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Nov 25 2011

BoxOffice365 on FreesatFreesat are to launch a new on demand movie service called BoxOffice365, from Picturebox.

The service allows Freesat customers the opportunity to access movies plus other TV programmes via your Internet connection, for a monthly subscription fee of £4.99 per month, and will be available from around the start of December.

BoxOffice365 will initially be available on Humax Freesat receivers (FOXSAT-HD and FOXSAT-HDR) as a beta service and will be launched on more Freesat receivers over the coming months.

Movies available include box office hits such as Mission Impossible 3, King Kong and Bruno, plus some classics like Back To The Future and Weird Science.

To access the service you will need a minimum broadband connection speed of 2Mpbs connected from your router to the Humax receiver via the Ethernet connection, or wireless if you have that facility.

If you have a Humax Freesat receiver and wish to join the service, visit where you can register for the trial, check out the movies available and subscribe using your credit or debit card.

BoxOffice365 is on Freesat channel 907 where you’ll be prompted to press the red button.

More information on the Freesat website

If any of you take up the service, we’d very much welcome your thoughts by posting a comment or emailing us direct.

124 Responses to “Freesat Offer Movie Streaming Service”

  1. Shaun Says:

    Can I guess that those not able to receive ITV Player, won’t be able to receive BoxOffice 365 ?


  2. quality Says:

    Choice is pretty poor. I can’t see it taking off. Any sign of HD?


  3. admin Says:


    I almost put a wager on what your comment would be 😉


    Sure I read it was HD, but can’t for the life of me find it again, so presumably just SD for now.


  4. npfiii Says:

    “Freesat” — “monthly subscription fee”

    Er…some mistake, surely?

    A step in the wrong direction for Freesat.


  5. admin Says:

    Agreed, there shouldn’t really be any association with pay services, even via this method, but suspect Freesat won’t promote this in a major way.


  6. upthePOSH Says:

    @npfiii I don’t get what the problem is. All modern tvs and blurays have got this feature so it’s only natural that freesat should have this .


  7. Zombywoof Says:


    I am not surprised to seethis, but still somewhat disappointed as it flies against the FREE in Freesat!!

    Without wishing to be too negative about this new service, I am sure there will be some out there that will be willing to pay for this. Myself however, having looked at the website and the fare on offer, I can honestly say there is not a single movie that I would care to sit down and watch, let alone pay for!!

    Hey Ho.

    I trust Freesat will not waste significant resources in promoting this.



  8. Neil Says:

    I think this is good for those wishing to watch the odd film or so and at only £4.99/mth with no contract isn’t delving deep in to ‘subscription’ services in my honest opinion. It also gives Freesat a bit of leverage against Sky in the movies market. Only slightly I’ll add but every little helps!!

    Admin: I was also thinking what the first comment on here would be and guessed correctly!!

    I have come to the conclusion myself that being a Panasonic owner if I want any further on-demand services I’ll have to upgrade my hardware as Panasonic won’t support it. Maybe though (and not Panasonic) but think the rollout will be quicker as there’s monthly subscription revenue for the provider involved.

    All in all, good news for the platform I say, I guess LoveFilm may also make an appearance at some point.


  9. John Says:

    Useless. One word subscription!


  10. Nat Says:

    Why would anyone want to subscribe to this? They are taking your money each month up front and you have to try and find something worth watching and it’s not in HD.
    I know I always go on about the AppleTV but it really is worth every penny.
    Pick from a HUGE library of films and watch in HD. We don’t watch that many but it’s great to have the latest releases ready to rent if when we do.
    Tonight its a French film called Romantics Anonymous, a pre-cinema release.


  11. martin Says:

    briliant now watch they might take freesat seriously bring in some more channels and all


  12. antony Says:

    The bad news is that this could just be the start of pay tv options on freesat, not impressed and just emailed freesat to let them know my view! lets hope they cant get it to work on my sony tv!


  13. freeviewer Says:

    I once had a free subscription with Picture Box and found most movies were being/had been shown on the ITV channels and Film 4 within weeks.


  14. freeviewered Says:

    They shouldn’t bring out On Demand services until the last one has been fixed.
    They now have;
    Freesat HD
    Freesat +
    Freesat Lite (those who can’t receive Catchup Services)
    and now
    Freesat VOD (subscriptions)


  15. Brian Damage Says:

    I think choice is a good thing.

