ITV HD Schedule

ITVHD Programme ScheduleITV HD via the red button has now become a full time channel named ITV1 HD on channel 119. This channel is a simulcast of ITV1 standard-definition with all programmes either upscalled, or in native HD. For this reason, sadly we cannot continue to update the ITV HD schedule, but you will be able to access the same data through your Freesat TV Guide; all HD programmes should be highlighted as such when you press the information button.

Please note that Scotland, Northern Ireland and Channel Islands can not receive ITV1 HD on channel 119 because the regional broadcaster have decided not to take up ITV’s HD offering; therefore if you wish to receive on channel 119, you’ll need to enter an English/Welsh postcode or continue to use the red button from ITV London on channel 977 (whilst it remains).

ITV HD and BBC HD programme guide

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  1. REVISED: ITV HD Programme Schedule » Join Freesat Says:
  2. Dave K Says:

    Why dont ITV get their stuff together and just have a page on their vast site to promote and give the progs on ITV or is that to much like common sense, sadly one of the rarest world commodities lol


  3. King Kong on ITV HD » Join Freesat Says:
  4. Pedro Says:

    looking forward to it……………..although don’t fancy seeing those creepy crawlies in it again………… you remember???


  5. Pedro Says:

    talking about king kong there


  6. eklektofonic Says:

    Just noticed on the ITV website TV guide that the Liverpool CL game on Tuesday 16th against Marseille will be in HD at 19.45


  7. eklektofonic Says:

    It’s being played in France in “Haute Definition” so should be Marseille vs. Liverpool strictly speaking. Liverpool is currently the most HD Premier League club on Freesat!


  8. Tony - Rep of Ireland Says:

    Heres another two programmes to add to the ITV HD tv schedule:

    Lost in Austen – Wednesday 10th Sept @9pm
    Part two – Wednesday 17th Sept @9pm } info from

    Hard Target – Monday 15th Sept @10.35PM } info from ITV tv guide


  9. admin Says:

    Tony – Thank you for the update, we can find information on Hard Target, but no confirmation of HD on Lost In Austen. We need evidence of this prior to adding, just incase. Do you have the link available to the specific page?


  10. Johhny S. Says:

    It’s advertised for this month on the Freesat home page!


  11. Stan Says:

    Hi, I am new to this site. Being a 67 year old who is not up to speed with high tech stuff I wonder if you could help.

    I wish to buy a new TV to replace my existing CRT. I am looking at 32” or 37” and will ultimately wish to view HD through either Freeview or Freesat.

    I am aware that HD will be broadcast at either 720p or 1080i. I do not wish to view HD DVD or play games such as PS3, hence I do not see any source I would use at 1080p.

    At first, I was going to buy an HD Ready TV that could receive display 720p or 1080i. However, I note that there is now a new standard for TVs i.e. Full HD 1020p. My question is will I obtain a better picture when viewing a broadcast of 720p or 1080i if I bought a Full HD 1080p television?




  12. admin Says:

    Hi Stan, the majority of new televisions are equipt with 1080p capability now anyway, so providing its HD Ready, you can’t really go wrong. 1080p will take years to come to satellite, nothing is produced in that format here, 1080i maximum. The difference is minimal too, but as it’s now a standard, it’s worth having for the future.

    If you’re looking for a good 37″, I can personally and highly recommend the Panasonic version, its incredibly and doubt you’ll find anyone disagreeing. It’s also won absolutely tons of awards. The cheapest place to buy (after researching just days ago for a friend) is Laskys. Follow the link below:

    …and search for product TH-37PX80B. Don’t forget to use discount code ‘PANA20’ for a further £20 off.


  13. Stan Says:

    Thanks for the info it is very helpful


  14. ITV HD Programme Schedule » Join Freesat Says:
  15. stan Says:

    Thanks once again, Admin, for your reply. I have now decided to buy a 32″ television of which the majority are 720p/1020i. The few that are 1020p are more expensive. Your advice would be appreciated.




  16. admin Says:

    Stan – If you are considering 32in then your really looking at buying a LCD rather than Plasma, but of course 1080p is less likely to be available. Again, from Panasonic, the counterpart to the one mentioned earlier is the TX-32LXD80. Also available cheapest from Laskys with the further £20 discount ’20PANA’.


  17. Bob Says:

    1. The only real data source for 1080p is BlueRay discs or your PS3 machine if you have one – we will be waiting a very long time to see broadcast 1080p! You would also want a very big screen to notice the difference between 1080i and 1080p

    2. Admin: How about keeping a log of the number of HD Hours per week/month per channel so we can track whether the service is improving or not? (And whether its new programming or repeats)


  18. stan Says:


    Thanks for the info

    Just looked at latest issue of Radio Times and on Wednesday 17th September 2008 Lost in Austen – 21:00 is not listed as HD




  19. Stephen Says:

    I sent an email to STV and they confirmed that they don’t provide the ITV HD service ar the moment, but are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Are there any other ITV regions that don’t support the HD Service ?


  20. Jonathan Says:

    The Children on ITV hd:
    Monday 15th September at 9:00pm


  21. admin Says:

    Jonathan – Thank you, was wondering why it had not been added.

    All – Make sure everyone knows about this schedule, the more readers, the more participants to ensure we have the most conclusive list, as up to date as possible.


  22. SteveB Says:

    Lost in Austen is not in HD (wed 21:00) on my Humax, no red button service!!!!


  23. admin Says:

    SteveB – That will be Freesat’s fault then:

    Lost in Austen

    (just one thing, presumably you are not using a Scottish or Irish region of ITV are you?)


  24. Dean Says:

    Im not getting red button for Lost in Austen on my bush HD box


  25. AndrewM Says:

    The Radio Times is usually very good about putting a little line of text at the bottom of the listing saying “Simulcast in HD, for Freesat viewers only, via the red button” for the relevant programmes on ITV1.

    As Stan said they haven’t put that for Lost in Austen on the 17th, nor did they for the listing for tonight’s episode or for the first episode which aired on the 3rd.


  26. admin Says:

    AndrewM – Trouble is that the Radio Times also misses a few too, as they’ve done recently, so we’ll add them if we see sufficient proof from a number of source and people. We were recommended to add Lost in Austen, and as Freesat’s own site displays it as being in HD, we expected it to be! Who can you trust these days eh? 😉 😀


  27. admin Says:

    Removed Lost in Austen now, no point including if it’s not in HD 😀

    List doesn’t look so grand anymore haha


  28. AndrewM Says:

    You’re certainly right that the Radio Times isn’t infallible; I just noticed that Amazon with Bruce Parry, the first episode of which is showing on BBC2 on Monday, is not marked as being simulcast on BBC HD even though it will be 😉


  29. Stan Says:


    Does anyone know when we are likely to see a significant increase in HDTV programmes via Freesat?



  30. SteveB Says:



  31. Tony - Rep of Ireland Says:

    The Guru is on ITV HD next Saturday night 10.15 – then contuined after the news. Agatha Christie’s Poirot is on Sunday night at 9.00 – 11.00. Both are on the ITV guide list as been shown in HD!


  32. admin Says:

    Thanks Tony, added.


  33. Bob Luetchford Says:

    This might be of interest to someone out there.I noticed last night that I didn’t get the RED button promp whilst Shakespeare in Love was on.A thought crossed my mind, so I went into the menu setup of my foxsat box and changed the settings from ‘non-freesat’ to freesat and exited back to ITV1 and got the red prompt.I prefer non-freesat because i can jiggle the channel order better and download everything that is up on the satellite rather than the 123 channels downloaded by ‘Freesat’, not sure why RED button only works in FREESAT mode, can anyone resolve, Thanks, Bob


  34. David Oxberry Says:

    What a great site this is! I got my arial and Humax only 3 days ago and was bowled over by BBC HD offerings but didn’t know how to find ITV HD. Thanks to you I now do.
    I have to say that this HD business from ITV in particular,seems a bit half hearted. What the heck is the problem?
    I’m the same age as Stan and doubtless he’ll remember, as I do, the interminable wait for- (a) stereo radio in the late ’50s, (b) colour tv in the ’60s, (c) stereo tv in the ’70s, (d) satellite tv in the ’80s as well as manyother broadcasting enhancements that were all introduced – usually at the speed of suet passing through a flour sifter!
    Invariably France (France already!) Germany the U.S. etc. left us well behind in every catagory. Can’t our otherwise vastly superior tv services show everyone else the way; just this once.


  35. Morfsta Says:

    David, I think the UK has by far the most HD channels in Europe – unfortunately most of them are subscription. But 3 out of 4 of our national broadcasters have at least a part time HD service which is still leading the field I think… :-)


  36. Derek Says:

    Did anyone else find it somewhat amateurish of ITV HD to just provide a fixed screen saying “ITV HD Programming is not available” or words to that effect during the break between the 2 parts of Shakespeare in Love, when ITV SD was showing the news? I guess transmitting the news wasn’t an option because of regional variations. On a similar subject, some commercials on ITV HD seem to be from companies in the Midlands or Northern England. Is there a bias here?


  37. Garrif Says:

    … some commercials on ITV HD seem to be from companies in the Midlands or Northern England. Is there a bias here?

    I live on the west coast of Wales and receive ads telling me I can get a free DVD in The Scottish Mail on Sunday and ads for a sofa company that I have never heard of.


  38. eklektofonic Says:

    When are ITV going to get their finger out and transmit with a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack ? As far as I know they haven’t done so yet… Last night Tess of the D’Ubervilles on BBC HD was a delight in 5.1, at one stage I found myself swatting away the bees from the rear channels…


  39. Steve Marriott Says:

    I have recently connected to Freesat through my humax foxsat HD box. Can anyone please give me a full list of Channel numbers that i should be receiving on my TV? Seeing the prevoius comments about the ITV HD programmes I would have thought that they would done it like the BBC and have a seperate channel for the HD programmes!!


  40. admin Says:

    Steve – Full list of channels at


  41. Bob Luetchford Says:

    Haven’t seen anyone mention HD. It’s on FTA(free to Air).Has beautiful HD shots, no films or soaps.On the humax it can b accessed by changing from FREESAT- in menu options- to NON-Freesat and download fta channels-300+.Channel 4+1 is also unscrambled on fta.


  42. Steve Marriott Says:

    Many thanks admin for the full list of channels.


  43. Steve Marriott Says:

    To Admin – after comparing the list of channels with my TV I have noticed that I have not got any of the Radio Channels (700 to 786). Can you or anybody else help me get them please?


  44. Garrif Says:

    @ Steve Marriott – There is currently not enough bandwidth for ITV HD so it is only available via 103 by pressing the Red Button when an HD broadcast is indicated by the on-screen prompt. Radio is displayed by pressing the tv/Radio button on the top of your remote.


  45. Steve Marriott Says:

    Many thanks Garrif for your input.


  46. James Says:

    So just to confirm Garrif, there isn’t a separate ITV HD Channel on Humax? You have to access it via pressing red when on 103?

    Because I was flicking through the channels today and I wasn’t able to find ITV HD because there was no channel unlike its BBC HD counterpart.



  47. brian Says:

    anyone any idea of what hd channels are likely to be around on freesat in 2009?


  48. wowzors Says:

    BBC HD and ITV HD :)


  49. admin Says:

    Anyone seen any further programmes on ITV HD? We are struggling to find any of it’s looking like a very poor showing for the next week…unless you like Poirot of course!


  50. Daniel Says:

    I can’t see anything else on itvhd in the radio times


  51. marc Says:

    Uefa Champions League LiveITV 1
    Tuesday 30th September on ITV 1 from 7:30pm to 10:00pm and in HD


  52. admin Says:

    Good shout out, thanks Marc.


  53. dan Says:

    does anyone know any news about itv or bbc having the f1 in hd.i know bbc have the rights for it next year.


  54. John Dodd Says:

    A recent purchase of a Humax free sat system,i find the sd quality poor to view .
    If i use my pana DVD to upscale the free view to 1080i,the quality is nearly as good as BBCHD free sat.
    I think the freeview quality in LCD sets hase been kept back,for what reason ?
    Market Forces ?


  55. admin Says:

    Seems absolutely nothing else on ITV HD for atleast 10 days I’m afriad (other than those listed already!), despite having a couple of blockbuster films on next weekend. Shame :(


  56. admin Says:

    This is crazy, no programmes on ITV HD are scheduled. Know of any, please let us know by adding a comment?


  57. Dan K Says:

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is on ITV1 on Saturday around 7pm. Anyone know if there will be a HD feed ?


  58. gordon bacon Says:

    harry potter sunday not hd


  59. Wayne Says:

    Wired October 13th and the next Engkand home game October 11th are on ITV HD.


  60. admin Says:

    Wayne – thanks for the information, we’ve added but forgive us, we’ve placed as unconfirmed until we can check with our official sources. Sure you are right though :)


  61. Wayne Says:

    Wired in HD confirmed by ITV here


  62. admin Says:

    Thanks Wayne, taken “unconfirmed” off Wired.


  63. Willie Says:

    It seems to me that ITV are missing out on a lot of watched advertising by having little or no programmes on in HD.
    As there are at the moment virtually no HD recorders, HD viewers will have to watch the programmes live and hence the adverts rather than recording and skipping through them.


  64. Wayne Says:

    The Humax HD PVR launches at the end of the month.

    The next England game on ITV HD is confirmed by Freesat here .


  65. admin Says:

    Thanks Wayne.

    The Humax PVR is out next month, where have you heard otherwise?


  66. Wayne Says:

    On this site @ the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show from the 31/10/08.


  67. admin Says:

    Ah ok, yes, we reported about that, but it is just a launch date, i.e. showing off a final product. The availability will be from mid-November.


  68. Al Says:

    oh i just love itvs site “movies are often shown in HD – find out what’s coming up” so you click on the link and see about 6 movies that are coming to itv but sod all is mentioned about the hd, their whole site is a nightmare


  69. Dave Says:

    Anyone know exactly when Five and Ch4 HD will be on freesat ?


  70. Phil Says:

    Re question from Dave. I believe C5 and Channel 4 HD is early next year. The problem is with ITV HD is that programmes like Pioret are absolutely pants picture quality even in HD, does anyone know the reason for this and does anyone know when they will be broadcasting in Dolby Digital like BBC HD?


  71. admin Says:

    Dave – C5 is within the next month or so, C4 HD is an unknown!


  72. Dave Says:

    Thanks for info both…though I view / record ITV HD / 4HD with my Vantage 8000S


  73. gordon bacon Says:

    why do c4hd have no sub titles


  74. Stuarty L Says:

    i notice that stevie b on 10/9/08 has commented on the fact that Lost in Austen itvhd was not available in hd to him and you commented that there may be a regional reason for this .can you confirm that itv(n. Ireland) does not receive hd or have i picked this up wrong


  75. admin Says:

    ITV HD isn’t available on the NI or Scottish regional ITV channel, you will need to change your postcode to a English postcode to then get the red button option when a HD programme is available.


  76. Al Says:

    just flicked onto wired and no red button / HD choice, (nottingham, central region)


  77. Steve Says:

    Just been watching Wired in HD then it suddenly messed up. It seems ‘out of sync’ because the adverts were coming on at funny times, not usual at all.

    Then all of a sudden a message popped up saying ‘your HD programme has finished’ and it reverted back to SD a few minutes further in to the programme (I presume)…very disappointing!!!

    Anyone else had any problems with it?


  78. Steve Says:

    *seemed ‘out of sync…


  79. Derek Says:

    Had to switch back to SD whilst watching Wired in HD, as after the first ad break, the programme started from the beginning again!!


  80. Roger Dawson Says:

    Same problem with “Wired”, lost HD after the first ad break, then it seemed to start from the beginning again, then back to SD. Still quite a good show though, but not impressed with ITV HD at all.


  81. Rodders Says:

    I also lost the HD version of ‘Wired’ after the first ad break, I agree with everyone that ITV HD is currently a ‘shambles’. They need to get their act together, it can’t be that difficult……can it?


  82. Rodders Says:

    Help needed to tune my Bush HD STB to receive non Freesat channels. Tried the manual tune option, input new freqency etc but a scan never fnds any new channels. What am I doing wrong?


  83. Daniel Says:

    I too had the same problem with Wired on ITV HD. It seems to me as though they don’t even take the “channel” seriously. I’d have at least expected that they could have brought HD back after the second break, but no such luck… It’s no wonder the ITV HD isn’t available on Sky HD yet, and I don’t think they’d want it after problems like this.


  84. ben Says:

    It is truly a mess. To be honest, I’ve completely given up on ITV. Their programming is dire. It’s a great pity because being one of the first to air HD material would perhaps have won some badly needed viewers back…seemingly they can’t be bothered…


  85. Shirks Says:

    ITVHD has got England vs Germany and also be showing 8 mile soon


  86. Wayne Says:


    Have you got a source for the Germany v England game on ITV HD, as this is an away friendly?


  87. Daniel Says:

    There’s only ever been two decent things on itv hd – King Kong and Shakespeare In Love – both films. Now I remember why I stopped watching ITV (I’m not that interested in football)


  88. Shirks Says:

    I work in the retail industry selling Panasonic equipment. But recent freesat presentation pointed it out. There are other things that is common knowledge like champ league.

    But bar me getting bored with the presentation I only remembered those 2 bits and a harry potter film but I think they have shown it already.


  89. antonio Says:

    I wonder if anyone can advise me. I want to but a panasonic TH-PZ81 with built in freesat. SHould I go for the 42,46 or 50 inch version. I will be mainly using it to watch broadcast programmes in standard format or HD and the ocassional blu ray film nothing else. Our viewing distance is about 18 feet so I want to be sure I buy the right size without compromising the picture quality. Also does anyone think these offers that include free 5-year warranty any good? I;m not sure is it;s worth paying the extra for this peace of mind? Any advice appreciated. Antonio


  90. admin Says:

    antonio – for that kind of distance, go for the 50in, you won’t compromise quality, not a panasonic plasma. Don’t forget our price comparisons, up to date, offering the best around at the moment. Is the 5 year warranty worth it? Probably not, they are very reliable units. If you do want the 5 year though, go for the slightly smaller size and get one from John Lewis online, which includes this. Again, see our comparisons on the right.


  91. TiM Says:

    Pathetic lineup :(


  92. Anne Martens Says:

    Only King Kong and England Kazachstan were interesting Shakespeare is definetly not Why X-factor on ITV HD ????


  93. TV Pack - Says:
  94. Colin Says:

    The Daily Mail Saturday
    TV Section big paper for the week
    has HD on every HD broadcast.

    So It has wired ITV1 HD
    And this week the HD worked great on Freesat.

    I hope more Magazines show the HD symbol
    well done to the Saturday Daily Mail.


  95. Wayne Says:

    Even the tv guide from the Sun lists them.


  96. Daniel Says:

    I can confirm Red Dragon in HD it is marked as so in the radio times


  97. Busy 2 Weeks for ITV HD » Join Freesat Says:
  98. Pranny G Says:

    Is it really 100% true that The Bill will be broadcast on ITV HD EVERY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY from now on? This will be a great move from ITV if this is true info.


  99. admin Says:

    No, it’s a couple of special edition episodes in HD. ITV have confirmed no intention to broadcast The Bill in HD from now on!


  100. Juan Pablo Says:

    Great! I got to see Atletico de Madrid in HD for free!! VAMOS KUN! y Simao, Forlan,..
    Too bad I would have to get Sky sometime in the future for Spanish Liga games..


  101. sideshowbob Says:

    Sharpe with Sean Beane sun Nov 2nd
    advertised as HD last nite on ITV.


  102. Al Says:

    now id just like to see Sony’s HD Bond advert on itv, fingers crossed for a slot during Hannibal


  103. Nick Clark Says:

    Dear All,

    Purely my opinion but for all the moans about ITV HD, especially their lack of scheduling information and availability in Scotland (unless you use an English post code), their picture quality is amazing!

    The HD coverage of England’s game vs Kazakhstan looked superb and was a terrific advert for the upgrade HD offers over SD. Even the untrained eye of my wife spotted the difference!


