Freesat Awards 2010

Freesat Awards 2010

Freesat, the digital satellite TV service announces that this year’s Freesat Awards are now open for entries. Now in its second year, the awards celebrate the very best channels and services available on Freesat, showcasing the breadth of choice and quality of programming on offer.

A panel of key individuals from the broadcasting and media industry will review nominations in seven categories from Best Entertainment Channel to Best Specialist Radio Station and additionally select a winner for the Judges’ Special Award. Judges include Radio Times Editor, Ben Preston, The Guardian’s New Media Reporter, Jemima Kiss and GMTV Chairman, Clive Jones. See the full judging panel at:

Across all categories, the judging panel will look for examples of innovative, original, high quality programming that has particularly entertained, informed and impressed the Freesat audience. This year’s categories are:

Viewers’ Choice: Freesat Channel of the Year (voting begins 26th April 2010)
This award will also be chosen by Freesat viewers, nominating the channel or service that is on their “not to be missed” list – the one they tell their friends about. It may be the channel or service that has provided their best TV or radio moment of the year, or is simply the one they love to turn on without feeling the urge to flick the remote. All Freesat channels and services listed on the Freesat Guide will automatically be entered into this category.

Best Entertainment Channel
We know the Freesat audience love our mix of brilliant TV, radio, high definition and catch-up, all subscription free. But which digital channel offers Freesat viewers consistent, quality entertainment right across their schedule? In this category the judges will review a representative sample of programming which both demonstrates the channel’s breadth of choice and showcases innovative content that makes it truly entertaining. Entries will be accepted from any channel regardless of their Freesat Channel Guide genre.

Best News Channel
In our fast-moving 24 hour society, reliable, authoritative news coverage is critical. The winner of this award will demonstrate a commitment to original journalism of the highest order and will aim to provide revelation and fresh insight. It will have moved on the agenda and debate, promoting new understanding through analysis or reportage. Entry submissions should relate to a single news or current affairs event.

Best Themed Channel
Across the Freesat platform there are a range of channels that focus on specific themes (e.g. programme genres, strands, formats and audiences) to provide their viewers with a channel that is truly differentiated. For this award, the judges will be looking for evidence of how a channel has been created around a specific theme and how the channel succeeds in taking it beyond the schedule and into other arenas (e.g. digital, events, partnerships).

Best Lifestyle Channel
There’s something for everyone when it comes to the specialist lifestyle channels available on Freesat. The winner in this hotly contested category will be able to prove that it delivers must-watch programming for its tightly defined audience, reflecting what’s important to them and their lifestyle – their interests, pursuits, vocations. The judges will also be looking for evidence of how this channel has carved out a niche to secure viewer loyalty. Entries will be accepted from any channel regardless of their Freesat Channel Guide genre.

Best Music Channel
The selection of TV music channels available on Freesat covers a large and diverse range of musical tastes, but which can claim to be the very best on offer? Whoever they are, they’ll need to prove originality with a unique mix of music and programme formats that best serve a loyal audience if they want to impress our judges.

Best Children’s Channel
This award will recognise and reward the channel that entertains, informs and excites its young viewers. This discerning Freesat audience is always looking for something new and exciting. Our judges will be looking for the channel that gives children innovative programmes, which build a loyal following and encourage viewer interaction.

Best Shopping Channel
Shopping from the comfort of your own home has to be the ultimate retail therapy. This award will go to the channel that the judges believe best represents the ultimate TV shopping experience. They’ll be looking for examples of where original formats and programmes consistently attract a loyal and committed audience across the diverse range of shopping opportunities available on the Freesat service.

Best Specialist Radio Station
Freesat offers a wide range of digital radio stations, which cater for tightly defined audiences. So, whether it’s news and sport, comedy, drama or music there’s something for everyone. This award will go to the station that best serves and truly understands its particular target audience. The judges will be interested to see evidence of integrated web and radio output, providing plenty of opportunity for listeners to get involved with their favourite station.

Judges’ Special Award
The judging panel for the Freesat Awards 2010 brings together a prestigious group of independent and authoritative industry experts. From senior executives and programme makers through to specialist digital commentators and journalists, they absolutely know what they’re talking about when it comes to the media. This award will go to the channel or service (from a shortlist selected by Freesat) which has made the biggest impact on our viewers and listeners in the last year.

Winners will be announced at the Freesat Awards ceremony in London on Friday 30th June in front of an invited audience.

