Freesat sees solid start to 2015 with doubling of Freetime homes

Freesat, the subscription free satellite TV service, has announced a positive start to the year, with strong take-up of Freetime, its award-winning connected TV service. Freesat’s continuing growth demonstrates the ongoing appeal of the free-to-air connected TV service, giving customers high quality technology and engaging content without any bills. Freesat viewers can access over 200 TV and radio channels, more than any other free-to-air provider, and at no monthly fee.

Freetime gained twice the number of new customers in Q1 2015 compared with the same period in 2014 and now accounts for 50% of all Freesat set top box sales for the fourth consecutive quarter. Growth has been driven by a user-friendly offering, which is continuously evolving and expanding through new channel launches and industry leading product development.

The latest addition to the Freesat line-up is new channel Spike from Viacom – the network behind Channel 5 – which launched on 15 April with programming that includes the critically acclaimed Breaking Bad and Lip Sync Battle.

Remote record continues to be an important area of development and differentiation since its initial launch as a key feature of the Freesat App in January 2014. The strong take up of the service led Freesat to offer the feature via email to Freetime PVR customers in January 2015. Results have been positive with the number of customers setting remote recordings doubling every month. The popularity of the service has since driven its continued expansion across social media and the Freesat website.

The roll-out of the Freesat app for Kindle users drove demand for the Freesat app in the first quarter, helping the company to reach new audiences and achieve its goal of exceeding 500,000 downloads within the first year of launch.

The FreeTV Alliance, the broadcast industry association that Freesat launched in late 2014 alongside partners Fransat (France), Tivusat (Italy) and HD Plus (Germany), delivered on its initiative for open standards with the release of the first remote control specification. With more releases to come the Alliance will continue to support the growth and harmonisation of free-to-air satellite TV services throughout Europe.

Alistair Thom, Freesat’s managing director, commented:

I’m thrilled to report another strong quarter for Freesat that clearly demonstrates the continuing growth and strength of the UK’s free-to-air proposition. With critically acclaimed programmes such as Breaking Bad now available through Spike, Freesat continues to support our ever expanding content offering with connected technology that empowers customers and their viewing habits.

Our efforts with the Free TV Alliance are also progressing as we work towards creating a common set of specifications and open standards. The Free TV Alliance can develop features comparable to Pay TV for manufacturers to readily adopt. Ultimately, we see an exciting opportunity for Freesat to engage commercially on an international scale.

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  1. lawrence Pearce said:
    Typical of Humax to “launch” a product without actually telling anybody., Doesn’t the company have an advertising or publicity department? It’s no wonder the Freesat platform stagnates when its number one manufacturer is this apathetic. Or could it be they are worried about shifting existing stock once people “discover” the new model?Iit would certainly be interesting to know more about this product. Is it any better than the HDR1000S, or is it just cheaper to manufacture? Does it continue with outboard power supply and 3.5in HDD, or is the box altogether smaller with a 2.5in drive?One good thing, I guess – there should now be some super discounts on the current models.

    Humax ran out of stock of the existing models a few weeks ago, so no chance of that. It seems the new model is simply smaller and does away with some analogue connectors like scart, so possibly cheaper to build. It includes wifi, but is the same software. Humax have also launched directly only at the moment, cutting out all independent and major retailers…suspect more of a fanfair will be made of them once they are being sold by multiple parties.

  2. Satbuyer now have stock of the white unit. We’ve checked it out, much the same, but a much smaller form factor, looks good.

  3. What’s all this talk of 4K, most channels are still in SD and 8K is now in development.
    In terms of no free football because of BT well the biggest matches will still be available for free according to UEFA because the Champions League sponsors are not satisfied with a tiny BT Sport Audience viewing their adverts.

  4. Wow! Over 2 months since the last bit of news on this excellent site. Seems as if there is very little happening with Freesat. Suppose I’m stating the obvious but it would be nice to think we might get a new channel.

  5. In the 70’s you were lucky to get one new channel per decade now we expect one every two or three months. There are far too many channels sharing a limited number of shows most of which are old and are constantly recycled. It’s not new channels we need it’s something worthwhile to watch one the present ones.
    I was talking to a retired guy in the garage yesterday and he pays £70 per month for Sky and BT Sport and says he wouldn’t be without it. That’s the only way to get more channels on satellite.

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