    If you don’t like/want/need this service, don’t use it!

    Personlly, I’d be quite interested in a service which provided recent (or even current) cinema releases (in HD) at a price which is less thn my local cinema.

    I see this as one of the areas which Freesat will always be unable to compete with Sky, so providing as service such as this (perhaps even on a pay per view basis) will strengthen Freesat’s competiveness.


  16. Brian Damage Says:

    (Sadly, as a I own a Panasonic TV, I will probably never get to try it!)


  17. Kate Says:

    What a bad move.

    Isn’t it two faced of Freesat suggesting subscription services are wrong they are a CATCH … then promoting a subscription service of their own.

    Are they suggesting paying a subscription when it is to BSkyB is a catch.


  18. steve 1 Says:

    Freeview has top up tv it hasn’t harmed them.


  19. Kate Says:

    The question now is…

    When will subscription UKTVplayer go live … and get promoted on the Freesat site?


  20. Kate Says:

    Does TUTV get promoted on the Freeview site?


  21. steve 1 Says:

    Kate@18.I am not sure I don’t think they shout about it.


  22. Andy Morris Says:

    Love it or hate it.
    Agree with it or think it defeats the principals of FREEsat.
    I have a Humax hd and I can’t get Channel 907
    Wake me when it works.


  23. Neil Says:

    Come on everyone who’s moaning about this. This isn’t “the beginning of lots of pay TV on Freesat”, it’s exactly the equivalent of Freeview’s Top Up TV, in fact better than TUTV as being IPTV delivered can support many more services than simply just the available over-air streams.

    Freesat is an extremely popular platform and it’s USP has not changed. There’s still the same number of FTA services available, these are value added extra services, there will never be over-air encrypted TV services on the platform because:

    1. The BBC Trust won’t mandate it
    2. Most hardware won’t support it without CA capabilities
    3. They really would then have to change the name!

    The BBC Trust mandated this proposal back in the summer for the platform to offer such subscription services providing there wasn’t live sport (if I remember correctly)?? Personally I’d like to see a Sports IPTV delivered service via the platform, not becuase I’m particularly a massive sports fan but because it dents Sky’s monopoly.

    I back these services 110% as it bolsters Freesat’s offering to those wanting to dip their toes in to the odd subscription movie, no different to a Blockbuster membership. Yes, they won’t be in HD with 5.1 sound but that’s partly down to what can be delivered to STB’s and current technology, things will move on.

    Andy: They might not have added it to the EPG yet, I’d have thought we’d all see something on 907, even if it is a message saying the service is incompatible (like ITV Player for most other STB’s and IDTV’s).


  24. steve 1 Says:

    Plus side great funding for freesat I wonder how much the cut is on freesat side.


  25. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    I don’t see a problem with this, after all it provides extra choice for those who want it, & it provides income for the platform to use for self promotion.
    I can live with it !

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  26. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    As compatability issues dog every topic, I really hope that a minimum level of backup / support for Freesat platform products is written into the Freesat 2 spec.
    I.E. that all products have the hardware & maunfacturer backup for all Freesat platform features such as bbc/itv player etc. Making the mistake of not sowing up or enforcing a min spec was a mistake that Freesat could do without doing again, of course individual manufacturers could add features etc to make their products more desireable or unique like Echostar have done with their Slingloaded feature & a app section in the menu.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  27. D BURNS Says:

    yes the service should be there for the minority that wants it but keep it behind the red button


  28. Gordon S Valentine Says:

    I am pleased to see a movie streaming service, but just wish it had been LOVEFILM and not BoxOffice365. Since at least they have half good movies to watch.


  29. Paul. Says:

    I really don’t understand where the nay-sayers are coming from.

    In what way does Boxoffice 365 being a subscription service impinge on your current free service from Freesat? Answer: It doesn’t.

    If you don’t like it, don’t want it, and don’t want to pay for it, don’t use it. Simple. If in two years there are 10 different pay options but your free part of Freesat stays the same and continues to add free channels, does it matter?


  30. Glyn Says:

    Thought I would give it a whirl. Their website is buggy, so unable to pay subscription in either of the three browsers I tried.


  31. Russ Says:

    Box Office 365 is already available on the Samsung Freesat D8000 series TV as part of their smart hub. Love, acetrax movies and blinkbox also feature. I choose not to subscribe to any of these, however some do offer a limited amount of free content. I do however watch MUZU.TV which shows music videos on demand and is completely subscription free.