23 thoughts on “Freesat Awards 2010”

  1. Trying to find out why these categories are not being included this year:

    Product of the Year
    Multiple Retailer of the Year
    Independent Retailer of the Year
    Freesat Installer of the Year

  2. No doubt ITV will get an award for launching a full time HD (though mostly upscaled SD) channel

  3. i dont understand why is it freesat awards when freesat have nothing unique. Surely it’s a tv award.
    @admin what happened with the response from “ASK EMMA”

  4. @cid

    Deadline for response from Emma Scott is this Friday. Thought it was last Friday but was mistaken. Delay due to Emma being on holiday.

  5. Another new category, biggest disappointment of the year – Panasonic and their lack of iPlayer software!

  6. @admin
    I hope she’s not stuck abroad!!

    ITV should get an award for their HD output as it’s very good. I was watching the Prime-ministerial Debate last week and the PQ in native HD was spot-on.

  7. @8 Neil.
    I completely agree with you, their PQ is amazing, even in upscaled SD. If only the BBC showed upscaled BBC 1 instead of BBC HD Preview, what a waste imho

  8. I love the BBC HD channel. Best HD channel on Freesat. Don’t see the point in upscaled stuff. Since my box does that for me.

  9. I too love the ITV HD/upscaled stuff, BBC should do the same as ITV but put more of a bite in to it.

  10. I agree with Martin in #7 above. Panasonic would get my vote for poor performance and letting down/showing disdain for their customers over the iPlayer implementation.

  11. Regarding picture quality. Whether native HD (or upscaled) a programme like last week’s political debate is hardly challenging in terms of frame to frame changes. It essentially comprises “still” frames with updates for moving lips and hands. A little like Luxe HD. Luxe HD is all very “slomo” and viewers begin to perceive the HD transmission as “excellent”. Maybe just start showing stills? Now that would be GREAT HD (but poor photographic digital images in terms of resolution).


  12. Must agree that the ITV HD channel picture has been spot on, maybe ITV could have a word with the BBC and offer some assistance. Well done ITV!, I believe all the ITV SD channels are now full SD res as well.

    @Gordon S Valentne I think upscaled at source and upscaled by your box are 2 different things. ITV will have an uncompressed video source to upscale, your box will be upscaling an already highly compressed feed. The broadcasters equipment will also be of higher quality (I hope).So the broadcaster upscaled version will always be much better.

  13. I’m curious to know what income streams Freesat has. Without the product development and investment by the multiple brands listed in the right-hand side-bar, freesat wouldn’t have a means of delivering its EPG.

    Please have fun trying to pick out the serious and not-so-serious forecasts below:

    Viewers’ Choice: Freesat Channel of the Year [BBC HD]
    Best Entertainment Channel [BET HD]
    Best News Channel [BBC News]
    Best Themed Channel [ITV HD (Red Button sports and films)]
    Best Lifestyle Channel [Food Network (let’s encourage a HD version)]
    Best Music Channel [BET HD]
    Best Children’s Channel [CBBC]
    Best Shopping Channel [QVC]
    Best Specialist Radio Station [BBC 6 Music]
    Judges’ Special Award [BBC HD for redefining the standard of a HD picture]

  14. @16, John_M

    Freesat get an income from each channel paying £30,000 a year to be on the EPG. I imagine the BBC also fund it partly.

    Also BET HD only broadcast for a matter of days, only to show the BET Awards and wasnt exactly entertaining imo

  15. Its a shame that there is no installer award this year, It would of been nice to see a company recognised for doing a good quality work, unlike other satellite retailer awards that just reward the hard sell & lots of cheap crappy work.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials

  16. ITV1HD would definitely be my choice for channel of the year.

    BBC HD would be OK if I wasn’t forced to watch Doctor Who at 9.30 on a Saturday evening because frigging Match of the Day was on.

    I really don’t care that most of the content on ITV1HD is upscaled – what matters to me is that the schedule is identical to ITV1.

    If I felt the urge (and I rarely do) I could watch the channel for the whole evening, without having to constantly flick between 101 and 108.

    Well done ITV, shame it took so long really.

  17. Re: viewers’ choice, so when can we start voting? The site says 26th April and it’s now 27th!

  18. I see it now but it wasn’t there at the time I posted. They just had the first paragraph. A pity the viewers can’t vote in categories as well – at least Entertainment and News say. Maybe in later years?

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