Goodmans To Launch Freesat+ PVR

Goodmans Freesat+ PVR Digital Box
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Harvard PLC have finally confirmed the launch of their new range of Freesat+ PVR’s, to compete against the Humax FOXSAT-HDR which has been available for almost one year uncontested.

The initial models to launch will be the Goodmans GFSDTR320HD offering a 320GB hard drive to match the Humax; and the Goodmans GFSDTR500HD with a much needed larger 500GB hard drive for those who constant run out of space recording standard and high-definition programmes.

Information on these models is presently limited, but prices are expected to range from £300 to £350 depending on hard drive size. These prices are an RRP so expect lower, as Harvard PLC (also known previously as Alba Group) actively reduce trade prices where ever possible; whilst Humax generally retain an unmoveable trade valuation.

There is also expected to be like-for-like versions with the Grundig and Bush name too, with matching specifications.

Argos currently have both units displayed on their website:

Goodmans GFSDTR320HD Freesat+ PVR (320GB)
Goodmans GFSDTR500HD Freesat+ PVR (500GB)

17 thoughts on “Goodmans To Launch Freesat+ PVR”

  1. At last! We badly need some realistically priced competition to the poor effort that is the Humax HDR.

    If these new models are any good, I’ll be listing my Humax on ebay.

  2. Need to wait for some reviews I think, though nice to see a 500 gig version, maybe Humax will respond with 750 gig or 1 TB HDR, the drives must be very affordable now. If it’s anything like the Bush HD box there should be no lip sync or SD issues.

  3. @Glyn

    Whilst the Humax does indeed have a card slot, it is not part of the freesat spec and as these two receivers are likely to be considered budget entry freesat recorders, I doubt that Sagem or Harvard are going to waste money on a slot that will only be used by a small percentage of people.

    Look around where you live, apart from yourself, how many others have a motor or multiple lnbs on a dish? If it is anything like where I live, you will be the only one.

  4. Another over priced ugly box. Why are Freesat PVR’s twice the price of Freeview PVR’s? I know its HD but even though.

  5. “At last! We badly need some realistically priced competition to the poor effort that is the Humax HDR.”

    What? It’s 55 quid more than the beautiful HDR and as monkeymaniac quite rightly points out, it “Looks more like one of those blow heaters”.

    What were they using as a benchmark when they designed it? It certainly can’t have been the Humax.

  6. Typical Goodmans….say no more……stick to humax Thank You!!


    I am more than happy with Freesat..but when will reality kick in here guys ???, the honeymoon is over !!….Freesat has done it’s job in respect to switchover (the only reason it exists !!!) …a bit more tweeking of course…but stop expecting miracles everyone….that’s called SKY!.


    A committed Freesat supporter (who hasn’t viewed Freeview in 12 months)

    Why have posts saying (no news but..) or polls about hypothetical ‘what if’s’

    This site, which I do admire for what it has done for Freesat, is like viewers, scratching around for titbits. Give up.

  7. Slightly off topic but…. If Freeview launches ITV HD, 4HD and Five HD (i think its those 3) this December, then it would be great if Freesat could launch ITV HD, 4HD and Five HD ….to give you (aswell as BBC HD) a great range of PSB’s in HD.

    What are the chances of this happening on Freesat in the next year or so? What have Channel 4 and Channel 5 said in terms of HD coming to Freesat?


  8. Freeview PVRs are much cheaper because they use much, much older technology. The SoC (system on a chip) designs at their cores are in many cases several years old, and so much much cheaper. The software designs have had most of their costs recovered over years, too.

    If you buy a PC with a processor that’s years out of date, and stick Windows XP on it, it’s going to cost you a lot less than the the very latest Intel or AMD chip and a copy of Vista Premium.

    The HD PVR chipsets are very new – the one in the Humax, for example, was only released last year; the software is new, and with things like iPlayer on the roadmap for Freeview, makers have to commit to at least some ongoing updates.

    All of those things help put Freesat PVRs in a very different class to commodity Freeview units.

    HD satellite PVRs are not cheap bits of kit.

  9. if i was goodmans (or havard or whoever),i’d sack the designer of this box.i cant imagine me having a box as ugly as that under my tv 🙂

  10. trust me it will be worth the wait I have seen it, much better than the last version HD / SD boxes

  11. Does anyone know whether the new Goodmans recorders are likely to have decent non-freesat abilities such as timer recording and diseq control?

  12. Admin
    This subject has dropped off the home page so most people do not seem to see it. Is there any mews when the Goodmans recorder will be available, it was due in August I think? Where can we find out about its non-freesat and diseqc features?

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