  104. ian Luxton Says:

    I tried the ITV HD redbutton service on Saturday for the first time during the movie “Red Dragon”. I was dissapointed to find it was unwatchable – blocky and breaking up pictures – I had to revert to SD. I would be pleased to hear from anyone as to why I am having this problem when all my SD channels and BBC HD are perfect. I have a Panasonic HDTV with built in Freesat etc.


  105. admin Says:

    Ian – Hmmm, there was no issue with Red Dragon as far as I’m aware, see pictures taken by Snoods,


  106. Roger Dawson Says:

    Ian, I too have a Panasonic Freesat TV, and had no problems with Red Dragon or any other ITV HD programmes. I do,however, have an issue with the Freesat “Red Button” on BBC in that I cannot get the Sports Multipage 3001. Do you have the same problem?


  107. ian Luxton Says:

    Hi Roger
    Just tried 3001 and it seems to work, albeit with slightly distorted sound. I’ll try ITV Red Button again and see if Saturday’s problem was isolated.


  108. EDDie Heron Says:

    I am getting a Freesat PVR when released for sale. I understand that the HD service was not available in my area (STV) is that still the case? I heard mention that it might be soon? During setup I understand that I need to input a different region postcode? Is this correct? THANKS for any info.


  109. MAC Says:

    Yes Eddie, STV (and UTV in the Six Counties across the water) are in dispute with ITV over “brand identity” issues.

    ITV want to broadcast across the whole of the UK with their logo shown – STV and UTV (not part of ITV) want theirs shown in Scotland/Ulster. The fact that STV contributes zero (as far as I can see) to the HD programmes on offer seems to be irrelevant up here.

    Pump in an English postcode – I now “live” in Kent despite residing well north of Hadrian’s Wall !!!

    You can re-tune once the dispute is resolved.


  110. EDDie Heron Says:

    Ok! Thanks for that MAC just the clarification I needed. I guess I will have to reside in Whitehall :)


  111. steve Says:

    According to the RadioTimes “The Bill” will be in HD on Thu. 6th Nov. 8->9pm


  112. ITV HD Not Available? - Says:
  113. Pioneer KRP A & M Owners Thread - Page 129 - Says:
  114. Steven Says:

    No HD on “The Bill” on ITV (from time to time) HD tonight Steve . . . . Well certainly not here.. The ‘Red Button’ is worn out . .


  115. Denis Says:

    No HD on Havant cup tie – says no signal


  116. Jeff Says:

    I wonder whether an ‘on-air’ explanation as to why no hd signal will be given by Steve Rider or Clive Tyldesley……somehow I don’t think so!

    Does anyone have the figures as to how many of us have freesat hd boxes?


  117. YASAR Says:

    Like Denis says “NO SIGNAL FOR HD” When red button is pressed it says “this channel is not available” even though it says it is loading the HD channel.
    it does not load!!


  118. Clive Says:

    I have a Fortec Star (Innovation) HD sat box purchased from Maplins in August, and have never seen the red button on ITV HD transmissions (on the occasions when they are supposed to be HD and for example the FA cup special today). I now suspect that the red button HD servce is only available on Freesat and not generic HD sat boxes, especially as the red button is used for audio switching.
    Can anyone confirm or offer any comment on this? Together with the lack of full EPG I’m beginning to regret jumping in to HD early and not waiting for a Freeat HD PVR. (The USB port allowing HD recording onto a portable hard disk works wellenough though)


  119. Anne Martens Says:

    I am haapy to watch ITV HD without red button and without a freesat receiver
    Nanoxx9500 HD you can watch and record and watch it in the best manner
    Still enjoying King Kong It’s not often great, what ITV broadcasts but sometimes they do it very well.


  120. Phil Says:

    Response to Clive’s question. I too have a Fortec Star but there is no red button service. You need to ensure you have the correct channel stored as per co-ordinates easily obtainable off Lingsat. In my experience you just select the channel and if a programme is on it should come on as there is no need to wait for the programme to load. I also believe if you go on Fortec Star there is a new EPG download available although I must admit I haven’t tried it yet. As for the hard drive I am not sure if the quality of the recording on a PVR would be any better that using your hard drive, more convenient perhaps but better quality I doubt it. Also in my opinion having seen both a number of HD freesat boxes and the Fortec Star the picture quality on the later particularly for HD is better as is the sound, so in my opinion you made the right choice.


  121. Anthony Says:

    Why can’t ITV HD provide a full 24h channel rather than an interactive redbutton service with ALL programmes in SD upscaled to HD as regular ITV1 with an eventual progression to HD on ALL programmes studiobased live AND recorded? And it would be nice for Dolby Digital 5.1 surroundsound to be used on ALL programmes too.


  122. admin Says:

    Don’t think ITV can even afford to buy Christmas cards this year, let alone sustain a full HD channel or service 😉


  123. kev smith Says:

    i have a bush freesat hd connected to my sat dish and have all the chanels except ITVHD is there something i can do i live in the granada area!!!!


  124. Anthony Says:

    You should get it Kev! you must be trying to get ITVHD when there is no content available-the onscreen flag for ITVHD is only operational and comes up when HD content on ITV1 is broadcast with the familiar onscreen itvhd red button indication on regular SD simulcasts of ITV1 programmes.


  125. kev smith Says:

    Thanks i have been making the mistake of watching my TV through my sony TV and only checking my freesat box for HD programmes on the dedicated BBC HD chanel and waiting for a seperate chanel to appear, after posting the request i put the commander on and saw the red button so now im sorted …thanks ive book marked this site so i can find out what is coming on, many thanks


  126. Waseem Says:

    Love the fact that this info at least exists somewhere :)

    Any chance of getting it as an rss feed? (Or even better in xmltv format) That way people (most importantly me :)) could import it into the guide in their Home Theatre PC.

    Otherwise it’s the nasty task of screen scraping this page for the relevant data…. not fun!



  127. LOUGHLIN Says:

    Dear ITV there are alot of out there with HD tv’s and will never pay SKY their inflated prices so come on ITV were all yours COME ON


  128. gazwlz Says:

    stop critiscising Sky, without them we would still be stuck with 5 analogue channels with digital (let alone HD) years away. Sky made the advances in technology while ITV and BBC sat back! Sky are in their rights to charge subscription rates and for £10 a month on the sub rates there are 28 HD channels as opposed to one and a half HD channels on freesat. I know who is getting ripped off and it isnt the Sky subscriber.


  129. Tom Says:

    It isn’t £10 a month it’s £27 which is a big step up from 0. I love my freesat hd box but wish that they would update the dreary EPG, as it’s grey and depressing in comparison to sky with the calming music and blue background. ITV come at least get all your soaps onto hd by the start of 2009. Heard that they’ve spent half a mill on new camera so we should start to see more home content soon.


  130. Deano Says:

    I had LIP SYNC PROBLEMS watching Britannia High last night ..
    In fact BBC is fine its just ITV , anyone else got same problem ???

    my view on $ky : rip off merchants ..
    maybe now they will have to start thinking about there prices ..


  131. Paul Says:

    gazwlz – I am afraid you are well and truly getting ripped off.
    If you are on the basic minimum HD package – then you are paying sky £324 a year to watch utter drivel and repeats !!! ( drivel in HD is no better than drivel in SD )
    If you have the full package (sport, movies) – you are paying sky £684 a year.
    And for that you get loads of sport (excellent). The latest movies (excellent), but it just isn’t worth £823 (inc licence fee) a year to watch TV, unless you are a couch potato and do nothing else !!


  132. gazwlz Says:

    Tom, I didnt say Sky HD was £10 a month – I said it was £10 a month for HD on top of the subs, which is still a reasonable price for 28 HD channels!. Sky will most likely drop that charge altogether in the next 12 months anyway. I do have freesat too by the way….just in case there might be just one decent programme from ITV in HD before the end of life as we know it. The rate they are going I doubt it.


  133. gazwlz Says:

    Yes Paul but I can afford it, I pay Sky £57 a month and thats because I can .. Therefore I am not being ripped off. You only get ripped off if it bothers you.


  134. Paul Says:

    If it does bother people then they probably wont be silly enough to get ripped off will they ??
    You may be able to afford it and it may not bother you but that doesn’t mean you are not being ripped off.
    In fact the best rip offs are the ones where the customer doesn’t realise it !!
    I have realised it which is why my next phone call to $ky (as soon as i get my freesat pvr) will be most enjoyable.

    PS – can i come round and watch the cricket !!! :) :)


  135. gazwlz Says:

    Freesat PVR? Bit expensive if we are to work on your terms. Thats a heck of a price for one and a half HD channels and loads of shopping channels, are you sure you might not be being ripped off too then? By the way I dont watch any drivel in HD as there is no drivel (like soaps) being made in HD. As for the licence fee I dont have to pay it. At my time of life I find Sky easy to use and it has the best choice, I can afford it and dont feel ripped off so leave me be.


  136. gazwlz Says:

    Cricket .. unfortunately is not in HD at present so I cant even ask you round!


  137. Paul Says:

    £57 a month and the cricket is not even in HD :)

    I only have sky for the sport. Never watch anything else at all on subscription channels, just watch the main FTA channels. Will miss the sport but there’s still quite a bit on FTA and i don’t get time to watch enough sport to justify sky’s crazy fees.

    And yes £299 is not cheap, i agree, but i currently pay £37 a month for sky so it will pay for itself in 8 months. Then its £0 a month (forever) .

    Oh and soaps…… Yep they are drivel :)


  138. gazwlz Says:

    the cricket – yes I was surprised about that. The England match should be in HD on ITV…hence me having the both. Not enough effort from ITV though.


  139. admin Says:

    Sorry guys but can we keep this page focused on ITV HD and the upcoming programmes. Thank you.


  140. Paul Says:

    Sorry admin – wrists slapped !!!

    Lets hope ITV increase their HD content over time.
    I am sure they will eventually.


  141. gazwlz Says:

    ok admin, what programmes though?! couldnt resist that!


  142. chris Says:

    So is there anything apart from dumba$$ football ( sorry dudes, I’m not a fan ) and a teen soap on ITV HD…….come ON why did I pay $$$ for high definition low quality content !!!!


  143. john Says:

    Yeah Chris, right on. Not everybody id a football fan, ITV’s so called HD schedule is a big joke.


  144. Nick Says:

    Is anyone else having intermittent sound cutouts on ITV HD during the football this evening or is it just my Foxsat HD playing up?


  145. admin Says:

    Not just you Nick, plenty are experiencing sound drops too. Well done again ITV…!


  146. Steve P Says:

    Hi Admin, do you know if ITV read comments here. First they start HD after a drama has started which is really not on and now sound cutting out during the football. Checked on SD and Freeview and the sound was working fine.


  147. admin Says:

    Steve P – I don’t know, and the reason I don’t know is that ITV choose not to speak to anyone! I’ve tried countless times (as have others!) to speak to no other than their head of communications and not even they reply…what does that say hey!

    I intend speaking to Freesat about this, as it’s NOT a good advertisement for Freesat, having a limited hours poor service. :(


  148. admin Says:

    In all seriousness though, yes, they probably read this, as I know BBC read this site daily, checking what’s been put etc.


  149. LOUGHLIN Says:

    I for one am sooooo happy with all the new HD progs, it is just getting better and better .WELL DONE


  150. Panasonic 42PZ81, 46PZ81 & 50PZ81 with Freesat - Page 72 - Says:
  151. wow:) Says:

    @ steve p, i had no sound issues with the footie in HD….


  152. Mr Tumble Says:

    On the ITV site, it states Return of the Jedi will be AD in the programme synopsis. I doubt the other Star Wars movies are going to be shown in HD.


  153. wow:) Says:

    AD=audio description, ( tho correct me if im wrong:))


  154. Mr Tumble Says:

    Ah I see. It’s just odd that they do not have it down as HD in the TV synospis. Then again, I suppose that’s why Join Freesat have this schedule because ITV still have not got their act together with a HD schedule.


  155. Wayne Says:

    I can’t see these latest films listed anywhere as HD. Where is this info coming from please?


  156. admin Says:

    Wayne – This information is released to the TV listings / press companies usually a couple of weeks before being aired. It’s usually accurate but ITV have been known to change their minds!!!


  157. Till Says:

    I have just tried watching the Starwars film on ITV in HD, no red button. So questions is, was it broadcast in SD only or is the famous red button not working?


  158. Wayne Says:

    Next weeks Return of the Jedi is in HD not this weeks episode V.


  159. Till Says:

    Duhhh, maybe I should learn to read dates correctly! :-)

    Although the Bruce Willis film (Mercury Rising) last night was showing in HD, just a shame I was too damn Kn*****d to stay up and watch it. Roll on my Foxsat HDR arriving soon with luck :-)


  160. Francis Says:

    They should print it in the Tv guide wether a film is in HD or not !! an as for the red button it never works on my tv lol


  161. Wayne Says:

    Tonights Man U footy is now claimed not to be in HD on Digital Spy Forums. We will see.


  162. YASAR Says:



  163. awesome.welles Says:

    doesnt look like there is much hope for the Histon v Leeds match on sunday then! MOT


  164. Deano Says:

    WAYNE 100 % correct NO HD for footy !!
    It is about time ITV sort this out and GIVE US A PROPER HD TV GUIDE..
    Does this mean the rest of the champs league is not in HD ????


  165. Deano Says:

    Maybe there’s no footy in HD cus they still cant sort out there intermittent sound cutouts, witch i think a majority of us suffered ..


  166. Stefan Says:

    More likely it’s not being shown in HD as the feed they have is not high definition – in fact it’s 4:3, which they’ve clumsily pan&scanned slightly. The SD quality for this match is easily the worst I’ve seen in years, makes BBC standard definition look like HD by comparison! Appalling.


  167. Ian Says:

    And what was worse from ITV during the non-HD football they even advertised that you can watch Champions League matches in HD!!!! Poor show ITV :-(


  168. Phil Says:

    Wish ITV HD will get it right, no footy has planned-very disappointed. Could be a venture to SKY HD me thinks. At this rate ITV HD will go the way of On-Digital.


  169. Deano Says:

    Phill calm down i wouldn’t turn to the dark side just yet :)
    @ Ian i had turned to BCC HD before that point but that is absolutely outrageous.



  170. Tom Says:

    The feed was from a spanish broadbasting company and spain itself broadcasts a pathetic ammount of hd in comparison to the u.k, much like how sky sports imports spanish footie for the revista de la liga. True, ITV are just buying time until they get enough
    a) content
    b) consumers using the freesat sevice
    Channel 4hd. I want you


  171. chris Says:

    As I was flicking through I saw 20 seconds of the ITV ‘Footie’ it was laughable…….very poor quality, but, it’s not ITV’s fault the Spanish feed was ca@p……I feel sorry for the fans.


  172. Sam P Says:

    Having just bought a Humax PVR on the basis of HD content from Freesat I have to say I am devastated.

    ITV advertising Champions League in HD – then not showing it. Typically British.

    I am almost scared for my £300 investment with talk about on digital and turning to the dark side (from where I have just come).

    I cant believe that with all the talk of HD about at the moment and SKYs apparent focus on HD content to differentiate their offering that the Beeb and ITV cannot get this sorted. I thought the Beeb was at the forefront of this type of thing.

    Looks like I may be looking for a hasty refund on my new box or flogging it to someone on ebay and calling SKY (not yet cancelled) to see what they can come up with on the HD front for me.


  173. Nick Clark Says:

    Was I the only person not to get the red button HD option on last night’s Villareal/Man Utd game?

    Bit disappointed to not see the game in HD….



  174. James R Says:

    Great to see a schedule at last ive found one, ITV could really attract viewers if they displayed an ITV HD schedule….how strange!

    I was expecting to see the Villareal/Man Utd game in HD too, didnt get the red button symbol. shame

    Was anyone able to view the game in HD lastnight?


  175. J man Says:

    Because the picture was from the Spanish broadcaster, it was not HD. The ITV supplied segments were HD though. Bit annoying.


  176. Sam P Says:

    So ITV chose to show the game from Spain on ITV1 in SD when they had the opportunity to deliver the Arsenal game in HD, instead showing it on ITV4.

    Interesting……a demonstration of comitment to Freesat / HD ?


  177. James R Says:

    thats it then, I did notice the picture quality of the half time interviews and replays were crystal clear but the game footage was poor….but at least the games were free to air.


  178. wow:) Says:

    @ sam P, i could be interested in your pvr if you want to px against my humax foxsat HD? :) and you will still get the fta HD but no pvr.. simple… or have patience cos this is the early times for HD, more to come and itv are far from their full HD providings 😉 you do have a good investment rly so hold on to it dude :)



  179. RosieBs_Dad Says:

    Thanks for the various posts confirming that, despite being advertised, the Man Utd/Villareal game was not broadcast on ITV HD.
    I thought I was going mad, my Mrs – the Man U fan, not me! – was cursing and swearing at me while I was mesing around trying to get something that wasn’t there!

    Cheers All,


  180. AndrewM Says:

    ITV’s own TV Guide is showing that Return of the Jedi and Superhuman will not be shown in HD:

    It is showing HD for the FA Cup special and Britannia High, though.


  181. Wayne Says:


    Is Return of the Jedi confirmed as being in HD?


  182. admin Says:

    Wayne, no, we have no confirmation since they released the information some 2 weeks ago, it’s likely they won’t be in HD.


  183. Roger Dawson Says:

    Just switched on for Leeds v Histon in the FA Cup. Advertised as HD, but not only is it not HD, but the quality of the picture being shown is awful. ITV get it wrong…..again!


  184. awesome.welles Says:

    try again roger…. lol

    it is HD but the quality is poor compared to the sport clips ive seen on bbc HD preview. possibly this is due to coping with poor weather or lack of post processing. they could certainly do with a squeegee for the cameras!


  185. Roger Dawson Says:

    Thanks awesome, got it on HD now. Pretty good picture, except for the lack of wipers on the various cameras


  186. wow:) Says:

    return of the jedi is showing in HD :)


  187. Slipkid Says:

    Wow Star Wars in HD woo hoo


  188. Anne Martens Says:

    And suddenly ITV HD in the middle of Starwars Return of the Jedi It stopped broadcasting what an amateristic channel….


  189. chris Says:

    The news is on half way through – which is NOT in HD…..just wait 15 mins


  190. Tom Says:

    oh my god 4 hd programs in one day, Well done ITV, the star wars transmission cancelled for me too but after changing channel and pressing red again worked perfect. Seems watching Leeds losing again in HD doesn’t make the viewing quality any better :(


  191. LengFreesat Says:

    Yes, very well done ITV 😀 Keep it up.


  192. David Says:

    The Phantom Menace is listed as being in HD on the ITV Guide


  193. LOUGHLIN Says:

    Wonder what delights are on offer over the festive season in HD any news


  194. admin Says:

    Some Chrismas HD added! Jessica Alba in HD, what more does any bloke need?


  195. gazwlz Says:

    Love my humax freesat receiver – have to admit great hd picture – probably better than through my Sky receiver, however it has to be said that with just BBC HD and only a very occassional HD service from ITV – freesat is not really a good option if you want to get the best from an HD telly. Now with Disney added Mon 1st Dec and MTVHD, NickelodeonHD and Sci Fi HD about to launch on Sky before Christmas what do you do? One and a half channels on freesat free after forking out 120 to 300 quid depending on pvr or Sky+ with its soon to be 32 HD channels with an HD sub? Ive got both but what do you think is value for money here? ITV you better get your act together and launch a full channel rather than the daft red button service and also seek a way of getting some other HD channels onto the freesat service soon.


  196. Dave Says:

    Ch4 HD will ‘make it’ on to freesat I guess in a few months. We are so badly behind the US and Australia it’s a bit of a joke really. Why can’t ITV simply simulcast their less than part time ITVHD ‘channel’ as Ch4 do ?!


  197. Daniel Says:

    The Phantom Menace is confirmed as being on ITVHD in the Radio Times.


  198. john D Says:

    Are we ever going to get another HD channel in 2009 on freesat ?
    I really can’t see it happening in this country for at least 10 YEARS,anyone got any real information on this ?


