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Nov 17 2011

Freesat, Satellite TV Made Easy - New Advertising CampaignFreesat, the free satellite TV service, today launched its new advertising campaign: “Freesat. Satellite TV made easy.”

Set to launch during I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here on Monday 21st November, the 30 second commercial runs until January 2012.

Viewers will see the return of the Freesat 1 satellite space station orbiting earth and “Team Freesat” who featured in the brand’s last TV campaign earlier this year.

Team Freesat on Freesat1

In the new commercial, Stanley, Stu and Izzy have the unwelcome surprise of being visited by a spaceship-to-spaceship salesman, Lance. Lance’s complicated and confusing sales pitch is the antithesis of Freesat’s straightforward offer: brilliant TV for a one-off payment with no monthly bills. 

Lance the salesman

The past year has seen Freesat announce some key milestones. The free TV service reached 2 million sales earlier than expected, announced ITV Player into its VOD line-up and launched several new channels onto the platform including two new HD channels (Channel 4 HD and NHK World HD). Freesat’s next generation products are also due to launch in early 2012. 

Will Abbott, Marketing and Communications Director at Freesat said:

We’ve brought Team Freesat back together on Freesat1 to create an entertaining campaign with a simple message: that in the face of increasing complexity and choice Freesat offers customers an easy way to enjoy brilliant TV, catch-free.

This is the second TV campaign created for Freesat by VCCP, which has handled the Freesat account for nearly two years. The TV commercial was directed by Paul King, whose credits include Bafta-nominated The Mighty Boosh and comedy series Come Fly With Me. Lance is played by Rich Fulcher, who is best known for his roles, including Bob Fossil, in The Mighty Boosh.

Freesat will be supporting the new commercial with digital and social media activity including VOD pre-roll ads and advertorial media partnerships.

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99 Responses to “Freesat, Satellite TV Made Easy – New Advertising Campaign”

  1. Neil Says:

    Great to see another ad campaign as it’s been pretty quiet on the advertising front of late. Christmas is always a busy time for unit sales and with previous ad campaigns resulting in noticable increased sales of Freesat products then I’m sure this will also be successful. I’ll have to keep an eye out, might even record ‘I’m A Celebrity’, just to skip forward to watch the adverts !!


  2. Shaun Says:


    Please use the following link to discuss on-demand (ITV Player) services.



  3. AlexR Says:


    Please use the following link to discuss on-demand (ITV Player) services.



  4. AlexR Says:


    Please use the following link to discuss on-demand (ITV Player) services.



  5. Shaun D Says:

    Freesat is awesome. The best TV service I’ve ever had. ITV Player I get (I have Humax) but never use it as I never watch any ITV shows, so trust me other Shaun, you’re not missing out.

    Don’t be so negative about something that’s FREE. I’ve tried Sky, Freesat from Sky, Virgin, Freeview and TopupTV, and Freesat is by far the best system I’ve ever used and compliments DTT well.


  6. steve 1 Says:

    I am sure it will be music to sky’s ears I think not.


  7. Al Catraz Says:

    well said Shaun D! (although I do watch the occasional ITV programme)


  8. Shaun Says:

    Was highlighting that the new advertisement has to be accurate, falling in line with the ASA and not how they had advertised throughout the past year.


  9. Neil Says:

    Shaun have they advertised much during the last 12mths (apart from last Christmas’s campaign)?? Maybe they’ve been focusing on DSO’d areas for which I no longer live in!

    Is it me or are Sky not as heavily advertising at the moment? I’m not bothered as sick of hearing/seeing ads for them but noticed there seems slightly less billboard and on-screen advertising than in previous years. I guess their feeling the pince with their shareholders so trying to cut that £1billion advertising overhead down!


  10. Freeviewer Says:

    @ 5 Shaun D – You’ve tried so many, but guess you now use Freesat to reduce/avoid the cost of subscription

    What’s difference do you notice between Freesat from Sky & Freesat.
    Apart from BBC iPlayer/ITV player, both show HD & SD Channels, Radio Channels. (Freesat from Sky having 5HD, and a few more channels than Freesat).

    I too had Topup TV, which didn’t work as intended, and decided to purchase an intergrated LG Freesat/Freeview TV – which ended up not being capable of receiving Catch Up services. This was exchanged for a Panasonic !

    Freesat itself (not including Catch-Up services) is far better than Freeview, and rarely use Freeview apart from the odd occasions when I wish to watch 5*, 5USA, Yesterday, Dave, Quest, etc…. but if Freesat is to get the remaiing channels from 5, then Freeview wil be accessed even less.

