Humax Due To Release Software Fix

Humax’s current software versions (HD V1.00.23 / HDR V1.00.11) are due to expire tomorrow (2nd December 2009) so expect a new release which should hopefully resolve the problems some of you have been having with your receivers since the last update was released back on the 10th November 2009.

We are unclear at this stage whether Humax will simply roll-back the software to a previous stable version, or will release a new version that they have been working hard on since collating all the information supplied by you guys when contacting them with problems.

Whilst BBC iPlayer is expected to launch first on Humax receivers in December, we don’t expect at this stage the software will include that facility as beta testing still hasn’t began in full; it will be interesting to see the ‘end’ date of what ever new update is released, as that might give an indication of when iPlayer will be ready.

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  1. KimR – try putting in the full web address (not your abbreviated version) then I think this site’s software will recognise it and convert it into a hyperlink.

    As an experiment: – let’s see if that works.

  2. @Jock

    Hi thanks for that but I think it’s the special characters in the filename (underline maybe?) that cause problems.

    Perhaps Admin can clarify?

  3. @Admin, I tried about 5 times to post the link in full, then without the web address just the filename and eventually got it to post by removing the underline and dash 🙂 must be me then 😉

  4. Kim R / Admin

    Glad we’ve got that sorted.

    Oh – Kim – I preferred your posts before you discovered emoticons.

  5. I’ve just purchased the Humax HDR and its being installed later this week.
    So currently there is no HD service ? Any other issues I should know about ?

  6. I downloaded version 10015 (post 105) and all missing channels were restored, however this morning they had gone again due to Humax sending an OTA “upgrade”.
    Why is this still being send out if it’s no good?
    When will there be a permanent fix for this?
    I was told the end of LAST month.

  7. @Paul @mark ross,

    The temporary fix, once you’ve installed the 1.00.15 is to TURN OFF the box at night so that it can’t upgrade OTA.

  8. @mark ross

    You have to turn it OFF at the wall NOT standby, it can’t “upgrade” if it’s switched off completely

  9. Hi Humax no more put my up for sale on Ebay using Sky Freesat
    I purchased the Technisat HDFS box very good reviews and comments from others better then Humax but bit on the pricey side

  10. I’ve only got a bit to add… factory reset restored my channels but red button won’t work for sports multiscreen – Having reverted back to my sky freeview they now want to charge me twenty quid for an “updated” free viewing card – channels are dropping off the free sky viewing I had.

  11. I’ve now made the effort, put up a big 18 element yagi and I’m watching freeview from winter hill as we speak, well done Humax.

    There were Technisat HDFS on flebay a couple of weeks ago at 125 quid, I sould have bought one, have a look and see how much they are now, talk about market forces.

    IMO the Foxsat HD is a great piece of kit, let down by Humax CS.

  12. I didn’t say I was gonna pay it lol – I am selling my Humax on ebay and I will probably buy one of them technisat things eventually – I also have a sky box and a sky plus box that might be finding their way onto ebay shortly!!

  13. Humax, i think you have a nerve, advertising a new box, when you are unable to make the ones you sell work,

    would i recomend Humax to anybody, !!!!! customer service is very poor,

    what a great idea, switch it off at the wall at night, (now you are unable to record)

  14. No BBC HD or red button services since last up dat and now onto my 3rd USB stick in trying to do manual update having gone to Humax website for latest update version. Any ideas, anyone ??????

  15. Yeah,
    its about time all on here got a petition asking for a refund,in this technology age the hassle we are having is a no brainer.How the hell can it be difficult solving this problem.It could & should be sorted overnight.To hell with this.Who’s in?

  16. p.s. meant to add,

    I would be happy with an exchange for these so called next generation receivers , since they have obviously spent all their time on that instead of fixing the present problems they have……DOH!

  17. What amazes me, they are testing the I player, people find the access code and it is blocked,

    But i have to switch my box off at night to stop it updating over the air, why o why are they not able to switch off the OTH upgrade,?

    Or the least Humax should keep its customers informed, (guess that is asking to much)

  18. The link on avforums appears to have been pulled, probably not surprising, I guess that means it will be available OTA very soon.

  19. Hi
    I am struggling, as I am unable to update to HZPTSF 1.00.25. I believe this may be an error on my part. I can follow the simple instruction and when I reverted to 1.00.15 all worked fine.

    However this time all appears ok until I attempt an update. I follow the procedure but nothing other than the box starts in the normal way.

    The USB device I am using is the very same as I used for 1.00.15 reversion which worked. I have also renamed the file as per the instructions.

    I have asked Humax when or if this update will be OTA and I await there reply.
    I would appreciate any useful help

    Regards Mark

  20. @Mark Gosden

    If the USB update won’t work I suspect it’s “finger trouble”, we all suffer from it 🙂

    Check usual suspects, less than 1GB stick/card, FAT, file renamed to Foxsat-HD_upgrade.hdf, file in stick/card root folder, Press STDBY on STB not remote, take out stick/card re-insert press STDBY again hold for 30 secs.

    If you can’t make it work it’s no big deal, there’s no discernible major difference between 1.00.15 and 1.00.25, wait for the OTA



  21. Anyone have issues with their channel display on the box after the HZPTSF 1.00.25 update?
    Currently it now shows nothing, tried a power off/on and still the same 🙁 bad times

  22. Ha, turns out that I flashed the *-HD software on my *-HDR box 🙂
    Seems like the *-HD software works on the *-HDR box – wonder if the *-HDR software would work on a *-HD box?

  23. Again lost most of the major channels on my HDR box, but it still receives and shows BBC HD perfectly. How do I get the rest of the channels back???

    Tried to get the latest version (1.0012) of the HDR s/w from the Humax site, but I repeatedly get a failure message when downloading saying something to the effect “download could not complete file not available – contact server administrator” when half way through the download…


  24. While watching the football the Liverball game I pressed the red button for hd everything ok for twenty minutes then the hd picture went of only sound then but no more hd picture all though the red button kept showing why did this happen

  25. I lost count of the number of times I tried to update my Humax following the software update problem. I was clearly unable to use the product; unable to play recorded viewings; unable to record all the fabulous stuff (for a change) over the xmas period (I have a grandson now so it was fabulous to me). Of course, Humax closed for the xmas and NY period – haha just when their customers needed them the most. I spoke to Humax as soon as they opened briefly (28th Dec), who went through the upgrade with me and condemned the machine (great I’m not thick after all and the problem was with Humax). Have they sent me a new machine yet? Have they heck! They said they would. They asked me to email them my proof of purchase. How do I email a receipt from the shop (no I don’t have a scanner). Anyway, it’s 6.1.12, and still no machine. I want to make a complaint but there is no facility for this on the website. I also now want my money back. Anyone had any success with either?

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