  32. Richard Crichton Says:

    Lovefilm is already available on Samsung Smart TV’s and Blu-ray players as Russ says so no need to wait till the Humax trial is over if it’s ever over. Still no ITV player and it’s been in Beta for how long? I agree with Russ Muzu TV is very good for a wide variety of music videos not just the usual pop/rock/rap stuff. Also great for watching YouTube. My Samsung Smart Hub Blu-ray player is the best £75 I ever spent apart from my Manhattan HD-S that is.


  33. freeviewered Says:

    According to a booklet picked up in Currys yesterday, ITV player is available on Freesat. No mention of it being not available to certain devices. Leaflet dated August 2011, and has just been put out during the past week, under display of a Panasonic TV.
    Mentioned to staff that the contents are misleading and asked for booklets to be removed.
    They had no knowledge of the Picture Box service, so assumed it will arrive.


  34. SA Says:

    I agree , if sky sports came to freesat i would pay for it.
    freesat needs to step up to sky virgin and bt vision.


  35. admin Says:

    Just to add that the service begins around the start of December so not available yet and obviously is an optional service which won’t be heavily promoted, as “free” remains the order of the day!


  36. monkeymaniac Says:

    Not for me, if it’s anything like LoveFilm, were you pay from 5.99 a month subscription, but you have pay separate for top 20 films and latest releases. LoveFilm is a total rip off, canceled my subscription after the first three weeks trial period


  37. Anthony Says:

    It would be good if a pay per view system was added for movies too, not a monthly subscription system.


  38. Al (Original) Says:

    @Neil, I do see this as a bad thing.

    Companies could easily be tempted to move their best content off Freesat and onto a paid for streaming service instead following this example.

    Pay should be left to Sky. Freesat should remain free for all content.

    If you want more, then go to Love Film or pay Sky, simple.


  39. Shaun Says:

    Can’t see it taking off, as many Products have services available via their ‘Smart’ services.

    e.g. Ace Trax available via Panasonic’s Viere Cast, Samung Smart Hub, etc…

    As a result, I guess these manufacturer’s will not be enabling the service via Freesat.

    @33 Strange that a leaflet has just been sent to stores with misleading information, expecially as the ASA has just ‘slapped’ their wrists.

    Picture Box is so new, that I guess Freesat has yet to relay the information to Stores selleing Freesat products, and many will rely on the information supplied on this forum, than even Freesat’s website 😉


  40. ChrisK Says:

    If you can’t wait to watch the repeats of these films next month on ITV or CH4 for free you can watch them right now for only £4.99.

    Or have a look down your local market, I am sure you can pick up a copy of Back To The Future on DVD for a pound or two.

    Another doomed IPTV company in the making. LoL.


  41. Richard Crichton Says:

    It’s good to see that ASDA are selling Freesat
    HD boxes. Goodmans at £62.50. They are also selling a Blu-ray player at £40.
    BTW Blockbuster have a large range of DVD/Blu-ray to rent at 99p per day. Bought four pre enjoyed Blu-rays for £2.50 each the other week so no need for streaming,


  42. upthePOSH Says:

    @23 Totaly agree, well said.


  43. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @Paul 29, Ditto.


  44. gingercol Says:

    There are freesat users who do not have pvr’s so a film on demand service would be welcome by some.I have had lovefilm subscription in the past and was able to stream movies to my tv but only in sd .Any extra services will be most welcome whether pay or free.You view is coming 2012 and freesat will need as many on demand services as possible, as you view will. most certainly have them.You have the choice to pay or not and that is the key word CHOICE better to have it than not.


  45. monkeymaniac Says:

    If you want to watch good movies & TV for free, try (stagevu) online only for streaming, download there Divxplus Player, HD too, you don’t need to sign up, but if you do it’s free and you get more benefits like save your film selection in your favourite’s and watch at a later date. You can download or watch right away.


  46. Richard Crichton Says:

    Blockbuster Video in Glenrothes have the Blinkbox on display at £229 by the front door so it looks like Freesat may be gaining some traction with retailers at last. Anyone else spot a Freesat product on offer?