  199. gazwlz Says:

    I think Channel 4 HD might get onto freesat next year and ITVHD onto Sky and probably a fiveHD on both but I guess there are horns locked somewhere stopping the progress of free HD any further – for a while – thats a shame cos even though I ‘bat’ for SkyHD. I have the freesat Humax receiver and the quality is better than that of the Thomson sky receiver. I watch BBC HD on that rather than my Sky receiver. As I said before 32 HD channels by Christmas is a better proposition at the moment than one and a half on freesat. Why have an HD telly otherwise? Something needs to be done, ITV and the BBC pull your fingers out.


  200. Peter Mossman Says:

    I am a Freesat STB owner and like many others, I am very dissapointed at the lack of-ITV HD content, especially as I have followed the News about ‘Freesat’ for some near 2 years now, and they said then in there first Reports, we hope to launch with 6/8 HD channels, but really have only started half heartedly, because I know myself that I have been able to Receive BBC HD since-2006 when I was able to pickup the 2006 World Cup, on my-Humax HDCI 2000 STB.I only purchased the-Foxsat HD STB in order to receive ITV HD, and a proposed few others at Launch, so I as others with ‘Freesat’, am still waiting, and Just for the Record my-Humax HDCI 2000 has a much superior quality HD picture than the-Humax Foxsat HD receiver, so ‘Freesat’ have to get there finger out, so come on Guy’s.!!!…


  201. aybeesea Says:

    Just got my HDR from Comet today (ordered before their weird price hike).

    Two questions:

    (a) What disk format does the external HDD need? There seems to be no utility for formatting the external device (though I can see it – and it’s Volume Name in File Explorer)

    (b) I would like loop-through into my Panny FreeSat plasma. If I physically turn off the power of the HDR then the loopthrough works just fine. If the HDR is powered in any way (non-power saving standby even), the loopthrough is disabled.

    The manual states that loop-through is not available in Power Saving standby – fair do’s – so when I switched off that option I expected the loop-through to be active. Nope.

    Can you please help with either of these points?



  202. Where can I find HD Listings? - Says:
  203. Pete Cullen Says:

    For anyone else wondering, Phantom Menace IS also in HD this weekend, or rather it asked if I wanted to record the SD or HD version when I added it to my recording queue.

    Living proof we will watch anything, no matter how terrible it is, in HD!


  204. gazwlz Says:

    Oh come on guys all the stuff you mention as being part of a freesat Christmas on ITV HD are on in the run up to Christmas. Whats on in ITVHD at Christmas itself though? a film a day perhaps?. I bet its the same situation this time next year on freesat, come on freesat get some HD channels on there pronto.


  205. wow:) Says:


    look at the top of this page, thats where you find out whats is on…. and hey, they have the listings of what programmes will be showing in HD over xmas………………


  206. gazwlz Says:

    where wow:) ? there is Ali G indahouse on the 23rd then possibly something Boxing night, am i missing something?
    I suppose we have to assume the Harry Potter film at 3.10 may be in HD on ITVHD Christmas afternoon but I bet they’ve made little effort otherwise.


  207. wow:) Says:

    the listings of what is on are at the top of this post, and they are usually spot-on, the beeb had to apply for extended viewing hours so they can have more on their HD channel, and maybe ITV were not so lucky, but there are still 19 days to xmas and you never know, there might be a few more proggys/films to be confirmed as HD over the festive period.


  208. wow:) Says:

    Saturday 20th December 2008
    Honey (film) – 2.40pm
    Synopsis to follow…

    Saturday 20th December 2008
    Britannia High Finale (drama) – 5.30pm
    Synopsis to follow…

    Tuesday 23rd December 2008
    Ali G Indahouse (film) – 10.40pm
    Synopsis to follow…

    Friday 26th December 2008
    Caught in a Trap (tbc) – 9.00pm
    Synopsis to follow…

    Saturday 27th December 2008
    Bird on a Wire (film) – 11.05pm
    Synopsis to follow…

    just incase you couldnt find them gaz :)


  209. gazwlz Says:

    so nothing from ITV HD at Christmas then as you point out above.
    You would have thought ‘Dancing on ice’ Christmas day would have been filmed in HD – ITV cant be bothered – ‘Strictly of course is in HD on BBCHD, … look at the difference…. Brucie in HD, Schofield (z list) in SD – says it all really.


  210. Tom Says:

    Was watching comedy awards and the big fight live afterwards gave me the option for hd. Funny how they pay all this money for hd cameras but fail to advertise, it’s like setting a mousetrap, that mouse aint gonna come if there ain’t no cheese. dedicated listings please ITV.


  211. Alan Says:

    Hi All,

    I’ve just purchased The New Panasonic 42inch freesat tv i’m having a sky hd box installed in jan, all though i love the telly can’t thought it freesat is crisp & sharp, but I feel a little cheated as I was under the impression that there was a few hd channels whereas I can only find BBC Hd, and reading all the comments ITV don’t list their hd channel I’m confused over the red button thing I can only guess that what is meant is in ITV freesat there is a red button you push for hd correct me if wrong, I was going for the new Sony Bravia still can change my mind as it seems pointless having this tv in regards to the lack of hd channels.

    Thanks in advanced & a Merry Christmas


  212. aybeesea Says:

    Surely we watch for content and HD is icing on the cake. Just because something is jumping through the “HD hoop” doesn’t make it “better”.

    Maybe we are 1960s fanboys of the BBC2 “Colour Trade Test Film” or even worse (and earlier) …. the “Potter’s Wheel”…



  213. Pete Says:

    Didn’t see it advertised anywhere but the boxing in HD last night was amazing… (Although the picture did break up a few times)


  214. peterhb Says:

    ITV really need to get this thing sorted.
    Let’s have a proper channel like BBC. The listings could then appear on the EPG and we could see what was available and could have the ability to select our choice, instead of fumbling around with a red button which doesn’t work until they chose to activate it.
    The present system is CRAP and all because they want to protect regional advertising.
    It doesn’t help Freesat either with their present advertising emphasising HD availability. New customers will be disappointed to find only BBC and ITV if and when they chose to tell you about it and allow you to see it.


  215. Sammy P Says:

    Star Wars on HD ? – my HD screen is just a black screen ?

    This happened towards the end of last weeks episode also !

    COME ON ITV – this is fale advertising…..blah blah blah ITV in HD – NO IT ISNT! It must b worth the £30k for a freesat channel listing ?

    Anyone else having trouble with it on the PVR or any other HD box ?


  216. Stefan Says:

    Well, unlike Sammy P, the HD for Episode 1 is working for me … but is it just me or is the HD quality TERRIBLE?! I mean, I know this movie was shot on film and not digitally like the other 2 Star Wars prequels, but come on, this looks far worse than Return of the Jedi did in HD, and that was made 17 years before this, for Christ’s sake!

    In fact, I see not much discernible differnece between the HD and SD versions of this. Anyone agree?


  217. rickstercavman Says:

    im watching phantom menace now and is it me or is the dolby not working i have it via optical cable from my darkbox hd picture is great but sound is only using the front two channels any body else comment?


  218. rickstercavman Says:

    didnt catch the other two episodes but looks fine on my sony via darkbox hd


  219. Sammy P Says:

    stefan, what box do you have ? i cant get anything even after a reset.


  220. Sammy P Says:

    and where are you. is this an itv regions issue ? anybody ?


  221. Colin Says:

    I have the Humax freesat HD box.
    Working great with HD

    The ITV stars wars today is great in 1080i HD
    the second star wars movie in Hi Def.

    Like last week
    it stays in HD
    for the next Britannia High episode in HD.

    well done ITV.

    When is the bloated BBC going to show
    a Full movie in HD?


  222. Sammy P Says:

    Had to do a factory reset and it started working.

    Seems to be a HUMAX glitch. Any chance of a software fix ?


  223. Deano Says:

    STAR WARS PQ was up and down one minute it was quite good HD quality then it looked the same as SD ..
    I had slight problem when the break for the split in the film came for the news ,” got stuck on blank ITV HD screen saver ” just had to push blue to go back to SD service.


  224. Wayne Says:


    BBC HD showed The Merchant Of Venice full film @ 11.20PM Saturday night in 2.35:1, with the stupid HD logo standing out like a sore thumb in the top left hand corner, as it was white on the black letterbox background, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


  225. aybeesea Says:

    Phantom Menace showed up the background special effects as grainy and as mentioned above no 5.1 sound (via HDMI in my case from my Humax box via my Denon AV amp).

    Additionally the event didn’t record to my HDD.

    I still haven’t managed a timed ITV HD recording. Early days.



  226. gazwlz Says:

    basically ITVs HD service is awful. ITV has never had much respect for its viewers. – Unless the viewers are spending cash on cash grabbing phone lines. I can remember the colour strikes in the early 1970s when everyone got a colour telly only to find ITV in black and white for months on end, and we all know about the ITV Digital fiasco. Truth is they sit back let all other broadcasters like Sky do the research and development then jump on board but miss the boat altogether. Ok people can argue about paying subs to Sky but if it wasnt for them we would still be left with 4 channels let alone 5, digital, satellite or even HD. Fact is ITV has always and will always lack any regard for the viewer, thats why the film yesterday was of poor quality and only accessible via a red button. HD means halfheartedly delivered as far as they are concerned.


  227. ITV HD For UTV And STV » Join Freesat Says:
  228. Till Says:

    Tried watching the starwars film on sunday in HD on ITV and I gave up, the picture kept breaking up and it was only in dolby digital. Not 5.1! Its was not my Humax box playing up, because i have a paansonic freesat plasma screen and it was just the same on that! BBC HD was working fine during all of this.Oh and I am in teh london area, so it was nothing to do with postcodees!


  229. wow:) Says:

    till, i had no issues with break up, you could find that your dish might be slightly out of alignment, only slightly tho… worth a try if you get this often..


  230. Matt Says:

    Why does my Foxsat HDR say ERROR E-OS when trying to download the new software???


  231. Matt Says:

    Matt 230 its because you only have one Cable from your LNB pluged in . I have Two cables but no HDR its coming tomorrow , at last………


  232. jon cole Says:

    can anyone confirm that the chelsea game was broadcast in hd tonight? i didn’t get the red button option at all, even though the epg stated it was an hd option..


  233. gazwlz Says:

    wasn’t in hd as far as I know Jon, I certainly didn’t get it in hd – typical ITV.


  234. Matt Says:

    Thanks Matt 231 thought thats what it was.


  235. Bob Luetchford Says:

    Hi Chaps, I am in the Anglia region and got the RED button option for HD with last nights match


  236. Roger Dawson Says:

    I’m also in the Anglia region and the match was in HD, good quality picture too.


  237. Brian Says:

    I recorded Survivors last night with BBCHD Preview stuck in the left hand corner! I hope for the 2nd showing it is removed.


  238. Sammy P Says:

    Brian – i note there is NO bbc hd at all tonight, could be the start of something

    Gazwlx – Chelsea in HD in Yorkshire, looked great to me, are you in scotland or wales ?


  239. H.-E. Tietz Says:

    I watched Phantom Menace last Sunday on my Goodmans GFSAT200HD.
    Apart from one break-up (with only the HD logo shown on the screen) I enjoyed it.
    For SD channels I still use a Pace Javelin.
    Reception is quite good in the fringe area where I live (East Germany, a few miles east of Leipzig), but I have to use a 110cm dish and a high quality LNB for Astra 2D.


  240. Matt Says:

    Set True Lies to record but not coming up as HD . Star Wars on sunday is coming up as HD ? South West ……area.


  241. Mike Says:

    Matt, ITV HD is accessed through the red button when the programme starts.
    I do not know about how the Humax PVR records ITV HD, as I only have the standard foxsat.

    I too live in the south west area, and last Sunday, Starwars was in HD, after pressing the red button when prompted.


  242. Grubby Says:

    ITV HD’s DOG………..Could this be any bolder???


  243. Alant Says:

    I’m half way through True Lies but couldn’t set up the Foxsat HDR to record in HD. Watching it live it gives the “press red for HD” message but when I press the red button all I get is a bigh black square which says loading but HD never arrives! Is this an ITV problem or a Humax HDR problem? Any ideas?


  244. paul.j Says:

    Alant….Its itv..i had the same problem,”what a shambles it is”,no doubt we are all sitting there with our £1500 worth of hi tech equipment,reduced to suffering this pathetic set up they are offering us and as for the ITV-HD channel dog,could they not make it glow a little brighter and perhaps flash to distract us more.This red button thing should be scrapped,theyve made enough £££££’s out of the x-factor voting tonight so maybe they should spend some of that on getting this shambles sorted once and for all.


  245. Alant Says:

    Just checked the recording of True Lies from last night. Not only was it not in HD but I only recorded the first hour up to the news. Foxsat HDR is supposed to be clever enough to record both parts but I suspect this is a problem with the ITV program info. Oh well, I’ve seen it before anyway.


  246. Liz Says:

    True Lies was in HD .. i’m in Scotland but use the 977 ITV London channel for any ITV HD content .. I’ve had no problems receiving HD programs .. but I don’t think i’ll be getting a PVR until everything is sorted out!
    What an abysmal selection of HD progs ITV has over Christmas.. nothing for Christmas Ever or Christmas Day ! .. Thank goodness for the good ol’ Beeb lol


  247. Liz Says:

    lol .. Christmas Ever?? should be Eve:x


  248. Matt Says:

    Mike @241 When you select an ITV program to record with the HDR ,if its going to be in HD it should give you the option of recording it in HD. This did not happen with True Lies . But it did with Star Wars later to day, we will have to see if it works ?
    Paul. j & Alant I got the HD red button for true lies pressed it for the first time & ITV HD came up straight away . Then watched the first half then pressed record after the News, added ten minutes on to the recording time ( as it was late starting ) Turned the Box off and went to bed . Just checked it and it recorded fine.
    As i said it will be interesting to see if it can do star wars on its own .
    Are your problems down to your area ? try using ITV london Is it Ch 977 ..
    Good luck ……..


  249. Graeme Says:

    Humax PVR did not record Star Wars in HD… V annoying as I wanted to show off my new HD PVR I just spent 300 quid on !!
    I’ve found that if you “schedule” an ITV recording then it will not record in HD on ITV – just in SD. I’m assuming that this is solely to do with the red button HD access since all recordings on BBC HD are perfect every time.
    If I hit the red button first and then start a manual record, then it records in HD – but that’s not the point of a PVR – I want to be able to record ITV in HD automatically via the schedule. COME ON ITV – Get your finger out and give us a true HD channel.


  250. Dave Says:

    This daft red button thing… Fortunately now quite a few FTA HD PVR’s do allow for timeshift recording with ITV HD. Don’t think I’ll be buying a humax any time soon


  251. wow:) Says:

    it would be down to humax to have the software on th stb to record from the HD transport stream not the SD, so the fault lies on humax not ITV


  252. Matt Says:

    To all of the above my Humax + HDR, PVR did record ITV HD ( star wars ) from standby, no problems at all .
    Dave i was Timeshifting with the Live Buffer through the first half of True Lies . Then i recorded the end .
    I sure I can’t be the only one with a box that works.


  253. paul.j Says:

    I am only having trouble with ITV HD recordings and its only when they crow bar the news in half way through a film.Sometimes the recording will not re start to complete the rest of the film,BBC HD is fine.True Lies did not even show as a HD transmission in the epg.When i highlighted Star Wars in the epg and reserved it to record,it gave me 2 options record in HD or record in SD. After the news finished the recording failed to start back up.Had to do it manually.Wish ITV would sort this problem out…This RED button fiasco is a total farce..!


  254. Sammy P Says:

    I managed to record Star Wars from standby having selected it from the guide on Saturday. Recorded in HD, left the black screen (now with HD logo) in the middle when the news was on but not the end of the world.

    Even managed to timeshift and watch from te start before it had finished recording.

    I did have issues last week with not being able to get any HD but a fctory reset solved that and touch wood all is working as it should now – only question i have is that there is no way on earth you can fit 80 hours of HD on the Humax, no way, no how. I have about 11 hours of HD and a couple (literally a couple) of SD movies and its up at 44%.


  255. Graeme Says:

    Looks like I need to re try another ITV HD recording via the schedule. I am pretty sure I was not given the option to record in HD but I need to recheck.
    It is annoying when breaking for news and the EPG shows blank in there.
    Also – have it set up for +5 minutes after program end time and I went and missed the end of Top Gear on Sunday. There were no over runs or late starts so I don’t know what’s going on there.
    From experience, does anyone know if it is best to set the recordings to the “On Time” mode or to add time (5 mins) etc?


  256. Matt Says:

    Sammy P @254 I went to HDD manager thing the day after I got the HDR & it said I could record around 35 hrs of HD only, hardly had any thing on it at the time. Not great then as thats the point of the box, being able to record HD and keep it on the now not so Massive hard drive.
    Graeme @255 I’ve haven’t had any problems as yet with missing the end of a program, I’ve just left the box to do it. ( on time mode )
    But I tried to record the gadget show last night like I used to with the TV OFF ( as forgot it was on ) pressed 105 record at 7.55 , only to find out later it stopped the recording just before it started .( my fault I know )
    Anybody reading this and still thinking about getting a HDR , I love mine its great. ITV HD is NOT so great and NO DOLBY DIGITAL yet, it might say it is on the box & screen but sadly its not. ( BBC HD is every time )


  257. gazwlz Says:

    I’m still staggered there is nothing in HD on ITV over Christmas, why did I ever buy this freesat HD receiver?! As of today with MTV HD launched and Sci Fi HD next – Sky is now up to a staggering 30 (and soon to be 31) HD channels while theres still only 1 really on freesat, dreadful and I’m changing my mind as to where the rip off is occuring.


  258. aybeesea Says:

    The clue is in the word “free”…



  259. gazwlz Says:

    yes but ‘free’ in this instance means a poor or almost non existent service. Why buy an hd telly and a freesat HD receiver when all there is on freesatHD is BBCHD from 6pm daily and an occassional ITV HD service, it is free of course – but definitely a waste of money


  260. wow:) Says:

    as ABC stated, it is FREEsat and at the mo, its a new venture in HD services, more channels WILL arrive but not soon but they will arrive over the coming months/years, its a new service and with anything new-the inital uptake will show if it will be viable to increase HD channels and content as the cost for broadcasting these HD channels is LARGE, im happy with only 1 HD channel and no monthly subb’s for sky, I also do have sky and might in the new year take up their HD stb but then again I might just pay for a HUMAX PVR and have no monthly subs, BUT…
    £300 for a humax HD PVR
    £400 (ish) over a 12moth period and have a multitude of HD channels showing alot of upscaled movies and content, and then cancel the sub after the contract period and i will then have a HD box with about 3 Free HD channels..

    think about it…. sky or free sat??

    twas the same with SD freeview.. not alot of channels at first, now around 30 fta…

    The Beeb will be showing more HD content over the Xmas period as they had to apply for extra transmission times..

    finally, FREESAT is a joint venture from the BBC and ITV..


  261. Daniel Says:

    I’m happy with the stuff on BBC HD personally – and ITV HD is just an added “bonus” with the occasional film every so often. Freesat should be getting Channel 4 HD next year and I’m sure more HD channels will move over eventually (and BBC HD’s hours are due to expand next year).


  262. peterhb Says:

    I find the recent advertising by Freesat abit over the top.
    Any one going for Freesat on the basis of this advert is going to be disappointed. There is only any significant HD available from BBC HD. Itv is rubbish and their use of the red button is going to confuse a lot of people.
    I’ve given up trying to watch ITV HD because of it and I dislike intensely the super brilliant DOG, but hen they seem to regard it as an art form, just look at their other digital channels all have wonderful brilliant coloured DOGs – I just can’t watch them.
    Come on ITV get your act together and let’s have a proper channel like the BBC.


