FreeSports is coming soon to Freesat

Are you a sports fan? Well, the UK’s newest sports channel, FreeSports, is launching on Freesat channel 252. Available on Freesat from the 12th September, FreeSports coverage includes football, rugby league and ice hockey. Stay tuned for more updates on this great channel launch.

2 thoughts on “FreeSports is coming soon to Freesat”

  1. There now you haven’t updated the site on this one so far it’s a good channel to have I v cancelled sky again they to greedy but now looking for a freesat box I got rid of mine when there was no U.K. tv Chantelle on freesat hey ho now what do you know they are all there even quest

  2. At last, we finally have a dedicated sport channel on Freesat.

    However, they need to get some more sports on board as the choices are very limited atm. Surfing Competition might be a good one as the World Surf League already broadcast both free over the internet and on a network in the US. The fact it can be viewed free makes me think the rights would probably be cheap:


    Then the Extreme Channel have the rights to surf films:

    Bit of surf film style footage (not from Extreme):

    Some of the other minor channels have some competitive sailing such as the Americas Cup. Again I can’t imagine the rights being very high to these:


    Something from the Extreme Sports channel now that it’s left Sky might be available. Whereas the whole channel might be expensive, I’m sure something like Formula Off Road would bring variety:


    Ch4 had the rights to Red Bull Air Racing for a while, so might be affordable:

    Apologies for the dreadful music someone put over this:

    Maybe admin can draw their attention to this post.

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