  47. Matthew Says:

    Freesat will need to bring subscription channels in order to survive in order make the money spent on our freesat boxes worth while and not a waste but choosing Picturebox as the first subscription channel, bad bad move. Just checked the Picturebox web site and there’s absolutely nothing worth watching. But, as the well known supermarket would say, every little helps.


  48. Deek the Geek Says:

    I agree 100% with npfiii and Admin’s reply. FreeSat should all be FREE, and the complication of VOD (and only for those with a decent broadband connection) is just not on in my book.


  49. KG Says:

    [admin] Removed – swearing [/admin]


  50. garfish Says:

    doesnt make a deal of differance to me as it means changing my box to use it and my internet speed is only 1mb at best


  51. Lorry Says:

    Freesat never was free because of the BBC. TV is polarising, into free amd pay, and too many channels have signed up with Sky rather than try and find advertising. Its the easy route out, and we’re used to paying for TV

    You don’t get ought for nought. Freesat is a disgrace


  52. Muzer Says:

    Interesting. I think it’d be good for the platform – premium film streaming services are actually quite abundant, but I haven’t really seen any good ones on any device that I have (I’ve heard Lovefilm is quite good, we actually have/had their DVD rental service, but I’ve never looked at their online service).

    However, I’ll reserve judgement until I actually look at the film selection – it may be awful.


  53. Thunda Says:

    Before Freesat gets into muddy subscription waters, it needs to fix the On Demand services for the main core channels, iplayer, ITV player, 4OD and 5OD etc. It’s great news that the technologies are moving forward, but lets “not run before we learn how to walk” (by the way im still waiting for Humax to majorly update my FreeSat HD box…)



  54. Richard Crichton Says:

    @47 You must mean the well known supermarket that boasted about cutting 1000 prices but at the same time increased prices on 5000 other items. You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Freesat should beware of the claims they are making and make it doubly clear that all these grand add ons like ITV player and this Picturebox are mainly only on Humax boxes at present else the public will get annoyed like they did with that LG telly and find that they have to pay out massive sums for Humax boxes to pacify people.


  55. Dan Says:

    Film streaming services are pretty pointless in the UK seeing as the majority of people don’t have a fast enough connection especially at ‘peak times’


  56. ave Says:

    When we first got sky it was BSB at the time. £29 a month. Once it got to £40 or there about I got rid of it on principle. I went for the freesat option on humax. I would not have anything else now but would prefer pay per view that would be better. As said above if you don’t want this film subscription then don’t get it simple.
    Carry on the good work freesat.


  57. Richard Crichton Says:

    Average UK broadband speed is 6.2Mbit/s. That is perfectly fast enough for film streaming or am I missing something here? BBC iplayer better quality stream works fine on much less than 6.2Mbit/s


  58. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @55 Dan, it’s certainly out of the question for me. If you have superfast broadband, fair enough. But little chance of that in our area anytime soon. I do use Lovefilm rental but thus far have avoided their streaming service as it’s just unusable.


  59. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @56 Richard, “Average UK broadband speed is 6.2Mbit/s. That is perfectly fast enough for film streaming”

    Maybe it is but we certainly don’t get that here. Even BBC iPlayer is painful. If I can watch it consistently without buffering then I’ll think it’s arrived.


  60. Muzer Says:

    Must… resist… urge… to gloat… about… BT Infinity 😉


  61. admin Says:

    haha, run this website on an appauling 1.5Mbps connection here, with 0.25Mbps upload!!! Mate of mine has 50Mpbs download and 10Mbps upload!!!!


  62. Roger Says:


    All I can say that, theological arguments about the “freeness” of Freesat now that VOD is here (for Humax users at least) apart, I don’t think I’ll be making any use of the service.

    I can see the appeal. If there’s films that are on current or very recent release, then a fiver a month is better than paying through the nose to go to your local fleapit and be deafened by the cellphone wielding, popcorn munching, critical chattering of the other patrons, who let their whiny kids run riot and tread on your toes on the umpteenth trip to the loo.

    But I looked at their current list. I wouldn’t bother going to the local cinema to see any of the offerings, I wouldn’t buy the DVD, I wouldn’t BORROW the DVD! And luckily, I don’t own a Humax so I can smugly say “They won’t get MY custom!”.