  263. aybeesea Says:

    @ 260 wow:)

    Remember that when you cancel your Sky+ (SD or HD) subscription, the PVR functionality is switched off so it becomes a FTA receiver only…



  264. Phil Says:

    I wish that people would stop having a dig at ITV HD (including me in the past). Not many programmes are transmitted in 5.1 on ITV HD possibly because ITV havent got the streaming right but believe this will change, I also disagree that some of the programmes have been in poor quality. I watch numerous HD programmes and have only had ONE problem regarding picture quality which was on a episode of Poirot a couple of months ago, although to be fair I don’t have a freesat HD box but a Passion HD receiver and the picture quality I receive is consistently good. I would imagine no one who reads this page wants to see ITV HD go they way of On-Digital…..


  265. wow:) Says:

    @ 263 ABC

    Good comment :) so the options remain are either a Humax pvr or a generic HD satellite HD stb with PVR funcions.


  266. Paul. Says:

    Don’t have the time or inclination to check 265 posts to see if this info has already been put up, but the following HD schedule page has been created on the Freesat site:

    Shows the ITV HD scehule on the right hand side of the page, BBC HD on the left.


  267. Paul. Says:


  268. Paul D Says:

    Why do we always hear all this moaning about a new service. That is the way it has always been. Things take time to get up and running.

    As people have mentioned, in the late 60’s colour TV was the new big deal, but the people who first bought the expensive colour TV’s only got a couple of colour films a week from BBC 2. This is how it works. Early adoptors of new technology have to wait until the production and business models catch up.

    Yes SKY has unlimited resources and 32 HD channels, but they also have a hefty price tag. I would rather throw my TV out and read a book than pay SKY £58 quid a month.

    All I have paid for freesat is £120 quid for a box (we live in a flat with a communal dish). I am actually very happy with my investment so far. The SD channels have far better picture quality than on my Tiscali box or from the freeview reciever in my TV. I also get free HD football matches from ITV, and some really good HD programmes from the BBC.

    Freeview service was ropey at the beginning, and bear in mind we are only 6months into freesat. I predict in 2 years there will be more HD channels and more output on the current HD channels.

    If the naysayers on the internet keep slating freesat then guess what will happen….thats right, people will stop buying it and then there definitely wont be an improvemnent in service. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot!


  269. Andy Says:

    i tried to watch Britannia High tonight (just to test ITV HD!). The red button took me to a blank screen, and Channel 977 was broadcasting in 576i. Is this me and my equipment (Pioneer 428 and Foxsat HDR) or is there a problem with the ITV broadcast?


  270. Paul D Says:

    I think its your equipment Andy. I have the bush hd set top box and a cheapish LG TV and Ive never had a problem with ITV HD. Button comes up in seconds and takes me straight to the stream. It definitely isnt ITV so perhaps its an issue with reception on your dish?


  271. Dave Says:

    Sky might offer 30 HD channels but there’s only so many hours in a day anyway, can’t watch everything, just the main 5 FTA channels doing their HD thing and properly without this red button nonsense would suit me. Ch4 HD are now making a better effort, you’d think by now FIve HD would be round the corner though


  272. Peter Appleby Says:

    Paul D – I think you must be out-of-touch, the red button problem from ITV has been troubling viewers for months! You might get lucky, but most times it never works. Take a look at some of the other forums, there are a huge number of complaints.


  273. Paul D Says:

    Peter, how exactly am I out of touch? I have the cheapest HD freesat reciever available and it has never had a problem with the ITV red button service. EVER.

    That surely proves that the signal is ok? i.e. not ITV’s fault.

    I dont doubt there are people who have a problem but it must be down to their equipment/reception. I know certain aspects of the ITV broadcast are crap, ie no 5.1 sound and lower bitrates, but to blame them because some peoples boxes jam is ridiculous.

    I had a goodmans freeview reciever that kept itv channels. It was tempting to blame ITV but in the end I got a different reciever and the ITV channels are perfect. I know ITV have been inept, but it is hard to beileve their HD ervice “doesnt work” considering I am watching it perfectly.


  274. Paul D Says:

    The last paragraph above should read “kept losing itv channels”


  275. wow:) Says:

    same here, i have a Humax freesat hd stb, NEVER had any issues getting ITV HD content on, has always worked perfectly, im very impressed so far on what i have for free really, never had picture breakup, press red and the HD stream is 100% reliable, only one thing that i will say, more content=more uptake. simple, otherwise this is a great product.

    Merry Xmas all :) ..


  276. Paul D Says:

    I agree, more content does equal more uptake, but, similarly, more uptake will equal more content. After the ondigital fiasco, ITV cannot afford to throw money at Freesat only to find people arent buying it.

    The more we encourage people to buy, the more units will sell, the more content we will get and then the more units that will sell and so on, ad infinitum.



  277. Peter Appleby Says:

    Hi Paul D – I must confess you my may be right about the signal, although I’ve just bought a new Humax HDR box from Comet and had a man round to install it. I get BBC HD without a problem but I’ve always found it difficult to get ITV HD, even with my old system. It could be the area we live … sorry to offend.

    Happy Christmas to you Paul.


  278. Paul D Says:

    No offence taken or meant Peter. Merry Christmas to you too. I did hear something about a misaligned dish messing up ITV HD but leaving BBC HD fine. Perhaps you could look into that.


  279. wow:) Says:

    i would come down to misalignment i would think, just the polarity that the bbc and itv use are very different,

    ITV HD is on 11426.00 H 27500 FEC 2/3
    BBC HD is on 10847 V 22000. FEC: 5/6

    try just turning your LNB(loosen the screws 1st) only slighty tho, but mark where it was before you do so, the beam that itv use is weaker than that of the bbc.


  280. gazwlz Says:

    mm interesting thought, in the Granada and Wales regions the analogue signal goes off soon and the 4 main channels in HD are expected to start on freeview about the same time. If that is the case and we have BBC HD ITV HD (stand alone spot) CH4 HD and FIVE HD all on terrestrial digital freeview soon, then they have to become available on freesat too…but if you have a digital tv then these services will automatically appear on your hd ready tv!…Then the freesat box isnt required!..( nor Sky for that matter if you are one of those anti Sky brigade) Cant help thinking we are all going to be mighty confused this time next year! Some of us will be getting HD from 3 or 4 sources by then!


  281. wow:) Says:

    nope, sorry, but when the freeview HD starts, you will need to get a freeview HD receiver….. your tv has freeview built in… BUT the TV is only HD READY!! so its ready to accept a HD input source..

    correct me if im wrong tho ( but i do this stuff for my day job )



  282. gazwlz Says:

    Erm – well wow – I’m informed (could be wrongly) that full HD tvs with in built freeview will automatically receive an HD service. Those with HD ready with freeview may have to have yet another receiver or add on of sorts. Its becoming a world of boxes and add ons isnt it lol.


  283. Paul D Says:

    No Gazwz, Full HD simply means the TV can accept and display 1080p signals in its native resolution. There are no Freeview HD recievers, they havent been designed yet!

    They require a new standard….DVB T2 instead of 1. They will probably go on sale end of next year. I wouldnt expect TVs with them built in until 2010.

    The reason there are so many different boxes and upgrades is so that they can take our money. If they gave us future proof TVs now what would they sell us for the next 10 years? Yes its a con.


  284. gazwlz Says:

    Very good point Paul, keeps the industry going I guess.


  285. AndrewM Says:

    Paul correctly points out that the new Freeview HD receivers will be able to receive the new DVB-T2 transmission standard, which is more efficient (thus allows more bandwidth and therefore higher bitrates and more channels).

    They will also be able to decode the H.264 compression standard which is also more efficient (and incidentally is also being used in the high-quality iPlayer streams and the new cross-platform iPlayer Desktop downloader). Existing boxes generally only decode MPEG-2, so it’s really those two changes together that will enable Freeview HD and which mean that you will have to buy a new box if you want to receive HD channels on Freeview. (Existing channels will continue broadcasting for the time being in MPEG-2 on DVB-T).


  286. wow:) Says:

    a link on the subject, its an old news artical from april08, but worth a read.


  287. SeeMoreDigital Says:

    The cost of buying the required new DVB-T2 “slots” and licences, together with upgrading and maintaining the entire terrestrial transmitter network seems money ill-spent…. Broadcasting via satellite is far more efficient.


  288. Cruiserman Says:

    I’ve recently bought a Pioneer 60″ Plasma which has a separate media box (no tuners in the screen part of the system) and it has Freesat built in as part of the 3 tuning options (Analogue, Digital and Satellite) it works beautifully and looks stunning (Blu ray movies are out of this world) So re the 1080p v 1080i – it’s a must to have 1080p IMHO (I also have a 10801 42″ Pioneer Plasma and the difference is amazing) I am receiving BBC HD and LUXE!! no problem at all but have yet to see ITV HD, just waiting for the red button to pop up LOL – I note that ‘The man who lost his head’ is supposed to be in HD tonight, so I’ll watch with great interest! BTW there is a set that comes with built in FREESAT which is the Panasonic range and am told the Samsung will have also soon – whilst ALL other brands should have built in FREESAT by middle of 2009 due to licensing laws!



  289. Chris S Says:

    Why is ITV HD and BBC HD hardly ever broadcasting good films. Around Christmas and New year you would expect more content to get more people interested in purchasing Freesat. The Jools Holland thing on for new years eve is even repeated content from last year. What happened to seeign the new year in properley with some good live HD content? Also where are the other HD channels. Are channel 4 going to come onto the Freesat platform and when? Do Five have any plans for an HD channel.


  290. Joopj Says:

    Could you please also mention the end-time of tke programmes?
    Best regards,


  291. admin Says:

    No problem, done :)


  292. anthony o neill Says:

    I have just got a hd receiver for christmas and am very impressed with picture quality.I watch bbc hd alot and a lot of programs are repeated but i cannt understand why itv has so few programs and why it might not repeat some programs during the daytime rather than having a blank screen all day


  293. Steve S Says:

    I have just bought a Panasonic TV with Freesat built in and would like to watch the Liverpool v Preston game on ITV HD later today. Can anyone advise how I access the ITV HD channel as the channel does not appear to be listed? Many thanks……


  294. admin Says:

    Steve – Just go to the main ITV1 channel on 103 and wait for the ‘red button’ prompt when the programme starts. Press red and that will take you to the ITV HD channel. (please note that if you are in a UTV or STV region, you’ll need to change to a different region of ITV first, as they don’t have access to ITV HD)


  295. Paul D Says:

    Cant wait for the Preston vs Liverpool game. The Chelsea one looked great on ITV HD.


  296. Jeff Says:

    Preston North End v Liverpool in HD. Has broke up once, 10 mins into game, just had to revert to itv then press the ‘red button’ again. Thirty minutes into match still in HD, as Victor Meldrew would say “I don’t believe it”!


  297. ITV HD listings | SatScene Says:
  298. SeeMoreDigital Says:

    With regard to viewing ITV-HD, I find it bizarre that we are forced into pressing “the red button”. Why doesn’t it change over to HD automatically?


  299. Paul D Says:

    How lazy does one have to be to object to pressing a red button?


  300. SeeMoreDigital Says:

    It has nothing to do with laziness. If more UK broadcasters follow ITV’s “red-button” method, watching high-def content will become very frustrating.

    If you have a set-top box or TV capable of receiving high-def transmissions, the process of displaying such content should be automatic. If anything the “red button” should be offering selectivity to the std-def transmission….


  301. Ian Says:

    Watched ITV-HD tonight (Sunday) lip-sync problems. and the logo is
    irritatingly too bright. what nerd thought that was a good idea.the BBC
    logo is much better. Although i’ll never understand the need for a logo,
    as most boxes will diplay or banner it


  302. Ian Says:

    Watched ITV-HD tonight (Sunday) lip-sync problems. and the logo is
    irritatingly too bright. what nerd thought that was a good idea.the BBC
    logo is much better. Although i’ll never understand the need for a logo,
    as most boxes will display or banner it.
    Today’s gripe over——-Ian


  303. jon cole Says:

    must say both games, yesterdays and todays were pretty good in break up…no lip sync and pretty on the money….even the crime thingy above suspicion look good.


  304. a.a.t Says:

    ive been reading all the 303 posts with great interest as i get my first foray into hd telly tomorrow with the installation of a dish and goodmans hd box.
    i have never even seen hd so far and even with the negative comments i have read i am really looking farward to my new experience.
    in at the deepend and i cant wait.


  305. Paul D Says:

    A.A.T. hope you are happy with the goodmans box. I find it great. Pictures on BBC HD are stunning and ITV HD football has been really good aswell.

    I wouldnt take too much notice of the naysayers.


  306. Bob Luetchford Says:

    I have to agree with Paul D, I have been on Freesat since August and am well impressed with the HD. The Beeb are getting better and better and even ITV are better than when I first joined up. Hopefully by the end of this year this forum will no longer need to exist :-)


  307. KimR Says:

    I bought a HumaxHD receiver in november after being a FSFS user for years with a S/H self installed system (I had a Sky sub for about a year and never watched anything I was paying for).
    Both I and the other half agree that the Humax’s upscaled SD pic quality is better on Freesat on our 720p LCD via DVI (no HDMI :( )
    The picture quality on BBC HD is nothing short of fabulous and ITV’s Red Button is no problem at all. I’m looking forward to:-
    1. having a choice of integrated (TV) equipment, maybe a Freesat PVR
    2.some of the remaining missing channels. (FiveUS, Fiver)
    3.CH4 HD
    4.BBC iPlayer over ethernet looks like it will be useful too

    So, no major complaints here so far then :)


  308. YASAR Says:



  309. wow:) Says:

    thanks ADMIN for the zingzing link.. very usefull :)

    cheers :)


  310. Paul D Says:

    ITV HD look like they are pulling their finger out though. We have virtually all ITv football now in HD, Drama like Wild at Heart, Brittania High, Above Suspicion are in HD and i suspect within the year ITV will have the policy of all significant drama in HD. We just need more films.


  311. S. Harper Says:

    Until ITV HD is available on all platforms including Sky, ITV will be wasting time. ITV have as usual shot themselves in the foot, it is amazing how this company continues to exist.

    Wake up ITV.


  312. a.a.t Says:

    can anyone with a goodmans hd box please tell me how to add non-freesat channels.
    ive been to that section and pressed a few butto ns with no response…yes,im new to all this


  313. Steve S Says:

    I viewed my first HD broadcasts at the weekend and I have to admit I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the pictures on both the BBC and ITV. Obviously, I’d prefer more HD broadcasts from these channels and more HD channels. But as others point out – it will take time.

    Channel 4 currently provide HD broadcasts on the Sky platform – does anybody know if / when they will broadcast via Freesat?


  314. admin Says:

    C4HD will eventually appear on Freesat, but is currently under contract with Sky. We can only wait for this to expire, whenever that may be.


  315. LengFreesat Says:

    Paul D: I agree, and ITV have promised that by late 2009 their primetime schedule will be HD.


  316. Dave Says:

    Wild At Heart is NOT HD acc to the ITV1 promo’s so why is it listed as such ? If it is though then well done to ITV as the scenery deserves some HD treatment


  317. Paul D Says:

    Leng Freesat, thats good news about ITV primetime, where did they say that? If thats true then maybe freesat is an even better investment than I thought!


  318. Paul Gallon Says:

    Can I get ITV HD on a non Freesat FTA Satallite receiver. If not, is it planned to happen in the future? I found BBC HD but no other.
    I do agree that some of the Free To Air sat channels are better picture quality than freeview, but I still feel like the first to arrive at a party not due to start for about a year! There’s virtually nothing apart from BBC HD’s half hearted effort that I can’t see on freeview (nothing worth watching that is).


  319. nick w Says:

    just got my grundig hd box up and running after upgrading my 17 year old dish with new cable and lnb. going into a 42″ hitachi plasma and the standard picture is awsome without the hd. so the hd broadcast on bbc and itv is out of this world. the only gripe i have is the box has a digital output, optical cable, which runs into my marantz receiver but as yet nothing i have heard in hd has been put out in 5.1. Is this normal? is it the way it is set up? I have checked everything and the receiver is set up for the optical cable, is there a problem with transmissions in 5.1?


  320. Mario Says:

    I recently bought Humax Foxsat STB. Can anyone tell me if you were able to watch Nanny Mcphee on ITV last night in HD. I was waiting for the red button to show up but nothing happened. Was it broadcats in HD or it wasn’t?


  321. admin Says:

    No, ITV pulled the HD broadcast, which is why we removed it from our schedule.


  322. Wayne Says:

    nick w

    Some BBC HD is 5.1, mainly music and fllms.

    BBC HD Promo is 5.1 and Luxe HD.


  323. AndrewM Says:

    Following on from what Dave said in 316, it does seem like Wild at Heart won’t be in HD. It isn’t listed as being in HD in any of the Radio Times, Zingzing (good site btw) or on Freesat’s own HD schedule page ( ).


  324. admin Says:

    All the listings above are supplied by ITV as available in HD, but often they do change their mind etc, all we can do is list them until the point where ITV withdraw the HD content.


  325. YASAR Says:



  326. admin Says:

    We haven’t, we have included it in the schedule.


  327. harold Says:

    magazines show itv hd when its not transmitted and not shown when it is transmitted what an utter mess about time it was sorted out


  328. Dave Says:

    Ah Wild at Heart was in HD after all…Unforgiven also last night and PQ was very good IMO. Some quite scary close ups of Surrane Jones !, so ITV making a bit of effort at last then :)


  329. Andy Merrett Says:

    Trouble is that many of the listings magazines have to be published a long way in advance. For example, the Radio Times doesn’t list tonight’s (Wednesday 14th January) FA Cup replay because it likely wasn’t known about – it lists Foyle’s War.

    RT at least is fairly good at showing when ITV is simulcasting something in HD, but as others have said it does rely on the broadcaster not chopping and changing things at the last minute. I don’t understand why they don’t seem keen to promote it online either.


  330. admin Says:

    Doesn’t our schedule above offer enough information? Just wondering as it includes all the current releases supplied by ITV, plus any removed when ITV decide not to broadcast in HD.


  331. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    Cheers admin – I went looking for this last week on ITV’s own site and was amazed to see the lengths they went to to avoid having to admit how poor their HD offering is…by not having any HD scedules on at all.

    Now I know where to find out what’s on…or not on as the case may be. I hope someone at ITV is reading this.


  332. Steven Says:

    Excellent.. Southend vs Chelsea on ITV HD tonight looking great, thank you ITV . .


  333. YASAR Says:



  334. harold Says:



  335. Steven Says:

    Yasar.. I wouldn’t describe myself as starved for ITV HD content, I was actually enjoying a curry, and a few lagers of course, during my viewing 😉 . . I would have watched the match, HD or not, it was simply an added bonus..

    I don’t think what ITV is doing is shameful, it’s just the way it is really. We all managed perfectly well without a mobile phone not that long ago, some people can’t live without one now, this definately is shameful.. I’ve also managed to survive without an iPOD pretty well so far as well..

    I’m sure if someone can stump up, say, £100 million and bung it to ITV or the BBC they will be happy to put out more HD content, otherwise I don’t think they have the money . . Simple . .


  336. Deano Says:

    @ Yasar I agree with you it is SHAMEFUL what little hd content itv is producing !!
    BBC are flying the Freesat flag, itv are just a disgrace !!!


  337. Deano Says:

    @ Steven we all know ITV have got the HD cameras so why not use them ??
    does it cost more to film something with a HD camera rather than a standard one ????


  338. Steven Says:

    I don’t think it’s a matter of ITV having HD cameras or not. I don’t think simply having HD cameras turns a TV station into an HD one? Everything else has to be compatible too. “Does it cost more to film something with a HD camera” . . It depends if ITV have enough HD recording equipment to go round, possibly not?

    ITV HD is not on Astra 2D but Eurobird 1 which covers all Europe so we have the same problem as Channel4 and five waiting for space possibly..


  339. Deano Says:

    I have just noticed the main Freesat site gives you HD TV (BBC & ITV) listings for the whole week.
    here :
    Check out the ITV side compared to the BBC its a DISGRACE !!


