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Jul 17 2008

Maybe we should have called it “Hardly Street” after many reports of no red button to access the high-definition version of this new (and first) HD drama from the ITV, exclusive to Freesat.

We know that some regions have been able to receive the HD version, and given that most successful reports have come from London, the North West and Central, it would appear that its only worked on those ITV regions which were available from launch, not those that were introduced two days ago.

What a mess, Freesat should be very disappointed with ITV for not only the poor performance of this programme, but for learning from the mistakes of Euro 2008.

Why not post a comment below, providing us with your default ITV region, digital box brand and whether you were able to access it or not.

61 Responses to “Harley Street, What A Mess ITV!”

  1. harold Says:



  2. wezo Says:

    ITV1 Yorks W (foxsat-HD) did not recieve harley street in HD. ITV/freesat = Joke


  3. Andy Says:

    ITV1 Anglia S / FoxsatHD – no red button at any point through the programme :(


  4. Yasar Says:



  5. Ian Says:

    ITV Central West. I had no problems with Harley St. I have a Humax Foxsat.
    Ijust find them cutting off the HD feed a bit too fast, the program hadn’t finished before it went bach to SD.


  6. admin Says:

    ITV Yorks – channel available 15th July 2008
    ITV Anglia S – channel available 15th July 2008
    ITV Central West – channel available 6th May 2008

    Would love to see if this pattern continues. What a mistake its turning out to be launching the regions before sorting the red button for them!


  7. Joe Says:

    ITV Central South. No problems with ITV HD red button, HD quality not as good as BBC HD but better than Freeview/Freesat SD. Other thing I noticed was the Dolby sign appears for a few seconds top right corner of tv when going to HD. Sound was not output as dolby digital, my av amp received stereo and output Dolby Pro Logic.


  8. Joe Says:

    Using Humax Foxsat HD.


  9. Denis Says:

    ITV Central – Yes recieved HD version but programme was a few seconds in before logo appeared to press red button and HD reverted to SD during final credits. Appart from that good quality.
    Can we have more publicity over when ITV are broadcasting an HD programme?


  10. Terry Says:

    I’m in Chesterfield, my local ITV channel is Yorks. Watched on a Humax Foxsat and NO HD on Harley St. !!!


  11. david Says:

    anybody in wales had any problems with itv hd last night


  12. Dean Says:

    ITV Yorkshire – Bush HD no red button for HD feed


  13. Carl Says:

    ITV West – HD button appeared. At first programme had ‘jitter’ problem in HD. Changed channel then back to HD and programme OK. Quality doesn’t appear to be as good as BBC HD (it was the same with Euro 2008). HD feed stops too soon for adverts and credits. Come on ITV give us a separate channel like the BBC and stop messing around.


  14. wezo Says:

    Admin what are the chances of itv/freesat giving us some kind of statement on what went wrong.


  15. John Says:

    Humax HD Box
    ITV Anglia West – Logo appeared briefly so was able to watch OK. Did notice sound level fluctuating especially on speech channel. Did not know if it was in 5.1 or not on my system. Returned to SD automatically as credits were still rolling. Were some adverts in HD?


  16. Andy Merrett Says:

    “Can we have more publicity over when ITV are broadcasting an HD programme?”

    I expect it may have been in the schedules, but my PR contact for freesat only contacted me early afternoon about the show. If I’d been working on a print publication, it would never have made it!


  17. admin Says:

    wezo – requested a statement from Freesat last night, hoping for a response today. Won’t persue ITV, they never respond!


  18. John Black Says:

    STV ex Grampian Bush hd red button


  19. Gray Noone Says:

    ITV Wales, no problems, HD worked fine, using Humax Box.


  20. lib Says:

    NO hd red button for harley street.
    itv south meridian.
    humax foxsat hd box.



  21. Michael Says:

    I live in ITV West and there was a loss in transmission via sky and freesat prior to the programme. It appeared again in time for the show. The quality of the picture was inferior compared to the Beeb.

    If it’s any consolation to those who couldn’t access HD the content of the shpw was rubbish and it appears to be a resurrection slot for ex-soap stars


  22. david Says:

    thanks gray for your report iam on two minds to get humax after all the problems last night


  23. david Says:

    i live in gwent s. wales


  24. Robin Says:

    ITV1 Meridian South. No HD available at all! Red button did nothing, no icon to show HD picture available. Poor show all round!


  25. dave smith Says:

    dolby digital does not have to mean 5:1….. can still be dolby digital stereo


  26. lib Says:

    to david
    get sky hd if you can
    stay away from freesat i wish i did.


