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May 09 2008

Grundig GUFSAT01 SD freesat receiverThe Grundig GUFSAT01 Freesat SD Digital Box is now available to buy from Comet, priced £49.99.

This appears to be the first official release of the unit, with only a few leaking out prior to the Freesat launch date. In terms of a SD unit its a very capable receiver with a good price tag.

It does however state ‘from 14 day delivery’, which suggests not in stock just yet.

Visit Comet to buy the Grundig GUFSAT01 at £49.99.

2 Responses to “Grundig GUFSAT01 now available at Comet”

  1. J L Jones Says:

    My local Comet told me last Tuesday that the GUFSAT01 would be available today. This morning I was told they did have some, but had been ordered not to sell them. They didn’t know why.
    So I bought a Humax Foxsat.


  2. tv.on Says:

    can we order thie gufsat01


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