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Jun 28 2011

Freesat is celebrating winning The Best Training Award for Consumer Electronics at the 2011 Independent Business Awards, the Independent Electrical Retailer magazine’s annual awards.

The Best Training Award for Consumer Electronics accolade was awarded to Freesat for demonstrating a commitment to training its retail trade partners. Despite competition from Sony, Freesat triumphed by showing its ongoing commitment to helping retail partners remain competitive and achieve business success via investment in training and understanding the needs of independents.

Will Abbott, Freesat Marketing and Communications Director said;

We’re delighted and proud to win this award. It demonstrates the fantastic work of the training team in partnership with Astra, and also our ongoing commitment to the independent retail sector that has been instrumental in our success since we launched over three years ago.

The subscription-free satellite TV service also won an award for Best Advertising Campaign on the night.

55 Responses to “Freesat Wins Best Training Team Award”

  1. Tony Says:

    Well done Freesat – 2 awards in one night.. Fantastic keep up the great work.. So pleasing to see this platform getting the recognition it deserves !


  2. Andrew Says:

    Great News !!!! Well Done FREESAT !!!

    Your info is always SPOT ON You were “On the nose” with transponder

    change at the Beeb and 3D transmissions from Wimbledon –


  3. Neil Says:

    Well done Freesat. It’s really good to see awards like this as it shows how hard the staff work, against fierce competition, to go the extra length and give retailers the best sales and marketing.


  4. Matthew Says:

    Speaking of Freesat, do they have any plans to launch any new channels on the service any time soon?


  5. footy Says:

    Well done freesat. Whilst in my local Comet recently overheard a “salesman” talking a load of rubbish. He was more interested in selling a Sky package-no doubt for commission. Whilst he went away for a few mins, I corrected the facts to the customer- he was so so disgusted he walked out-saying he would order a HDfreesat Humax on line. I was once told before I bought a Humax HD that the system was exactly the same as sky-but not so good as sky!!!


  6. Cynic Says:

    Wowee….so what !

    When are we getting more channels ???


  7. Neil Says:

    footy: well done, I did exactly the same in a Tesco store in Inverness (whilst on holiday), whereby the store ‘salesman’ who worked on the AV section would rather sell them Sky than Freesat. He wasn’t chuffed that I’d told the customers that either although as “Every Little Helps” he could hardly have a go at me either!!


  8. Richard Crichton Says:

    Nobody said anything about getting more channels. However Astra 1N is launching in approx 6hrs bewteen 9.43 and 11.06 UTC which should mean more channels in a couple of months.


  9. Richard Crichton Says:

    Radio Caroline has appeared on the Freesat home transponder having come off the
    0199 position on the Sky EPG (or will shortly).. However a spokesman for the station said they have no plans to go on the Freesat EPG.


  10. Richard Crichton Says:

    The Astra 1N launch was halted by the computers during the final two minutes of the countdown when a fault in a hydrogen valve was detected. No new launch date as yet.


  11. steve Says:

    for those people who want more channels go to sky and pay.
    freesat being the not for profit company are always in talks with broadcasters and we will see more soon. I saw the training team at the Gadget show the last few years giving advice to all of the public out there and with many people coming off Sky. you will see more channels to come
    SO 6 @cynic let the training team do their job and praise the work they do
    it was for the independent bussiness awards not for the multi’s as we know $ky are always incentivising the store staff.

    Well done the training team, I for one is pushing freesat to all my friends.


  12. Neil Says:

    shortly.I’m in Jersey at the moment, quite impressed with some of the sales posters Freesat have in the Electrical retailers over here, they give Sky a run for their money. I guess Freesat is pretty popular here seen as they’ve not had any terrestrial DTT until last Nov, and even now they do, it’s even more cut down than Freeview ‘lite’ with no ITV2.

    Bad news on the 1N postponement, hopefully looking for a relaunch in two or three weeks with a date to be announced shortly.


  13. Neil Says:

    Excuse the dodgy text, that’s my mobile phone’s fault!


  14. Richard Crichton Says:

    Blimey you get around. 1st July you were in Inverness now you’re in Jersey. Any jobs going at your place :-)


  15. admin Says:


    Where abouts in Jersey are you Neil? St Helier I presume? If you want any recommendations of places to eat, let me know 😉


  16. Neil Says:

    Richard: Inverness was last year, went on a trip around the Highlands, just before DSO!

    Admin: Yep, St Helier, we spent a bit of time wading around for a decent restaurant last night, eventually found a good Indian. Off to Gorey this eve, do you want to drop me an email with some suggestions, much appreciated! There’s a nice Italian near us but I think a lot of places are hidden out of the way!


  17. Matthew Says:

    Will the launch of the new satelite mean stuff like Really and Dave will come to Freesat?

    I heard people saying elsewhere that the reason they’re not on freesat is due to them being on a different satelite or something right? So they had to have light encryption because the satelite also covers part of europe?