  27. Davei Says:

    No red button on Meridian South. I rescanned with a London postcode during the first ad break and saw the rest of the programme in HD. The picture quality, though miles better than the extremely poor SD version, was disappointing (rather soft and lacking in detail). The sound quality was also poor with amplitude fluctuations/pumping. Also, during the last few minutes, the black Dolby Digital symbol kept popping up in the top right hand corner of the picture. And, just in case all that isn’t enough, the HD feed ended before the programme did (automatically switching my Foxsat box back to SD just as the end titles began).

    As I wasn’t much impressed by the programme anyway, I won’t bother watching next week.


  28. david Says:

    what part of the country do you live lib and did you have any problems last night


  29. lib Says:

    live in red button. no hd harley street . but no loss it was a bad show.


  30. Soul4real Says:

    I find ITV Hd to be a total disappointment, the picture quality not up to sratch this red button thing is a joke! why can’t they give us one show a night on a allocated freesat channel, or a weekend of hd viewing, who wants to wait weeks on end before we get hd and then it’s about harley street, you can not appreciate high def watching that! Freesat obviously had a problem last night as there was no 5.1 surround, only the two front speakers on both bbc/hd and itv/hd but in non freesat-mode Lux/hd was 5.1


  31. david Says:

    anybody else in wales had any problems with itv hd lastnight please


  32. Russ Dring Says:

    ITV Meridan South no HD, ITV Anglia East HD but quite poor quality, in fact upscaled Freeview as good!


  33. Jaap Says:

    I had no problems receiving Harley St. on ITV HD (location Hoofddorp near Amsterdam). I have a Topfield 7710 HDPVR, so no red button problems (don’t have one and don’t need one). I watch free to air on Eurobird 1, 11426.00H, had to edit some setting manually (VPID to be set manually). The picture quality was reasonable, sound Dolby digital 2.0 (stereo), no subtitles (subtitles only on ITV SD).


  34. dave ward Says:

    Ok in W. Yorks from Emley Moor via Fortecstar Passion receiver with latest firmware (no red button, just a separate channel on the channel list. Turned over after drama content like adult version of kids soap. Jimmy’s farming documentary much better.

    Assume ITV have so little HD content available a useful listing or EPG would be more blank than not!


  35. Johhny S. Says:

    Living in Ireland, and had no problems with ITV hd, have London set as my postcode- Bring on more HD content and for those who mentioned about going to SKY- Fair enough if your willing to pay €15 euros a month on top of the sub for SD pictures defeats the purpose of FREESAT. Why don’t ye change your postcode value to an area that ITV hd works on until ITV sort out the software problem! After all alot of ITV regions weren’t avilable till last week, in the end who else is trying to give us free HD- Channel 4 aint rushing out to give us HD and neither is five.


  36. Tim Preece Says:

    Watched it pretty fine on my PC. Occasionally it broke up but I put that down to my PC not being powerful enough to process the HD signal.

    I don’t think the HD signal is region dependant – I only detect one HD broadcast and lots of regional SD ones.


  37. aggy Says:

    panasonic pz81 built in freesat no hd on harley street


  38. Deb Says:

    ITV Tyne Tees- Freesat HD for Harley Street last night, rather disappointed.


  39. Deb Says:

    ITV Tyne Tees -freesat No HD for Harley street last night


  40. John P. Says:

    Jaap (33). Could you let us have more details of the channel you have tuned into for ITV HD please? From the information you have given, I assume the frequency number is 11.426, horizontal polarity (correct me if I’m wrong) but can you also give us the symbol rate and, if possible, the FEC? Thanks


  41. Gray Noone Says:

    David, im in newport south wales, ive had regional since freesat launch, no problems with that at all the only prob i have is BBC HD lipsync when live, on non live programes no lipsync probs at all, humax promise this will be fixed in the next couple of weeks, so im a bit happier than i was a few weeks ago,


  42. david Says:

    thanks gray I reserved 1 at currys to be picked up saturday I hope its not one of those that been handed back in I asked in currys abergavenny they was out of stock;
    and asked have they had any problems with the humax he said no


  43. david Says:

    PS none returned


  44. steve p Says:

    no problems on my goodmans itv westcountry,picture quality was only as good
    as an upscaled dvd not true hd. for anyone with no red button hd just rescan using a london postcode and do a manual tune for local news,or manual for itv hd until its sorted. its still early days so dont panic.


  45. Doug Says:

    Got ITV HD here in Northampton But quality was no where near as good as that on BBC HD or Luxe HD using my Foxsat with Panasonic 37inch LCD tv.
    Have had no problems with Lip sync at all . So hoping this continues after the next system update !! In my view ITV need not bother if the standard they will set does not improve dramatically .The Footy was ok but Harley Street picture in hd was only little batter than SD and freesat gave better picture here .
    Freesat wont get anywhere if the programs are that bad will it ?


