Freesat Assign BBC iPlayer and ITV Player Channel Slots

In what seems to be a ‘bolt out of the blue’, Freesat have issued a channel update which gives access to BBC iPlayer and ITV Player via channels 901 and 903 respectively.

ITV Player isn’t currently available, stating “Arriving soon in 2011”, but iPlayer is fully functional, as it is through the red button on the regular BBC channels.

This is a master stroke as far as we are concerned, as on-demand services are becoming more popular so in our opinion should have their own allocated channel position.

The update has also meant that the category ‘Interactive’ has now been renamed ‘On Demand’.

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  1. My Humax Freesat HDR has downloaded the BBC and ITV players.
    Can anyone tell me if I can use the ethernet connection on the back of the Humax to connect directly to my internet router to access these channels.

  2. How can I configure my Humax Foxsat-HD box to receive iPlayer via a selective proxy, the reason being; I am a TV License payer temporarily residing overseas?

    I have configured my Humax Foxsat-HD box correctly, can display the iPlayer home page, can select a programme, but clicking displays “loading” indefinitely. I presume the “not available in your area” message is not displayed.

    I am able to use a selective proxy from my PC over my broadband connection.

  3. Dish is just outside upstairs window so really easy to brush the snow off so it’s not the snow. Next doors dish had the lnb ripped off so guess I was lucky. I’ve lost all my guttering of the house front and back as well. I only have the small Sky dish and struggle with a few channels reception normally. Would it be worth getting a new larger dish?

  4. Good dish alignment is crucial for the frequencies around the part of the spectrum that the Freesat Home Transponder uses. You’ll probably find you’ve lost Bloomberg, 143, 801 and 814 too.

  5. Yeah as well as CBS channels taking a hit on picture quality, very prone to break up now. I’ll wait for this new lot is snow to shift before getting someone out to fix it.

  6. Has anyone tried accessing the iplayer via these new channels on on a LG TV,???
    I was at my parents today who have a LG Freesat TV, you can see channels 901 and 903, when I selected 901 it prompted me to press the red button, as they don’t have it hooked up to the router yet the error message just came back “no internet connection”

    I just wondered if anyone had got is working on a LG set??

  7. Chris, unfortunately LG TV’s don’t support IPTV (Video on Demand) so iPlayer won’t work on them. If they contact LG directly they are supplying Freesat STB’s to LG customers who’ve purchased TV’s to enable functionality. Check out Channel 999, there’s a contact number listed on there and some info about the LG TV’s.

  8. According to a post on DS it appears ITV Player has finally arrived as a trial to Humax STB owners, unfortunately I can’t confirm this as I’ve not got a Humax to hand and my parents (who have one) haven’t got Broadband set up at their new home yet either.

    Can anyone else confirm?

  9. @58 Neil

    My Humax HDR still shows the “Arriving soon in 2011” message on the ITV Player channel (903)

  10. Panasonic GW20 TV playing 901 via red button fine. It is actually more stable so far than previously on the red button beta on red 7001. (you would expect problems on beta and less on official channel and this seems to be the case)

    I Applied firmware upgrade 2702-10300 the other week, so maybe this has helped also.

    If you have old panasonic box then go to pana web site and look for the rollout of the firmware upgrades for iPlayer. Search for your model, they are rolling out newer boxes first then older 2009, 2008 boxes after. It is not bas service from Panasonic.

    Freesat is not on its own with poor comms, plenty of other companies out there. They also don’t want to announce a date and not hit it, even worse rebuke from the public.

    Be thankful if you don’t have a HTC phone that is more then 2 months old! :-). No comms at all and no upgrades – please buy a new phone if you want software upgrades.

  11. @Jon

    Jon, I used to have pretty naff picture on some channels, especially in strong rain / snow, with some channels disappearing completely. We live in Berkshire, so the standard dish should have been OK and it was certainly aligned correctly [I have a meter]. So, last year I got onto eBay and found a new 60cm dish complete with new quad LNB and installed it myself. No problems at all. I now have a perfect 95-100% [subject to broadcast quality of course] picture on all channels and even in the worst of weather and snow all over the dish, signal strength and quality has not dropped below 80%. It has been £25 very, very well spent.


  12. It seems only registered Beta testers of ITV Player are currently gaining access to the service so apologies for that, you can never trust DS posters!!!

  13. @Paul

    Cheers, I will look to get a bigger dish installed in the new year, I’ll have to get an installer round to do it though, I cannot be trusted to change a plug.

  14. @57, according to LG’s literature, its LF7700 range does support IPTV, thats what the ethernet sockets for…..

    but then, with them supplying Humax boxes, then they’ve admitted that the TV isn’t what its spec’d up to be.

    Mine got refunded, after fed up with their lies of the software coming soon…..

    At least my replacement TV has been what it’s been advertised to do, now just waiting for ITV player to start….

  15. “bobble” i have an HTC and have had more updates than any other phone ever all OTA, have you checked their site? is your phone set to recieve updates???. I even had one this morning by the way HTC are selective on updates they use a roll out system based on IMEI.

    Hope this helps

    ps i have a Desire and HD2

  16. Hello, I am operating on a one lnb so I never got the iplayer until now….or so I thought. I have connected my tv, blu ray and Humax PVR to my modem by ethernet cable but I am , after going onto channel 901 and pressing the red button told I have no internet connection. I have tuned but still no joy……any ideas?

  17. To me it seems better than bbci player better planned out picture quality looks very good have found you cant fast forward the ads but can the actual programme.Menus look very neat and tidy pleasure to use so far.

