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May 15 2009

Alba Group, the manufacturer of the Goodmans brand have launched a second generation Goodmans Freesat SD Digital Box, model number GFSAT101SD.

Goodmans Launch New Freesat Box
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We were unaware of this new unit coming to market so are a little short on information. We can only presume that this supersedes the previous GFSAT100SD model.

Looking at the connections on the back, Goodmans have removed the Video Out Scart and LNB Output leaving just an LNB Input and single Scart Socket for connecting to your television. Removal of the LNB Output is probably a good idea, as it was a technical feature from the analogue days that should never had made it to the Freesat units…but removing the Video Out Scart will limit the ability for customers to record to external devices such as DVD/Video players.

We are unsure at this time whether the other Freesat SD models, Bush and Grundig (also Alba Group) will follow the same path of reducing the number of ports; and it is unclear whether the HD models will also be without, or whether this is to try and encourage HD box sales further.

19 Responses to “Goodmans Launch New Freesat Box”

  1. Shane Says:

    I like the fact it has an on/off switch on the front. Lets hope the bright blue light has gone for good.


  2. Martin Says:

    And let’s hope they addressed the standby power consumption. My 2 Bush boxes both use 10 watts on / 10 watts standby !!! i.e. all standby does is disable the video out & switch on the led instead… the 10 watts on is very good – the 10 watts standby is a disgrace…


  3. admin Says:

    The packaging is labelled up with the energy efficient logo all over it, so I can only assume they have done something to reduce this.


  4. darnall 42 Says:

    with no scart out they are rubbish for the main tv,but these would be great for bedroom tv’s


  5. Davei Says:

    That they have removed the video scart output is appalling.

    Also, removing the LNB out is unfortunate – I realise hardly anyone needs it, but it does have its uses. I use the second of the two LNB outputs from my Dreambox 7025 to feed my Foxsat-HD – I just have to remember that I can’t use the Foxsat when I’m using both DB tuners (and that’s not really a problem that comes up very often).


  6. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:


    The loss of the vcr scart is unfortunate, We often use this to connect a second source (vcr/dvd etc) when the customers tv has only 1 scart socket.
    I hope that a bush / grundig version will be available with vcr scart socket even with a slight price premium, that would make more sense than having the same box available with 3 different names & 3 different prices !

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  7. admin Says:

    I suspect they will all be the same, will try to find out next week. I think this is part of a push to encourage HD sales; which may have the benefit of a reduction in HD retail prices.


  8. IrishMJ Says:

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks a tad ugly?

    As for the 2nd Scart, yeah, that could be an annoying problem for some people. Just thinking though, instead of this:

    Scart 1 -> TV
    Scart 2 -> VCR

    could you not go like this:

    Scart 1 -> VCR Scart in
    VCR Scart Out – TV

    Would that work? Obviously it would mean the VCR would need to be left on…

    With regards to the LNB Output, I was under the asumption that the LNB Output on the Goodmans/Grundig/Bush was not funtioning anyway..




  9. admin Says:

    The unit looks better in real life, didn’t get the dimensions but think it is smaller too. Not quite as good looking as the Grundig version though (although that is probably due to change too!)


  10. Pete Says:

    this wil be fine for me, i hope the price has dropped to £30 range. we used the prior model for one of the kids rooms and we shall need another soon so this should do the trick.


  11. admin Says:

    Still around £50-£60


  12. Pete Says:

    a well thats not quite so appealing. i fail to see hwy it is still at a relatively high price point. as mentioned these boxes are ideal for secondary rooms (kids rooms, kitchens etc) for £30 im sure the sales would be considerably higher, the tech must be cheaper by now, especially if they are leaving stuff out of the build.


  13. admin Says:

    No doubt, but it is the poor value of the GBP that is causing the high price.


  14. Di Says:

    My parents have bought this box and have a couple of queries. When they turn it on the green light comes on then goes off and then comes back on with the picture, is this normal. And when they turn it of the red light flashes is this normal? I have no idea about these sort of things


  15. RonW Says:

    I bought the Grundig GUFSAT01SD from Argos and like every website I have looked at they are still showing the model with 2 scart sockets. My version is totally different with air vents on top and only one scart socket which doesn’t cause me any problem. I can’t fault the picture quality on an old crt tv but I can’t seem to find many channels in non freesat mode. My main worry was that I had bought old stock but now realise I have the latest model (unfortunately)



  16. Peter Says:

    I’ve sourced one of the latest Grundig SD boxes from Argos, would you believe!!!! One ‘odd one’ appeared at our local store.
    It also defaults to a flashing red light when off, after a few seconds. Would also like to know if this is now the norm.



  17. RonW Says:

    Argos seem to be the only source just now of this model. My one also defaults to a flashing red light in standby mode. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I could only find a few uk stations in non freesat. ITV Granada and Anglia.


  18. badger Says:

    mine also flashes to a red light in standby mode quite annoying really is it the norm


  19. Steve Says:

    “That they have removed the video scart output is appalling.”

    Not if it reduces the cost. Not everyone is addicted to their TV. I use freesat, but have no intention of EVER recording anything; TV just isn’t that important to me. If removing the superfluous connections reduces cost, then I’m already interested.


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