    Just wish rather than advertising, that they would try to get their Catchup services working on all devices, and attract other channels to become part of their platform.

    Overall, for a free system – Freesat comes out top, but needs to improve on it’s information that is being seen on its website, and broadcasted. (‘Coming soon’ for several months would be better if they had an actual date)


  11. Shaun Says:

    @9 Neil,

    Yes via their website, in Argos Catalogues, Instore leaflets, Instore displays – altough with information that could mislead people into buying equipment that would receive all of the Freesat services.

    Will be interesting to see what the new Ad has to say !


  12. admin Says:


  13. Muzer Says:

    @10 Freeviewer: FSFS does not allow recording unless you pay ten pounds per month, whereas Freesat (of course) does.


  14. graham Says:

    Saw the ad it’s rubbish they want and need a proper and informative ad that people understand. People have no idea of what they are getting from ads like these and it’s about time freeview stuff was included. Freesat was and still should be for people that can not access freeview we are down the road previously occupied by Beta and VHS, one gave you better picture quality one gave you greater access. Lets learn from others previous mistakes.


  15. graham Says:

    Sorry should not only be for people that can not get freeview but for anybody who wants to use or put up a dish.


  16. Lez Says:

    Advert is very disappointing. Can’t see anyone rushing out to buy a freesat box after seeing that.
    Agree with graham@14. The 30secs airtime would have been better spent on advising just what Freesat is. Most folk still think it’s what you have left after cancelling the Sky subscription, ie Freesat via Sky.


  17. Shaun D Says:

    As others have said, the biggest difference to me over FSFSky is the ability to record. Considering there’s no subscription (obviously another perk)I find the EPG and recording features are superb.

    I find Sky’s offering too bloated. There are a few more channels (lots more if you subscribe) but the EPG is cluttered with channels you don’t get or want, it’s £10/m to record and clunky to use.

    The only service I haven’t had yet is the new VM TiVo which looks quite amazing, however the pay channels aren’t attractive enough to warrant me paying over £20/m or whatever it is now.


  18. Shaun Says:

    I had FSFS at my old house, and I used to be able to record from the box to my VCR without problems – they must have changed.

    Beginning to think I wish I kept my old box, and used that to receive Freesat.


  19. Shaun Says:

    Back on topic.

    @16 I agree. Money could have been better spent.


  20. antony Says:

    [admin] Link removed [/admin]

    Is the about us section ‘ no false claims’ a dig at freesat. i believe so and this farce has recently had me looking at sky deals again! until i slapped myself. because false promises have been made and only very positive news over early 2012 could make me forget about it.


  21. admin Says:


    We’ll have no links to that platform on here (RD) please. They can attempt digs at the competition all they want, but in reality they don’t even have a running service and have seen longer delays than it was with Panasonic getting iPlayer on their 2008 televisions 😉 I cannot work out why you’d be considering Sky deals again because of “this farce”? I can only assume you mean because of the on demand services but you’ll not be able to access any at all from Sky, so the only reason to consider them is that you want access to some subscription channels which is a completely different reason than anything Freesat have done to upset you, surely!


    I fear we are losing you as a Freesat fan because of the debarcle over ITV Player and hope every contribution doesn’t end up being a negative against the platform :(

    You do right to stand your ground and pursue answers but I wonder whether you even would watch ITV Player, it is terrible 😀

    (back on topic) As for the new advert, not to my taste either, I think a more structured approach explaining what Freesat is would be much better than going down the quirky route (sorry Freesat!). I don’t see many adverts (the invention of recordable receivers means I skip them) but I remember an Autoglass one a while back explaining what happens when a crack in the windscreen worsens; it was affective imo.


  22. Rosco Says:

    Oh dear oh dear. That advert is TERRIBLE. What a wasted opportunity with Christmas just around the corner.


  23. admin Says:

    Don’t forget to vote on whether you like the new ad or not (included in original post)


  24. Steve Says:

    “People have no idea of what they are getting from ads like these and it’s about time freeview stuff was included.”

    I’m not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean the Freeview channels, like Dave and Quest? If so, that’s not within Freesat’s ability as it’s down to the agreement the channels have with Sky. Freeview can show them because they are not a satellite broadcaster. Freesat cannot because Sky have agreements/contracts (whatever) with them as the sole satellite broadcaster.


  25. steve 1 Says:

    It wasn’t well informed and to jokey it should of been showing key factors like free hd channels: free to record :no monthly bills:bbci player etc really sock it to people who are in the dark about this freesat.this advert is 5 years to early.


