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Jul 12 2017

Freesat has announced that it will be the first TV platform in the UK to integrate BBC iPlayer’s ‘Watch from Start’ feature into the TV guide.

Available from today, the new feature will allow Freesat customers with a connected set-top-box to restart live programmes on all BBC channels without waiting for the programme to end.

The launch comes in time for the live coverage of the Wimbledon finals this weekend on BBC.

2 Responses to “Freesat is the first platform to integrate BBC iPlayer’s ‘Watch from Start’”

  1. lawrence Says:

    This has to be a good feature, plus it arrives at a time when the rival Youview platform appears to be all but broken by the latest software update. Now if only Freesat would sort out the channel numbering sequence to put all the HD channels together preferably at the top of the list, then I’d start using my box more regularly.


  2. JCJ Says:

    I thought this already happened. I have always been able to start a program from the start if watching live. Still nice feature to now have highlighted.


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