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Sep 11 2010

Panasonic DMR-BS850 Blu-ray Freesat Receiver

With the launch of the new range of Panasonic Freesat receivers (DMR-BS880, BS780 and XS380), it is worth pointing out that there is very little to separate them from the previous version other than the usual Panasonic yearly freshen up.

With this in mind, there are some absolutely cracking deals available on the previous versions whilst stocks last; so if you are considering an all singing all dancing Freesat receiver, with either Blu-ray recorder or DVD recorder in-built, then this would certainly be a better value option than paying out for the brand new version with the initial over-inflated price tag.

These deals are whilst stocks last, and while the price will continue to fall until sold, they are now at absolute bargain levels (prices include delivery):

Panasonic DMR-BS850, complete with Blu-ray recorder and 500GB hard drive
Best Price:

Panasonic DMR-BS750, complete with Blu-ray recorder and 250GB hard drive
Best Price:

Panasonic DMR-XS350, complete with DVD recorder and 250GB hard drive
Best Price:

(originally posted Aug 2, 2010 @ 23:33)

41 Responses to “Great Deals On Discontinued Panasonic Range (Updated)”

  1. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    Don’t forget, though, that the new versions do include DLNA server capabilities – so if you have a Panasonic TV in another room (one that has DLNA playback), you can use it to watch recorded material over the network.

    So, although there is a premium for this year’s models, that extra functionality could be very useful for some – and a good alternative, for instance, to putting a cheap freesat recorder in the bedroom. Record in the living room, watch in the bedroom via the network (though to watch HD over the network, you’ll need a 2010 TV set as well as the 2010 recorder models).


  2. Mark S Says:

    I won’t be buying a freesat recorder until 4 and 5hd join freesat.


  3. Froggie Says:

    The new ones have DNLA? oh dear, something else I now want 😉


  4. Alan Says:

    How do these compare to the Humax Foxsat HDR?


  5. MikeA Says:

    Do they have i-player software upgrade? If not when will the long overdue i-player software upgrade from Panasonic be out?


  6. admin Says:

    These receivers include iPlayer; it is only the previous versions of Panasonic televisions that don’t at this time.

    All – please keep this subject on topic and not about ITV and their latest shenanigans.


  7. aybeeseaa Says:

    Is iPlayer as offered on these devices still in “Beta”? If not, excellent. If so, then why?



  8. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Do Panasonic do a model that has both Freesat and Freeview?


  9. Two Pen'orth Says:

    I recently got a suberb deal from the Panasonic shop in Blackburn.

    The new 42″ D25 television (with both Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners) bundled with a DMR-BS750 BluRay machine at a hugely discounted price of £200.

    The television also has the DLNA facility.

    Please be aware of how horrendously complicated these machines are! A lot of it is completely beyond me but it is a superb machine at a bargain price.

    Looks like I picked the wrong time to nail my colours so firmly to the Freeesat mast . . .


  10. Steve L Says:

    Two Pen’orth :” hugely discounted price of £200. ”

    you sure?

    If that’s so, ship them to me, I’ll give you £300 and an extra £50 for your trouble to go out and get another bundle!


  11. Two Pen'orth Says:

    Well spotted Steve L!

    The DMR-BS750 BluRay was £200 not the package. The TV was full-price, I think at £1,100 but the two together made a very reasonable deal.

    Another thing I discovered is that my broadband connection is not fast enough to stream anything in HD. It cannot even get the BluRay extras from the Internet.

    Just something else to bear in mind when thinking of iPlayer and such like.


  12. Keith Says:

    Currys were selling off the Panasonic DMR-BS750 on clearance for £249.97 last month but probably all sold out now as it published on Hotukdeals.


  13. John F Says:

    I just bought a DMR-BS850 at a much reduced price but it will not access the BBC i-player. It has the latest firmware installed – V.1.3. Any idea about when it might get upgraded?


  14. Richard Crichton Says:


  15. Richard Crichton Says:

    @6 admin
    “These receivers include iPlayer; it is only the previous versions of Panasonic televisions that don’t at this time.”

    See link in post 14.


  16. Nick Holmes Says:

    i was going to buy the humax but think i might buy the 350 instead, much better deal and has a dvd player too


  17. Tony Hales Says:

    How much HD can you record onto a DVD and what format is that in. It is not made clear on Amazon. As someone who already records onto Blu-ray I wouldn’t buy a 350 as it is pretty pointless with a DVD burner and not a Blu-ray burner.
    The 750 is a much better buy as it includes a Blu-ray player (which also plays DVD’s) and a Blu-ray burner.


  18. Tony Hales Says:

    As a update to my post above I would add that I pay £1.25 for 25gb and £3.50 for 50gb blank Blu-ray discs.


  19. Richard Crichton Says:

    Regarding the 350 :Nice price saving but why can’t it record any HD camcorder footage to DVD discs in HD format? Most Blu-ray players (PS3 etc.) will play back a DVD that is organised in the standard Blu-ray format (using the AVCHD files from the camcorder) so you can archive your HD footage to cheap DVDs. If this is not possible I for one would not be interested in wasting my money on this unit.


  20. Richard Crichton Says:

    Since 5HD is a pay to watch channel you will be waiting a very long time Mark S.
    Why would you expect it to be on a free platform, please elaborate.


  21. Alan Says:

    I won’t be updating to such an expensive freesat recorder with blu-ray copying facility until Freesat get their act together by getting more channels including HD channels on board. At the moment Freesat seem to be stagnant in their ambitions.


  22. Alan Says:

    Hi Richard – If you don’t receive a reply from Marks S @2, I believe my post at @21 explains the situation better. – Regards Alan.