  26. Steve Says:

    I’d have been happier if the 30 seconds had been spent teaching people basic English. It speaks volumes that the people most vocal about TV on here are also those with the most appalling grasp of even the basics of the language.


  27. steve 1 Says:

    Steve@26 who is this aimed at?


  28. Muzer Says:

    @18 Shaun WRT FSFS: We mean recording onto hard drives with Sky’s PVRs – of course, you can record to a VCR from anything with a SCART or RF output 😉

    Anyway, as for the advert, I agree with the points raised so far. Most people I meet still have no clue, or at least only very vague ideas, about what Freesat even is, and have to get clarification from me that it’s completely free, not the same as Freesat from Sky, works with Sky dishes, etc. and this advert doesn’t do anything to improve this. When everyone knows exactly what you do, or it is self-explanatory, you can afford to have quirky adverts like this. But Freesat cannot afford this luxury – adverts should contain such basic information as what dishes they can be used with, what functions they have over competitors (hundreds of subscription-free channels, catch-up services, HD channels, the ability to record without paying a fee…).

    @26 Steve: I don’t doubt that everyone on here can use English to a perfectly adequate standard, but some choose not to punctuate/check spelling because it’s an informal setting – and I perfectly respect their right to do that. I don’t mind people doing it in informal online settings in which everyone is likely to be a native English speaker, as it’s really not difficult to understand for native English speakers. The only time when I would complain about such things is in forums in which English is not many people’s first language, so they might have trouble understanding non-punctuated text or poorly-spelt words, but that is not, on the whole, the case here, as Freesat is a primarily British topic. You should be more understanding that, for some people, typing quickly is not a forte (possibly exacerbated by the QWERTY keyboard), so typing without proper spelling/punctuation, in informal, English-native settings like this is perfectly acceptable as long as it is still easily readable (which it is), saving a lot of time on the part of the writer in exchange for a very small amount of effort on the part of the reader.


  29. Shaun Says:

    Stuck with the device I have, will still use. Freesat in favor of others, but home that when resources become availaBle, that services such as ITV player and future services will become available.

    With regards to advertising, Freesats website still haVe examples that require correction.

    Just noticed the poll, haVe voted.

    Will keep the negativity to a minimum on future comments. 😉


  30. admin Says:


    I hope you mean me…because I know 😀


  31. Derek (original) Says:

    I guess freesat will feel that the money invested in the new advertising campaign is money well spent, but the style of it leaves me cold. It is unfunny, uninformative and probably will only mean anything to those people who already have freesat! What is wrong with a straightforward, informative advertisment


  32. Freeviewfsn6b Says:

    “Our customers just want Satellite Telly, made easy….”

    As it states ‘Our Customers’ it’s aimed at those who already receive Freesat TV.
    (Could have had this playing on channel 999)

    Is that what we really want ?, How is it made easy ?

    If it’s aimed at potential customers then…..

    Freesat in addition to providing SD/HD Teleivision channels, supplies:-

    * EPG
    * digital radio stations
    * On demand TV
    * and interactive services (via red button, and Teletext Channel 986)
    * record TV (via Freesat+ box)
    * pause and rewind live TV (via Freesat+ box)

    No mention in the advertisment of the additional services.

    Not sure what is meant by the slogan “Free yourself with Catch Free TV”


  33. Ian Vallender Says:

    the only thing i dont like i own a Sagem/ sagemcom pvr is putting satellite transponder frequency numbers in to find non freesat free to air services if only more manufacturers would put a scan button in so it would be even easier to search for non freesat channels other than that i would have to use One of Jeremy Clarkson’s quotes. Satellite tv how hard can it be?


  34. Al Catraz Says:

    I’ve watched the ad and, even as a freesat user, i don’t understand what it’s selling! What a waste of time & resource – I agree with those that favour the more direct approach:

    “fed up with $ky subscriptions or struggling with your freeview signal…? well here’s a free alternative… etc” simples!


  35. martin Says:

    not seen the advert cant understand the confusion freesat is the logo its on the box its on the set top box it dose not say sky it dose not say freeviwe cant understand why people get confused look on line they v even got a web site or is it just me where is the confusion


  36. Lee S Says:

    I have to agree, after watching the ad online, it is very poor and for those people who are unfamiliar with Freesat will wonder what the advert is selling. The Freeview HD ads are a little more explanatory.

    However I feel that Freesat are missing the point. What they need to be careful of is promoting the brand as an alternative to other satellite tv services when I feel strongly that this should be looked at as one of the best ways of obtaining free-to-air tv.