  340. admin Says:

    Problem is we don’t recommend anyone use it, as they don’t update it often so anything that should have been HD but ITV have changed their mind on doesn’t get removed from the site. Use our schedule above for all the latest.


  341. euan melville Says:

    if i’m honest the only programing that really seems t benifit from hd is sports. watching football on itv is the business. whereas watching dramas etc its just a clearer picture, it doesn’t really enhance my enjoyment to an extent that i would complain about it.


  342. Paul D Says:

    Euan I have to disagree with you. Yes football benefits massively but so do many other kinds of programmes.

    Something like “tiger:spy in the jungle” was just breathtaking in HD. Films also look truely cinematic.

    HD is NOT just a clearer picture. It has better colur and greater depth to the picture.


  343. YASAR Says:



  344. Peter Piper Says:

    I just noticed that the ITV hd website now has the listings.


  345. wow:) Says:

    yes that site now has the listings… but they are not as detailed as what is on here.. 😉


  346. loughlin Says:

    I see in todays paper that Sky b made only 60 MILLION profit last year a difference of 660 millions from the previous year. Will the reluctant tv channels realise that Freesat is the way forward and people power counts in the end.Bring it on.


  347. meon Says:

    Its about time for a free to view only tv mag .Most households do not have pay TV and trying to fit all the options in makes hard work for the majority of viewers.A sharp publisher would corner the market.


  348. Anthony Helman Says:

    Hi, Can you tell me is there a site that shows channel 4 HD programs, if not perhaps you would consider it for yourselves


  349. Paul D Says:

    I just noticed that england vs spain is showing in HD. I havent seen england in HD before but that evening im going to be in a hotel in carlisle. What a bummer.


  350. KimR Says:

    @Paul D
    We’re in no way footie fans at our house but the England Germany friendly was one of the first things we watched in HD on our new Humax, the missus and I both agreed it was gobsmackingly good, the quality and an England win made it worth watching.
    We’ll definitely be watching England V Spain, sorry you’ll miss it :’-( —— 😀


  351. Paul D Says:

    Hi KimR, enjoy the game! I wont actually miss it as the hotel will have ITV1 but its gonna look bloody awful compared to the HD im used to watching football in now. Perhaps I can find a local pub with SKY HD….

    I actually watched the england vs germany game in a rock bar in lanzarote. I didnt mind that because the screen was 100 inches, but not HD unfortunately.


  352. pgrayem Says:

    zingzing — one word… awesome


  353. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    I am struggling to understand how ITV functions as a business. Last night it had a new and very expensive series on called ‘Whitechapel’. This is already receiving accolades for the camera work – but will we be able to experience this brilliant new series in HD? Will we heckers like!
    Our HD fix is Tremors3 and The Fast And The Furious instead.

    I call upon Michael Grade to resign. Utterly rubbish.


  354. AndrewM Says:

    I find it very strange that Pushing Daisies (ITV1, Fridays, 10pm) isn’t on ITV HD, after all it is aired in HD in the US so an HD master should be very easy to get hold of.


  355. KimR Says:

    Ha Ha, I watched Everton V Liverpool all the way through last night on ITV HD,
    So – not only a great result for E–V–E–R–T–O–N oy-oy-oy :) :) – but a GREAT result for ITV HD.

    To all you poor people who missed the action GET FREESAT MATE 😉


  356. Tom Says:

    Same for me I saw the goal on ITV hd aswell


  357. KDH Says:

    So the Brit awards on 18/2/09 are not in HD?? – another coup for ITV then?


  358. Matt Says: It would be nice if they said if a program was a REPEAT (r) as it is bad enough watching Midsomer Murders the first time round . Luckily other TV guides do put a (r) in, a lot of the time so I don’t have to record them for the other half .
    Looking forward to watching the footy tomorrow .


  359. Matt Says:

    Come on ITV why is it ( football ) no longer in HD ? I’ve been looking forward to that. BBC HD it is then & Natures Great Events. After watching Football & Rugby in HD who wants to go back to the SD picture.


  360. Andrew Says:

    Great, another let down from ITV HD. Would have been good to watch the match tonight in HD as well. Seriously need to improve their HD quantity or lack of it.

    Anyone know why all of a sudden they’re not broadcasting it in HD?


  361. PVRKing Says:

    So so so tired of ITV. Unbelievable.

    ….conspiracy theory; Sky, somehow have they influenced this? Is there a deal on the table…is at a back hander?


  362. admin Says:

    No conspiracy theory, although it would be exciting 😀
    Believe the game might have moved stadiums which possibly aren’t setup for HD. Cannot confirm this though!!


  363. KimR Says:

    Nature’s Great Events for me too then !


  364. Martin Says:

    I’ve just got the Humax HDR system – How do you record the ITV HD (when they are transmitted) ?


  365. admin Says:

    Martin, just press record from the tv guide for the programme you want on ITV and if it’s also simulcast in HD, it will give the option.


  366. Matt G Says:

    Admin . Bourne not coming up as HD on the 28 th ?


  367. admin Says:

    Matt, as with ITV usually, it’s still confirmed as HD until it’s not 😉


  368. Paul D Says:

    Well, looks like the game is in HD and looks very good. Had a couple of sound drop outs which ive never had before.

    What really annoyed me is that I emailed ITV HD to ask if they would confirm its in HD. They didnt even reply.


  369. awesomewelles Says:

    also getting sound dropouts every 5 mins or so…


  370. S P Says:

    ITV – jokers.

    Bourne Supremacy – suggestions were it was going to be HD but the guide didnt recognise this fact so we couldnt pre-set for a record in HD.

    Flicked to it tonight (having been watching some HD content recorded earlier) only to find there is a red button for HD !

    IDIOTS. They should just give it up and give the band width to C4 who might be able to deliver some level of quality service.

    No wonder the share price is drowning. Cant see them as a credible business if they cant deliver a hd proposition like everyman and his dog appears to be able to.


  371. Matt G Says:

    S P bit harsh that . I put my post in @ 366 in reply to Admin’s answer of 364 how to record ITV HD ?
    The problem seems to be having the Jigsaw up ( split program ) and the HD flag. It seems to be one or the other at the moment. I kept the faith pressed the Red Button and recorded the hole lot including the news. It would be nice if they could sort it out soon.


  372. Tatra Man Says:

    [quote]341 euan melville Says:
    January 19th, 2009 at 7:19 pm

    if i’m honest the only programing that really seems t benifit from hd is sports. watching football on itv is the business. whereas watching dramas etc its just a clearer picture, it doesn’t really enhance my enjoyment to an extent that i would complain about it.[/quote]

    If I’m honest I feel it is the other way around. Yes, the scenery would be fantastic if Ski Sunday were in HD but putting football on in HD is a waste of resources. The programmes which benefit most are pretty obviously the travelogues and documentaries where HD helps you see in greater detail. – Something totally unnecessary for football.


  373. Deano Says:

    they just cant get anything right the sound on the football keeps cutting out !!!
    im sure its not just me ???


  374. Roger Dawson Says:

    Deano, it’s cutting out for me to, in the Anglia region. Could always put Radio 5live commentary on!! Let’s hope it’s sorted before the Man U – Fulham match


  375. Daniel Murphy Says:

    Yep, it’s happening for me too, I don’t think I’ve been able to watch a game in HD on ITV without this problem, I’ve had to switch back to SD as it’s unwatchable.


  376. Steve Gray Says:

    Sound dropouts every 5/10 seconds here in Kent too. I’d listen to the radio if it wasn’t about 2 secs ahead of ITV HD broadcast


  377. Deano Says:

    Problems with the sound on the football check out home page !!


  378. Tom Says:

    Same for me, inbearable to watch, sound cut outs every 10 seconds.


  379. Nick Says:

    Live in Glastonbury ,Somerset -hope they get it sorted bfore the Fulham ,United Game !!


  380. Daniel Murphy Says:

    I’ve just put the Man Utd game on, no sound drop outs so far, but this is possibly the worst HD picture I’ve ever seen.


  381. aln Says:

    hmm….my picture is spot on.
    very crisp and clear.


  382. Paul D Says:

    It isnt HD. Its upscaled Sd. Presumably this is their temporary “fix” of the audio problem. Its a disgrace.


  383. Steve L Says:

    So let me get this right. If you miss the red button “invite” at the beginning of the program, you can’t watch it in HD for the rest of the broadcast? I missed the beginning of the program ‘Sunday 8th March 2009 Wild at Heart (drama) – 8.15pm to 9.15pm’ and i pressed the red button on my Foxsat HD remote, but it just went to the channel select and not to the HD broadcast. How annoying.


  384. Matt G Says:

    Steve L @ above You should be able to get ITV HD at any point in the program by pressing the red button. If you would like a invite, just change channel and come back to ITV. ( well I can on my HDR ) maybe they had problems in your area . Try ITV on 977.


  385. Andywalez Says:

    As I predicted ages ago, ITV HD is now available on Sky HD . Sky subscribers who have had the EPG upgrade this week have discovered it at 11.427 2/3 – named as 10510 in the list and it can be saved in the other channels list. So obviously its likely to be in the main EPG sometime later this year.


  386. peterhb Says:

    @Andywalez That’s fine for Sky subscribers. If they can now have ITV HD as a ‘proper’ channel why can’t Freesat viewers have the same ??
    Leaves a nasty taste in your mouth – What’s Murdoch been upto now?


  387. Andywalez Says:

    I have not had my EPG upgrade yet but I see from peoples comments on other forums that although ITVHD is available, pausing or recording is not possible which is the case with all channels in the ‘other channels’ section of Sky. What I was pointing out was that its probably the first sign that ITVHD will probably become a fully fledged channel soon (on both Sky and Freesat) and my guess is that at the same time freesat will probably be in line for CH4 HD and Five HD by years end as the digital switchover gets under way. Everything will have to become available on all platforms at some stage. So free HD stuff on freeview just has to become available on freesat – but also accessible on Sky too. Its us early takers up of the likes of Sky HD and Freesat HD that have this endless wait and muck about before everything settles down!


  388. wow:) Says:

    itv HD will also be going on virgin media’s hd platform in april, but as far as i can make out, it will show normal sd then the hd content….. just like ch4hd, they show an upscaled version of ch4 then hd content.


  389. Freesat? Says:

    Why isn’t there a HD button on the remote control.
    Makes more sense than using the Red Button which is generally used for interactive services on other channels.
    Did nobody think of this before it was released?


  390. Derek B Says:

    Sound was good last night during the England v Ukraine match on ITV_HD, it did not drop out all night.


  391. jon cole Says:

    just been talking to my mate who has sky hd, and he’s been given a hack for his sky box and can now receive itvhd as a dedicated channel !! so much for exclusivity!


  392. wow:) Says:

    @Freesat? , it is interactive hd content hence the red button…

    @jon cole, since this channel was launched, you could get it with any hd satellite receiver not just freesat rx and even then you had it as a standalone channel.


  393. jon cole Says:

    @wow wot u on about itvhd is exclusive to freesat eh?


  394. Matt G Says:

    jon cole
    The ITV HD Red Button Interactive Service is Exclusive to Freesat box’s only. It is a non encrypted channel and any satellite receiver capable of tuning in to it can pick it up. Sky+ HD soft ware has been changed so they can now do this.


  395. ITV HD - EPG. Where's the best on line guide? Says:
  396. Phil Says:

    Matt G.
    The interective red button is not exclusive to freesat as it will also work on a Passion HD receiver due to a firmware upgrade that happened 2 months ago.


  397. Freesat Improve | Join Freesat Says:
  398. Matt G Says:

    I stand corrected, the more people that can watch ITV HD the better in my opinion. More viewers more revenue better programming.


  399. Andrew Says:


    Just watched the Utd game, but this is now the 2nd time that highlights immediately after of other game (this time Villareal Vs Arsenal) also looked in HD.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Picture quality of Arsenal highlights definitely wasn’t SD. I also noticed this during last round of champs league games a few weeks back.

    If so, surely ITV could put the highlights at 10:35pm of both games on their HD channel?


  400. Tom Says:

    What I don’t get is that they’re struggling to put one programme on a night, yet they show hd movies at 1.30 in the morning. Makes sense to just launch a proper channel that shows an ITV hd preview the 99% of the time when hd programming isnt on.


  401. Derek B Says:

    Yes, I’ve said it before I find it very frustrating that ITV HD has so few programs. This week and its Easter there is so little on ITV HD. They need to make a greater commitment to broadcasting in HD and take a leaf out of the BBC HD channel that has nine hours of programs each day plus HD clips so that the public can see what HD is all about. So ITV if you read this move over to a dedicated ITV HD Channel and start putting out six to nine hours per day.
    Yours in anticipation!!


  402. liz Says:

    cliffhanger not in HD? ..


  403. ziggy Says:

    dont look like it and crappy tremors 3 was even though it was on at 1:30 am !


  404. wow:) Says:

    @jon cole

    its never been exclusive to freesat(only advertised as it is) if you have a HD generic satellite receiver you just need to scan the transponder that its beamed out on, and guess what……. any one can get it….. its only recently appeared on the sky epg… so if it was exclusive to freesat then the below wouldnt be accessable by joe public…

    11428 H 27500 2/3

    Video PID – 3401
    Audio PID – 3402
    PCR PID – 3401
    Service ID – 10510
    PMT PID – 3400
    HD/SD: HD Channel

    now thats all you need to get itv HD on a HD generic satellite receiver as a stand alone channel…..



  405. Bob Luetchford Says:

    Hiya,I’ve manually entered the details you provided (freq,pol,sym rate and FEC) on my humax(setup,software update,manual update) but get a reply that new software is not found.I have noticed that if it is entered via setup,manual tune then the option for 11428 isn’t even available for scan,11426,11427 is, but then it jumps to 11469, does that mean Freesat boxes need an update to scan this? Your comments appreciated.


  406. Daniel A Says:

    3 times the Radio Times have advertised films as being in HD, Cliffhanger, Inside I’m Dancing and yesterdays True Lies, none of these have been shown in High Def, I presume the Radio Times get the info from ITV. A film that was show in HD was rubbish and not just the film itself, the quality was not at all what I would expect from HD. I have The 40 YO Virgin so I won’t be need to watching that but I hope that Door in the Floor, The Flintstones & Boy Meets Girl will get show in HD.


  407. Les Nicol Says:

    WOW! says — The lack of transponder space on Astra 2A saw ITV having to output the HD signal on Eurobird 1. As this satellite is much more powerful than Astra2A and ITV doesn’t have the broadcasting Rights to beam its content into Europe ITV had to take steps to hide it’s signal from non UK viewers. Receivers that allow you to specify channel parameters (Including PDI’s) allow you to (as you note) allow you to set the parameters and to receive the ITV HD signal. As I understand it the latest SKY EPG allows reception of ITV HD although I am not sure if it is specifically listed. Bear in mind though that ITV didn’t wish SKY to output the HD signal for obvious commercial reasons and may take steps to circumvent this.


  408. Les Nicol Says:

    Bob Luetchford – You may need to try this in non-Freesat mode to set up – You may or may not be aware that the Humax DTR has a hidden menu structure this is principally to permit motorised usage of the receiver using the onboard diseqc software. Not to sure if you need to access this menu to change transponder parameters or whether you will be able to manage this simply in non Freesat mode.


  409. Les Nicol Says:

    Bob Luetchford – Forgot to mention that access the hidden menu isn’t available in the manual and you will have to obtain this – should be accessed OK on Freesat forums. Straightforward process though – unlike unlocking say a mobile phone!!


  410. Bob Luetchford Says:

    Les Nicol_Thanks for the info,now have access to Eurobird,Eutelsat etc,etc, might even swing the dish about and have a play,once again thanks, sorry admin I know I have gone off track a bit.


  411. Les Nicol Says:

    Bob Luetchford – Astra2 Sats and Eutelsats Eurobird 1 are received at your dishes present position. Be careful in moving your dish around as you may not be able to peak signals accurately without a professional meter. Pro meters have all receivable sats programmed in and can regularly be updated (via internet downloads) when parameters change for whatever reason.


  412. YASAR Says:

    As Freesat launched I was quite excited about it thinking that just like with digital revolution we would start having more and more HD content and more and more channels joining the HD bandwagon! But it seems that I was wrong. Freesat’s momentum has slowed down with respect to HD channels and of course the main contributors BBC and especially ITV are so slow in introducing more HD content that to tell you the truth I am losing interest.with Freesat. My default channel is still Freeview.(it has better picture quality and more channels such as virgin, dave, fiveUS , Fiver etc and less spam channels). To enjoy the beauty of HD in this lifetime I don’t think I am going to wait any longer. Sky seems to be the choice of the day and reluctantly I feel I am being pushed in to getting SKY HD and forget about Freesat altogether especially as the offers from SKY are becoming more and more attractive.


  413. Les Nicol Says:

    Yasar – I can see where your coming from in your comments. Apart from Sky sports much of the Sky HD content is “canned” rather than original Sky productions – Perhaps if ITV stepped up a gear and also inlcuded more feature film HD content and we saw the inclusion of Channel four HD output on Freesat we would begin to have a more level playing field At the moment Sky gets a free ride with the inclusion of BBC HD within their EPG and with their subscribers now being able to access ITV HD. Perhaps BBC and ITV should restict their output to “Freesat” and Freeview? Pretty unlikely this would happen but it would be interesting in competition terms. I thing however that Sky would be squealing somewhat if they were to lose this broadcasting plus which clearly benefits them financially.


  414. Dan Price Says:

    Just had the new sky hd epg update this morning, took seconds to tune itv hd in. I’m really looking forward to seeing the champs league in hd. I have had glorious hd football for over 2 years now but its been horrible watching the sd rubbish on itv. Freesat exclusive ,what happened there ?!


  415. Les Nicol Says:

    Dan Price – Broadcasters wishing to have their program listings included in the SKY EPG have to pay for this facility. ITV won’t be paying this if their scheduling isn’t on the EPG rather than where you actuallly set this up yourself. Obviously SKY who may not be reaping the benefits of an annual substantial ritghts payment from ITV see the spin off benefits for themselves if their receivers software (as Eurosat FTA receivers can manage) in picking up ITV HD. Mind you if ITV choose to as I previously posted – circumvent this by altering the broadcasting parameters then of course the situation changes. Currently Freesat is asking for £30.000 a year for inclusion on the freesat EPG I can tell you that it’s a hell of a lot more for broadcasters to get in included on the SKY EPG.


  416. Les Nicol Says:

    Dan Price – As an after thought I suppose if the new SKY EPG allows subscribers to add channels not listed on their EPG then for example if the BBC withdrew their listings and you had to set this up yourself then the revenues paid to SKY for inclusion in their EPG funded by the licence payer could be re = channeled into BBC programming?


  417. Andy Says:

    Les I notice that while ITVHD is available following Thursdays upgrade – the freesat service and information channels ( of which I counted 4) are not and are being blocked by ITV so it could be that ITV are fine with the channel being available via Sky after all. I still think all will be available to all via all platforms within the next year or so as switchover of terrestrial continues. As usual its the consumer who gets muddled, I bought a freesat receiver in December for ITV HD but now have ITV HD on my Sky system, had I known that would happen so quickly I wouldnt have bought the freesat receiver in the first place! After all the amount of HD on ITV so far probably wouldnt fill a full days broadcasting yet!


  418. Richard Says:

    ITV HD on Sky and Freesat service so far.

    Well, this has really p’d me off! Freesat had better get their act together if they are going to keep me interested in their service. I can appreciate SKY is a paid for service and that they should have superior content – rightly so. But I would at least expect Freesat to have a few exclusive channels with one being HD at least for the next year or so. With Freesat saying nothing about when C4 HD is expected (ball park is fine, not an exact date!) I can see this turning in a Betamax vs VHS, HD-DVD vs Bluray type battle with the popularity going right down and being a redundant service in a few years. Probably when the whole analogue switch-over has happened and everyone is buying Freeview HD instead, I do miss Virgin, Five US etc on Freesat.


  419. sam Says:

    Agreed – it is always the consumer that gets nailed with these things. Think Premiership (not that I presonally am that bothered), in steps the regulator and suddenly if you want to see all the games you have to pay for Sky and Setanta !

