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Sep 04 2009

Not exactly breaking news but an image of the Grundig Freesat+ PVR 500GB Receiver has been released.

Grundig Freesat+ Digital Box
Click to enlarge

We are still waiting on news regarding its release date and who will be selling (we know Maplins will).

Image courtesy of Ahmad (Aky705).

17 Responses to “Grundig Freesat+ Image Released”

  1. Alex Says:

    It isn’t the best looking PVR around…….

    500GB should be good though :)

    I’m Sticking with my nice looking HDR (for now)


  2. Nicholas Says:

    Still waiting for info (full specs, price etc..) on the Technisat HDFS since…. quite some time now, before i finally chose and buy box.


  3. admin Says:


    Not sure how this relates to the topic in hand? Have you visited our TechniSat HDFS product page, plenty of info and links there:


  4. RoZo Says:

    I was aware that Goodmans and Sagem were bringing these out from the news posts on this website but not of Grundig.
    Goodmans was due out in August according to the Argos catalogue.
    Alongside the freesat functions I have been trying to find out whether any of these will have non-freesat (A)timer recording and (B)diseq control for multiple satellite positions. At present the Humax does B but not A and Panasonic do A but not B so neither are right for me.
    FTA recorders are ofcourse able to do both A and B but then without a 7 day UK epg, so also not ideal.
    The spec summary pages don’t usually go into that sort of detail and you need at least the manual to find out, although the existing manuals for the HD receivers from these companies don’t specify whether they have diseqc.
    Here’s hoping admin or someone will have some more info on the non-freesat features as I would really like a freesat+ box for its freesat use but without needing a second box for the other satellite uses.


  5. admin Says:


    The Grundig Freesat+ has been showing as ‘out of stock’ on the Maplins website for some time, so we in a way knew it would come eventually; but it is only recently that the image has been released, before then Maplins were using the SD box image! We still await news from Grundig (through Harvard/Alba Group) but information to date hasn’t been forthcoming.


  6. RoZo Says:

    Thanks, and would it be that Harvard also produce the Goodmans brand so the Grundig and Goodmans boxes are likely to have similar functionality and equally no news on the Goodmans release date?


  7. Boingle Says:

    Yikes! It reminds me of one of those big buttoned telephones that old people use :)

    I won’t be buying one, based purely on aesthetics, no matter how good the hardware is.


  8. admin Says:

    Yep RoZo, likely to be the same unit released at the same time. They generally split the allocation between the two and distribute as and when, so you’ll probably not see both around at the same time.


  9. Garrif Says: – – Argos also seem to plan on selling it. – GFSDTR500HD


  10. Tony Hales Says:

    Why would anyone want to buy it. Just get a Humax and fit a larger hard drive once the warranty finishes.


  11. zag Says:

    God that’s ugly, looks like something out of the 80s


  12. monkeymaniac Says:

    Sham new HD channels do not get promoted to freesat, fast like the new HD receivers & boxes, now that would be nice.


  13. Al (Original) Says:

    One word “Ugly”. Wouldn’t get a place in my living room.


  14. Lee B Says:

    HDR & drive upgrade might be a better way to go. With current drive prices companies can’t expect a silly price premium for a bit larger drive.


  15. Tony Says:

    #14 – Lee B

    The current low HDD prices are for PC drives. I thought slightly different spec drives were used in PVRs because they make different demands on them. Anyone got any thoughts on this? How long do PC drives last in PVRs?


  16. Tony Hales Says:

    How long is a piece of string?


  17. RoZo Says:

    So I phoned the goodmans helpline at 10p/min; “diseqc not supported; non-freesat timer recording not available” so it’s a further wait for more info on the sagems or back to the humax hdr and wait and see if the firmware update will allow timer recordings to be set.


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