  18. admin Says:


    Incorrect, the reason they are not available on Freesat is because they are contracted to Sky on any UK based satellite platform; so until they decide otherwise, they won’t be available on Freesat.


  19. Ross Says:

    @Matthew – the numbers dont add up for encrypted channels joining Freesat. They have to balance the guaranteed revenue of whatever they get from Sky every month against a minuscule extra income from whatever extra value their adverts are worth from being on the Freesat platform as well.


  20. Ross Says:

    @admin – do we know if international news channel CNC World currently testing on Eurobird 1 is likely to join Freesat?

    27500 2/3

    tagged as 53375


  21. Neil Says:

    Ross: those numbers, for Sky, may add up even less soon judging by the dip in today’s share price :)


  22. Richard Crichton Says:

    Expect a hike in Sky subscriptions in September to compensate. The more they hike the subs the better it is for Freesat.


  23. Richard Crichton Says:

    NOTW is closing down. Last edition on Sunday. That’s a Sly move.Bound to get permission to take over BSB now.


  24. Matthew Says:

    Thanks for explaining, about the channel stuff I really had no idea.

    @Richard Crichton

    If anything Sky customers the ones that want to leave should get a freesat ffrom sky card, I think some people dont realise and end up buying a freesat box when they dont need too. Not to mention it has more channels free.


  25. Neil Says:

    Matthew: a FSFS card will only get you a small handful of niche channels, C5, 5* and 5US will be going completely FTA once 1N launches and we have more spot-beam capacity. You also can’t use recording facilities and end up with an EPG full of channels you can’t watch so FSFS is a no-brainer in my opinion.

    Richard: Sky have said they aren’t putting up subs this Sept (as churn has risen somewhat), pity as I was hoping it would have risen to do Freesat a favour!


  26. Richard Crichton Says:

    Never mind Neil no doubt mortgage interest rates will be going up in 2012 which will be good news for Freesat.
    @Matthew getting FSFS is fine if you want an EPG full of channels you can’t watch or record also $ky only guarantee their so called ‘free’ card for two years as far as I know.


  27. original steve Says:

    My future father in law has freesat from sky it will be 2 years next month since he’s had it so will it stop working and he will have to buy a new card?.I don’t like sky they are greedy you need a morgage to phone them our platform Is better free hd free to record and its getting better all the time


  28. Richard Crichton Says:

    No probably not but it could, he will just have to see what happens. They guarantee it for 2yrs after that it depends if there are any security issues or not.
    If it stops working he will have to purchace a new card.

    admin According to Sky’s website there are 3 free HD channels on Freesat. Funny that- I get five free HD channels on Freesat. Is there some official body I can complain to about this please? It’s a disgrace.


  29. original steve Says:

    Which free hd channels are they on sky freesat?


  30. Neil Says:

    Richard: I agree, Energy prices have just risen for those with British Gas by 18% today! Murdoch’s Empire seems to have taken a severe dent, Sky’s share price has fallen again today, now Ofcom are saying they want to get involved!

    I saw that on the FSFS site, it used to say only one listed! I presume they compiled that before 4HD joined the platform.


  31. Matthew Says:

    @Richard Crichton

    I wouldn’t say they’re niche channels. For one on Freesat from Sky you get

    Sony TV, Sony TV+1(Watched this, brilliant channel)
    Pick TV, Pick TV + 1

    Those channels you mentioned, and random other ones lol


  32. Neil Says:

    Pick TV, seriously are you joking! Even Sky removed their branding from it the output is that dire! It’s full of stuff Sky don’t want, simply there to fill bandwidth on the Freeview platform and prevent other better services launching (to compete with Sky)! As for Sony TV, can’t say I’ve seen it but it doesn’t get great programming reviews. There is a possibility this might join the platform in the future if it’s only FTV because of rights issues.


  33. Richard Crichton Says:

    I didn’t mention niche channels, that was Neil.
    @origional steve
    According to their website ‘Luxury Life HD, Channel 4 HD, BBC HD, BBC One HD, ITV1 HD and Channel 5 HD are available without subscription. Channel 4 HD and Channel 5 require a viewing card. ITV1 HD is only available in England and Wales.
    But we all know that Luxury Life closed so expect NHK World instead.’


  34. original steve Says:

    5hd would be good they can keep other channels


  35. original steve Says:

    5* and 5us a bonus.Quest a good channel according to my dad


  36. Matthew Says:

    In regards to Sony TV it depends on your taste in shows. They had re runs of the older House seasons and random other shows like that. Beats anything CBS has.

    I’m guessing Sky are to blame for this channel not beng on Freesat.


  37. Martin Says:

    Can some one explain to me how dave yesterday quest are free to air on freeviwe but not on freesat I have my freesat connected with an hdim cable every time I want to watch freesat I v got to come out of freeviwe scroll down to hdmi 2 to switch between the two gess what I end up just watching freeviwe because I watch dave quest some times yesterday CBS action is a good channel but it’s repeating on a loop all the time only which when they change the programs


  38. admin Says:


    Freeview and Freesat are two completely different platforms, they aren’t available to match each others channels, after all, Freeview only has 40 channels in comparison to Freesats 150+.