    As for Freesat becoming obsolete I dont agree, what about those of us that cant get Freeview ? I am going to be very very annoyed however if C4HD is available on Freeview before Freesat – cant everyone just get along for the good of the viewer ?

    Wouldnt it be a good idea for someone to stick their neck out and give potential new freesatters an indication of a launch date for any new HD channels / channels, even if its a 6 month window.

    I would guess the C4HD issue will stem from their Sky contract preventing C4 revealing the expiry of the exclusivity, thus discouraging viewers from weighing the non-subscription (ie not Sky) options.


  420. Jimmy Says:

    A quick sarcy answer would be JUST GET SKY if you want the channels, BBC HD, C4HD and ITVHD (now with the new EPG) it’s all a bit trivial to be wanting 6 months notice that you “might get C4HD” If you are that concerned about it to come here and write then why not shell out a few quid a month and get 30+ channels including more sports/movies than you can shake a stick at, all the FTA channels, i dont see what freesat has to offer, the odd channel thats different to freeview and no subs sure, but the service is poor to say the least and you still have to get a dish put up. SKY HD for the win!!!!!


  421. YASAR Says:

    ITV HD is a joke. Look at this week’s programmes! Not even 6 hours. And as 25% of the time is gobbled up by adverts you end up with approximately 4.5 hours HD content for this week.
    I can understand viewers who could not get freeview and had to go the freesat route. But for those of us who already had freeview and wanted HD in our lives it certainly has been frustrating.
    First of all Freesat’s picture quality is nowhere near as clear and sharp as Freeview for SD. Then there is the missing channels issue such as Fiver , five US , Virgin , Dave, Sky 3, Sky News etc.
    BBC HD shows programmes that have already been shown on other BBC channels so that is a bit of a downer. (Heroes is a good example of this). The HD content on BBC HD still not enough for my taste.
    So is it worth it ?
    Well apart from odd matches(like last night) and one may be two BBC HD programmes a week I never turn my Freesat receiver on. Freeview is still the norm in my living room.
    To open up Freesat to the bigger public Freesat has to think about the likes of us and bring in at least one more HD channel and more HD content for the current ones.


  422. aln Says:

    i agree with the last part of yasars post.
    i also find that i only switch on my hd box for football and the odd bbc prog.
    i knew the score on freesat hd content before i bought it but really thought there would be an,at least, half way decent choice by now. until there is then freeview is also my main viewing choice.
    come on freesat and “up the ante””


  423. Dipper Says:

    I’ve got Freesat on a Humax Foxsat HDR & I got all the “5” channels plus loads of other FTA when I did a manual tune. I don’t expect to get loads of stuff yet, it’s a relatively new service, although as I only tend to watch BBC, ITV & C4 it is a very cost-effective solution compared with Sky. I’m saving nearly £500 a year over my old Sky+ setup & now I get HD too!


  424. Dan Price Says:

    Les Nicol – you said freesat are asking for £30000 a year to be included in their epg. Are itv having to pay that to be included in the freesat epg because as far as i was aware , bbc and itv ran freesat and shouldn’t they get that for free ?


  425. Les Nicol Says:

    Dan Price – £30.000 is the fee set by Freesat that is charged to other broadcasters who opt for inclusion on the Freesat EPG. As you rightly point out Freesat is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV. The Freesat EPG applies more advanced technology and consumer features than that of others eg SKY and the common Euro standard found on FTA boxes. where advanced program settings features such as those in Freesat aren’t incorporated. Freesat boxes incorporate customiised hardware and software features and manufacturers are required to meet a standard set by Freesat as of course will SKY boxes which incorporate their EPG.


  426. Les Nicol Says:

    Dan Price – The only other 7day EPG that is more fullly featered that I am aware of Is that used in the Humax iCord Eurosat receiver (Principally released for the German market) this receiver incorporates Sony’s TV TV EPG.


  427. Busker Says:

    I’ve been using freesat since last November and I am very happy with it. I live in an area of S Wales where we can get neither an anologue or digital terrestrial signal, so if we wanted to watch the local Welsh news and weather, we couldn’t, we had to watch the Bristol stuff through the Mendip transmitter, so Freesat has been a boon to us.

    We have found the BBC HD programming has been great with a good mixture of programming which should suit most people. However, ITV’s HD schedule has been disappointing. We have enjoyed some of the films, although we have a Blu-ray player and rent films, and I think we’ve only watched one drama, but where are the light entertainment programmes? My wife was hoping the likes of Ant & Dec show, Dancing on Ice and Britains Got Talent would be broadcast in HD, but it seems it’s not to be.


  428. Mike Says:

    Freesat as a concept is great. The picture quality is very good, but the HD content is appalling. Why can’t BBC HD show any films? I think I’ve seen one on it – Finding Nemo. They should have films every night.

    ITV do better in that respect, and the quality is usually very good, but they can’t even show the films in their true screen aspect ratio. It’s a complete joke.

    Sky really is the only choice for HD unfortunately, as by the time Freesat gets its act together Freeview HD will be out.


  429. Les Nicol Says:

    Whilst it’s still catch up time for Freesat in respect of HD content it has influenced SKY’s marketing strategy in the price reduction of their SKY receivers although not their subscriptions. It seems this has also influenced them in updating their EPG thus permitting subscribers to now manually set up tuning parameters (thus being able to tune to ITV HD) I suspect this is some attempt to stem subscribers cancelling their subs than anything else. SKYcertainly does offer more exstensive HD content but Sport apart much of this is canned and bought in. There is no broadcasting requirement on SkY for home produced programming ( and this is a costly requirement made on public service broadcasters, but to the benefit of viewers) At this time you can’t archive viewing material with a SKY box off the receiver itself and back ports eg: the eSata – external component are disabled. I do however note that SKY are working on the introduction of future interactive and online TV in real time services but here it’s catch up time for them in respect of the BBC ITV BT consortium (assuming clearance by the BBC trust) on their planning in this area. It also seems that broadcasters including SKy are going to benefit from the sharing of the BBC’s iPlayer Technology as this is likely to be opened up to others


  430. Nick Says:

    Will this years FA CUP final between Chelsea and Everton be shown on ITV HD?


  431. admin Says:

    Yes, it’s on the schedule???


  432. Matt Says:

    Why is the sound on ITV HD up and down for the FA Cup Final on my Onkyo Amp


  433. Paul Says:

    Nature’s Fury on ITV HD tonight was fantastic. Well done ITV. They seem to be starting to get a schedule together. They are still behind the BBC but all their HD programs are very good quality now. Dunkirk on sunday was also great.


  434. Dan Price Says:

    Watched the champs league final on itv hd, it was terrible quality. Loss of picture, sound and score board on a frequent basis. Anyone else have that issue ? It seemed at points it was switching from hd to sd.


  435. Peter Thompson Says:

    Champions’ League started off OK but after 40 minutes there were some glitches and the rest of the match was in SD (I think, although it has to be said that the SD on HD was better than the SD on SD, if you follow.) Very poor. I’d be interested to know whether or not ITV were getting the pictures from someone else or producing the coverage themselves.

    I watched the FA Cup last Saturday and it was practically flawless. I would have liked a bit of crowd noise in surround but you can’t have everything.

    ‘Nature’s Fury’ was excellent too.

    My whinge (whilst I am here) is that there are some good films in HD but waaaay too late. I’d love to watch T2 tonight but I shall zzzzing away by 23:05!


  436. sam Says:

    hey – the old ITV HD….. is this the beginning of something half decent ! nightly classic movies in HD. Between the BBC (quality programming no movies) and ITV (NO programming but movies) we can almost lay claim to a HD channel !

    Credit where credit is due though. We have movies in HD (assuming they are on)


  437. m o malley Says:

    at last something to record on my humax hd pvr
    on itv i hope this is only the start
    of more hd on itv


  438. Dave Says:

    Why put the films on so late? And I’m guessing they’ll still only be in DD 2.0


  439. Dave Says:

    Got to get rid of this red button nonsense. It would never happen in the states or Australia where FTA HD is a lot more common then here. I watch ITV HD as a normal channel on a Vantage 8000S PVR satellite receiver…When half of all prime time shows incl all soaps and some daytime progs like This Morning are HD THEN we can can say ITV HD has ‘done good’


  440. Tony Hales Says:

    Freeview HD will only be 720p not 1080i and will only have (at most) four HD channels so don’t bother waiting. Also the bitrate will probably be lower than Freesat.

    Looking forward to ‘The Bill’ in July.


  441. Gary Says:

    Any more news when CH4 HD will come to Freesat?

    Just ordered my foxsat PVR and after reading a few of these messages re the paucity of HD content I am off to slit my wrists!


  442. The Bill Goes High-Definition | Join Freesat Says:
  443. Derek B Says:

    To be fair ITV HD is getting better, and more HD programs, like The Royal and The Bill are welcome.


  444. liz Says:

    I am enjoying Wimbledon on BBC HD, but the sound quality is quite poor ..(lower than ordinary BBC) .. has anyone else noticed this? .. I have a Humax Foxsat HD box


  445. KimR Says:

    “To be fair ITV HD is getting better, and more HD programs, like The Royal and The Bill are welcome.”
    Not last night when Spain:Paradise Lost was unwatchable in HD :(


  446. ITV HD Red Button Or Proper Channel? | Join Freesat Says:
  447. retro_punk Says:

    Re: Liz

    Wimbledon sound quality is fine through the Humax, BBC are broadcasting in 5.1 Dolby(thank heavens !) although they are not using the centre speaker for the commentary, possibly due to the fact there are usually at least 2 commentators on therefore I guess they use the normal (2)front speakers for vocals, but the surround/ambience crowd is excellent through a 5.1 receiver. The audio is usually at a lower level on the Humax @ HD than *ordinary BBC*, nevertheless its superior.


  448. Tony Says:

    ITV HD listings, TV&Satellite Week magazine lists Freesat channels and also states when an ITV program is in HD. As for Red button or dedicated channel, I would prefer a dedicated channel for ITV, even if it means most of the time we just get previews or whatever.


  449. joe Says:

    Itv should have a seprate channel for HD TV. ITV where the first people do digital tv yes it went bust but that was because people where getting dogy cards and thats why ondigital and ITV digital went bust .but you had pay for that on top of the licenes .and you should not prays sky at all the BBC / ITV ?CHANNEL 4 are


  450. Dan Says:

    When will people learn that ITV HD is not just for FREESAT customers but for SKY HD to!! just do this…press SERVICES… then go to OPTIONS… then go to ADD CHANNELS…scroll down to frequency and type 11427… so it reads 11.427……………….. THEN go scroll again to polarisation and set it to H…. leave the other two the same and then press the YELLOW button… add the channel that says 10510… the save it… the channel will then be under services… options… the ”other channels” press enter to view and enter to veiw channel… press backup three times to veiw…. mosyt of the time it will say ”this service is currently unavaliable” but look on the ITV website for seceduling as sepcial progs are on here like football, etc…


  451. admin Says:


    This is a Freesat website, the emphasis is of course going to be on promoting ITV HD as a Freesat service!


  452. Tony Hales Says:

    ITV-HD down to four programmes a week now one of which is a repeat (The Bill).
    Call this a HD service?


  453. pg Says:


    how dare you promote Sky HD on a Freesat website. everyone here is a freesat fan including me. We no freesat is not perfect but it is still far better than Sky. Sky is just a rip off.


  454. ITV HD Latest Schedule | Join Freesat Says:
  455. Paul Eaton Says:

    I’ve been pressing the Red Button for ITV HD version of Blue Crush all evening but I just get sound – no HD picture!


  456. Dave Says:

    X factor also in HD according to this website :-

    “We also know that the show will be shot in High Definition for the first time, airing on ITV HD for SkyHD, Virgin Media and FreeSat customers; that the show will now feature two live shows a week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday nights in a new prime slot; finally, we know that whilst the live shows are likely to stay at Fountain Studios, there will be an all new set, to replace the one used since series 4”


  457. Martin Says:

    If that’s true it’s AMAZING news for ITV HD, however I emailed ITV about this a week ago and they said they had no plans to show X Factor in HD.

    Hope the customer service dept. at ITV is as clueless as usual 😀


  458. Bobby M Says:

    England vs Holland is in HD tonight too. Nice.


  459. Phil Says:

    Reference pg. Eveyone has right to voice their opinions, I have both a Passion HD receiver and Sky HD, both are good picture quality but Sky have the choice. Let people have their views. Personally I was disappointed that ITV HD didn’t show the footy tonite when the adverts said they would-these are the sort of reasons why people have Sky HD-at least you are not let down with them!!!!


  460. admin Says:


    The football tonight was never intended to be on ITV HD, you might have been mis-informed somewhere like Bobby M may have done above.


  461. Martin Says:

    Yes, the adverts never said HD from what I was aware. It was neither listed here or on From next week, the Champions League is in HD, as listed.


  462. Bammosan Says:

    Could I suggest that the submitted entries here be arranges so the most current is at the top of the page rather than having to trawl way down to the end to see the most recent entries. excellent forum.


  463. admin Says:


    It is a good suggestion, but a complexed one unfortunately. We hope to resolve this issue, or at least allow the reader the option when the site receives its re-design/development in the future.


  464. cuppaT Says:


    Was watching the rambo fisrt blood last night on freesat through my Humax pvr box.. and there was no red button for HD??

    was this film not in HD then??
    Did anyone else have this problem??

    I rebooted the box to see if that was the problem but no ..still no red button??


  465. BG Says:

    re: First Blood. I Live in Ilford lost the HD feed after 20 mins into film, it reverted back to SD and it never came back! i have the Humax HD Box. with BBC HD & Luxe TV never had any issues so far only ITV seems to be affected. have had Humax box for 2 weeks now.


  466. Andyboy Says:

    Just noticed next Sunday’s schedule… non stop ITV1 HD basically, apart from the news, from late afternoon until midnight. A welcome taster of the ITV1 HD channel hopefully… and a look at what, hopefully, all the big channels will be like within a few years.


  467. sam Says:

    @ Andyboy

    Agree the schedule for Sunday is impressive for ITV HD (quantity wise anyway) – I just hope they can deliver it, in a decent picture quality.


  468. Tony Hales Says:

    Lewis not HD


  469. Richard Crichton Says:

    Catwoman not being trailed as HD either.


  470. Fred Lawrinson Says:

    Great, the only place I can find ITVHD schedule. Is it possible to extend it to include program end time of program run time?


  471. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    I noticed too late that the schedule on my PVR to record ITV’s The Fixer had simply vanished. I didn’t delete it. It deleted it all by itself. I have noticed this before and it seams to coincide with a change to the program guide.

    Has anyone else noticed recording schedules vanishing with ITV red button stuff? I suspect it does this when ITV change their minds about what is and is not HD. So when they change their EPG for a couple of hours or ‘reset’ the HD list it causes the recording schedule to vanish as the program at that time no longer existed.

    Anyone else notice this?


  472. loughlin Says:



  473. HAROLD Says:



  474. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    Yep – got back from a weekend away and found that yet again my EPG for The Fixer to be recorded has vanished. Have set it AGAIN to record…


  475. sam Says:

    @ HAROLD

    If i remember correctly i read somewhere that SKY bought the rights to Bond in HD (as in all of them) so i dont think we will be getting that pleasure in the near future I am afraid although I cant recall if it was a duration exclusivity or a season, assume duration.


  476. Robert Langdon Says:

    Dear Mr Duke,
    Until the software update comes you are going to have to reset ITV HD programs to record after a channel update, lately there have been quite a few 8th, 10th, 15th. This will be fixed in the forthcoming update.


  477. Halloway Says:

    Why is there never any HD programming on a Monday? Is that when the man who knows how to operate the machine has a day off?


  478. diffauk1 Says:

    Hi why cant i recieve Hd itv , i live in wales is it avaliable here thanks so much.


  479. Paul D Says:

    diffauk1 I thought wales did have ITV HD. Try going to channel 977 and see if ITV HD works on there.


  480. diffauk1 Says:

    Thanks for that paul , i didnt know i had to press the red button to highlight it , thanks m8 much appriciated :)


  481. Richard Says:

    What’s going on ITV? Again another let down. Where is Jurassic Park in HD?

    This goes to show that the providers of the Freesat service have no interest in providing a service to us poor viewers. How do they expect people to buy into the format when they can’t be bothered to provide a reliable service for the poor showing they already give us!


  482. admin Says:


    No point blaming Freesat for this; the issue is with ITV, the broadcaster.


  483. Chazzer Says:


    My first comment on this site…My presumption, as my Humax started to record the “ITV HD – This Service Is Not Available” screen image for unending minutes, & like Richard above, failed subsequently to provide any further parts of the movie in HD, would be that, perhaps, the rights to display the movie in HD had been denied to the broadcaster?

    If I subscribed to conspiracy theories, one might even suspect that the previous rights holder (perhaps $ky?) had a fit of pique given lost revenues over an England football game that went to the web instead?

    I can only wait to see what happens with “Lost World: Jurassic Park 2” next weekend (also ITV HD)…


  484. Richard Says:


    I am blaming ITV! It’s just that BBC and ITV are supposed to be the Freesat providers/founders. ITV seem to be doing very little to make Freesat work or keep people interested when they are the founders. What little HD programming they do give is not always broadcast or in part.


  485. diffauk1 Says:

    Hi guys what does the AD mean on my freesat reciever and also SD ..Yes and as for jurasic park , what a let down was looking forward to watch it in HD :)


  486. Alan Says:

    Can we expect more failure to broadcast advertised ITV HD programs as we disappointingly experienced with Jurassic Park?


  487. diffauk1 Says:

    Can anyone answer my above question , many thanks .


  488. Halloway Says:

    AD = audio description. Nothing to do with SD or HD.


  489. diffauk1 Says:

    Thankyou Halloway :)


  490. halloway Says:

    I watched a little bit of ‘The Lost World’ last Saturday. Did anyone else get lip-synch problems on the HD version? It was in sync on SD but HD was way out. I’m presuming it was the transmission because I rarely get problems with sync on my Humax Foxsat HD.


  491. PhilL Says:

    Checked the program guide for Star wars next SAT and although ITV say it will be HD it’s not flagged as HD on my Humax foxsat so can’t set it to record in HD. Anyone know whats wrong?


  492. CuppaT Says:

    Saturday 24th October 2009 (4.10pm) Star Wars: Episode I:The Phantom Menace


    No option also on my Humax box to record this in HD.. so Guess that their advert i just see with the HD icon on saying film is on saturday is just one BIG lie???
    Come on itv what is happening with you guys….????
    too many films in HD not in HD either it is or it isn’t ..but please dont lie about it!!!!


  493. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    Star Wars – not showing as HD according to my EPG either.

    An absolute disgrace. Nothing more to say about ITV HD other then it is being run by a shower of s***heads.


  494. Beginingtogetfedupwithfreesat Says:

    Star Wars in HD…..this whole HD business is a complete joke….


  495. CuppaT Says:

    ok guys i have emailed the itv services department and they have fixed the isue… you will now be able to set your pvr boxes as i have checked and now done this myself.

    Here is what they had to say

    Dear Mr White

    Thank you for your email.

    We have forwarded your observation to the technical team and can confirm that the matter has now been addressed.

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


    ITV Viewer Services


  496. Robert Langdon Says:

    Well done Cuppa T,

    This must be the first time the Jigsaw (split prog) & the HD tag have been up together for an ITV HD program.
    I have seen lots complain about it on Digital spy/Hummy but maybe no one told ITV .
    Thanks and lets hope they carry on doing this in the future for split programs.


  497. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    Yep – saw it last night and ammended my recording schedule.
    Fingers crossed there’s no technical problems on the night.


  498. CuppaT Says:

    Lets all keep our fingers crossed!!!!

    or is that bad luck????


  499. Chazzer Says:

    Yes…fingers crossed!

    My Humax EPG also infers that the News Headlines separating the split halves of the movie is also in HD!

