Freesat Calls For More HD Channels

Speaking exclusively to DigitalSpy, James Atkins, Freesat Trade Marketing Manager has said that providing more HD channels is without doubt on the agenda for Freesat, citing high-definition as a “key benefit” of the platform.

Freesat has been running since May 2008 initially launching with just BBC HD, and since adding ITV HD on an exclusive red button service. Now realising there is a huge call for more high-definition content, Freesat are urging broadcasters to consider launching HD channels. James Atkins said;

So we are very much actively building with our channels to say ‘come on guys, 80% of our sales are for HD products, there are 15 million HD TVs sold in the UK and there is a big appetite for HD. You guys need to be stepping up to the plate and putting some stuff on in HD’. So that is something that we are actively getting involved in.

When asked about the recent announcement of ITV1 HD launching on Freeview by the end of the year, James stated that whilst ITV have not confirmed their channel will be available on Freesat (we had been told differently by another member of Freesat’s team) as a replacement service to the red button, they would expect it to be so given ITV is an public broadcaster;

I think that we would expect to receive a full simulcast of ITV1 in high definition, although there is no commitment at this stage, […] But as it’s from a public service broadcaster then we would expect it to become available.

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57 thoughts on “Freesat Calls For More HD Channels”

  1. all this talk of sky v freesat is confusing the real fact is people like my self
    who have chosen to leave sky is due to cost but dont forget we have also spent
    out on freesat as well on the promis of a free to air hd content and that s all we
    are asking for as for freeviwe i have allready got that on my tv anyway

  2. freesat has been a big con from day one
    after all we were promised more hd channels
    in 2009,where are they?

  3. When are more hd channels like ITv2 hd being added
    seeing as iall the itv channels are free why are they not on freesat and you have to pay for them on sky and virgin

  4. i have bbc freesat and have had for the past couple of years with 100% vewing and no receiver problems at all so for me it was well worth the money and i now have 178 channels to chose from ,that is141 tv and 37 radio and you cant beat that all for nothing ..glad i gave up sky 5 years ago and do not miss it at all ..

  5. Denis said:
    October is not that long away. Would be happy if 4HD was on Freesat by end of year.

    it is on ch 126…

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