Freesat Target 2 Million Sales By 2012

Freesat have confirmed their projection of reaching 2 million sales by 2012; showing the continued growth of the free satellite based platform.

Q1 2010 results show Freesat increased their figures by 108,000, accounting for a 34.3% share of the market during the period January to March this year.

Though not released yet, Q2 2010 figures would suggest a similar increase to achieve a confirmed 1.25 million sales to date.

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  1. Back in May 2010, I purchased from B&Q a Ross HD Digital reciever, model number HDR-6110USB,plus dish, and all connections, and to this day I have been unable to recieve any signal,it’s a good job I have got free view. I am a 70 year old pensioner and my days of running up and down ladders have gone.

  2. @Pete Brant

    That isn’t a Freesat product, just a cheap brand receiver and satellite kit. It will no doubt work if correctly aligned, but may be a bit fiddly if your not familiar with the setup nor have any signal finder equipment.

  3. @51 Pete

    You also have to make sure that you have a clear line of view to the satellite ie no trees in the way. There are sites such as which are useful for finding a good location to fix a dish to a home. There is also a useful app on the iPhone that can be used to determine the direction a satellite dish should be pointed.

    Ideally the cable from the LNB to the receiver should be continuous as joints will result in signal degradation Not only does the elevation of the dish matter but the skew of the LNB is important. And remember do up the bolts tight enough to prevent strong winds shifting the dish out of position.

  4. As someone prior to Freesat who only had 4 (at best) channels I find it an amazing product. Most people I know who have sky complain about the cost, the rubbish channels, repeats and the poor epg. Most have not heard of Freesat or given it a second thought. I would like to see more of the music fta come over to Freesat. I also like the diversity that channels such as Euronews give us. I also like the ability to remove stuff that I will never watch such as tele-shopping and religion.

    Oh and aybeeseaa is clearly sitting at home all day, prob on benefits whilst the rest of us work – obvious by his condescending remarks about +1 channels. A keyboard warrior and pub bore

  5. Agree with 54, I have converted many friends to thr true Freesat, not Sky’s version. I also agree with Big Adam, I abhor trolls too 😉

  6. “Clearly” I use my “benefits” wisely that’s why I can’t afford to go to the pub and can’t afford Sky.

    And though I would no longer have Sky either (and haven’t done for many years), I remember its EPG being far from poor.


  7. @24 “BBC One HD is coming later this year making five in all” please explain 5 hd’s to me i get itv hd which has 40% ish hd content and bbc which runs 12 hrs 50%, how is bbc any different that bbc1?

  8. @57 You can get STV-HD and Luxe HD in non EPG mode. When BBC1 HD starts in the latter part of 2010 that will make five HD channels that you can get with a Freesat box.

  9. Hi Cid ,
    At the moment BBC HD shows mainly the best programmes from BBC 1 & 2 . When BBC 1 HD starts this chaanel will be just for BBC 1 only so the other BBC HD channel that you are watching now will more than likely cover the best programmes from BBC 2/3/4 with also coverage from live events . The other HD channels are

    ITV 1
    Luxe HD & STV HD available to add through your epg
    BBC HD

    Coming Soon

    BBC 1 HD
    4 HD

    and possibly

    QVC HD.

    Hope this helps..

  10. 2 million by 2012 seems a rather modest ambition for a thrusting organization like Freesat. Is 2011 an exceptionally short year or something like that 🙂

    Any idea why Talksport don’t list their Freesat channel on their DAB data display when they display every other platform that they are on. Admin?

  11. I think they’ve pitched the 2 million at a comfortable figure they can be confident to achieve, reckon in reality they’ll (hopefully) be closer to 2.5 or 3 million based on recent sales figures. 1.25million from under 1 million since January isn’t bad at all!

  12. It will be interesting to see if the fact you can now get Sky Sports via BT and TUTV if it will affect the sales of Freesat

  13. i would like it if freesat hd box bye 2011 april got more new channels for freesat like eden channel

  14. @tony 59, Don’t forget trhat Channel 4 is still a state owned commercial broadcaster and if they place all their channels in HD on freesat on a soft access coding then channel 5 might follow suite. this would mean that certain channels in HD are viewable on FREESAT and not $KY.

    This would give FREESAT a strong oppertunity to reach 2 millian by chrismas 2011, if not then easter 2012. If this happened then ITV would have to bring all of their HD channels onto FREESAT in shame. Other broadcasters such as UKTV, DISCOVERY and MTV might follow suite.

  15. and there was me (1 year ago) thinking if i bought a “HD ready” TV (which i did Sony) it would be ready to recieve HD…now i have to buy a HD freeview or freesat box what a con..more would’nt buy a car that was ready to go..then find you had to pay extra for the wheels!!!..should be a trade description complaint..are we back to betamax/VHS, bluray/HD 4, track/8track. I give up…have a nice day out there..

  16. freesat are liars all hype about new chanels such as bravo living etc cbs reality only thing worth watching as then i just use my freeview im going back to top up tv or just pay out for full sky service again cos freesat and freeview gonna get worse

  17. @simon neve

    Freesat never promised those channels; suspect you might just not have done enough research when deciding on a platform!

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