Freesat Sales Figures – Q3 2009

Courtesy once again of AndrewM (the first!), updated sales figures/ratio’s for Quarter 3 – 2009.

Ofcom recently released their Digital Progress Report for Q3 2009 (

Including the information you previously published (, and, here are the updated Freesat sales figures as they stood at 30 September 2009:

Freesat unit sales – 2008

Q2 2008: 39,000 units (15,000 SD and 24,000 HD) (61% HD) [1]
Q3 2008: 69,000 units (20,000 SD and 49,000 HD) (71% HD) [2]
Q4 2008: 125,000 units (26,000 SD and 99,000 HD) (79% HD) [3]

Total sales for 2008: 233,000 units (61,000 SD and 172,000 HD) (74% HD) [3]

Freesat unit sales – 2009

Q1 2009: 117,000 units (26,000 SD and 91,000 HD) (78% HD) [4]
Q2 2009: 98,000 units (79% HD) [5]*
Q3 2009: 193,000 units (79% HD) [6]*

Total sales since launch:


As expected, Freesat sales figures showed a big increase in this quarter, with total unit sales by the end of the quarter standing at 643,000 and setting a new quarterly sales record of 193,000 units, nearly double the previous quarterly sales figure. Ofcom reports that the proportion of HD receivers is still constant at 79% (see note below). And as you reported in late November (, Freesat said that sales had by that point surpassed 750,000. Given these figures, I definitely think that Freesat is on track to pass the million mark sometime this current quarter.


*Note that starting in Q2 2009, Ofcom only reports the percentage of HD receivers sold, rather than giving a number of units, so it isn’t possible to give the units breakdown of SD and HD receivers. Also, it’s not completely clear if the percentage they give is for total sales or quarterly sales; I have assumed the latter.

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  1. This is good news, hopefully with extra viewers and the investments they make it will convince channels freesat is a platform they want to be on and 2010 is the year we get to 200 channels!!

    Heres hoping


  3. While the figures look good and a good percentage of them are for HD units, shouldn’t Freesat openly court channels with HD content and try to get them on board. Even if they can’t because of contractual reasons because of Murdoch’s monoply just yet, but at least provide information that the future of Freesat HD content, is going to expand and get better sometime.

    I fear once Freeview HD is up and running Freesat will lose out big time and become redundant if it can’t at least secure better channels both SD and HD in the furture.

    Or do they take a sit and wait stance – and going to cut and run once the games over without trying?

  4. Tony – tell me how much money you’ve paid freesat – rather than how much you paid humax or panasonic for your box / TV? There won’t be dedicated channels. Did you not read what freesat is for?

  5. More HD will in time arrive, I’m sure it’s just a question of waiting! I’d have thought Luxe TV and Luxe TV HD would have been added to the EPG as surely it’s not a massive overhead for what is a pan-European broadcaster and also gives the platform a boost by boasting an extra HD offering. I’ve added both their SD and HD channels to my ‘other satellite’ favourites as even though some of their programming isn’t the most compelling it gives a good A/B comparison for SD and HD resolution.

  6. you have to admit we should have more hd channels by now.i thought the bbc and itv were the owners of freesat.all we seem to get new channel wise is rubbish they dont have to pay for.they should let us know what the future holds ie thier intentions.they say more channels added every month free hd channels etc ya when?
    i must admit i expected better.

  7. Tony you need to step back and accept Freesat for what it is. They are never realisticaly going to be able to go out and get new channels onboard or force new HD offerings.

    All this entity is there for is to ensure that when analogue is switched off we can all still watch telly without getting Sky. Not everyone can get Freeview. If you are honest they actually have achieved that goal, will bells on – FREE HD. Be thankful for what you have and a little more realistic. Or go spend Β£50 a month somewhere else.

    I would thikn Freesat will now simply sit there as a platform and not really develop significantly (hope I am wrong), its main aims are achieved – especially now Iplayer is available. Yes, eventually we MAY see C4HD or C5HD but dont hold your breath, this will only come when HD is the norm, which is far from being the case for non subscription channels in 2010. The world revolves around business and money I am afraid.

