My LG 32LF650V announced a “NSU” new software update available on switching on the set tonight. I did not have the Auto S/W update set to on.
    The option to install I accepted. The download took about 30 min.
    I had a bit of fiddling around with the remote but in the Programme Tuning settings for satellite, was the choice for FREESAT or Other FTA I assumed.
    The result is superb on this model.
    Well done Freesat and LG

  12. #16
    Any luck?
    The firmware version was 04.00.55 on my units.
    The “V” in your model number translates to DVB/S2/T2/C so if the f/w is latest, then I would expect success.

  13. Well Thanks Digijon for the update (might be worth an article joinfreesat people, incase people dont read the comments). It seems that the first mentioned TV’s the 630 and 650 have got the freesat update. However it also seems that the other part of the technology partnership announcement i.e. the legacy element has not been implemented. Can we get an idea of a timeline from LG/Freesat before they forget about it 🙂 Their support know nothing about it. It cannot be that much of an obstacle to stick the SDK into the firmware of each model that are getting firmware updates on a regular basis.

    If only LG had a website that had a changelog of the updates! Thanks admin.

  14. No freesat yet on my LG 49UF850V. 🙁

    Does anyone know if it is ‘plain’ freesat or does it include the freetime elements as well?

  15. I have the 32LA620V with a satellite connection. Still no update in March 2016. Assume it ain’t coming?

  16. Shortly after my last post (21st March) I contacted LG – they know of no plans to update my set at all. The original article was ambiguous at best, and clearly LG aren’t keen on delivering. Still, it got them some headlines.

  17. As Paul D says above me, it got LG Headlines, but they also sold a lot of TV’s on the back of people security of expectations that LG intended to roll it out to other TVs.

    I contacted the people who are mentioned in the press release. They passed it to their head of customer support. He hasn’t bothered even responding despite reminders,

    Moral: believe nothing that comes out of a manufacturers mouth. They just want to sell more product

  18. I have a 43uh667v lg tv. The TV guide does not work properly and lg say they do not fully support freesat. Thank you for contacting us regarding the issue your having with the freesat guide.

    In regards to this while our TVs are capable of tuning in freesat the software for the TV (including the guide) is designed for use with Freeview, the reason for this is we have a contract with Freeview and Freeview play to fully support there source, where as we only partially support freesat.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience the guide not displaying a preview or full channel information causes however i hope this has answered your query.

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