  63. Neil Says:

    This new streaming service, like others such as Lovefilm etc, isn’t designed for “Hardcore” movie fans as naturally they’ll want HD on BluRay with 5.1 Dolby sound. This service is for those just wanting bog-standard films on-demand, for example my parents would be interested in this as they’ve got two Humax receivers (a HD and HDR in two rooms). They appreciate HD but it’s not necessarily essential, in fact my Mum often watches catch up stuff on the BBC iPlayer now and never complains about the quality!


  64. Glyn White Says:

    The Freesat blurb for this service is that its a trial, is Humax only and they are looking for feedback. So in essence Beta Testing. Surely could have been offered out free on a suck it and see basis. I cannot see any films on there of 28 that haven’t already been done to death terrestrially. .


  65. Shaun - the only person that will use ITV Player ! Says:

    @53 I agree – Freesat need to address the Catch Up TV for its core channels first before ! – Placing the blame onto the Manufacture’s isn’t the correct solution, and have they apologised for those who’s equipment won’t be capable either via e-mail, or via Channel 999 !

    With updating my TV too early – Switch over for my region isn’t until 2012, if I wish to enjoy the future services of Freesat (Catch-up TV, Subscription TV, etc) it looks like I will have to either update my TV again, or purchase additional equipment.

    I’ve just checked Ace Trax on my Panasonic TV, and it states my broadband connection is Average, yet speed is more than double to that what is required (according to speedchecker on my ISP’s website), so to expect pausing, etc however have not had any problems when viewing programmes through BBC iplayer !

    Does BoxOffice 365 also have a speed checking facility ?, not that I’m bothered, as I am 100% certain that my TV won’t be capable of this service, and if it could, doubt that I would subscribe to a service, whose content is either old, available on TV channels, or available just as cheaply on DVD either to rent/purchase.

    Purchasing additional equipment, just increases the figures for Freesat, not the number of viewers.

    (@33 I too now have a copy of this leaflet, and yes, it does mislead you.)

    **** Many of you will be pleased to here that no more comments will be made by me, until response from Panasonic/Freesat has been received. ****

    Merry Christmas to All


  66. Kate Says:

    @23… Why moan, the fact Freesat are promoting it.

    There’s nothing wrong with it becoming available on Freesat equipment.
    Let the equipment manufactures and BoxOffice365 promote it.

    BUT not Freesat a service run by the BBC using TVL money.


  67. admin Says:


    Freesat haven’t promoted it at all yet, as the service doesn’t launch until later this week. The only reference to it is a page deeply embedded on their website.


  68. Richard Crichton Says:

    @62 Neil
    “This new streaming service, like others such as Lovefilm etc, isn’t designed for “Hardcore” movie fans as naturally they’ll want HD on BluRay with 5.1 Dolby sound”

    Actually Neil it’s 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio that hardcore movie fans want :-) majority of Blu-rays are 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio but your point is spot on. Dolby sound is the poor relation on Blu-Ray.


  69. Dan Says:

    Ace Trax states my connection as average & yet iplayer & youtube work fine without buffering.


  70. Neil Says:

    Kate: Freesat doesn’t use any TVL funding to support itself. Following initial set-up, it is a self-funding operation paid for by EPG inclusion fees. BoxOffice365 will include Freesat in their self-promotion which in turn will increase platform awareness, this increases popularity and hence more channels potentially join – it’s not all subscription doom and gloom as people here keep saying!

    Richard: Sorry, slipping behind slightly with technology there!!! Yep, 7.1 DTS is the standard now, I should have known this as I was privileged to have experienced it in the Theatre over at the RAI during IBC in September. You should check out NHK’s Super Hi-Vision demo if you get the chance, comes with 22.2 multichannel sound:


  71. Richard Crichton Says:


  72. Richard Crichton Says:

    It’s a bit ironic that the BBC are messing with super hi-vision when they don’t even broadcast 1920×1080 for the people who pay the licence fee in the UK. They need to get their priorities straight first IMHO.


  73. Lee S Says:

    Although I should not promote free movie downloads via sharing and peer to peer sites, I feel that a service for £4.99 a month that shows pretty much old movies we have all seen before is pretty much pointless. If I want to watch a decent movie, I will check out what I want to watch on the IMDB website and then search for it followed by downloading. I can watch any movie I like via my USB drive on my blu-ray player in either divx, avi, mkv or mpeg. Job done, just use my broadband allowance and no extra charges :)


  74. antony Says:

    this is reply to above subject

    We can confirm that FIVE have announced that FIVE+1, FIVE USA and FIVE* will all be joining freesat in December. Your comments regarding pay TV will need some clarification for us to be able to fully reply to your concerns. freesat has no pay TV option and has no plans to add a service like this in the foreseeable future


  75. Freeviewer Says:

    @73…. seem slike someone at Freesat doesn’t know what’s happening…. !