  8. As a new comer to Humax PVR is there any way of getting two ITV1 channels on the EPG.I uses to live in Sussex before moving to Norfolk,so would like ITV south as well as ITV east to catch up with the local Sussex news.I know I can change my Postcode but its too much hazzle every time.

  9. Strange that FreeviewHD with very restricted bandwith has three HD channels from the word go but Freesat can only manage half a channel from the BBC and a very occasional ITV show.Sorry to say Freesat has become a damp squib with a satellite that is full and which will run out of propellant in 2012. This quarters sales figures will probably be the peak and it will be downhill all the way from now on. No Dave,no Fiver, no Five US, no 4HD no Proper ITVHD no Sky News just 18 BBC1’s, low res ITV 1-4 and slappers on couches sure we really need them. The only people who will buy Feesat are those who cannot get Freeview which is the brief anyway.

  10. @7 The chances are that Archie Norman will make ITV2/3/4 pay and C5 HD will join E4 HD on Sky HD.

    ITV needs to get back to strengthening ITV1 and making it the most watched channel in the UK again, as it was before multichannel TV fragmented the audience.

  11. Re John at 9; I watch ITV West because the picture is stunning compared to Meridian. if I want local sussex news then I switch to non-freesat mode where I’ve stored it (along with all the music channels for my children!)

    Also, why all this knocking of freesat; it still has more channels than freeview. Its been well documented why Fiver et al are not yet available. Blame Murdoch not Freesat, blimey some people are never satisfied!

  12. RE John @9: You should have your local ITV at 103, and also ITV1 London at 977. I think everyone has ITV1 London in addition to the local ITV.

  13. Freeview HD will give viewers access to subscription-free high definition channels from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and S4C in Wales in addition to more than 50 Freeview channels in standard definition. Capacity has also been provisionally reserved for Five to launch its proposed HD channel from late 2010.

    Some early transmissions of Freeview HD have been agreed in London from December this year and in other major cities (Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds/Bradford and Newcastle) ahead of the World Cup in June 2010.

    The final roll-out schedule of Freeview HD across the UK is currently being finalised, but is expected to be broadly in line with the digital switchover process, starting in December 2009 and concluding in 2012.seems freeveiw will have the lot

  14. @Tony
    Not everyone can get Freeview. That’s the whole point of Freesat. Over time there wil be more HD on Sat than View. Four HD channels is the absolute max there will ever be on View. Eventually more satellite narrow beam capacity will be made available to Sat. There will never be more capacity on Freeview for HD unless they close the SD channels down which is unlikely.

  15. I love my freesat hd box, but channel 4 looks to have lost true blood to sky ,as have itv 2 lost supernatural two great programs.c’mon freesat get them back plus more quality viewing.

  16. @16 How many times!!!!??? Freesat is not a broadcaster. It does not run any channels, or buy programmes. It’s just an EPG.

    As for True Blood, Season one was on FX/FX HD last year before it came to C4. Season two starts on FX/FX HD in February, when it’s finished C4 will show it.

  17. “Ofcom only reports the percentage of HD receivers sold, rather than giving a number of units, so it isn’t possible to give the units breakdown of SD and HD receivers.”

    C’mon Ian, not that hard:

    Q2 2009: 98,000 units (79% HD)

    98,000 / 100 x 79 = 77,420 HD Units

    98,000 – 77,420 = 20,580 SD Units

    Q3 2009: 193,000 units (79% HD)

    193,000 / 100 x 79 = 152,470 HD units

    193,000 – 152,470 = 40,530 SD units

  18. @ Admin, not trying to put you down was just pointing it out it could be back worked quite easily. πŸ™‚

  19. @Al (Original)

    Indeed, but I wonder whether AndrewM meant something else by the comment as like you I though surely it would be easy to calculate SD sales. Maybe he’ll come on and answer πŸ™‚

  20. @17 Derek500

    So one pays Sky to watch it on FX and an extra Β£10 for HD and then its on Ch4 anyway.
    Talk about a rip off.
    So when is Stargate Universe coming to Sky Derek? I’ve already seen the first season on the net.

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