Freesat Sales Double

Freesat have announced 200,000 sales since its launch back in May 2008. Having reported sales of 100,000 in September 2008, total sales of Freesat doubled in the final quarter of 2008.

Freesat is seen as an excellent choice in the current economic climate, with consumers attracted to subscription-free TV, preferring to avoid costly monthly bills in return for brilliant quality TV and a wide range of free channels.

Emma Scott, MD of Freesat commented;

We saw consumers increasingly drawn to Freesat at the end of last 2008 and into this year. The quality and choice of channels and services available and the added benefits offered by Freesat+ have really struck a chord.

2008 was a successful first year for Freesat, and with new products and increased HD programming from BBC and ITV this year, the future for Freesat looks positive.

Emma Scott continues;

Freesat is able to offer incredible HD with no subscription. We’re thrilled that both the BBC and ITV are investing more in HD programming in 2009.

Emma Scott concludes;

As we approach Freesat’s first anniversary in May 2009, we’re in an extremely strong position to build on our early successes. Key goals in 2009 include increasing our product range and distribution by the quality and choice of channels and services available, and the anticipated launch of IPTV services, like BBC iPlayer onto Freesat later this year.

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  1. Good sales on little/no advertising, imagine what they could have been!. With more HD programs and the Iplayer, Sky might start to get worried. The HDR must be taking lots of Sky+ boxes from peoples living rooms.

  2. I totally agree. In the context of an unknown platform, with little marketing, that’s pretty amazing for just 8 months.

  3. Well done freesat. Thats the equivalent of selling about 700 units a day. I wonder how many were sky customers?

    If freesat did some proper blitz advertising especially on ITV football they could get a million users by the end of the year.

    Getting more manufacturers with in built freesat tuners will really help too.

  4. If they advertise properly instead of the crap advertising so far, they might not only attract more viewers but some decent channels too!

  5. i have a question about the iplayer. will it just be freesat + boxes that are able to recieve it or will the normal boxes be able to stream from it as well???

  6. I agree Mr dawg ! The advertising ive seen in my daily newspaper is very poor. Well actually rather pathetic. For goodness sake try a bit harder Freesat !

  7. It doesn’t work like that, Freesat is a non-profit organisation and with the main revenue coming from channel inclusion, it only covers the running costs with very little budgeted for marketing and advertising. Combine that with the fact that the BBC cannot advertise one particular brand over others, it makes exposure even harder. It will no doubt improve however, given viewers are increasing etc. It’s up to all of us to help 🙂

  8. Yeah the terms that the BBC trust set up need to be looked at as they currently don’t work regarding advertising, in fact they work to be biased against the BBC! As I understand it the BBC can’t advertise the service because to do so would be technically also spending money on also advertising the other channels on there. Thats ridiculous.

    The terms need to be re-worded so the BBC is free to promote the service (they do own the Freesat company after all) but just not mention any other channels that are on there except by total number.

    That way they could advertise Freesat as a service, but just mention their own channels on there and the fact that there are X number of channels in total. That way they’re only promoting the platform and their channels and not specifically commercial broadcasters.

    To have terms that say they can’t promote the service becuase by promoting the service they’d also technically be promoting the other unmentioned channels on it is just polictical correctness gone mad.

    Its like saying that by promoting healthy eating on BBC programmes, the BBC are also promoting all the commercial companies that sell healthy products.

  9. There are regular adverts on TV for Freeview+. This is a similar service but with less geographic coverage than Freesat. Does anyone know how are these advertisments financed? With the impending digital switchover I would have thought that Freesat and Freesat+ would be a more cost effective solution than trying to increase Freeview’s geographic footprint.

  10. I cant believe we are all Freesat dissing once again !

    They are doing a great job of bringing HD into my home for free and thats good enough for me.

    ITV are doing their bit advertising the HD on Freesat angle ( albeit not exactly delivering the content as yet but seem to be improving) and it appears the BBC are restricted in what they can achieve.

    Bottom line is that its down to us to spread the word – I for one bore my friends, family and house guests with a tour of my Freesat PVR and some HD content on each of their visits and can happily say that 2 family members have bought a PVR since seeing mine in action at Christmas.

    I’m a firm believer that the more is the merrier and perhaps follishly means I have a chance of C4HD this side of 2010 – and (perhaps i’m delusional here) Film4 HD ? !! the mecha !

  11. Sam P what luck? Not only have you but also members of your family been able to buy a PVR. I have been trying to buy one since November. To the best of my knowledge no retailer in Nottingham has ever had any to sell and the internet sites all show no stock. Am I right in assuming all stock is sent south of Watford to the London area?