    Is this possibly a trial for the forthcoming ITV1 HD, or are my expectations too high?


  500. Beginingtogetfedupwithfreesat Says:

    My Humax EPG is currently showing only the news headlines in HD and not Star Wars… anyone else experiencing this?


  501. halloway Says:

    Just watched beginning of Star Wars Ep. 1. This is HD??? Looks like an upscaled VHS tape to me…


  502. Marco Says:

    I also noted on EPG the new policy of HD news in between non-HD StarWars for next edition. Perhaps we are due for some really photogenic happenings…


  503. Tony Hales Says:

    Why does the schedule only list 1 week. Is something exiting happening after that?


  504. keith Says:

    thanks for the great updates , really appreciated,


  505. Ross Says:

    The Official ITV HD and BBC HD guide is found here:


  506. aln Says:

    the liverpool game……wheres the HD?????


  507. Halloway Says:

    I watched the second half of the Liverpool/Lyon game in HD and it looked fine – good in fact. Was it not in HD for the first half?


  508. PhilL Says:

    ok. So I’ve been saving loads of HD films and stuff ready for when I get my HD projector. So the HDD is pretty full. So either put in a huge HDD or copy via usb to an external drive. I’ve been experimenting with the latter and here’s what I’ve found;

    1) 4gb file size limit means most HD stuff won’t copy. Could probably overcome this with an ext3 drive but it’s messy and you then have to boot your pc with linux. Alternatively tried some utilities to format the drive as FAT32 with a larger than 4gb file size limit (but no luck yet)

    2) It then dawned on me that ITV are still copy protecting most of the stuff I have eg Star Wars and the like so the whole idea is a waste of time anyway. I assume that if I had the panasonic it wouldn’t copy to blu ray either (am I right?). Are ITV doing this because the material hasn’t been released on Blu ray yet or is it just a blanket ban.

    3) Even if I stick in a 1.5TB drive I still won’t be able to watch what I have on the old drive because even if I put it in a cab the files are copy protected so I guess I won’t be able to move them onto the new HDD (is that right?)

    This is all pretty frustrating as I’d assumed I’d be able to put my favourite recordings on a disk of some sort. Anyone got any ideas on this?


  509. PhilL Says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention I’ve got the Humax Foxsat pvr


  510. CuppaT Says:

    Hmmmmm PhilL yes been trying to get stuff off my pvr and onto an external drive for a while now and NO!! luck either these files are just tooooo BIG!!

    shame as there are things i would like to keep.. why are we not allowed to keep these items on another hard drive?
    a real shame!! makes me consider buying another box ie.. the one that have just done the update to allow recording to stick or external hard drive!! cool!!
    come on freesat [Humax] update software please more options would be great!!

    we love you but want more recording options .. plus adding divx play back would be fantastic.. 4 HD and iplayer yeaterday not today!!


    anyone else had success on moving large files please comment ..

    we know its possible as stuff is being encoded from itv.HD into xvid.


  511. Nick Says:

    Re; Paulton v Norwich.


  512. Nick Says:

    StarWars film ;

    hd button not working -just blank screen ?
    Anybody else getting the same ?


  513. Paul Says:

    ItvHD a complete and utter waste of space and they deserve to go under if all they can offer is a second rate HD service.
    I know they are strapped for cash but, adverts every few minutes,Grey screen problems and the sandwiching of Itv news inbetween the Movie…Come On Itv, your the only channel that can turn a 90 minute movie into 3 hours. .
    Its about time this red button Fiasco was finally put to bed…..Is there anyone from ITV listening,weve been saying this since launch.
    They cant give us an un-interupted(Trouble Free) movie in HD a couple of times a week to enjoy but they can give us un-interupted rubbish in poor quality on Itv2,Itv3 and Itv4 round the clock..
    The writing is on the wall……………………………………


  514. Chazzer Says:

    Nick@511 & 512, Paul@513

    I posted the comments below on the “ITV showing Star wars Movies in HD” Post earlier today…i still await a response from admin…

    I can’t even begin to describe how my heart has been filled with joy.

    Not only did ITV HD disappear in the final five minutes of the Paulton vs. Norwich FA Cup game, which I presumed to be a result of someone treading on a cable in Somerset, but Star Wars III has so far failed to appear in HD in any form whatsover. The red button takes you to a completely black screen. Must be that cable in Somerset…perhaps they’ve only got the one?

    Hopeless…absolutely hopeless. I even phoned ITV to complain about their red button “service” (their description) but being a menu driven “service” (my description) they naturally only work weekdays (!).

    ITV HD..largely doesn’t appear to work Mondays, as other postings on this site have suggested (looking forward to “Collision” anyone?), as presumably the bloke who switches it on has his day off. Seems now it doesn’t work at weekends either. After “Jurassic Park” failed to appear in HD a few weekends back, the latest development in non-appearance of HD content can only lead to the conclusion that….

    ITV 1HD (when it appears) will be a complete & unmitigated disaster because ITV cannot be bothered with it.

    “Admin” would you therefore please remind your contacts that the public would wish Freesat to be a success (saw the tv commercial at half time in the football)…however…being long of tooth I recall the TV landscape of 20 years ago where $ky swallowed BskyB….and have experienced NTL struggling to pay $ky fees for product & consequently hiking their fees, hence I wholeheartedly support the Freesat model. If Freesat does not start punching it’s weight & its USP (only recently have BBC program ads noted “also on BBC HD”), given the popularity of the licence fee (which $ky have also argued against recently) I can sadly foresee a landscape in the next 10 years where everybody has only one option….and none of it is “free to air”.

    Finally…also another question for admin. Could we have a survey seeking views on ITV HD & its service & whether it should be scrapped in favour of another HD provider (e.g. Channel 4 HD)?


  515. Chazzer Says:

    Nick@511 & 512, Paul@513,
    What ITV regions are you watching in?


  516. Nick Says:

    I’m in the west region !


  517. Paul Says:

    Att / Chazzer,
    I am in the Central Region / Midlands !


  518. Nick Says:

    Did a factory re-set now back to normal but why should you have to do this sort of thing if itv hd fails?
    There are lots of people out there with boxes who dont know about these forums with good people prepared to help and give advice.It should be Humax and ITV giving this help.


  519. Ian Dobison Says:

    Well I watch ITV HD on my new SKY HD box, as an “extra channel” and its absolutely fine!! I cant use FF, rewind, pause or record, but thats ok – its costing me nothing.

    And bang goes the sales message that 2ITV HD only available on Freesat” – GARBAGE…………………get SKY its cracking!!


  520. Chris Says:

    Same problem as above. No ITV HD programmes all weekend. Waited until Monday in the hope the guy with his foot on the cable would remove it. Again, with Collision, the new ITV drama on Monday, had to watch it disapointingly with no HD. If I do a factory reset will I lose all the saved library programmes?


  521. Chazzer Says:

    If you do a factory reset you will not lose recorded programmes but you will lose everything in your recording schedule which you may have to re-input…however, with the Humax software update now available there’s a chance you might be able to avoid that.

    Nick@516 & Paul@517,
    I’m in Central region & have complained to ITV about this, they have no explanation as to why screens went black 10 minutes before the end of the football. As you say, ITV HD are the ones who should make people aware they may need to reset their box (the cause is ITV HD, the fix is Humax, so yep, I agree, ITV HD owns the problem).

    I politely point out that your “free” ITV HD on SKY HD is the only thing you are getting free. How much money you must be prepared to waste each month on all your HD channels has no doubt been covered on other threads here. Must be in the order of £60-00 a month? Or £2-00 or so a day, probably the price of a pint of bitter? Personally I’d rather have the pint of bitter than give it to some Australian crook. Or maybe pour the pint of bitter over the Australian crook…see, feeling better already.
    Nothing wrong with Freesat, after all, it’s a relatively new service which has unfortunately launched at a bad economic time. The service will no doubt improve, & once Freeview HD starts up, I wonder how many smug $ky customers will still be feeling smug.


  522. Paul D Says:

    Am I still the only person who has never had a problem with ITV HD?

    Red button always appears unless a program has been pulled.

    It is a great service and I sometimes question the motives of people complaining about certain problems.

    Loving ITV HD at the moment. Revenge of the sith was brilliant, especially as I have never seen the film before. Can’t wait for england vs brazil!


  523. Nick Says:

    Apart from the fa cup and champions league footie which is proper hd ,when it’s working ! the itv hd programs ie, The Bill,Collision etc the quality of picture is garbage !
    No way is it high definition,it;s a con -it’s just upscaled standard def !
    Compare these to bbc hd….well, there is no comparison !
    I do not watch anything on itv hd apart from the football because anything else advertised as hd simply is’nt !


  524. Bogget Says:

    ITV HD OK i give in how do i get it i have a HD freesat box i get great BBC HD on the 3 channels they have but where is ITV HD everyone tells me press the red button, but no my red button gives me a search bar when i press it, so lets start again i have a Fortec Star 4700 how do i make it happen?



  525. Paul D Says:

    Bogget, you only get a red button on an official branded freesat box.

    ITV HD can be manually tuned into your box using the following settings:

    Frequency (GHz): 11.427
    Polarisation: H
    Symbol Rate (Mbaud): 27.5
    FEC: 2/3


  526. Paul s Says:

    Itv hd not working on the england game. What a shock!!


  527. Paul D Says:

    Paul s, what are you talking about???

    I am watching the england game on a basic goodmans freesat box and ITV HD is working perfectly, in fact it has always worked perfectly.

    You must be doing something wrong.


  528. Rogerd Says:

    Footie looking really good to me on HD. I have a Panasonic 46″
    with built in Freesat and have very few issues. I must say though that
    ITV HD seems a lot better than BBC HD at the moment as far as
    quality of picture is concerned. It used to be the other way around


  529. sam Says:

    HD output seems to have settled down into the traditional pattern. BBC with quality original programming and ITV blazing trash mixed with some good movies albeit over 4 hours with adverts and news – PVR to the rescue !

    props where props due. SW trilogy (forget the new ones) played out week on week and Shaun of the Dead in HD on a Monday night is good work ITV.



  530. Graham Says:

    The ITVHD logo has changed
    now with some yellow and it also has ‘1’ , before it just had ITVHD
    maybe as the ITV1+1 when arrives will also have HD?


  531. Brian Damage Says:

    New logo: “ITV 1 HD” ??!


  532. Graham Says:

    Yes before it was in black type without the number 1
    now it has a Yellow square at ITV1 HD


  533. Brian Damage Says:

    Clearly preparing the way for ITV 2, 3 & 4 HD :-) !


  534. Martin Says:

    Ha! Wanna bet Brian?


  535. Sam P Says:

    New DOG – was there really some ITV executive sat at home watching ITV HD who thought to themselves “you know what, that DOG is just not instrusive enough, i’ll beef it up on Monday !”

    Perhaps it was the same clever chap that got the program flags in the wrong place on Saturday which meant I missed the last 5 minutes of Star Wars when it recorded ! Great quality I do admit but wow did it annoy my girlfriend when we missed the end of that and they also managed to chop the start of Harry Hill for me.


  536. Matt Says:

    Sam @above

    You got me worried there, I just checked my Star Wars recording & I have the end +30 sec.
    Have you got yours set to Auto/Auto start end, as ITV HD will play up if you have it set to +5 at the end etc (which is what mine is normally set to).

    Yes their new DOG is very annoying :(


  537. ITV HD Christmas Schedule Released | Join Freesat Says:
  538. Brian Damage Says:

    OK – That was me with my optimistic hat on :-)


  539. Andy Clayton Says:

    Is it just me or was the quality of the Star Wars films in HD not much better than SD? I only watched the 3rd (new series) film and it certainly wasn’t up to BBC HD quality standards… Bit rates anyone?


  540. Tony Hales Says:

    Woof woof.
    Will these all be in HD proper or are some upscaled.


  541. Droid Says:

    Just Got myself a Freesat Humax HD Box, I should of done it ages ago. The BBC HD is Fabulous. Haven’t got to see any ITV HD. Didn’t realise you had to press the red Button.

    So I will try on Thursday 3rd December 2009 (7.30pm) for River Monsters

    I don’t want to be picky but shouldn’t the Last ITV HD Schedule enter

    For Friday 1st Jan December 2009 (9.00pm) Agatha Christie’s Marple: They Do It With Mirrors

    READ 2010


  542. admin Says:


    Well spotted, now edited :)


  543. Al (Original) Says:

    Looks like a Christmas of absolute rubbish to me.

    River Monsters is running currently and thus is a repeat to anyone whos watching it now.

    Nutty Professor is just a kids film and an old one at that as are the sequels. The other films are sold old to be not worth watching.

    Not one decent film the entirety of Christmas.

    Thanks ITV, I now know what channel I won’t be watching at all.

    Note to self, ask for Blu Rays as presents or spend Christmas bored.


  544. Al (Original) Says:

    @Droid, if you think BBC HD is fabulous, you’ve never seen proper HD. It isn’t a patch on what it was before the new encoders or a patch on Blu Ray either. Many FIVE SD programmes are of similar sharpness to BBC HD these days.


  545. Droid Says:

    Hi Al

    I have to say I was disappointed with the ITV HD (River Monsters). But I just put it down to I’m not into fishing. Might be that I don’t eat sea food (IE Fish).

    I do have a Blu Ray Player, (but only seen the two Films that came free with the player). I was impressed thats why I got the Freesat Box. So I could watch more HD. But desided I wasn’t going to pay up to £20 to watch a Blu Ray Film (& then then file it away never to be seen again).


  546. Richard Crichton Says:

    There is no comparison bewteen Freesat HD Lite and Blu-ray.
    The sound on Star Trek (the new film) is awesome in DTS HD Master Audio. Room shaking LFE from my sub and fantastic surround sound.
    Rent 4 Blu-rays for five days for £10 at Blockbuster.Other rental outlets are also available.
    Plenty of older Blu-rays can be bought for less the £10 now.
    You can rent 22 Blu-rays for the cost of a months $ky hd sub.
    I know what I would rather do :-)


  547. Tony Says:

    Coastline cops is currently showing on ITV HD


  548. Danish Says:

    I can’t wait till Sky buy out ITV1 HD


  549. John Says:

    Did anyone notice that Emmerdale and Coronation Street were on ITV HD last night? I dont know if they were upscalled but they were a great improvement than the SD channel.Well done ITV!!!!!!!!


  550. John Says:

    My viewing Thursday night on ITV HD:
    7pm Emmerdale
    7.30 River Monsters
    8pm Emmerdale
    8.30 Coronation Street
    9pm Ther Bill
    10pm ITN News
    10.35 Martin Clunes Islands of Britain (fantastic in HD!!!)
    TOP marks ITV!!!!


  551. Tony Says:

    Not for me it wasn`t.
    As river monsters was finishing it left the hd transmission and the red button did not work again until the bill.
    I thought whilst watching river monsters that hd was going to stay on as on tuesday night as emmerdale and coro were showing in the guide as they were going to be viewed in 1080i.
    After river monsters finished they only showed as 576i.
    I was watching via granada, maybe other areas were different?


  552. Tony Hales Says:

    Emmerdale and Corry in HD? Must have been a test or someone forgot to turn off something. No listings for Emmerdale and Corry in HD on Freesat official site.


  553. Julian_W Says:

    Does anyone know the latest on further HD channels joining freesat, Channel 4…?


  554. Tony Hales Says:

    There is no latest.There is no room on Astra 2D for national terrestrial channels sd or hd .1-5 have to go on the narrow beam satellite
    There are three possibilities.1/ BBC finds room to move the two SD channels from its HD transponder.2/Sky vacates one of its encrypted transponders on 2D.3/ Red button CH4&5.
    Other than that it’s 2012 when more satellites are launched.


  555. Blade Runner Says:

    ITV were and are so quick to advertise Freesat but when is the ITV HD service actually going to start? It’s a big joke and had I known up front would not have bothered getting the installation. I have in mind to complain to Trading Standards.

    Once in a blue moon we get to watch a Footbal match then it’s back to the likes of the cheezy Bill, Emmerdale and Corry etc AND to add insult to injury in HD!!!! My god talk about scraping the barrel. Have ITV nothing decent they can show in HD? How about shoving a good movie on or a classic TV program from the days when they still made decent ones.

    British TV has gone to the dogs, the obscene, the foul mouthed and last but not least the voyeurs.

    Time to die. (Blade Runner)


  556. Forgery Says:

    Yes Dogs are a distracting annoyance


  557. subtle 1 Says:

    The Nutty Professor 18 December 09. Advertised as an HD broadacast on this site, but no red button appeared on screen. Any explanations.


  558. subtle 1 Says:

    re *557. Sorry got the date wrong. Should have read “17 December”.


  559. Harry Pancake Says:

    Emmerdale is on in HD today 22nd December, 2009


  560. davecwmbran Says:

    when will itvplayer be available



  561. Anthony Says:

    Any body spot the ITV 1 is broadcasting in HD on TP64 on Intelsat 907 at 27.5W along with BBC HD UK


  562. Dave Says:

    Anthony what’s the freq ? Surely not FTA ??


  563. Dave AKA Compass Says:

    Intelsat 907 at 27.5°W

    BBC HD UK,
    ITV 1 HD

    Encrypted In Biss

    Regards Dave


  564. Rogerd Says:

    14.13 minutes into the game and ITV HD froze and won’t come back!!


  565. Gary Says:

    Any news on this? only getting a blank page, itv standard is a disgrace


  566. Pago Says:

    Football not showing on H.D pago Edinburgh


  567. Nick Says:

    Reading v Pool
    AS USUAL – ITV HD IS S***T !!


  568. Nick Says:



  569. John_M Says:

    It’s no wonder they don’t want to launch this service as a stand-alone station.

    I’m not sure what’s happening after their 15 minute interlude: The “Red Button” service is not working, though I know they’ve started broadcasting the HD signal again. So having switched to ITV on my main set (their SD picture is truly dreadful) I now can’t switch back to ITV HD.


  570. John_M Says:

    The Red Button service is now working again. I wonder if they reset something during the commercial break, because the signal went off again during the PS3 advert.


  571. Stuart_M Says:

    ITV HD is rubbish !! Mostly telling us that it’s not available and then when thay do show a football match in HD thay loose the match for a large part of the 1st half only to return with a less than SD signal.

    What a waste of time they are.


  572. Steve Says:

    But sound is out of sync what a cr*p service


  573. Dave_P Says:

    ITV HD still rubbish – Blank screen and intermittent sound on my Humax PVR. Why can’ t these jokers get it sorted!


  574. Chazzer Says:

    To all those frustrated from posts 564 onwards.

    I have tabled previous frustrations with ITV HD back in November (posts 514 & 521 for example), and called ITV to tell them about it. Sadly, a factory reset (& subsequent reloading of schedule on both occasions) has failed to subsequently calm my mood. My experience of ITV HD today after its failure has been a halfway house between SD & HD (with lyp sync issues) followed by an SD experience (with lyp sync issues), followed by the red button delivering a black screen (audio ok), with the blue button taking you back to SD….

    It’s not a Freesat issue it’s an ITV issue. And…having been here before… you cannot lodge a complaint with ITV over the weekend (someone will call you back on Monday probably). So please, can all please complain like fury to ITV & leave caustic messages for them to call you back on.

    Hopefully they may then get the idea that all is not well…new year…new resolution from them perhaps?


  575. Nick Says:

    Nice one Chazz


  576. Chazzer Says:

    Another factory reset later…

    …For arguments sake I tried a look at the “Piers Morgan Let’s Get Married in Vegas” HD special (excuse spelling…whatever they called it, as that was supposedly in HD too), just to see if anything had changed, and guess what?…nada. I could have watched it in SD but that just glosses over Piers’ boils & acne. No fun then for me or Mrs. Chazzer.

    For all those interested, ITV can be contacted on 0844 8814150. Apparently there IS a website thingy that they can be contacted on according to their outgoing message, if you feel so inclined.
    I have personally left a couple of messages regarding THEIR lack of service provision today (either their tape machine decided I’d ranted on a bit long or I must have used a word which caused their message service to cut out…must have been my use of the slightly obsene word “useless”).

