Freesat’s Emma Scott Wins Media Award

Emma Scott, Managing Director of Freesat, took the top prize in the media category at last night’s First Women Awards, held at the Marriott Hotel in London.

The annual awards, founded in 2004 by the CBI and Real Business magazine, celebrate the achievements of women who are trailblazers and pioneers in business, across sectors including media, finance, business services and manufacturing. Also nominated in the media category were Yasmin Jeetha, COO of the Financial Times and Carol Stone, MD of YouGovStone. The award comes in the same week that Freesat won Best New Brand or Business at the Marketing Society Awards for Excellence.

Emma commented;

It’s important to recognise the achievements of women in business everywhere. So to receive this prestigious award is a real honour, especially when Jetha and Carole are such exceptional women. I couldn’t have won this award without the support of many great people during my career – and now thanks to our shareholders, the BBC and ITV and the fantastic team at Freesat who have worked incredibly hard to make the service such a brilliant success in only its first year.

Congratulations Emma.

27 thoughts on “Freesat’s Emma Scott Wins Media Award”

  1. Plenty of awards, gongs, bells and whistles, trumpet blowing, etc.
    But where are the channels we are eagerly awaiting, no awards
    there I`m afraid, in fact pretty woefull

  2. johnboy – that comment was a bit below the belt. Freesat has only been up and running for 12 months and what it has achieved in that time is excellant. Yes more HD channels would be great but Freesat is still really a fledgling service. A bit of patience is what is needed, after all there are existing contracts that are in place that prevent further HD coverage for the time being.

    Well done Freesat, excellant service, keep up the good work.

  3. Agree to a point Denis, but the why don’t they say for example C4 HD contract runs out on *** date and then they’ll be joining us, give us something else to look forward too apart from another shopping channel!!

  4. Denis, don`t remember mentioning HD in my piece, just take a look
    at all the channels available in NON Freesat mode, why are they not
    on board? How many worthwhile channels have signed up so far in
    2009? I am all for being patient but I bet not even Freesat would have
    expected take up to be so disappointing.

  5. Freesat is pretty good for what it is.
    Hopefully the channel I produce will be added soon, I’ve only got through stage two of the application, and am finding it difficult to achieve slot allocation at the moment and negotiations are not going so well.

  6. johnboy – yes “just take a look at all the channels available in NON Freesat mode” Thats all most of them need is a look and thats it. The majority of them are not worth watching.

    There are more than enough channels on Freesat at present to satisfy most TV viewers. I do not see how the take up is disappointing.

  7. I support Johnboy’s comments 100% when Freesat was launched we were promised 200 channels most of those are boring no more than can be got via freeview and whats the point of ONE HD channel. Dont use my freesat box anymore now freeview is all I need.

  8. The fact is that most of those extra channels that will make up the 200 will not be worth watching. So all this ends up as a game of channel collecting.
    Realistically the only other HD channel we could expect is 4HD. I expect that will be on Freesat by 2010.

    If someone wants these minority channels then they can always get them in non Freesat mode.

    I use both Freesat and Freeview and am extremely happy with the service.

  9. Plenty of awards, but have I found a fault with the Humax PVR !!!

    Every time the Humax PVR does an automatic search for new channels it
    removes all ITV HD scheduled recordings, I have missed so many programs.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I would like to know if this is a software problem which could be updated latter or if it’s a fault with my Humax PVR, in which case I shall return it as faulty.

    I did email Humax about this problem about 6 weeks ago, but they have just ignored me.

  10. Two channels were removed today on the auto scan when I turned on my PVR. For the life of me I can’t see what they are, any ideas? Let’s just hope they were shopping channels.

  11. I have just received this email from Humax, which confirms the fault that removes all ITV HD scheduled recordings when the Humax PVR auto scans for new channels.

    Dear Sir,

    I do apologise for the inconvenience, this will be corrected in a software update soon available,

    Many Thanks,

    Humax Customer Support

  12. @Denis

    So, you are saying that Freesat are currently giving excellent service and also suggesting people should be patient because in time there will be many channels available in Freesat mode that will NOT be worth watching.

    You then go on to say that you are using both Freesat and Freeview and are happy with the service. When you say ‘the’ service, do you mean Freesat? If so, you also appear to be saying that a deficiency in the Freesat service is being met by access to a non-freesat service called Freeview.