    Freesat should be the platform of choice when people are looking to upgrade to HD for example. It’s cheaper to put up a dish than an aerial (unless you have an existing one of course), greater channel choice, VOD, more room for expansion and aded services, plus Freesat G2 products should blow Freeview and YouView out of the water (we hope).


  37. admin Says:

    Have to agree with you there Lee S, it is as if Freesat are tip-toeing around the other platforms so not to cause offense; that might be something to do with Emma Scott’s previous link to Freeview.

    Freesat should be selling themselves as a free digital television platform, offering standard and high-definition, on-demand (*where applicable) and record functionality. These are all things limited on the other platforms unless your willing to pay a subscription.

    *for Shaun’s benefit 😀


  38. Shaun Says:



  39. Neil Says:

    I’ve just watched the ad as been away for a few days (although did see admin’s link). I must say that although it exposes the brand, also leaves me thinking they’ve not quite exploited the platform’s potential.

    I suppose, and this sounds odd to those in non-broadcast circles, that in a multi channel, multimedia world advertising has to be catchy and rather than discuss the actual ad, relate this to some sort of sketch that invigorates people’s mind. One ad that really amused me and I still think about is that Thinkbox ad (a marketing/PR company actually for TV ads who ran campaigns on ITV and C4), showing a couple walking through a dogs home looking to adopt a pet. A dog, called ‘Harvey’, looks up at them in his cage and shows them a video of himself washing, ironing and cleaning the house. This all sounds rather daft if you’ve not seen it but amused me and IMHO did exactly what it intended, that’s the secret of modern marketing.

    Freesat have sort of attempted this but sadly it’s not easy in a 30′ spot, they’d really need a 1min one to achieve the perception and mindset of an ad campaign I’m describing in my previous paragraph. In my opinion some sort of sketch, as they’ve done, with 5 sec chopped from the end to give a longer credit run detailing more about Freesat’s capabilities would have been good. I can see why they’ve used the words “our customers”, yes it does give the impression their talking to their existing customer base but also that of “they know and enjoy what they like, why not join us”, Sky do exactly the same thing!


  40. Muzer Says:

    Yes, I have seen that ad of which you speak, and it is, indeed, very good. IIRC it was near the top in a list of top ads of the decade or something along those lines at the end of 2010.

    However, I think a different thing applies to Freesat. Be quirky, sure, but I think the public still need to be told the facts as well as that. People still don’t know exactly what Freesat *IS*, and what exactly the advantages are over other platforms (Freeview (Lite) for instance, or FSFS).


  41. Neil Says:

    I think your right there Muzer, the amount of people I’ve spoke to who’ve given me a blank expression at the word ‘Freesat’ in the past although must say it now seems to be getting a bit more known in ‘non technical’ circles.


  42. Richard Crichton Says:

    Sorry this is off topic but is there something about to happen with STV HD? (non Freesat mode) There is a placeholder saying the programme is not available in HD in this area. STV HD will return at 09:25.


  43. Neil Says:

    Richard: Don’t they do that when they’ve not got the rights to show certain programmes in HD? Have you got access to Freeview HD to check what they are putting out on there?

    STV are a real let down in terms of their non-delivery of HD to Freesat (and to Sky in that respect), can’t understand why after 18mths of transmitting the service it’s still not materialised on to EPG’s, this despite them resolving their minor bust up with ITV!


  44. peterhb Says:

    Not impressed by the ad. Only the last ten seconds says anything about Freesat and then nothing to really inform the public.
    I think Freesat are heading for difficulties with the current confusion about on demand services. It seems that different manufacturers are offering different connections instead of them all conforming to a general standard which I would have thought should be the main five channels. They all now offer catch up which anyone can get on their PC via the internet so why not on other internet enabled equipment – TV,PVR,set top boxes,DVD/BR players etc. Come on Freesat start banging some of the manufacturers heads together. Otherwise there will be a lot of disillusioned purchasers out there who buy into the service only to find it does not perform


  45. Richard Crichton Says:

    @43 Neil
    Same again today. It can’t just be a rights issue. Something has changed.
    I don’t have Freeview HD. Still I can easily watch ITV HD on my Manhattan as I have a HD favourites list with all 6 HD channels on it.


  46. steve 1 Says:

    I think 5hd is a long way off or is it admin or others?


  47. Muzer Says:

    I would expect it to come about June/July, the same time it launches on Freeview, as that is probably when the contract expires. If I had to guess a date, that’s when I would guess, but I am by no means certain at all whether or not it actually will.


