Freesat Mobile App launches on Android

Freesat Mobile App launches on AndroidFreesat, the subscription free satellite TV service has today launched an Android version of their award-winning Freesat App. Extending the power to manage and control their TVs via mobiles and tablets to even more viewers, the new Android version of the Freesat App is now available for free download from the Google Play store.

Optimised for the latest Android devices running Android 4.0 and above including phones and tablets from Samsung, Google and Sony, the Freesat App features a TV Guide and the unique Showcase editorial service, which provides daily-curated recommendations on what to watch on both live TV and On Demand. The Android App helps you plan how to watch, record shows remotely and catch up on some of the great free TV shows available on Freesat.

Commenting on the launch, Emma Scott, Managing Director of Freesat, said:

When we launched the Freesat iOS App earlier this year, our focus was to deliver an experience that would be a game changer for free TV viewers and its popularity surpassed our expectations. Following feedback from some of the over 200,000 people who downloaded the Freesat app, we have worked hard to match that success with an app optimised for the Android market.

Freesat’s core goal is to deliver fantastic subscription free satellite TV, and we wanted to make sure that the 40%* of the UK television viewing public with Android phones and tablets could enjoy this award-winning app too. Whether planning your Commonwealth Games viewing or catching up the latest episode of The Honourable Woman, the Freesat App helps you make the most of what’s on.

The Freesat App for Android also acts as a TV guide for all free TV viewers, whether they have Freesat or not, and they will soon be able to search and find programmes from all of the UK’s major On Demand players including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5 using their Android phone or tablet. Freesat viewers will be able to register and link the app with their Freetime enabled set-top boxes (manufactured by Humax) to take control of their TV-viewing both in and out of the home, so that they can record programmes wherever they are in the UK. The App also works as a remote control so viewers can change channels and watch On Demand programmes via their Freetime enabled set top boxes.

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  1. I would expect an update for the app by tomorrow, as there has been some channel changes today and don’t believe they can do this to the app in realtime, while your there please give us scheduled recordings.

  2. I now have app working in Dublin on a Nexus 10. Use Hola to designate UK for Play Store. Download freeway app and then designate UK for it. I don’t have a free time box, but getting full listings.

  3. Dipper said: Google doesn’t seem to think we’re in Britain, so that must be it. It was galling that I couldn’t even download BBC iplayer from the app store without installing a VPN first. The British government nicks the full licence fee off me so I should get a full service.

    Perhaps you should contact Google, BBC & Freeesat and ask why your not able to download these apps.
    If Google is saying your location isn’t part of Britain then maybe the problem lies with them.
    I just came across this so perhaps it may be of some interest to you.

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  6. Paul Royal said:
    Dare we hope for a Windows Phone 8.1 app next?

    Would be a good next step Freesat! As it is the fastest growing mobile platform in the UK now…

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