  12. It’s a shame that there are still channels offered on Freeview that are not available on Freesat – such as Dave and UKTV History. I’ve emailed UKTV about this, and they say there are no plans to change since “Pay TV is at the core of our business”. 🙁

  13. Brian J – Please dont tar me with that brush. I live in Leeds and sourced my PVR from Argos online in week 1 of release.

    Family members managed to find one in a local TV / Satellite shop and the chap kindly offered to fitt a dish and the box the very next day in one instance I believe ! (small premium on the box I have to admit)

    Sorry to hear you cannot locate one – good luck though, it may be worth checking the not so obvious it seems.

  14. I think they’ve done amazingly well. Back in the summer I wanted an SD box, but nowhere local had one. I haunted Comet (Foxsat HD only) and Currys (HD only) but to no avail. Eventually I discovered Currys 20 miles away had stock and got there in time to buy the last one! This situation went on for months. Just think what would have happened with an effective advertising campaign.

    Freesat’s decision to limit the range of manufacturers and retailers was bound to cause shortages. I spite of themselves they have succeeded. If only Humax could ramp up supplies of their PVR we might all be happy.

  15. It just goes to show that public awareness might have been underestimated. To put it another way, its getting on for a ¼ of a million Freesat boxes in less than a year and will probably easily exceeed that figure by summer 2009 with virtually no advertising, brilliant and surprising?

    Would be interesting to see figures for the number of actual Freesat homes and where they are rather than boxes. What percentage have left $ky and taken up Freesat? Most of them hopefully 😉 ..

  16. Well done freesat ! Great news regarding passing the 200,000 mark. I understand re advertising budget – not a lot, just like many company’s budgets at this time i’m sure.

    Best way for all freesat followers to help improve the service is to tell your friends and family. I havn’t stopped since getting freesat in July 08.

    Not sure why the guys down the local groan when I walk in now though ? !!

  17. There are a total of 22,539,000 households in England and Wales.
    (According to 01 census)

    So if they multiply their sales by 100, that will be every household covered in England and Wales. 😀

  18. Its all good but if Freesat want thsi to continue then they really need to accelerate the transition to total HD.

    People have HD sets and are crying out for HD content that at the moment is simply not forthcoming.

  19. I disagree with Al (Original). The only clamour I hear for HD is from posts to this website. As digital switchover gains momentum the growth will come from ordinary viewers with ordinary TVs who are more interested in the content – not how many blades of grass or eyelashes they can count.

    If Freesat want this to continue they will need more manufacturers producing more STBs to be sold through more outlets – preferably at prices closer to Freeview boxes.

    Is it out of the question to fit future HD STBs with a CAM slot to enable encrypted free-to-view channels (like C4HD) to be viewed?

  20. There is a bit of falseness in the market place, humax I dont think realised how many people would buy their recorder, on top of that the story that a lorry load were stolen did help to put panic in the market place pushing “new” units on ebay to sell far above the rrp price.
    I for one am holding off till the rrp price drops to a realistic price, then I will buy one and yes, ditch sky.
    I understand that humax do know the units which have been stolen and are watching ebay sales – rightly so

  21. From personal experience a lot of people are getting Freesat without realising what it is. For example a friend, who isn’t overly technical, ended up paying extra for Freesat when he already had Sky TV. It was only after the TV was installed that he realised he wouldn’t be needing the Freesat!

  22. its great that freesat is doing well,i can see a lot more people going the freesat route in 2009 (Me Included 😆

  23. I bought my first Freesat HD Box yesterday. I love it and cannot wait for a the supply of PVR’s to ease. I’ve been on the web all afternoon and can find no stock anywhere.
    My input, for what it is worth, is that as a customer who has no interest in sport, which is 90% dominated by the moronic game of football in any case, and the inclusion of HD now makes my Sky HD box and subscription look positivley unattractive and extremely poor value for money. I hope that the future will bring more HD channels like Nat Geo, HistoryHD etc currently found on the ‘Documentary’ menu on Sky. I also would like to endorse the ‘Scrap Teleshopping channels’ point of view. It not only dilutes the content but also bloats it making the number of channels available misleading. I am so looking forward to scrapping my entire Sky setup and saying goodbye to poor customer service, unreliable equipment and of course the subscription. In my case it will only take 4 months to pay for the entire freesat conversion by migrating from Sky. I have many friends who will be following suit.

  24. After seeing a Freesat box in action I have ordered a Humax HD PVR and cancelled my Sky subscription. Sky are getting like BT, take it or leave it.

    I used to have the full Sky package then Sky started charging twice for certain sports like football and boxing events.

    They do not have the market anymore, keep up the good work Freesat, by the way does anyone know if theire is a Freesat magazine yet?

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