  76. Bomber Says:

    Anyone considering paying the £4.99 a month should do a quick comparison/free trial with LoveFilm first.


  77. Freeviewer Says:

    I’ve just had this response from

    “This is a trial on Humax boxes only. It will run for approximately three months and then further decisions will be made on where it future lies.”


  78. Richard Crichton Says:

    @72 Lee S
    What you say is true but it’s also illegal unfortunately and is the same as stealing :-(
    Your ISP would be required to ban you if they found out what you are doing and you could be heavily fined but you probably know all that and do it anyway.


  79. Richard Crichton Says:

    @75 Bomber
    Don’t forget Netflix is coming soon. I’m sure they will give LoveFilm a run for their money.


  80. Howard Says:

    £4.99 Monthly or £59.88 per year, the current catalogue is very poor, I’m sure you could find better (free) material on current Freesat channels, or buying and reselling DVD’s via eBay.

    Think the BEST service via FreeSat (apart from the the normal channels) is the BBC iPlayer and its Free :-)


  81. Kate Says:

    @69 does that mean Freesat have paid back all the money used to set it up?

    Freesat is run by the BBC (/ITV) it’s for FREE TV not to support some companies wanting to make a profit.

    It’s NO Catch TV.


  82. Kate Says:

    @66 … That’s good news perhaps they can just delete the PROMOTIONAL page and leave the promotion to BoxOffice365 themselves.


  83. Muzer Says:

    I think the “promotional” page is more of an instructional page. They obviously want to inform people of how to use the service, but I doubt they’ll make a big deal of it commercially (eg by putting it in leaflets) for the time being, especially since it’s in beta.

    Bear in mind that it isn’t really very prominently linked to from the main page either.


  84. Chrislayeruk Says:

    @ LeeS 72, Has anybody considered the audio quality of Movies on a Pay per view basis?
    The illegal download versions must be dreadfull, why ever bother?

    I personaly want quality, so would rent or buy the disc and play it in my quality system and get more of what the director intended.
    Renting via firms like blockbuster is getting cheaper all the time.

    This is too little too late, but what do I know…..Chris :)


  85. admin Says:


    If you wish to watch films as the director intended them, do you also have a 21:9 television 😉 (a purchase I’ll be making as soon as other brands other than Philips are available)


  86. steve 1 Says:

    @83 I agree blockbuster has 99p deals now on old films and you can own cheap dvds on amazon or bother with box 365.


  87. Lee S Says:

    @ Chrislayeruk Blu-Ray Ripped versions look great through Divx HD processors you get on good players these days. The clarity and sound is great for a compressed file and on my 32″ LG LCD the pictures look better than expected. It’s all down to individual taste I guess. If you have all the home cinema kit and a big screen i’m sure the original versions look fantastic from a disc.

    Also while i’m on here…. is it me or do you have to buy a Humax box if you want to watch Freesat and all it’s features as intended? It’s a shame there is no common ground when it comes to testing new services. On demand etc should be tested on all HD boxes before anything is released. Freesat might as well just award Humax with a contract to make these boxes if half of us aren’t going to see the light of day for these services. I bet all G2 boxes will be geared up conveniently so that those of us who want extra services have to depart with the best part of £200 to get a new box.


  88. Lee S Says:

    @ Richard Crichton 77. – there are many sites where you can pay for download movies. If one borrowed a dvd from somebody and gave it back after watching it, would this be classed as stealing?


  89. Freeviewer Says:

    @86 “…..On demand etc should be tested on all HD boxes before anything is released…. ”

    I agree – If it doesn’t work on all, don’t release until it does – That way the manufacturer’s will not drop support, and if unable to do so, provide equipment that will, just as LG had done.

    But won’t make any difference as Freesat will release it anyway – even just for the Humax.