  48. steve 1 Says:

    We know when contracts end with sky etc so why can’t we be more sure when up and coming channels arrive on freesat?everything is hearsay


  49. Neil Says:

    Muzer: Didn’t 5HD launch on Sky around the 10th or 12th July 2010??? I too would say a DSAT FTA launch could be imminent around the same time as keeping off Freeview (as well as Freesat) seems to be binding in their Sky Encryption agreement.


  50. admin Says:

    Channel 5 must have really got bent over a barrel if encryption prevented them from launch on Freeview too, ouch!


  51. Muzer Says:

    @admin: We think that’s what the contract says because there was a redacted bullet point about why they chose July as their estimated launch date in the Ofcom application for the Freeview HD slot, and things being redacted mean they are secret, and secret things are usually specifics about budget (which I believe were part of another partially-redacted bullet point) or contracts. So yeah, it’s based heavily on supposition, but I believe it’s the most likely reason.


  52. Neil Says:

    Admin/Muzer: yep, I think RTL, who owned them at the time, were basically given it on a plate from BSkyB. If I remember correctly, the Ofcom press release came out saying C5’s been declined launch on Freeview HD and Sky’s came through a few days later about the deal they’ve struck.

    In honesty, I think for us Freesatters C5 not getting on Freeview HD and BBC1HD’s launch has done us all a great favour as otherwise we’d have not got BBC1HD until next Summer, consequently the BBC’s spend on HD content has reflected the fact they’ve got two HD channels too.


  53. freeviewer Says:

    @44 exactly what should be done.
    Freesat telling the manufacturers not vice versa.


  54. Liamo Says:


    My Techisat HDFS seems to have retuned to the new version of C4HD – the astra 1N version


  55. Rosco Says:

    Absolute Classic Rock is ceasing off Freesat on Dec 7th

    (4th para.)


  56. admin Says:

    Is indeed, trying to get clarification as to whether this is purely financial, or they are replacing with one of their other channels. If it is purely financial it seems a rash decision to remove from Freesat but not other platforms.


  57. Rosco Says:

    If they are keeping the Sky stream all they are saving is the FS epg cost. I wonder if the bean counters have realised this?


  58. Muzer Says:

    Apparently Channel 4 HD’s EPG entry now points to the one on 1N – it has no EPG data currently.


  59. Neil Says:

    Maybe Absolute Classic Rock is being replaced in favour of their Absolute 60’s and Absolute 70’s stations (one or both of??).

    They seem to like wasting money putting these services on copious local DAB platforms but seem unable to afford the £7k to provide a national coverage via an established satellite platform with guaranteed audience!

    I like this bit:
    “What is a bit rate we hear you cry? Simply put – DAB Digital Radio broadcasts as data which is decoded by your radio. You shouldn’t notice too much difference as the majority of DAB radios are the mono, one-speaker ‘kitchen’ type and we’re now using equipment for better sound quality with lower bitrates”.

    So, in a nutshell: It sounds cr*p but fear not, you won’t notice it as your radio is probably one of those cheap ones which will mask the low bitrates as our service will deliver audio equivalent to AM quality!

    ……and they say DAB is the future!!


  60. Al (Original) Says:

    I agree, poor advert.

    Freeview adverts quickly and clearly tell you what Freeview is and its advantages.

    The Freesat advert spends 1/2 the time telling you about some super pen. OK its humour, but that’s no good when 90% of the population don’t have a clue what Freesat is.

    Advert should be about:

    1. Free tv service from the BBC / ITV via a satellite dish

    2. Hundreds of channels with lots of room for future expansion

    3. 5 HD channels with more to come

    4. Exclusive channels not available on Freeview

    And if the BBC are really separating Freeview and Freesat out as I heard rumour of on another forum, then as they could then compete as platforms in their own right with the viewer having the choice:

    5. Maximum Picture quality (obviously here they would need to stop reducing Freesat quality down to Freeview levels of compression to deliver that promise)

    (I would in return expect Freeview to advertise the “no need for a dish” angle).


  61. Richard Crichton Says:

    @59 Neil
    Absolute whatever should be renamed Absolute boredom . It’s a so called Borg station as free radio fans would say. No loss to Freesat IMHO apart from the 7K as its on FTA sat at the press of a button on my Manhattan HD-S. All Freesat boxes should do that not just the Manhattans. It is the only logical thIng to have if you want more than just what’s on the FS EPG. My Technisat is still relegated to the Cinema room but with no feed as yet.


