Freesat launch their new website

Freesat launch their new websiteFreesat have totally refreshed the look and feel of their website, bringing it up to date with the latest design style.

The site includes loads of new features and a handy product picker to help you through the confusion of Freesat HD, Freesat+HD, Freesat HD <free time> and Freesat+HD <free time>! There is also a handy comparison table too.

The whole design is certainly more in keeping with the <free time> range and the bring colours that make up the Freesat logo. I like the ‘our customer’ videos, yes they are a bit staged, but a good way of putting across what Freesat is about.

We hope to have a press release from Freesat soon, but in the meantime, take a look.

Tell us what you think; do you like the new look?

11 thoughts on “Freesat launch their new website”

  1. Before anyone says it; yes, it is a quiet news day, and no, I won’t be refreshing the look of joinfreesat just yet; I don’t have the time nor the budget Freesat do 😉

  2. If you want a redesign a la Freesat I’ll chip in with the budget for one 6 year old and a box of crayons 😉

  3. Looking at the website it becomes clear what freesats single biggest problem is and its counter-intuitive – its free! So they can’t make you any “fantastic offers”. If you have freesat there is no need to visit, so its really only any use for the Sky subscriber who is feeling the pinch and the best way to get to them is via
    more obvious outlets like advertising online in the Sun, the Mail, Mirror, on buses and daytime telly. All of which costs of course and there is the nub of the matter.

  4. I am still waiting for a publication that lists all the weeks
    programme details and times so that I can plan what to
    see or record.

  5. Keith Cobby said:
    Been a bit slow on the HD front this year.

    What on earth do you expect? New HD channel launches every couple of months? If so you live in cloud cuckoo land.

  6. frank walker said:
    I am still waiting for a publication that lists all the weeks
    programme details and times so that I can plan what to
    see or record.

    I go along with blockquote.

  7. I’m not too bothered about the new look, more concerned about functionality. But at least this site makes available product manuals for some obsolete Freesat receivers such as the Foxsat HD and HDR, which Humax seem to have kindly deleted… they’re under the “Help” section.

  8. Two things concern me about the new site…
    1) They have “sanitized” all the posts, from the previous version of the site, to take out any criticism of the product for which they have not to date provided an answer.
    Leaves you wondering if these criticisms will ever be addressed.
    2) The previous interaction between posters and the admin seems to have stopped.
    Maybe temporary, but again I wonder if concerns will really get addressed. Typically before you got…”I’ve passed this on to the development team for their consideration”.

    Lots of users are waiting for the next “big bang” software release that fixes all of the criticisms still outstanding.

  9. Interesting development on the Freesat forum site…
    If you raise too many complaints relating to how the box operates, quirks, glitches, strange behaviour etc, then you get banned for “persistent negative comment”. Freesat are getting touchy. The lesson is, don’t dare to criticise our box.

  10. The Freesat forum site is not trustworthy. They are increasingly culling any posts that highlight problems with the product. So if considering a purchase then read widely and get the mostly excellent aspects of this box, but together with the quirks and problems.

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