  90. digiwatcher Says:

    Any new edition to Fressat is a benefit to all viewers but I have just looked at the Boxoffice365 website and laughed. £4.99 per month with only a choice of 35 films with such poor titles as Back to the Future and Wierd Science, err no thanks


  91. admin Says:

    Back to the Future and Wierd Science, poor titles? They are absolute classics :)


  92. Freeviewer Says:

    Classics which were just on the TV a few weeks ago


  93. digiwatcher Says:

    @admin classics, films aged 26 years old lol


  94. admin Says:

    True, but depends on your age. I refer to classics as those from my childhood 😉


  95. steve 1 Says:

    A wonderful life admin?


  96. upthePOSH Says:

    @93. Same here , I agree.


  97. Neil Says:

    I agree too. A classic is a childhood classic for me or one that stands out as an all-time great.


  98. freeviewered Says:


    Yep, it sure does look like you have to have a Humax box to enjoy all of the features of Freesat ‘for Humax, any other receiver – tough luck’


  99. freeviewer Says:

    I’m guessing the Humax brought out the first Freesat HD product, and hence have exclusive rights to the trial, and have the software amended to match their devices, rather than that of the others.


  100. Muzer Says:

    @99 freeviewer: Or maybe it’s something more mundane, like the Humax is the most popular so the one usually used for trials, or that that happens to be Freesat’s unit they give out to the developers – probably caused by them being the first box out, but not as directly as you suggested. That’s just my guess; you might be right, but it would just seem odd to me for it to specifically be in the contract.


  101. Freeviewer Says:

    Maybe so, but release a service after beta testing, that doesn’t work on all devices, without reasoning/explaination why certain devices aren’t capable doesn’t seem to be a thorough test.

    Explainations such as ‘no resources’ is not acceptable !…..

    Back to Box Office 365…..

    “This is a trial on Humax boxes only. It will run for approximately three months and then further decisions will be made on where it future lies.”

    What if you took up the offer, and it’s ditched during your subscription – will a refund be awarded ?

    I’d would have thought that yjose wishing to take up the trial should at least get a month free.


  102. Muzer Says:

    Freeviewer 101: What’s been released after beta testing? Only thing now out of beta is BBC iPlayer, and that was only done when nearly every device supported it (only one that doesn’t now is LG TVs, and they never will). ITV Player is still in beta last time I checked.


  103. Richard Crichton Says:

    @88 lee S
    Indeed there are but you wrote
    ” Although I should not promote free movie downloads via sharing and peer to peer sites,” sharing and peer to peer implies illegal downloading but may not be.
    I was referring to illegal downloads as stealing not paid for downloads.
    @84 Chrislayeruk
    Wrote”The illegal download versions must be dreadful, why ever bother?”
    Some are dreadful but many are dvd rips in divx format or Blu-ray rips in mp4/mkv format, with excellent quality (allegedly).These dvd’s are sent out to the Oscar judges long before they hit the retail market.


  104. Freeviewer Says:

    Off topic…..

    @102 BBC iplayer was out of Beta testing, and not all devices were capable of receiving it. (They can now, eventually apart from the LGs).

    ITV player (altough still beta) is not available to many devices, (and may never be). Even Freesat, via its online chat agent says ITV player is available to all !

    LG owners were the lucky ones, being given a Humax box !


  105. Mark S Says:

    Box Office 365 is now on 907 after a retune…also Red Light on 875


  106. James B Says:

    Is that on all boxes or just humax, itv player is on 903 on a humax but not on any other box.
    I don’t agree there should be channels on some boxes and not on others. This is messy. Yes national/regional, no box by box!


  107. Freeviewer Says:

    @106 Found channel 907 on my Box, but in was unticked, hence not accessible via EPG, or by pressing 907.

    One Ticked, I can see it in the EPG, and access it, but not available for my Panasonic.

    I agree with you…. Channels should be available for all, not just for some (unless you have Freesat SD Box instead of Freesat HD Box, or its down to regional/national), Hence Channels 903 & 907 shouldn’t be available to any (including Humax), once out of Beta, if these can not be accessed by all boxes.


  108. freeviewer Says:

    Freesat’s response:

    “The service is only currently available on Humax products. Our intention is to test the services on other products, including Panasonic in the coming few months so we can support the widest range of freesat players. I’m not sure on the precise technology on the Panasonic TV’s but we will do our best to make sure it works without you having to upgrade the TV.”


  109. ????? Says:

    freeviewer said: …… I’m not sure on the precise technology on the Panasonic TV’s but we will do our best to make sure it works without you having to upgrade the TV……”

    Isn’t this the reason why a product is given the permision of being ‘badged’ with the Freesat logo – that it conforms with Freesat’s spec.