  18. I presume this probably only works currently on Humax boxes?? Will give it a go when I’m back home later on.

  19. I look forward to the day when we get decent broadband speeds where we live. At 2mg max it makes me wonder if any of this (any i-player) will be any good .
    Dont fancy watching a stop start screen for very long. Is it possible for the bbc & itv to run their i-players through freesat when extra space becomes available from the new satellite next year ! Surely this would be a better idea ..

  20. Dear Alan,

    Thank you for your response.

    ITV and Freesat are currently in the testing process before the full launch which is expected sometime in 2011.

    Unfortunately we have no further information on this. Please keep an eye on our press office website for further information .Came this morning 31/12/2010

  21. #67 Jon

    Accessing via the details in post 68, on my Humax HDR, ITV Player seems to work consistently on a broadband speed of 1.6 Mbps. (I haven’t found an option for resolution as in the BBC’s i-Player). User interface is different to i-Player but easy to get used to. Will post more when I have used it more (if there is more to be said)

    It’s great to have the convenience of both major catchup services on my TV screen. Thank you freesat for providing us with free multi-channel TV, free HD TV and free TV catchup services.

  22. How to access the ITV Player on Freesat Service:

    · Go to Freesat Information Channel 999

    · Enter the following sequence of colour keys on your remote:






    · On being presented with the ITV Player launch page, press the red button to start:

    · On the home page, use the arrow keys to navigate the menu. Press either OK or the right arrow key to access the selected menu item

    · Use the arrow keys to navigate the required programme. Press either OK to view the content or the right arrow key to access more episodes where available. Use the yellow button for more programme information or the blue button for Help & Terms.

    · Use the Back button to navigate back through the service or the Exit button to completely exit the service.

  23. 68: doesn’t work on a panny – there’s a surprise 😉

    the en goes blank (promising) followed by “loading” (more promising), but that’s all you get.

    Oh well, we panny people know the value of patience!

  24. @75 Nothing on ITV worth watching though (IMHO) and its bad enough having to watch the adverts on the live broadcast but at least there you can switch channels when they are on but with the ITV player you can’t fast forward through the ads or switch channels. Can’t see me ever using ITV player. A useful addition to Freesat all the same for some people.

  25. Just tried out the ITV Player Beta on a Humax box and it seems to work very well. My broadband is only 2mb but seemed to be stutter free and useable. However as Richard says not sure would use it much unless my mother was staying. Happy New Year everyone

  26. Just tired this on my Sony tv with built in Freesat. Looks like it is going to load then, ITV player service not yet available comes on the screen Code 10001. Almost there lol

  27. BBC i player is working perfect on my Humax Foxsat HDR, but unable to access ITV player.

    Have tried to access as post 75 but when I try Channel 999 I get ” number not found”.

  28. as some models of TVs/receivers cannot access BBC iplayer (and I assume also ITV player when available), these two channels should have on their ‘splash’ screen a notice stating which devices cannot access these services.

    e.g. LG LF7700 TV’s, etc….

    I assume these can see channels 901 & 903

  29. I recently returned from holiday to find that BBC iplayer is no longer working or accessable from the red button on any BBC channel. Finding both 901 and 903 channels I tried the BBC channel 901 and found that all I get is the announcement saying internet connection not available. I have a Humax set and used mains socket adaptors previously to my router with no problem.
    Has anyone else had this experience?

  30. @84. I had the same problem but found that my satellite dish was slightly mis-aligned following strong winds. A tiny nudge on the dish and problem solved. Hope this helps you.

  31. @85 and86 Stephen .No need to get your ladder out. You can check signal strength and quality as follows. On your Humax box select channel 901 BBC iPlayer or 999 Freesat information page,click menu on your remote which takes you to Settings,scroll down to System,scroll right to Diagnostics and press OK. You should then see Signal Strength and Quality at the bottom of the page. If these are OK then disc mis-alignment is not causing your problem. I get IPlayer on Channel 901and ITV player on channel 999 with signal strength at 100% but quality at only 40-50%. I use mains plug adaptors to my router and Humax STB.

  32. Well I used to get Iplayer OK. Now I get nothing via the Humax Freesat HDR.

    I just get a black screen. TV Signal and quality are about 90%+

    No, ” Press Red Button “, just a black screen.

    All other channels seem ok, just no iplayer on itv player either via HDR.

    Have recycled the power on the HDR, no change, same with the Dlink Router.

    Why cant I get anything at all?

  33. @87, thanks Maurice, I have tried this and get strenth 100%,quality 80% similar to other channels however all the primary BBC and ITV channels are 100% quality. Noticed when looking on the Network settings that only the bottom parameter setting is present, all others like router ip address are zero values.
    When I originally used the Mains plug adaptors the iplayer came up working automatically when physically connected. I am wondering if all the data now needs putting in on the network option. When I get a chance I will get my router connected directly to the Humax box via RJ45 cable and have a play.

  34. When I select BBC iplayer via channel 901, I can access all of the programmes, etc…. but when I select “Watch Now”, I am greated with the message “Getting Ready to play….” and it just sits there displaying that message.

    However, If I access BBC iplayer via the Red Button (via channels 101, 202, etc” I have no problems in watching the selected programme.

    Is there a fault with channel 901 ?

  35. Same problem for me with Panasonic G10. Channel 901 was working 2 days ago when first connected the ethernet cable. Yesterday the same message as above “Getting Ready to play….” appeared. Works fine via the other channels. Must be a software problem?

  36. Does anyone else find the speed of iPlayer pretty diabolical. I have a Humax PVR and a (typically) 6mb connection yet it takes an age to access/play programmes. Is this likely to be a permanent issue or will they “turn up the volume”?

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