  23. Steve Sullivan Says:

    I’ve been looking at these dicounted models for some time but get the feeling that Freesat, in terms of HD content, is dead in the water. I think any new free HD channels will go to Freeview HD rather than Freesat. I’ll stick with my Humax for the moment & wait to see where any new HD channels go.


  24. Tony Hales Says:

    So you do not think that BBC1 HD will come to Freesat?
    Freeview does not have the bandwidth for more than four HD channels so I do not think that will be the case. Once encoding algorithms improve they may squeeze another HD channel on the MUX but which one?
    BBC1 HD will be on both Freesat and Freeview so it’s only 4HD that is missing from Freesat. As I understand it there is very little native HD on 4HD so no big deal.
    I would like to see 4HD on Freesat but other than that what other FTA HD channels are there? As for Fiver and Five US they are just repeats of Five and Dave is just a load of old BBC shows so no loss.


  25. brian mayo Says:

    Buyer beware, I bought a 350 around 3 months ago beguiled by all the features that my Philips HDD/DVD did not seem to offer, never bought Panasonic before, their Customer Care is “pants”, still trying get response on “high speed” copying facility – given up on email contact after 5 weeks as agent clearly not qualified to deal with response, letter to Bracknell still unanswered after 3 weeks & now colour breakdown on both recorded & live Freesat pictures.
    They may have the technology but IT DOESNT WORK
    I rue the day I departed from Phiips after many years of satisfaction & “good” customer care, the high speed copying on their machine worked fine.


  26. Alan Says:

    I’m still having problems with missed timed recordings on my Humax PVR. Failed to record The bucket list. Anyone else out there had the same problem and found a solution?


  27. Neil Says:

    Alan – if you want the honest reason Freesat’s HD line-up hasn’t improved it’s fairly and squarely down to Sky and their anti-competitive nature in ‘hogging’ bandwidth on Astra 2D. I

    Alan – Freesat is doing what it set out to do, take-up is growing at a steady pace and slowly more services are being added to the platform. BBC1HD launches in the Autumn, it’s rumoured 4HD is wanting access to the platform but so far cannot get any bandwidth on Astra 2D. This could very soon change though when one of the Sky rented transponders is cleared shortly but who knows, things move fast and change quickly in Satellite broadcasting.


  28. Rich Says:

    I’ve got one of these BluRay recorders (Panasonic DMR-BS750), and it’s fantastic. Picture quality is outstanding (even in SD) with my 32″ panasonic TV and the recording has only let me down once (Recording Muse at Glastonbury on BBCHD). It does not have iPlayer yet…unless I’m being really stupid?????


  29. Tony Hales Says:

    Will it let you record ITV-HD onto Blu-ray in Freesat mode? I would quite like to have some of the Bond Movies in HD that aren’t out on Blu-ray yet.


  30. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    Is it worth recording Bond Movies from ITV as the last one I watched was cut to shreads. Surely it is better to wait for the uncut version.


  31. Tony Hales Says:

    Not to mention the wrong aspect ratio. My point is you can’t record ITV-HD onto Blu-ray with the Panny. It won’t let you due to the flag so not such a good buy after all.


  32. Rich Says:


    Some itvhd stuff xan be recorded to bluray, not sure about the bond movies; not a fan I’m afraid. Stuff from bbchd certainly can; Dr Who has recorded perfectly with the 5.1 surround sound too.


  33. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @32 Tony

    Last time I checked Dr Who was on the BBC!


  34. Tony Hales Says:

    @33 I think you mean @32 Rich

    @32 Rich
    Some ITV HD stuff (recorded to Blu-ray) isn’t good enough. I want to decide what to record not be stopped by ITV and Panasonic.


  35. Brian Damage Says:

    @34 I’d guess the recording restrictions on the Bond movies might have more to do with the fact that most of the films haven’t been released on BluRay yet.
    Recording restrictions might well be one of the terms of ITV’s license for showing these films in HD.

    Sure, there may be other ways in which these can be recorded, but you can’t blame Panasonic for enforcing the broadcaster’s restrictions.

    (I’m just happy that we can watch them in HD at all. Twice a week too! The Lowry restoration work is fab.)


  36. Chrislayeruk Says:

    And you will all be buying new boxes again when “Youview” goes live.

    My advice, Just wait. Chris :)


  37. Tony Hales Says:

    I for one wont be buying one. Freesat pvr boxes could do all that stuff with a few firmware upgrades.


  38. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    I had a look at the technical specs for the Youview box and Freeview is specified (DVB T2) but could find no mention of Freesat (DVB S2). I also gather that full HD is not available so what is the point?


  39. Tony Hales Says:

    In the FAQ’s is says you just plug your aerial or SATELLITE DISH into the box and connect your broadband. That only makes sense if it’s Freeview and Freesat.
    Assuming that is a mistake what if you can’t get digital terrestrial signals. Are they going to ignore that market and leave it to Freesat?
    The whole concept is based on a backwards looking EPG. Aren’t there enough repeats on TV as it is. Freesat with ITV player, iPlayer, 4OD etc would serve the same purpose without having to buy a new box.
    As Kevin says what is the point?



  40. Richard Crichton Says:

    Youview looks just like BT Vision to me.


  41. Richard T. Says:

    Hi Guys

    I am new to FreeSat. Bought a Panasonic TV with builtin FreeSat. Have been looking for a DVD recorder with HDD. I had talked with several sales personnels for advice on the recorder. One told me that I need a Freesat recorder while another said any good one even with Freeviewtuner. I have been looking at the Panasonic BS880 model. Can this record DVD, or it is Blue-ray recording only? Many thanks for your valuable advice. Regards.


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