    And what if the device doesn’t work ? It looks lise the consumer has to upgrade, within a short period of time !!!!


  110. Fluffy Says:

    Freesat is a company, (an ‘it,’ not a ‘they’) so your headline should say

    Freesat offers movie streaming service

    and NOT

    Freesat Offer Movie Streaming Service

    I’ve also removed the caps from the headline, since only Americans cap up headlines.


  111. admin Says:

    Fluffy said:
    Freesat is a company, (an ‘it,’ not a ‘they’) so your headline should say

    Freesat offers movie streaming service

    and NOT

    Freesat Offer Movie Streaming Service

    I’ve also removed the caps from the headline, since only Americans cap up headlines.

    Thank ya’ll for the education Fluffy 😉


  112. Phil Says:

    Even though it’s a streaming service and not a broadcast service I still think it’s a step in the pay TV direction which is wrong.
    If Freesat are going to let these streaming services on their platform they should be free and funded by some sort of advertising.

    I like the idea of streaming services like iPlayer, ITV Player and so on but I won’t subscribe to anything, that’s why I dumped Sky.
    I just wish Humax would give us an upgrade to use a USB wifi dongle, got too many wires as it is. I will be using Xbox for iplayer, 4OD, demand 5 and I hope ITV player. Come on Humax sort it…


  113. ????? Says:

    Phil said: ……I just wish Humax would give us…. I hope ITV player. Come on Humax sort it…

    If you have a Humax, then you will have ITV Player !


  114. Phil Says:

    ????? said: If you have a Humax, then you will have ITV Player !

    What I’m saying is I’d rather use the Xbox to get streaming services via wifi rather than having a cable trailing to my router.


  115. Rich Says:

    Just had a look and the films are all old … I’d hoped it might have been a bit more “Sky Box Office” stuff … between cinema and general release … or even just new stuff. Back to the Future’s the only good thing on there and it’s on ITV2/3/4 every other week lol

    If they up the quality of their movies, might be tempted. Would prefer to see on demand £2.99/movie for new stuff than a subscription to old stuff.


  116. Freeviewer Says:

    Phil said:
    I just wish Humax would give us an upgrade to use a USB wifi dongle, got too many wires as it is.…


  117. Doug Says:

    Looked good but some of the films are old ones and none on offer would make me want to take out a subscription.


  118. Billywhizz2001 Says:

    Oh dear, this cannot be a good move for Freesat and it’s customers.
    I moved from SKY due to the increasing expectation that they could wring out every last penny they could get their hands on from their loyal customers. Please Freesat don’t start off down that same avenue.


  119. ken Says:

    So freesat is starting to sell us out wont be able to call it freesat anymore. If i wanted pay per view movies i would change to sky. Nothing stays free for long.


  120. admin Says:

    ken said:
    So freesat is starting to sell us out wont be able to call it freesat anymore. If i wanted pay per view movies i would change to sky. Nothing stays free for long.

    BoxOffice365 was never free in the first place, so it isn’t a case of nothing stays free. Freesat will remain true to their word, everything you’d expect to be free, like 150+ channels and on demand services will remain free, it is only additional features that you wouldn’t have got anyway that are being offered for a charge. Remember this is just a trial, if Freesat get a lot of opposition, chances are they’ll not take it any further.


  121. lesley Says:

    the choice of films is poor
    either they have already been on several times
    or they look like one stars!
    my broadband has a limit so I would not want to spend it watching films
    rather watch utube etc
    conclusion – waste of time


  122. Carol Says:

    Have heard of this, but not interested if it is not free. We cannot receive ITV player we live in STV area. Freesat should be in competetion with Sky and give us film channels showing new and recent films for free.


  123. Rusty Says:

    “Freesat” is still free, the clue is in the name. All satellite channels are free. If the box can also take advantage of internet streaming and some of them charge, you don’t have to use them, it just broadens the customer base.


  124. andy Says:
    quality said:
    Choice is pretty poor. I can’t see it taking off. Any sign of HD?

    it looks like rubbish to me most of the films are quite old and already on tv why bother paying for it.some thing like netflix or love film is needed
    Kate said:
    The question now is…
    When will subscription UKTVplayer go live … and get promoted on the Freesat site?

    Gordon S Valentine said: comparisons.


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