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Sep 29 2009

Courtesy once again of AndrewM (the first!), updated sales figures/ratio’s for Quarter 2 – 2009.

Ofcom today published their Digital Television Update for Q2 of 2009 (news release: Including the information you previously published ( and, here are the updated sales figures:

Freesat unit sales – 2008

Q2 2008: 39,000 units (15,000 SD and 24,000 HD) (61% HD) [1]
Q3 2008: 69,000 units (20,000 SD and 49,000 HD) (71% HD) [2]
Q4 2008: 125,000 units (26,000 SD and 99,000 HD) (79% HD) [3]

Total sales for 2008: 233,000 units (61,000 SD and 172,000 HD) (74% HD) [3]

Freesat unit sales – 2009

Q1 2009: 117,000 units (26,000 SD and 91,000 HD) (78% HD) [4]
Q2 2009: 98,000 units (79% HD) [5]*

Total sales since launch


So a drop in sales from Q1 to Q2 (the impact of the recession and poor availability of boxes?), however given the recent announcement of 600,000 units sold (, it looks like Q3 sales are on track to set a new quarterly record of more than 150,000 units (even higher than the quarter which included last Christmas!). As for the percentage of HD receivers sold, it looks like it has reached a plateau for the moment at almost 80%.


*Note that for this quarter Ofcom reports the percentage of HD receivers sold, rather than giving a number of units, so it isn’t possible to give the units breakdown of SD and HD receivers.

9 Responses to “Freesat Sales Figures – Q2 2009”

  1. Roger Burrows Says:

    If the total sales are 98000 and 79% are HD, then surely they have sold 77420 HD units and 20580 Sd units – or am I missing something?


  2. AndrewM the first Says:

    @Roger – I thought about doing that but decided against it as I’d in effect just be making up the numbers (because the percentage almost certainly isn’t exact and the number of units is only accurate to the nearest thousand).

    Besides, the important numbers are the total number of units sold and the percentage of those sold that are HD-capable.


  3. Jason Says:

    I guess these figures don’t include PC satellite cards which I use for the freesat service?


  4. admin Says:

    They are non-official so no. Plus these cards access FTA channels, not the Freesat EPG as far as I’m aware?!?!


  5. Jason Says:

    I use access the freesat epg using dvbviewer


  6. neil Says:

    i think freesat will fold soon the channels are poor and the hd is paltry , 150 wasted when will i ever learn freeview hd will smash freesat


  7. Jason Says:

    So what are freesat’s finances like?

    I will be sticking with freesat as satellite has far greater capacity that terestial.
    Once the Astra UK beam satellite 2C has been put back to 28.2 degrees) (moved to due to the Astra 5A problem) then some of the capacity delays in getting channels like 4HD will end. I think Astra 2C is due to move back Q1/Q2 2010


  8. Steve Says:

    What Freesat needs is all 10 of the UKTV channels Watch, Gold, Dave, Blighty, Yesterday, Alibi, Eden, Really, Home and Good Food in its line up to add variety. BBC Worldwide owns 50% of UKTV so I am at a loss why these channels are not already broadcasting on Freesat?????? This alone would probably help double there sales. The addition of a HD only film channel from CH4 and another from the BBC would also help them get to the 3 million subscribers they are going to need to survive.


  9. Freesat Sales Figures – Q3 2009 | Join Freesat Says:

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