Freesat confirms channels for all the BBC Olympic action

Freesat can confirm that the BBC’s 24 live HD Olympic channels will be shown on channels 151-174, throughout the London 2012 Olympics.

The full range of live BBC Olympics coverage will be available, subscription-free on Freesat and Freesat+ customers will be able to pause, record and rewind of all the action. HD viewers will automatically receive the HD versions of the channels, whilst non HD viewers will receive the SD versions. The same numbers apply for both standard and high definition.

Viewers will also be able to access the action via the BBC red button.

The channels are expected to go live next week and Freesat hope to have a TV Guide up and running soon.

61 thoughts on “Freesat confirms channels for all the BBC Olympic action”

  1. @ 44 I am also unable to record the HD streams but can record the SD streams even though the HD doesn’t say encrypted.

  2. @Richard Crichton

    Thanks for the info Richard. I was aware that they had increased to 1920 on BBC HD but they only usually leave it on for the 3D trial. In fact they have to for 3D. I will check out BBC One HD they are not in HD at the moment. Just shows I don’t watch BBC much these days.

  3. on my Ferguson HD box I get a mixture of SD and HD versions. 1,2,3 6,8 and 9 are HD and 4,5,7 are SD etc – i rescanned – it looks like they are not updated correctly yet so show either one or the other.

    Manually scan shows them all though! strange that!

  4. I have an SD box, living in the East midlands but there are no Olympic channels in the EPG, I only have the red button. I haven’t a clue how to work freesat so do I need to update it or will the channels come soon. Thanks

  5. I’ve got all the ‘Olympic’ channels to view, , but still cannot record them ( get the message about less than 30 seconds etc. even though my first EPG recording was supposed to be for about 5 hours – womens footie from Cardiff).

    Same thing happens with pressing the record button.

    Not what we were promised.

  6. Frazer Palmer said: I bought a 3D LD 58 cms tv hoping to find that the broadcast 3D will be worth watching but was disappointed by the Wimbledon experiment. However the 3D tv works well with a panasonic 3D player and is fun!

    You probably need a bigger TV to get the full benefit of 3D.

  7. Hi all

    FYI on my 2008 panny freesat telly I had to do a full factory reset and re-tune in order to pick up the olympic channels – just like when CH4HD came on air.


  8. Furious that couldn’t get any channels. Eventually tried a complete reinstall which worked (Goodmans box). Bet thousands of other people have the same problem.

  9. Although I have all the 24 channels working ok the red button on ch 150 will not take me to any events on my LG LF427700 tv, if I hit ok it just kaes me back to the menu each time, Sky version works perfectly though

  10. Anyone else got problems with these new olympic channels? My Bush freesat+ HD box gets stuck on whichever olympic channel I select – have to unplug box to switch to another channel – most frustrating. Can use info button to see what’s on by flicking through, but when I select, channel number is displayed, but picture & sound stay on originally selected channel. Have performed 3 initializations and rescans, but no change. Any comments?

  11. Seems the red button is not linking you to the olympic channels with some freesat tv’s or pvr’s then – Sky’s version is fine though, very quick

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