Freesat Surges Ahead With 2 Million Sales

Freesat today announced it has sold its 2 millionth unit, far exceeding original sales projections made when the company launched three years ago, and taking gross retail sales to nearly £1 billion since launch in 2008.

According to Freesat customer research, a record 47% of its customers have come from Sky households so far in 2011. Freesat also remains the fastest growing TV platform in the UK, adding c.88,000 new homes in Q2 2011 – more than doubling Sky’s net additions of c.40,000 in the same period.

Emma Scott, Freesat’s Managing Director, attributes the company’s success to the commitment to offering customers what they really want to watch, subscription-free and without any additional charges for channels or services that they don’t want;

We launched three years ago and in that short time have quickly established ourselves as a real challenger and genuine alternative to pay-TV. With five HD channels, access to the BBC and ITV Players, as well as Freesat+ all available subscription-free, we’re giving customers a high quality service without a high price.

Freesat has also committed to a regular, twice yearly update of its market performance from this point onwards. The company will also be launching the next stage of its product and service development in early 2012.

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  1. @ Admin #50

    I was under the impression that Sky have hogged much of the narrow beam capacity with their own encrypted services! Considering how honest James Murdoch appears to be I am not surprised.

    I dare say if James Murdoch was ever jailed for his part in the phone hacking scandal he would only serve a fraction of the term. He would no doubt be let out on medical grounds for example suffering from Parkinson’s disease!

  2. @Kevin Ver1

    Well I’m not sure about jesting about Parkinson’s disease but with the Murdochs wealth, I suspect they’ll never see any time behind bars!

    Sky do have much of the narrow beam allocation but ultimately it was first come first serve and at the time space across all the beams was at a premium so they grabbed from where they could. In recent years something should have been done (presumably in parliment) to have them moved away for other UK broadcasters, but as we all know, government was very much a pawn of Sky’s so nothing was ever going to be done, nor did any UK broadcaster show any interest in complaining about it; Channel 5 were quite happy to get into bed with Sky, as were Channel 4 until recently.

  3. @47 steve 1
    The only reason for Sky’s existance is to make money by encouraging people to pay to watch their walled garden platform so there is no way they will do anything about the EPG for the non payers benefit.

  4. @ Steve # 53

    Sorry if I offended you, but it was not intentional. I agree that Parkinsons disease is a very serious condition but my comment has its genesis from a old fraud case from the 1980’s. One of the persons charged in the Guinness share trading fraud was a guy called Earnest Saunders.

    He was sentenced to 5 years in jail but only served 10 months. I know that he was released early as he was showing signs of a degenerative disease which I had assumed was Parkinsons disease but it was claimed to be Alzheimer’s disease (my mistake). Anyway after his release all the symptoms disappeared and the assumption is that he faked the condition. Otherwise he is the only known person to recover!

  5. You shouldn’t joke but I know it was in jest no hard feelings.I wonder what channels we will have before christmas should be fun

  6. @56

    Steve, didnt they say 5usa and 5* were coming to freesat? With the new satelite due to come into service these would come first I imagine..

  7. Someone should update FreeSat’s wikipedia page – I’m pretty sure it says only 1 million boxes sold.

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