  62. Tony Hales Says:

    Freesat should fully incorporate FTA Sat not keep it hidden away in a complicated menu. Then they might get some more customers than the rather poor 2 million.
    Freeview HD is up to 4 million already and that’s only half the platrorm that Freesat is. Can’t help feeling that FS has missed a trick somewhere along the way. Oh good 5HD is coming to Freeview but it may or may not come to Freesat is what the box salesmen are saying so it’s no wonder things at Freesat are pretty much stagnant. We urgently need more positive news not all these ifs and buts. Everything about Freesat is so slooooooooow. Still no ITV player on non Humax still no STV HD or ITV HD in Scotland (yes I know the workarounds but they shouldn’t be nessisary at this stage in the game).
    Get your finger out chaps/chaplets or fade away. BTW the ad is rather silly and non informative. I would advise FS to change agencies before it’s too late.


  63. admin Says:

    @Tony Hales

    That’s interesting, hadn’t realised until now but do you have an alter-ego, because it seems when you are being positive, you post as Richard Crichton, and when negative, as Tony Hales. Very odd!

    Freesat can’t fully incorporate FTA otherwise they’d be no need to have an official EPG and therefore no need for any broadcasters to pay for inclusion, and no platform could exist without this. Lets not forget, Freesat is a non-profit organising too.

    Over 2 million sales in just 3.5 years is mighty impressive given the economy etc, Freeview didn’t achieve this in the same time scale and I suspect nor did Sky.


  64. Muzer Says:

    The reason Freeview HD has sold so many is that every largeish TV comes with Freeview HD. That’s it. I bet a reasonably large proportion of those people don’t actually get Freeview HD yet, and those that do, many probably don’t watch the HD channels (through ignorance or laziness).

    And, of course, most people have aerials; relatively few have dishes.


  65. Tony Hales Says:

    It must be my split personality. I wondered would long it would take for you to rumble me :-) . I’m a cynic by nature but hey it’s only telly and what we need are more good programmes on the channels we have at present. I live in Scotland and the lack of STV HD and ITV HD nark me hence the Manhattan with my Technisat as a door stop.
    I think the Manhattan software is superb and other manufactures should take note. Any sign of the Technisat EPG fix yet?


  66. Tony Hales Says:

    Yes point taken if you call over 10 million dishes relatively few. That is still a lot of dish people watching $ly and not FS despite the state of the economy and how many people still only have a HD ready telly not one with a digi tuner.


  67. admin Says:

    An enjoyable “good cop, bad cop” routine, though still a little odd 😉 There are a million things Freesat could improve, but most of them are outside their control. Freesat have made a sterling effort in the first 3 and a bit years, they just need to ensure it continues by getting the message out there about who they are and what they do, rather than these quirky ads.

    Not sure if TechniSat have released the software yet, though not seen many reports of problems for a while. Maybe plug your doorstop back in and see.


  68. admin Says:

    @Tony Hales

    Bare in mind though that many households had terrestrial aerials already installed and going digital effectively forced them down the Freeview route if they wanted a cost effective upgrade to keep receiving their channels. Many with satellite dishes are from Sky setups and those cancelling their subscriptions are usually doing so because of the cost, so sticking with the Sky box for the free channels rather than paying out for a Freesat box.


  69. Freeviewfsn6b Says:

    @64 One of the pains in watching HD channels such as BBC One HD & ITV 1 HD is when they go regional. Often ending up with London regional TV instead of Northern.

    That’s why I tend to watch ITV 1 HD via the blue button, and was hoping that BBC 1 HD would do a similar routine.


  70. Tony Hales Says:

    What I meant by fully incorporate the FTA channels was tag then on the end of the FS EPG with no programme listings, just the now and next, then the channels would still have a reason to join Freesat.Not that much different from pressing one button to get the FTA list as I do on the Manhattan. Failing that all the box makers should adoppt the Manhattan one button press design of software.
    My only reson for using the Tony Hales name was sometimes I think of more to post and I didn’t want two posts in a row by myself as I was slagged off for doing that be someone on here. Didn’t realist TH was negative and RC positive until you pointed it out and I’m not sure that is the case anyway.


  71. admin Says:

    @Tony Hales (Richard, Pete, John, Ben, Adam, David….. ;))

    Understand what you mean about including their basic channel information on the end of the EPG, but ask yourself this, if you were a broadcaster and available FTA (but not on an official EPG) would paying up to be included be more and less likely if your suggestion was the case? The answer will be less likely, as their channel would be readily available on a list of channels, rather than through a search, so this way would risk less broadcasters buying a specific slot and programme data.

    The way it is currently is complex (with the exception of the Manhattan) but there has to be some key advantages to broadcasters paying an annual fee for inclusion, and by taking away one of them advantages, the benefits are reduced.


