Freesat Sales SD/HD Ratio Update

Following on from our previous guest post on sales figure ratio’s, AndrewM has once again done some digging to bring us to latest figures from Q1 of 2009.

Figures for Q1 of 2009 look good compared with the expected busy period of Q4 2008, with only a small drop HD sales and no change in SD sales. Freesat have already announced sales have reached 400,000 by the anniversary in May so at this rate, 500,000 within the month of July is more than achievable and a great milestone to reach.

Here’s more detail on the sales figures:

Freesat unit sales – 2008

Q2 2008: 39,000 units (15,000 SD and 24,000 HD) (61% HD) [1]
Q3 2008: 69,000 units (20,000 SD and 49,000 HD) (71% HD) [2]
Q4 2008: 125,000 units (26,000 SD and 99,000 HD) (79% HD) [3]

Total sales for 2008: 233,000 units (61,000 SD and 172,000 HD) (74% HD) [3]

Freesat unit sales – 2009

Q1 2009: 117,000 units (26,000 SD and 91,000 HD) (78% HD) [4]

Total sales since launch

350,000 (87,000 SD and 263,000 HD) (75% HD) [4]


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  1. I’d like to see Freesat actively explore using the CAM slot – with Setanta going down the tubes there is no real choice now, its $ky or nothing really. BBC coverage of F1 is excellent and MotoGP also good, but for football fans $ky now have monopoly – I didn’t think that was allowed…….

  2. Regardless of the availability of HD boxes these figures say alot – suggests to me people are eager to get HD, full stop.

    The Q1 numbers must have SKY’s attention – with a fair wind we could be looking at 1m boxes by the end of the year (although how many have gone back to Sky remains to be seen).

    If only the momentum could bring more HD / substantial channels to bear on the platform and not just force down the price of SKY HD boxes (although not subscription which from my point of view would be a better trigger for me to jump back to SKY).

    I noticed SKY HD boxes are FREE with a Sony HD TV now ! That just about pays your first years subscription compared to a Humax and gives you 30+ HD channels.

    PS – echo Rob H – would love to see ESPNs offering albeit know Freesat is free, hence the lack of subs channels.

    PPS – well done BBC HD – wimbledona dn Glasto – AWESOME.

  3. @ Rob H: the Freesat spec doesn’t include a CAM slot.

    These figures only run to the end of Q1 2009, i.e. March 31, 2009.

  4. @Lex
    The freesat boxes do have CAM Slots
    It would be a good idea, if freesat made a pay monthly contact plan for extra channels, smilar to sky but less money and less rubbish channels. This would be activated by using a viewing card in the cam slot.

    I can see everyone having a go at me saying freesat is FREE, but really we aren’t getting anywhere at the moment with freesat!

    And if Humax don’t fix the slowness of the HDR out with the iplayer update. I will go with freeview HD in 2010 or just go back to basic sky HD.

  5. alex if you want pay TV why did’nt you go with Sky? No Freesat boxes apart from the HDR have Cam slots.I and a great many others i think dont want a second rate pay tv package-we just want a decent FTA service 🙂

  6. Here we go again…. This has been talked to death both here and on digital spy. Freesat is free… end of.

    All freesat boxes do not have cam slots, only those by Humax. The others, to the best of my knowledge, do not. Certainly none of the receivers made by Alba do.

  7. @ sam

    Sky HD’s Q1 figures were 243,000 and the £49 offer wasn’t available for most of the period. There is still a waiting list so I would expect Q2 to exceed that.

    I don’t know how much the Humax PVR launch uplifted Freesat’s Q1 figures, but now there are no supply issues it would it seem that demand has levelled out.

    Interestingly in OFCOM’s Q1 report on PVR’s, Freesat wasn’t even included in the total figures.

  8. @MJ

    Well i am terrible sorry, its not my fault you brought a cheap alba one.
    I only brought the humax for HD and record, and got rid of my sky box.

    If the sky HD service deal was out before i changed i would of gone with sky hd deal!

    The reason i changed from sky+ was for bbc hd and itv hd. as i am so used to watching blu-ray movies on my pioneer plasma, and wanted everyday tv to come to that standard.

    The fact is, its like freeview. its FREE!!! but you can still get a top-up tv service for it. Which not all boxes have the card slot on, which is tough luck on the people that got the cheap boxes.

  9. TUTV is not part of Freeview. It just so happens to use the same delivery method as Freeview. TUTV and Freeview are both DTT Services.

    I have no problem with owning and Alba box, none at all. The fact remains that a cam / card is not part of the freesat spec.

    Your style of posting speaks volumes about you.

  10. @MJ

    I agree with Alex on this point, The Cam slot is just going to waste on my HDR and it needs to be used for something, as there was no point in placing it there!

    Although his posting may speak volume of him, at least he is actually buying quality products…. instead of the cheapest possible!

    I doubt i will be going to old rupert murdoch, but i wouldn’t mind spending £10 or £5 a month just to get a couple more channels along with the bbc hd one.

  11. Part of the appeal of Freesat is its simplicity. As the website says, “There’s no subscription and no monthly bills to pay.” If you start adding in optional subscriptions with cards, then in the consumer’s mind, how is it really different from Sky?

    For the moment, I think it’s better if Freesat stays completely subscription-free. (Although if Project Canvas gets approved, Canvas-Freesat boxes might well offer ways of subscribing/purchasing certain additional content as well as ad-supported free IPTV viewing).

  12. How about then, if not all freesat boxes have cam ports

    Because they have ethernet ports, can they night have on-demand tv and movie rental/buy to download to your hdd like BT vision???

    You would still get Free TV. But you would also have the option to rent the odd film when nothing else is on?

  13. I have, in various other postings, suggested the use of the ethernet port for the viewing of on demand programs.

    All the nics within the freesat boxes have their own Mac address. This could be used to differentiate between users and to allow some sort of billing system.


    With regards to buying quality products, I have the Bush HD. The only issue I have had with it is the well known volume problem when switching between channels too fast. Yes I bought it because it was the cheapest, I did not need the extra functionality on the Humax, I already have a very good receiver that will happily control my motor and allow me to use cards and cams. In essence, I bought the cheapest purely for the EPG.

    The Cam slot on the Humax was added in by Humax, not for freesat use but fo using with various other services whilst in Non Freesat mode. The addition of this slot seems to have confused a lot of people and given them the impression that some sort of UK based pay tv setup could be used in addition to the freesat system.

    Remember, Freesat is the EPG. It is very well defined in what it can and will do. Were freesat to change their EPG to include PPV, then they would become “Kinda Sorta Free but not always Sat”.

    By all means, if one has access to a CAM, then use it in conjunction with the Humax. There are plenty of Sports, Movies, Adult packages out there that can be purchased for use in non freesat mode.

  14. I love my freesat humax hd box because it is free,Had sky +hd ,but if you dont subscribe to a sky package they switch off the recording function which is ten pounds a month .therfore my three hundred pound sky+box useless .So even though sky are giving their boxes away for forty five ponds for new subscribers it will cost a minimum sixteen pounds fifty a month ,So people with sky no pay no recorder no hd channels only bbc.

  15. Last month invested approx £300 in Freesat+ HD equipment, I think I should have purchased a Digi box and an aerial. Basically one HD channel on the Air and that’s part time. My warning to potential buyers is think about what you are doing before you spend your money!

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