    Maybe I’m the only one who finds your declaration of ‘keep up the good work’ a tad inconsistent with your additional messages.

    By the way, I disagree with your assertion that Johnboy’s post was ‘below the belt’. If a person is willing to stand up and take credit for achievements then they should be big enough to take criticisms; which I’m sure Ms. Scott is.

  13. should i just wait for hd on freeview as i only want one box and it would be cable
    looked at add for fetch tv they claim to upscale freeview and say it nearly as good as hd. its all confuseing to me at the moment so im staying wiyh sky+
    until things look more certain ???

  14. Hey, you lot … I thought this entry was about Emma’s success at the First Women Awards? There are plenty of places you can post on this website about your problems and gripes. How about we just keep this one on topic?

    Well done Emma!

  15. JohnM – The reason I use Freeview is for recording as I do not have a Freesat PVR. However I am only recording programmes that are available on Freesat.
    I will say it again I for one am very happy with the Freesat service.

    I can understand those that are not happy with the service. However that is the nature of opinion there will always be a diverse range of views including some that will never be happy irrespective of how good the service is.

  16. Johnboy obviously has no idea how digital satellite services work. There is a big difference between Free-to-view and Free-to-air channels. Freesat brings you the best of the latter on it’s EPG system, if you can hack into other channels then good for you, if they wanted to have a listing on Freesat they would have. Don’t you think that if Freesat could have more channels on the service they would? These are tough economical times for channels, Freesat can’t invent good channels just for the likes of Johnboy. If you don’t like the content on some of the channels – take it up with the channel! It’s an excellent service and has given the first real option to people to watch HD without a subscription and for that it deserves every recognition! Certainly their sales figure beg to differ with the negative picture some of you would paint. Go Freesat taking on the big boys and winning!

  17. Marie – Well said, I agree 100% with you. You really do wonder what some of these critics were expecting on Freesat. As I have said before this is still only a fledgling service so we really could’nt expect much more.

    I think the point is people like us sit and enjoy our viewing on Freesat. I feel sad for the moaners who must be feel really disatisfied each evening as they sit watching TV.

  18. johnboy – Marie and myself would’nt have time to meet up as we are too busy enjoying our Freesat viewing.

  19. I am very happy with my TV when its in Freeview mode (which was built into the set) just feel missled by Freesat regarding extra channels and the promise of HD. Need not have spent extra on purchasing box and installation.


  20. John Clark – Don’t you find plenty to watch on BBC HD. Also ITV is improving the number of HD progs. Apart from not having 4HD Freesat is delivering all the HD channels that it was likely to have at this stage.

    Promise what promise? Freesat never promised in HD any more than BBC and ITV. As I have said before Freesat is still a fledgling service and has done very well in the short time it has been up and running.

  21. @Denis
    You set the bar very low when you say Freesat ‘has done very well.’

    Irrespective of your low expectations Freesat set their own benchmarks and fell short on delivery. Nobody here was promising 200 channels by the end of 2008. To date (Mid 2009) they have a little over 140.

    The Freesat HDR (or Freesat + as it is sometimes known) arrived in the wake of disappointment over the extended period of time it took to actually arrive – 6 months after the launch of freesat!

    BBC iPlayer was mentioned at the Freesat launch (May 2008) with the claim being made that broadband access via the ethernet connection would be available ‘within months.’ February 2009 saw Freesat ‘announcing’ the iPlayer would be available in autumn 2009…

    ITV HD is arguably the biggest disappointment. The ‘Red Button’ service was introduced in a very low key way. So low key, it actually appeared to me that ITV was distancing itself from the apparent promise they’d made to the public to provide HD programming.

    In January 2009 Ms. Scott outlined Freesat’s plans for 2009. Part of those plans was to ‘increasing our product range.’ Those words belied (perhaps a strong word) the difficulties that had beset Freesat’s 2008 product range with delivery delays and low availability being frequently reported.

    So rather than repeatedly trotting out trite comments of ‘well done’ and being seen as an apologist for Freesat’s performance, why not engage in a meaningful assessment of what you see as the successes Freesat delivered in its first year.

  22. John M – I can see exactly where your comming from and understand the points your are making. It really depends whether the service has delivered what you wanted from it as to your opinion.

    I watch a lot on BBC and therefore get a lot of enjoyment out of watching BBC HD. Watch some ITV HD. So from my perspective Freesat is delivering what I wanted. Yes it would be better if we had 4 HD.

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