Freesat viewers get a new version of ITV Hub

Freesat customers with the latest set-top-boxes can now enjoy a new and improved version of ITV Hub. The catch up and on demand service features a revamped design, which will make it easier to find the programmes you want to watch.

As well as a shiny new look ITV Hub now boasts a bigger range of TV shows available and improved video quality for a seamless viewing experience.

60 thoughts on “Freesat viewers get a new version of ITV Hub”

  1. Ian:
    Dose anyone know why admin have been so quiet with the new channels in December?? Ano they may be very busy ??

    Thanks for the concern. Sadly just very busy on other projects at this time of year. I have tried to keep the channel list up to date, but haven’t had the opportunity to post ‘new’ news yet.

  2. Thank you admin for your work over the year and looking forward to 2018 on freesat see what comes….
    Happy Christmas to everyone 🎄

  3. Happy New Year 2018 Freesat can’t wait for another great year for new channels including Prime 5 and Paramount Channel and maybe Eden,Good Food and Blaze+1 and some new HD Channels like ITV channels going HD.


  4. Jay:
    It looks like we are getting a new HD Channel this year
    Paramount HD channel according to this site

    but there is no date yet.

    Just hope Sky doesn’t encrypt it.
    But the website does state for all major platforms .

    Happy New Year.

    Yes wonderful News it looks like that all major platforms including Freesat will get Paramount UK HD i don’t see Sky encryption after all it is a free to air channel hope that this will encourage other HD Channels to come to freesat including ITV channels. I would like to see Freesports go HD as well love watching the NHL.

  5. A new radio station is due to start on 29th January, BBC Radio Cymru 2. I can’t remember the last time a radio station was added to the Freesat EPG.

    Radio Cymru 2’s main purpose is that it gives Welsh speakers a choice between the current speech-based breakfast show on Radio Cymru and a music-led show on the new station. At other times Radio Cymru 2 appears to be a straight simulcast of Radio Cymru – though it would give flexibility should there be two concurrent events that need Welsh commentary.

    It is on test as I type – 10803, H, 22000, 5/6, DVB-S, QPSK and is tagged as 6454. It is simulcasting Radio Cymru.

    The station will appear on the Freesat EPG (718) in Wales and will need to be added manually elsewhere.

  6. The old version of ITV Hub on channel 903 has been removed from older Freesat TVs and STBs. On the affected devices channel 900, the On Demand Section slate, has also been removed.

    There are two new News messages on page 999. One is about the ITV Hub and the other announces the arrival of Motorsports.TV, almost two months after it actually launched.

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