    To be fair, I dare say my invective will pale into insignificance if there isn’t an improvement tomorrow (Man United vs Leeds & Arsenal vs West Ham).

    If not, should we think about a No 10 petition campaign to suggest that ITV should be kicked off the Freesat platform? After all, if they fail to provide an HD service for two of the four major footy teams in the UK I’m sure they won’t have a business by next weekend perhaps?

    Come on ITV…Simon Cowell will be a flash in the pan in a few years…get your hands out of his trousers….

    What is YOUR five year plan?


  577. KDHUK Says:


  578. Alan Says:

    Manchester v Leeds FA Cup coverage – black blank screen and no sound when using Red button.and when viewing the enforced alternative SD broadcast the picture was mostly extremely poor. The Liverpool v Reading match which was broadcast the previous day was spoiled by loss of the HD transition. Just what are those responsible playing at?


  579. Rogerd Says:

    Man U v Leeds great quality picture on HD, shame about the result though!
    How come ITV can’t get it right every time?


  580. Chazzer Says:

    KDHUK @ 577 – Agreed. It appears that problems with ITV HD, or ITV 1 HD, or whatever they try to rebrand it as, continue to persist. Whilst this is a Freesat issue, the problem is ITV’s alone, as they alone are responsible for their broadcasts. We have all purchased equipment that is capable of receiving ITV HD, so if they do not broadcast, nor offer any advice to equipment users (e.g. on possible work arounds) not only are they not offering a service as advertised, but their duty of care towards their customers comes into question.
    If everyone left them a message on 0844 8814150, Option 1 I believe, for complaints about their “red button” service, I’m sure they’d begin to get the picture. My own view is that whilst ITV may be a partner in Freesat, it’s HD service lets the whole brand down. If HD space is limited, should not Freesat consider replacing ITV HD with CH4HD or Five HD whilst ITV sorts it’s problems out?

    Alan @ 578
    Have you tried a factory reset? After my previous post & yet another factory reset, I have experienced no problems with the Manchester v Leeds game today.


  581. KDHUK Says:

    It seems to me the initial loss of the ITV HD picture bug*ers up the MHEG system on a FoxSat HDR so that you cannot get ITV HD from then on ……….. a factory reset is then needed ?

    So there is a minor problem with the HDR caused/highlighted by ITV’s problems


  582. John_M Says:

    Gosh. That’s bizarre! I switched off the football last night because I can’t do with the SD picture on ITV. Having just seen the threads above I thought I’d check out “Sunday 3rd January 2010 (8.00pm) Agatha Christie’s Poirot”.

    I’ve got no sound and a black screen. My non-freesat receivers, that I’d also tuned into check that the ITV HD picture was off last night, are working fine, without any need for a reset.

    The factory reset has restored the ITV HD picture and sound. Many thanks.


  583. Alan Says:

    Chazzer @ 850

    Thanks for the advice. I have carried out a factory reset and programmed my Humax unit to record *Above Suspicion* at 9pm tonight. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

    Just another matter to mention. At around 8am this morning the ITV channel started making loud popping noises (reminiscent to popping bubble-wrap) also lyp sync issues occurred. The BBC 1 channel was not affected. The problems were experienced through my Sky-plus receiver. Did anyone else experience this via ITV on Freesat?

    Rogerd @ 579

    No the result was fine.


  584. loughlin Says:

    What’s up with Freesat such a great start and now it seems to have lost it’s way ! ! ! Freeveiw seems to have taken over . Let’s hope the new year will see some new endeavour andresults . the last news on the web site was 29 th Dec ,lets get going . Happy new year everyone


  585. Dipper Says:

    So much for Wild at Heart in HD. Ho hum.


  586. indaloman Says:

    Come on everybody… much are we paying every month to watch…absolutely ZERO!!!….I’ve yet to see ITV HD but I too was watching Wild at Heart last night and the picture must have been upscaled was brilliant!…there are many commercial aspects to HD channels…that’s why the likes of SKY have to get money off subscribers…I can’t get Freeview or even a decent signal from my Terrestrial Aerial..Freesat is a godsend and will grow if we all support it and reccommend it to others…Happy New Year!!


  587. Dipper Says:

    Indaloman, I agree the PQ was good for SD but the red button option wasn’t available to switch to the HD feed.

    ITV replied to my email complaint of yesterday saying it was broadcast in HD and that it is only available via Freesat as a red button service. But it wasn’t!

    I’ve no complaint with Freesat, just ITV-HD.


  588. Chazzer Says:

    Dipper @ 587
    What HD box are you watching on?


  589. Dipper Says:

    Hi Chazzer,

    I’ve got 2 Humax Foxsat HDR+ boxes at latest firmware/software revision levels. Neither of them got the red button prompt.
    I went to planner today to test record ITV-HD and got the promt to select SD or HD recording on a film tomorrow. I’ve set it for HD so I’ll see what happens.


  590. Chazzer Says:

    If you read some of the previous posts on this thread (578, 580 for example) ITVHD lets a lot of people down quite frequently. Problems in the main also seem to afflict those with Humax Foxsat HDR boxes like yourself (& myself…usually whilst trying to watch football games). Whether Humax need to amend software to get around this, I don’t know. Whether ITV can provide a better service by casually mentioning the work around when people are shouting at them (Currently the work around seems to be doing a full factory reset from the main menu & then trying again), I don’t know. My view is ITV should be driving whatever solution is required long term.
    But…short term answer, until the next time it happens, is to do a factory reset from the main menu. However, before you do, make note of what items you’ve set to record in the schedule, as the schedule will be erased (recorded items not affected).


  591. Dipper Says:

    Hi Chazzer,

    Latest reply from ITV with my response below:-

    From: ITV Viewer Services []
    Sent: 12 January 2010 16:13
    Subject: re: Wild at Heart (DS)

    Dear XXXXX

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding ITV HD.

    The ITV HD service is available for viewers in England and Wales on channel 103 as well as on ITV1 London channel 977.

    The ITV HD service is now working correctly following a recent technical fault which has caused an on-going problem for some boxes only (including Humax equipment). Viewers with Humax equipment have had to perform a ‘factory reset’ in order to receive future programmes from ITV HD via the red button. This operation can be performed via the menu option on the handset. Please note that any scheduled recordings already booked will have to be entered again but previously recorded programmes should not be affected.

    If you wish to test the system after a factory reset our next ITV HD presentation is ‘Piers Morgan on Marbella’ tonight at 21.00.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the technical problem and would like to thank you, once again, for taking the trouble to contact ITV.


    ITV Viewer Services

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have reset one of my boxes & it made no difference. I have realised though that HD is available if I tune to ITV London. It would appear as I suspected that the HD option is no longer available on the Channel Islands transponder.

    Any idea when this might be fixed?

    The HD picture from ITV London is superb, just like BBC-HD used to be before they decided to go to HD-lite or SD-plus, take your pick, when they reduced their bit rate last August.

    Kind Regards


  592. Chazzer Says:

    Thanks for letting me know your response. At least it sounds like they’re getting the picture (no pun intended). My two previous complaints failed to solicit any helpful response from ITV directly (the last one I did not even receive a call back at all) & it was only this joinfreesat website that put me on the right road.


  593. syncmaster Says:

    I emailed ITV about their new HD logo which is so distracting when viewing and clould cause screen burn on plasma screens. The following is their response

    Thank you for your email regarding HD graphics.
    We have no current plans to reduce the luminance of on screen logos. They have already been reduced by 30% after consultation with manufacturers.

    Our Engineering team has assured us that there is no danger of the ‘screen burn’ to which you refer but if you have any concerns you should contact your TV manufacturer directly.

    The logo or DOG ( digital on-screen graphic ) is removed during station breaks so that it does not clash with any information that advertisers have inserted on their commercials. During programme material, such clashes are avoided as production teams are aware that a logo will be present.

    We do hope the above information helps to clarify the situation.

    Once again thank you for taking the time to contact ITV.



    SO this means that ITV HD are not interested in our viewing pleasure and are happy that the programme is spoiled by the glowing DOG in the top left corner!


  594. Dipper Says:

    Syncmaster@593 – Yes, DOGs are horrible!

    Anyway, Chazzer – I’m not sure if this will be of interest to anybody outside the Channel Islands but this is the follow-up from my emails to ITV Viwer Services:-

    Thank you for your further email and information regarding ITV HD.
    As far as we’re concerned at ITV, the ITV HD service is designed for ITV1 viewers in England and Wales. We are not aware that Channel TV has taken the service via the red button although all Freesat viewers can access ITV1 London on channel 977. Therefore, we can only suggest that you contact Channel TV directly on 01534 816816 about any HD plans they may have.
    Once again, thank you for taking the trouble to contact ITV.

    ITV Viewer Services

    My Reply:-

    Thanks for your latest reply. I will contact Channel TV directly.
    Maybe they had it running as a temporary test for a while as it used to work perfectly until a short time ago.
    Now that I know I can get HD via 977 I’m not so bothered about Channel TV HD, although it does mean I won’t be watching their local advertising.

    My email to Channel TV:-

    Dear Channel TV,
    Just to keep you in the loop please refer to this string of emails between me & ITV Viewer Services.
    Will the red button HD option be returning to Channel TV anytime soon?

    Their reply:-

    Thank-you for coming through to highlight the problems you’ve been having and the response from ITV Viewer Services.
    The red button choice to go through to the HD service should be available to all Channel Television viewers in the same way it is available to other ITV regions.
    There does appear to be a problem with Humax boxes used within the Channel Islands, and the technical team at ITV in London, where the signal originates, are currently trying to solve that problem.
    For some odd reason Humax boxes are fine in all other regions except the Channel Islands, and all other boxes are fine within the Channel Islands.
    Hopefully a solution to the problem will be found shortly and you can continue to enjoy HD programming whilst watching Channel Television’s output.

    Nice to know they read & respond to the actual questions asked, so unlike the bl**dy BBC!



  595. RODNEY Says:



  596. Chazzer Says:


    I concur with your experience. Nothing I have watched or recorded on ITV HD or ITV 1 HD has subtitling. If the subtitle button is pressed a box saying “No Subtitle Data” appears (as other channels e.g. CBS). I presume that their HD service is configured in such a way because of HD versus regionality issues (I note during commercial breaks that HD adverts are geared towards the North West yet I am in Central area). However, to be fair, I’ve not asked that specific question of ITV. I just assume subtitles are not available on ITV HD, end of.
    If it is of concern, suggest you direct your ire at ITV not Joinfreesat (see other posts above for phone number).
    Me, I’m holding fire until someone treads on a cable at some point during this coming weekends FA Cup games & the service disappears again.


  597. RODNEY Says:



  598. Dennis Says:

    What about the schedule above.
    When is it going to be updated please.
    Only showing up to yesterday – 22nd Jan.


  599. Dipper Says:

    The red button HD prompt is working in the Channel Islands again. Yippee!

    Shame about the logo, though.


  600. DOGmad Says:

    The DOG Digital On-screen Graphic (Logo it the corner) is driving me mad.
    Given the choice of ITV SD vs ITV HD, I watch SD.
    It is pointless asking ITV to remove it. Why would they? Its there brand.

    If we want the DOG removed, there is a very easy way to achive this.
    Note ITV’s comment about ITV removing the logo to prevent clashing with adverts.
    The advertiser is ITV’s customer and pay there wages and bills.

    So if WE, THATS ALL OF US, Want the DOG dead, it’s the advertisers you need to ask.

    While we can email them and ask, I do not suspect its quite that easy.

    So here how to do it: Watch the AD’s Pick the leading Brands
    It is VERY IMPORTANT the AD’s have a NEGATIVE EFFECT of sales.

    You can not easily boycott the supermarkets, we all need to eat. But we can change to buying habits without too much inconvenience.


    Start now, email everyone, friends, family, workmates. Together we can do it. we need people power, vote with your shopping basket. For DOG FREE TV. And soon the dog will be GONE!


  601. Martin Says:

    Don’t be so ridiculously naive.


  602. Sam P Says:

    DOGmad – i feel your pain, not sure the strategy is going to achieve anything but i can’t imagine who sits at ITV and looks at that dog and thinks its a good idea ? Surely even those with ITV runing through their veigns have their viewing pleasure ruined by the DOG ? I cant help but stare at it which ruins everything I try to watch and like you tend to stcik to SD over HD.

    All DOGs are bad but the old ITVHD was almost bearable, the new on is just f ing ridiculous.

    I just dont get it. I know what channel i am watching, i chose to watch something then selected the channel. They dont need to shout it at me all the way through – i already ‘bought’ the concept of watching HD (i didnt stumble on it cos i had to press the red button to get there !) so you dont need to sell the idea to me while i am already watching !!


  603. Richard Crichton Says:

    Put a bit of neutral sticky tape over the dog if it annoys you that much.


  604. Peter R Says:

    *Yawn* More football on ITV HD, no wonder the channel’s going down the toilet when the majority of what they broadcast in HD is watched by a minority.


  605. Julian Says:

    what is the point of freesat with no promised increase in HD channels when freeview are going to launch with CH4 HD……….?


  606. Richard Crichton Says:

    Freeview have launched without 4HD.
    Viewers in Wales will not get 4HD ever.
    Many people will not get Freeview HD till 2012.
    25% will never be able to get Freeview HD or get all the Freeview channels if they are on a relay transmitter.


  607. Freesat Fred Says:

    You can buy a Topfield box and install a patch which “neutralises” DOGs


  608. David Says:

    Emmerdale in HD ? was just looking it sees so with HD Dog but its almost certainly unscaled and no better than my TV circuitry



  609. RODNEY Says:



  610. admin Says:


    I guess you haven’t seen the news released a few days ago then???


  611. stingeyal Says:

    anyone else see the disgusting picture of witches of eastwick the other night?
    , and that other little problem of major breakups causing “loading hd” to go mental – and are we going to see movies at a better time? whats with the too early or too late showings? one more thing with the full time itv hd channel will we at least get sum ads in hd? like the sony and sky ones- least they’d be more interesting than footy


  612. Purple Ronnie Says:

    God! Give them a break folks. Remember that when ITV release their dedicated HD Channel to go alongside BBC HD, more people will buy which in turn will attract more broadcasters to the format. This is a good thing so give it time…..


  613. Kevin Davies Says:

    Lets hope Itv-Hd start showing the films in the OAR.


  614. Alan Says:

    Where can I find the full ITV HD program schedule commencing 02/04/10?


  615. Peter Says:

    You basically cannot. No programmes are in HD unless they are shown above and not all films are. Which basically leaves about three programmes and football. This may give you more information. It was in an email I got this week complaining about their use of ‘Remastered HD’ to describe almost everything else on the Freeview HD platform:

    ….. we will be taking every step to ensure that our programmes can be transmitted across all available HD platforms and do not require blanking with a caption on any platform.

    We always request a native HD version of acquired programmes from distributors. Under normal circumstances, only native HD programmes will be described as being available in HD but we’ve recently been advised that teething problems during testing of the ITV1 HD service on additional platforms has meant that some non-HD programming has been incorrectly described.

    We aim to ensure that only native HD material is described as being in HD and would like to apologise for any confusion


  616. David Says:

    Will we be getting subtitles on Sky ITV HD?


  617. admin Says:

    No idea, this is Freesat 😉


  618. Alan Says:

    Freesat ITV-HD is welcomed, but why the hell can’t ITV start and finish their programs on time? It’s so annoying finding that after recording programs the end is missed due to the timing not being adhered to by the broadcaster. Can’t they put some sort of signal out? I do not get the same hindered annoyance with BBC-HD. There Ive said it now.


  619. JOHN SHIPP Says:

    I have just ( 2 days ago got a metronics sat 199 freesat hd box) I have an english post code but when i did a freesat tune no chanel 119 itv 1 hd chanel. I got the man u match v munich on chanel 977 on itv 1 hd via red button but would like to get the itv 1 hd full time chanel on 119. Any help would be appreciated as this is all new to me.


  620. JOHN SHIPP Says:

    I have just ( 2 days ago got a metronics sat 100 freesat hd box) I have an english post code but when i did a freesat tune no chanel 119 itv 1 hd chanel. I got the man u match v munich on chanel 977 on itv 1 hd via red button but would like to get the itv 1 hd full time chanel on 119. Any help would be appreciated as this is all new to me.


  621. RODNEY Says:



  622. TheDukeOfHunslet Says:

    This is the second weekend in a row that my HUMAX PVR has failed to record ‘Lewis’. It just shows recording failed/unkown reason.
    Is there a fault with the EPG?


  623. IanReeves Says:

    ITV Red Button – No Sound.
    Not sure where to turn to now, but when I switch to any ITV red button HD showing, I get the picture but no sound….. Any hints, it’s a Goodmans Freesat Box. Any Help is appreciated.


  624. admin Says:

    Presumably you have tried channel 119 unless of course you are in the STV/UTV region?

    Try a factory reset, that might help.


  625. Ray Says:

    Grundig FreeSat West London

    Red Button = Picture But No Sound

    119 = Sound But No Picture

    Feedback Please


  626. hatofthecat Says:

    Same here “second weekend in a row that my HUMAX PVR has failed to record ‘Lewis’”… just a freakin empty box saying “failed to record for unknown reason”. Channel is 119, have double checked. Recordings that were ITV HD when it was a red button channel worked okay now it seems its a fully fledged channel its all gone out the window. Frankly I’m beginning to find the Humax Freesat box the biggest pile of junk I’ve ever bought. I just gave away my trusty 10 year old Tivo to a friend as I wanted HD and just moved into a flat with a Sky dish so thought I’d go for it… no Freeview HD here until next year.


  627. Ronski Says:

    At lot of these problems are down to the way ITV HD is transmitted, I believe the stream is flagged as private and this causes problems. For us Media Center users (home theatre PC’s) a guy (Alban) on The Green Button forums had to write a fix that Microsoft coundn’t, basically after the channel officialy launched we were no longer able to pick it up on a channel scan, if you tuned it in beforehand, when they were testing it worked perfectly. What he done was write a little application that manually added the tunning data to Media Center’s guide, we could then receive it ok.

    For those who can not tune it automatically, it might help to add the tunning data manually – just Google, there’s plenty of info about.


  628. paul edwards Says:

    how is it itv hd cock live footy up, for a 2nd time missed goal live went to averts


  629. John Mills Says:

    why is Rural TV no longer shown on Freesat


  630. Sunglasses Ron Says:

    I have a Humax HD PVR connected to Surround Sound via Optical Cable.

    On ITV HD via the red button I get the Dolby Digital icon on my Amplifier.

    On ITV HD channel 119 there is no Dolby Digital.

    Does anyone on here know why?.

    My channel 119 is the Granada area service.


  631. nick Says:

    why is my hd picture on 119 jerky all the time ie hd broadcast or normal broadcast. bbc 108 is fine and always has been. itv1 on the red button was fine also i am watching in the tyne tees area


  632. nick Says:

    still no-one has replied to my problem, so it seems to me that itv hd might as well not exist now. i see comments about no dolby digital, i would just like a watchable picture so therefore will just have to stick with the bbc channel 108.
    come on freesat give me an answer and please don’t say it is my grundig box because its not


  633. nick Says:

    surely someone else has this problem, this is my 3rd post in a row and no other comment. tonight I watched the football, tried 119 and it was about 80% perfect, suddenly about 5 mins in it was fine, after 40 mins it started again very jerky, sound ok picture all over the place. second half i gave up and went onto normal digital, tried 119 again just the same flicked onto itv tyne tees my normal freesat channel and up came the red button, surprise surprise, hit the red button and perfect for the rest of the game. what is going on??? does no-one from freesat read these comments, any chance of an answer please?


  634. linda Says:

    Why is it that when i record emmerdale and coronation street on itv hd itsometimes comes up a blue screen when i go to watch them


  635. AN.Other Says:

    ITV1 HD can be accessed by Guernsey Sky TV subscribers by entering the following in the manual programming menu

    Freq 10.936


  636. Mindi Manoogian Says:

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