  72. Russ Says:

    I feel that a lot of retailers are not playing their part in promoting Freesat. A lot of the large electrical retailers for instance advertise the Samsung D8000 & D7000 idtvs as having freeview HD built-in, but fail to mention that they also have a Freesat HD receiver. To find any mention of freesat you have to plough through the specification details, it’s not apparent from the initial ad.
    I have owned the UE55D8000 for a few months and would highly recommend this tv to anybody thinking of purchasing a freesat product. The picture quality is great in both SD and HD. 3D blu-ray movies on this tv are also stunning!
    The Samsung Freesat tv’s are also Listed as ( coming soon ) for ITV player.


  73. Richard Crichton Says:

    Freesat seems to be the UK’s best kept secret much to $ly’s delight. All the more reason for a clear well thought out advertising campaign which sadly they don’t have at the moment.


  74. Neil Says:

    Freesat could have a few more channels but overall it’s doing very well and with over 2m sales in over 3yrs I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    I know loads of people who buy new TV’s and don’t ever watch through the in-built DVB-T tuner. Saying Freeview HD is therefore doing ‘better’ as it’s got over 4m sales isn’t conclusive to the actual amount of people who are necessarily using it. I do agree though and like admin says, that whilst virtually every house has a terrestrial antenna on the rooftop then it’s the cheapest path of migration from analogue to digital.


  75. Shaun Says:

    @70 Channel 4 HD is currently showing Now & Next on the EPG.


  76. Dylan Says:

    That advert is a complete waste of money, the last one wasn’t that good either. If that came on the TV I would mute it, change the channel or put the EPG on.


  77. Dylan Says:

    I had to disable my Ad Block to view this page. :)


  78. Simon Says:

    Considering people keep buying rubbish Freeview boxes and companies keep launching their channels on Freeview its good to see ANY advert Freesat as it offers a far superior reception and picture quality, only the range of channels let it down at the moment.

    I have Freeview and Freesat and my TV is connected to a 48 element high gain digital TV aerial on the roof using the best quality (copper shielded foam cored) coaxial cable you can buy and my picture constanty breaks up most days, virtually every program I record or watch shows blockyness somewhere, which is appauling as I’m only 20 miles from the transmitter. If Freesat had the channels I liked on Freeview (Dave, Challenge, 5*, 5 USA, Quest, etc.) then I would buy a Freesat PVR as well.

    Until more people come to their senses and invest in Freesat box instead of a Freeview box then the amount of Freesat channels will be slow to increase, so BUY A FREESAT BOX this Christmas folks!


  79. admin Says:


    There is only one detectable ad on this website which is the google adsense, all others are banners/images so won’t have caused a problem. Strange that you had to disable it completely to view!?!?


  80. Muzer Says:

    admin: Probably blindly blocks the word “advertising” in URLs. I personal think it’s immoral using ad blockers, akin to video piracy – only times I use one is when an ad is so bad it’s causing me active annoyance (eg a noisy or particularly intrusive flash ad) or obscuring text on the page.


  81. Muzer Says:

    On the other hand, I love how the two Google ads are for BT Vision and Sky… they presumably paid quite a bit for the Freesat keyword 😉


  82. admin Says:

    Yeah, I don’t particular like how it brings up all sorts. I’ll need to look at whether it brings in any revenue as might just get rid! Don’t want it promoting Sky on here do I 😀


  83. upthePOSH Says:

    Just seen a advert on channel 5+1 for Charlie Boorman Extreme Frontiers which had a sponserd by Freesat logo on it. Good to see Freesat advertising in the lead up to christmas.


  84. admin Says:


    Noticed that too, was going to post a little piece about it tomorrow.


  85. upthePOSH Says:

    Keep up the good work admin , it’s a very informative and well run site. It’s always the first site I look at when I switch on my laptop. I’d be lost without it.


  86. admin Says:

    Appreciate the kind words, the site needs a lot of work but priority is of course news.


  87. Muzer Says:

    Indeed – if you missed it, I would make a blogpost about the two changes yesterday (Wedding TV changing to weddingtv for some reason, or perhaps the other way around – someone said it on DS anyway 😉 – and Channel 4 HD moving to the 1N transponder in the Freesat EPG)


  88. steve 1 Says:

    For some reason the official freesat website drops out on my smartphone everytime it just likes this website:)


  89. Dylan Says:

    @Admin 79
    Muzer is right it just blocks the word advertising in URLs, as the rest of your site works fine.
    I only use an Ad Block to help web pages load faster as my internet can be a bit slow at times and I personally don’t want to waste time downloading annoying video adverts.


