Freesat Sponsor Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers

Freesat Sponsor Charley Boorman's Extreme FrontiersFreesat have signed an agreement with Channel 5 to sponsor the upcoming series Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers.

It is imperitive that Freesat get the message out to as many people as possible about who they are and what they do, so it is nice to see that Freesat are looking at different forms of advertising, following the recent announcement of a fresh advertising campaign in the lead up to Christmas.

Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers begins Monday 28th November at 21:00 on Channel 5 (channel 105 on Freesat); hopefully there will be a Freesat ad at the start/finish and each commercial break. More info on the show:

Charley’s first big adventure was the iconic award winning series Long Way Round (2004) biking overland from London to New York via Europe and Asia alongside Ewan McGregor.

Charley returned to the saddle with actor and good friend Ewan McGregor in 2007 for the Long Way Down, which saw the duo travel from John O’Groats to Cape Town. This also proved an instant hit and produced a best-selling book and DVD.

Charley’s love of motorcycles and racing has also led him in 2006 to take part in one of the most demanding and dangerous motor races on earth, the Dakar Rally, documented in the TV series and best selling book Race to Dakar. With fatalities most years at the Dakar, it was a big risk to take on this challenge, and Charley seriously damaged his hands in a crash in the desert. Charley took on the role of team manager and managed to get one rider of the team of three, Simon Pavey, over the finish line, which in a race where an average of only forty percent of entries finish, was still a considerable result.

One of Charley’s biggest challenges to date, captured in the best selling DVD By Any Means (2008), saw him travel solo from Ireland to Australia using any method of transport he could find. Covering some of the world’s most exciting and dangerous terrains including Nepal, Iran, Thailand, and Indonesia using modes of transport ranging from trains to container ships, dugout canoes, cement barges and solar cars. Charley ended the adventure on his best-loved form of transport, the motorcycle, with a visual feast of a convoy of over three hundred bikes across Sydney’s spectacular Harbour Bridge.

In the wake of the success of By Any Means Charley undertook By Any Means 2 in 2009 travelling from Sydney to Tokyo.

Away from the adventuring, Charley is heavily involved in charity work. Charley has been an ambassador for Unicef alongside Ewan McGregor for many years now, and describes Unicef as “a fantastic bunch of people with hearts and capability absolutely in the right place”.

Charley, very publically dyslexic himself, is the president of the Dyslexia Action and is always pushing to use any influence to help motivate individuals who are dyslexic. Charley passionately believes that “this issue is often overlooked, and so the more attention we can bring to it, the better chance people have of dealing with it and overcoming it.”

Charley is furthermore a fervent supporter of Help for Heroes. In December 2009 he went to Afghanistan to visit the troops for Christmas and was overwhelmed by the courage of the soldiers.

Having had testicular cancer last year, Charley is an ambassador for Movember and is very keen to increase awareness of men’s health.

11 thoughts on “Freesat Sponsor Charley Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers”

  1. This is really good news and more exposure for the platform. It also now shows C5’s new owners commitment to the platform now that 1N’s allowed them to go FTA. Hopefully it also means that, once they can, will also bring 5HD to the platform too.

  2. What, Channel 5 accepting money from Freesat for a short clip means that they’re committed to the platform? 😉

    (In all seriousness, I do believe that they are, at least, aware of the platform now, and no longer assume FTA = FTV 😉 – and the fact that C5 +1 is coming to Freesat is evidence of this, as well as the still-unconfirmed launch of 5*/5USA on Freesat)

  3. Hi all,

    Great news for the freesat platform, I’m hoping that this combined with christmas ad campaign will really raise Freesat’s profile as the free TV platform of choice.
    I have customers who are thrilled when I’ve suggested Freesat to them & then installed it, they cant believe the channel choice they have, yet a few days before they didn’t even know of it’s existance.
    A lot of customers holdback from Freesat+ at first due to the price premium over Freeview+ ,however many upgrade quite quickly after having a Freesat zapper box having then seen how good the channel choice is. If the public know more about Freesat in the first place we would probably sell & fit more Freesat+ as a first install rather than as a upgrade.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials

  4. Muzer: It’s a step in the right direction considering they currently have only promoted FSFS, that being the only way to watch their sister services on DSAT. Yes they’ve ‘taken the money’ but there must be coincidence in it with C5+1’s imminent launch and I’m sure that of 5* and 5USA although like you say, it’s still not officially confirmed.

    Charlie Boorman’s previous documentaries have proved to be very popular so I think C5 will benefit from this as well as Freesat of course. Maybe we’ll see some full page press ads for the programme (together with sponsor) in Desmond’s newspapers, I’ll check the Express later this week as I can usually lay my hands on a copy of that!


    “Channel 5, our main channel, is currently available on this service. Channel 5+1 will launch on this service on EPG channel number 128 on Tuesday 6th December.

    Our digital channels 5* and 5 USA, as well as their relative +1 services, will launch on this service on Thursday 8th December. The relevent EPG channel numbers wil be as follows:

    129: 5 USA

    130: 5 USA +1

    131: 5*

    132: 5* +1


  6. “Free your TV” is the advert bumper slogan during the program, thankfully a nice clear message & very apt as channel 5 are in the process of freeing themselves !
    Good program too, far better than I was expecting as its not my usual type of program.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials

  7. Yep, agree Mark. The programme was really interesting and one of a good quality for C5 who it appears are trying to up their output to rival the main four PSB’s.

    I like the Freesat sponsor bumpers in and out of the breaks too, it’s good to see some good exposure of the brand and especially as a sponsor.

  8. Why do commissioning editors entertain these projects from Boorman? It’s a tired template, the primary function of which appears to be to delay CB from knuckling down.”Wow…..isn’t this place fantastic. Look at that, amazing”. Utterly inane guff, Freesat could do better.

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