    Dave, Yesterday, Quest and the rest of the constant programme repeat channels are tied into contract with Sky which means they are encrypted on satellite and therefore cannot be made available FTA on satellite until a time comes when the broadcasters themselves decide otherwise. Sadly with the revenues they make from being subscription Freesat will need to have a much larger market share for them to increase revenues from advertising instead, which sadly is a dying market at the moment.

    The reason they are free on Freeview is pretty much because there isn’t a subscription based platform via terrestrial aerial. If there was a Sky equivilant, you can be sure they’d be subscription and you wouldn’t have access to them at all.


  39. Richard Crichton Says:

    ‘The reason they are free on Freeview is pretty much because there isn’t a subscription based platform via terrestrial aerial.’

    There is a sub based platform via terrestrial aerial- Top up TV


  40. Neil Says:

    @Martin: As admin says, the UKTV channels (Dave etc) aren’t on Freesat as they are tied in with Sky in a subscription deal. If it were up to the BBC (UKTV is half owned by BBC Worldwide) then considering their support for the platform I’d say it’s likely these services might appear however Virgin Media own the other half of UKTV and as such I feel, only a personal opinion, that it is them who have held back. There is little narrow beam capacity at the moment but I’m sure with technical changes to one of the BBC’s other 2D TP’s they could fit Dave in.

    Time will tell but there’s no knowledge of how long their deal with Sky has to go, whether the new buyers of half UKTV’s assets (Virgin want to sell their 50%) might have a different change of mind or whether the launch of Astra 1N, which will provide much needed narrow beam capacity, will have any effect.

    The best we can all hope for is that more and more Freesat sales bump up the total penetration (currently about 1.7m I believe) together with an improved advertising market and economy!


  41. mediaman Says:

    Quest is basically free advertising for SKY and Discovery. Pick Tv and Viva are free advertising for Satellite pay channels using cheap programming for maximum advertising. I don’t think Freesat is missing anything from not having these channels but SKY is missing free advertising by not having them on Freesat.


  42. Richard Crichton Says:

    If British Sky Broadcasting lost their broadcasting licence how would it affect Freesat, if at all? Not that it’s at all likely.


  43. original steve Says:

    Could it only be a good thing if that happened no Restrictions


  44. Martin Says:

    Thank you all for that information I am beginning to understand now right as for pointing out that freesat is different to freeviwe I think I got that bit on my own I am not totally stupid


  45. Neil Says:

    Richard: If News Corp were deemed ‘unfit’ then not only would they not be able to purchase the 61% they want, they might be forced to sell the existing 39%. BSkyB itself would not loose it’s broadcasting licence as News Corp are the issue and only a shareholder (although the largest). How this might change the way Sky operates if indeed the Murdoch Empire sold out would be interesting but as it’s all now been referred to the Competition Commission then we’ll have to see what this throws up.

    I’m amazed at the speed this whole News International thing has blown up, not complaining mind you!!


  46. Glyn Says:

    Admin – your site still doesn’t work in IE9. Any time I want to post something, screen goes dark (greyed out). Same on my Blackberry. Just lost what I was going to post on here from my lappy as a result of something not being as it should.


  47. Glyn Says:

    In Firefox now – seems ok – anyway, I was going to ask about my remote… it’s gone quite unresponsive in the last few weeks (press hard to light handset and command the Hummy). Not had this problem since launch. New batts too. Any ideas?


  48. admin Says:


    Not sure about the remote control problem you are having, but regarding the issue with IE9, this is due to some coding (most like Java) being designed for a previous version. It might take some time to resolve as we’ve stopped developing the existing version of the site, but in IE9, when the screen goes dark, you should have a broken page link next to the address bar which looks like this:

    Click on the image and it will change IE to compatibility mode and retain that setting whenever you visit our site.


  49. original steve Says:

    To admin when are we having film gb sofa screen and sofa stars I was told early 2011


  50. admin Says:

    @original steve

    Are Electric Sofa still thinking about launching their channels? Suspect after all the delays that they might never happen! No further news sorry.


  51. original steve Says:

    According to Wikipedia I don’t know whether its good info


  52. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    @admin “Are Electric Sofa still thinking about launching their channels?”

    According to their Facebook page apparently yes but it’s not clear whether we’ll see any or more than one on Freesat.


  53. Russ Says:

    Electric Sofa were at the freesat awards. They also sent congratulations to the award winners, stating it will be their turn next year. As the old saying goes, you have to be in it, to win it.


  54. Kevin McFarlane Says:

    “They also sent congratulations to the award winners, stating it will be their turn next year.”

    I suppose that gives a rough idea of how long until launch. Some time in about the next 8 months. :)

    I guess we can also assume that if they were at the awards then there will be at least one channel on Freesat.


  55. Freesat Wins Gold At The Field Marketing And Brand Experience Awards | Join Freesat Says:

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