  90. Neil Says:

    upthePOSH (interesting handle!!): when does that Charlie Boorman prog on C5 start?? Maybe they’ve done a bit of a contra-deal with C5 as part of their wider sister channel launch on the platform? Sponsoring programmes is a very good idea, I also think they should consider a targeted radio ad campaign (cheaper than TV and I think will raise brand awareness).


  91. Muzer Says:

    @89 Dylan: Ah, fair enough – I used to do it for the same reason, but since getting a much better internet connection, I now let them load so I can help support the website owners. And as I said, if there’s a specific ad that’s very annoying or intrusive, I can block it individually (with Opera’s Block Content feature).


  92. Al (Original) Says:

    I see Freeview have a new advert out that totally eclipses the Freesat one and does everything the Freesat advert should do. ie shows the channel line up.

    For those of you that haven’t seen it, it includes a guy going around collection balloons each of which has the name of a channel on it that’s on the EPG, all accompanied to a popular song.

    In fact it’s Here:

    Freesat’s advertisers just got owned! (my opinion)

    Now why couldn’t Freesat have done this?


  93. Daviduk Says:

    OMG just seen the pen ad. What a load of rubbish. It wouldnt make me go fot freesat.


  94. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @Neil 74

    Just because someone has a satellite dish on their house does not mean they use it. My next door neighbour switched from Sky to Freeview to save paying a sub. In addition a uncle has purchased a house with two satellite dishes but has opted for Freeview.

    I personally went for Freesat as it was the only means to watch HD programs and installing an aerial is technically difficult on my house. I used to be able to receive a handful of channels on Freeview but I think they must have reduced the power level on my local transmitter and my aerial is in the loft. I installed my own satellite dish and picture quality is very good.


  95. Shaun Says:

    @94 I assume your neighbour still uses the Sky box as a FTA box (FSFS), in addition to the Freeview box.

    I had Sky, and cancelled subscription, and used by box as a FSFS box – however a few channels weren’t available FTA,so purchased a Freeview box in order to watch the additional channels.

    I left everything behind when I moved house, as I was mainly using Freeview.

    A few years later, I was tempted to go to Freesat HD, as they had announced BBC iplayer & in future another On Demand service.

    Explaing my needs to my local Department store, I was advised that to get the best out of Freesat HD, a HD TV was needed, and many was on show with either Freeview intergrated or with Freesat HD (and Freeview).

    A good seller was the LG LF7700, followed by Panasonic.

    My New house had a Sat Dish attached when I bought it, but the owner didn’t have a TV (must have been from a previous owner), and said there was no TV aerial (the aerial was in the loft, but not installed !).

    When I purchased my Freesat TV, I was told that a dish was required, and when I said there was one already installed – said that would do, even though I said it must be at least 15 years old !

    The dish was for analogue pointing towards 19e and had to arrange for a new dish to be installed.

    New dish installed (altough with just a single LNB), but is good enough for my Freesat TV. Freeview is running via my loft Aerial (no problems).

    Altough let down by either the Manufacturer/Freesat with regards to catch up services, I still prefer to use Freesat in favour of Freeview.

    Will be using Freeview even less, with 5 USA and 5* arriving on Freesat soon.
    (Tend just to watch Freeview via by HDD Recorder rather than live Freeview TV, so never really go into Freeview mode much on the TV)


  96. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Shaun 94

    My neighbour has a TV with a Freeview receiver and as such only uses his Sky box when a relation brings his Sky Viewing Card so they can watch sport.

    I bought a second hand 60 cm dish but I purchased a new quad LNB. At the moment I only use one of the outputs but some time in the future intend to purchase a S2 card for my PC and a Freesat PVR.


  97. Mike furse Says:

    What a very poor ad, it dosn’t make it clear what the channel line up is or who the target market is? etc School kids could have made a better ad this ad will soon be forgotten. Lets have something that stands out from the rest.


  98. peterhb Says:

    Agree, advert spends more time on the bloke with the pen, with very little about Freesat.
    I did catch something about ‘catchup’. Perhaps this should be referred to Advertising Standards because there will be a lot of disappointed people who find strictlt limited catchup available. Most makes of TV/set top boxes allow access to BBC player and then some weird mixture of their own Internet site. Sometimes you get one of the other broadcaster’s catchup sites but there is absolutely no standard provision. We need all the five main catch up sites as a given, Then they can add their own particular preferences.
    The whol thing’s a bit of a mess at the moment, reminds you of the Betamax/VHS and Blueray/HDDVD standards wars.


  99. Derek K Johnson Says:

    I dont have Freesat yet, I remember the advert but I had no idea what it was or what it was about.

    I have just watched it again on here and I still have no idea what it is about!


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