  46. Doug Says:

    Sorry I did mean freeview gave a better picture here of course !


  47. Andy Says:

    ITV HD is a misnomer. Here in the West Country I don’t think we have had one ITV broadcast in HD yet. ITV really don’t have a clue it seems which is a great shame with programs like Midsummer Murders they could be very popular. It looks to me like the BBC has taken a very professional approach to delivering HD programming on Freesat. Even their HD previews are rotated during the week. Well done the Beeb!


  48. Colin Says:

    ITV Anglia – Goodmans HD – worked fine, no problems


  49. David Says:

    I’m on BBC East (E) with an Alba and no red button for itv hd. I Couldn’t find the other itv regions on my Channel List or EPG so i rescanned the box entering my london flat’s postcode then i got the red button HD service. But the HD quality itself was terrible it was a very small improvement on itv’s SD channels and we know what bad quality they are on satellite. I would say last night ITV HD was around BBC One quality, no that may be a bit harsh, slightly, i mean very slightly better than BBC One quality. The lack in quality was evident when i switched over to the vastly better drama of criminal justist showing on BBC HD at the time, where there was a great improvement in picture quality.


  50. Denis Says:

    To be honest the ITV HD quality in ITV Central on my Goodmans HD box on Panasonic LCD TV was pretty good. I was quite happy with the result. It may be that it is a combination of Regions, type of box equipment etc. I’m no expert but we all watch TV with all these variables which all come together to give a variety of different end results.


  51. Jaap Says:

    John P. (40) Here are the settings I used on my Topfield 7710 HDPVR:
    Transponder settings:
    Frequency: 11428
    Symbolrate: 27500
    TP Stream ID: 0
    Polarity: Horizontal
    Mode: Normal
    Modulation: DVB-S
    TV Services settings:
    Name: ITV HD
    Provider: BSkyB
    Video PID: 3401
    Audio PID: 11594
    PCR PID: 3401
    PMT PID: 3400
    Service ID: 10510
    Satellite: Eurobird1
    Transponder: 11428
    Advanced settings:
    Res. 1: 27
    Res. 2: 1
    APID Flag: on
    You cannot make all these settings on the Topfield, but with the programe Top Set 2.0 (freeware you can upload all the system settings to your PC, edit them and download them to the Topfield.


  52. John P. Says:

    Many thanks for the excellent information.
    John P.


  53. Paulen Says:

    Meridian South and Humax STB. HD via red button OK for Harley Street. Some picture jerkyness. Sound major issue (Dolby 2.0). Levels up and down, sounded like very compressed, all dialogue seemed to be redubbed. This may all be down to postproduction of programme, but would be interested to hear other peoples experiences.


  54. Steve Says:

    ITV Central, Humax, worked fine (sorry).

    On the other hand, whether the show is worth watching is another debate alltogether 😉


  55. Denis Says:

    Steve I agree. My Goodmans box worked fine in ITV Central as well.


  56. Night Watchman Says:

    ITV TT N – Humax Foxsat HD – no red button option. Don’t know how Deb (38) got it?


  57. Deb Says:

    Night watchman – my reply no 38 was incorrect and I couldn’t go back and edit my reply, look at the reply underneath (39) I corrected myself ….. the bottom line is ITV Tyne Tees we could not get HD. cheers


  58. Eddie Says:

    Anyone outwith London or using a London post code may be interested in the reply from Scottish Television regarding no HD signal on Saturday evening for “The Scorpion King” other regions may find this true also.
    STV quote
    “Dear Mr *********,

    Thank you for contacting stv.

    We are aware that ITV have launched an HD service on Freesat in some parts of the UK. stv has asked ITV to make an stv version of this service available in Scotland. We are keen to get this resolved as soon as possible and as soon as the stv HD service is made available in Scotland stv will be happy to broadcast it.

    Kind Regards,


  59. Mark Says:

    Well what a pleasant surprise, sat down to watch the Mummy on ITV1 Granada Saturday 9th Aug and the HD button was available!!! Just wish ITV made a bit more stuff available in HD.



  60. john stuart Says:

    itv.HD..should be on sky platform…along with the othe itv channels im not paying money for a freesat…spent enough on sky HD box, sky HD box subscription,…and a little thing..the HD plasma tv!!! itv carried on like this at the start of sky satellite digital transmisions…keeping itv…off the satelitte chanel for ages…when by LAW…thier programmes had to be available on ALL platforms…here we go again…i blame it on the monkey,and his stooge…and itv have never recovered…or learnt a lesson…


  61. Shaun Says:

    I live in nottinham have just got freesat. No ITV HD no ITV PLUS. Oh and lets not forget there ITV player, catch up thingy or what ever its called now, which has never worked properly. I gave up hope, with that bunch of fools a long time ago.


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