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Dec 01 2009

Humax’s current software versions (HD V1.00.23 / HDR V1.00.11) are due to expire tomorrow (2nd December 2009) so expect a new release which should hopefully resolve the problems some of you have been having with your receivers since the last update was released back on the 10th November 2009.

We are unclear at this stage whether Humax will simply roll-back the software to a previous stable version, or will release a new version that they have been working hard on since collating all the information supplied by you guys when contacting them with problems.

Whilst BBC iPlayer is expected to launch first on Humax receivers in December, we don’t expect at this stage the software will include that facility as beta testing still hasn’t began in full; it will be interesting to see the ‘end’ date of what ever new update is released, as that might give an indication of when iPlayer will be ready.

139 Responses to “Humax Due To Release Software Fix”

  1. Alex Says:

    any news on 4oD coming yet?
    As i received a letter today…. yes from sky… (I know you cant compare the 2 services) But they are giving me HD, sports, movies and everything half price for 12 months! and a free box.

    No good having a plasma HD tv, when there is no HD programs to watch.


  2. Tony Says:

    Nice offer Alex.
    Was that a letter from Sky or a flyer with the post?


  3. Alex Says:

    Letter, its coming up a year since I left them with the full package with Sky +.

    But now its £25 a month for the lot and HD. I dont want to give them the money, buts its an offer hard to refuse


  4. Rod Says:

    My HDR is working perfectly fine now and I’m beta testing iplayer albeit limited shows available. I’ll be upset if any new update takes away the simple delete function etc.

    P.S. For those fed up with the poor response of the HDR remote I’d strongly reccomend one of the Harmony remotes. I use the 515.


  5. andrew wright Says:

    mine working great and i am testing iplayer i hope they do not muck it up for me iplayer has small a mount on it but its getting there


  6. Steve Says:

    Is there a way to turn off the update just in case they do roll it back – I just love the delete fix and auto delete of folders, please don’t take this away !


  7. Robert Says:



  8. James Says:

    Leave mine alone too… it’s great


  9. Richard Says:

    I think the update is great too – the only problem I have is I don’t seem to be able to turn it on using the remote – you need to use the button on the front. Is this helped with a different remote? Once it is on it is fantastic.

    How do you get to become an iplayer beta tester?


  10. Bob H Says:

    There are no plans to roll back anything, we have made some improvements in the software stability over a couple of issues identified. There haven’t been swathes of faults with the products just a tiny percentage of product has had issues and I believe we have helped most of the consumers we have been in contact with. The majority of the issues were resolved with a reset of the box and we recommend that as a step if you are having issues with the product (this won’t erase your recordings, only your recording schedule and settings).

    The primary function of this OTA is to support the coming adult services and also to provide performance improvements for interactive services using the broadband connection. We are still looking at a couple of edge cases and how they can be resolved and there may still be future updates as they become available.


  11. admin Says:


    Your about 6 months too late to put your name down for beta testing.

    @Bob H

    Thanks for the information, appreciated.


  12. Bob Says:

    @Bob H, you sound like a Humax employee

    With TechniSat recently supporting PVR functionality on their non-PVR boxes via a data stick, whats the chances of Humax doing something similar?

    This would be a differentiator over the cheaper Freesat boxes

    Maybe we should start a campaign…


  13. admin Says:

    Bob H works for Humax and is a respected contributor both here and on Digitalspy.

    I might be wrong but I believe Humax have already said they won’t be enabling any PVR functionality on the single tuner HD box.


  14. Lee B Says:

    I doubt they want to seal sales from their premium HDR product.


  15. Mark Says:

    Humax update download in progress…


  16. Duncan Says:

    Notice that DTG OTA Transmissionsnow now showing as ” 1.00.12 and 10024 “.


  17. Soul4real Says:

    I have always loved my HDR form day one, but now a bit pissed about my optical out, as you know no control from my Humax remote.


  18. martart Says:

    Humax Foxsat update download in progress…


  19. dan Says:

    When will the missing channels problem be sorted with an OTA upgrade?


  20. martart Says:

    Download success!! and no problems!! all channels are there, but I didn’t have problems with the last OTA upgrade so I’m happy.


  21. dan Says:

    Is this an automatic OTA or a Manual?


  22. martart Says:

    I just went in and clicked on Auto and it found the new update :>)


  23. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Bob H

    Where is the fix for the missing high band vertical channels on the foxsat HD???


  24. Tony Hales Says:

    1 Alex
    It’s a sprat to catch a mackerel. After 12 months they will double the price and you will have to decide to ditch them or pay up to £56 a month. Don’t give in to the dark side they are devious and cunning. They don’t give away HD boxes for no reason.


  25. martart Says:


    Try a reset of the box as Bob H said


  26. Dipper Says:


    Both my HDR+ boxes work perfectly, the only thing I don’t like is the fact that you can adjust the volume of the boxes output. I just leave it on max and adjust my tv or surround system to suit. It’s quite annoynig when my lovely (non-technical) wife has adjusted the box volume down & turned the TV volume up to compensate then I watch another source & am blown out of my seat!

    The old $ky boxes I had were better in that you had to navigate the menus to set the output volume. Wife-proof. Well, mine anyway.


  27. corrigap Says:

    @ matart

    (re. reset after d/loading new update) been there, done that … but no t-shirt


  28. GaseousClay Says:

    Hi Martart

    I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve done a factory reset. This does not fix the problem it is well documented on the digitalspy forums, occasionally this has a temporary effect on the box but the issue returns sooner or later.


  29. martart Says:

    I just don’t get it how it affects only some boxs I am really sorry for you guys who have this problem. How old is your box? my box is only about 6mths old is it only the older boxes having the problem?


  30. Yasar Says:

    My Humax Foxsat receiver gives a blank green screen if I switch back to it from TV’s or my Sony HDR995’s receiver. It started to happen after the last update. I hope this will cure it. Because it is really annoying.
    Has anyone else got similar problem?


  31. sparksman Says:

    Admin says; “Humax’s current software versions (HD V1.00.23 / HDR V1.00.11) are due to expire tomorrow (2nd December 2009) so expect a new release which should hopefully resolve the problems some of you have been having with your receivers since the last update was released back on the 10th November 2009.”

    Nope! it didn’t!!


  32. dan Says:

    How can I put in an official complaint to Humax. Update OTA done, re-set the box have tried. I don’t own a memory stick and am not going to pay a penny for a service I bought this box for.

    As far as I am concerned this has been haddled appalingly. And my box is only 4 months old. Disgraceful.


  33. Kevin(2)! Says:

    I have lost the menu option for non freesat mode, probably since the last update. Anyone else had this problem, any solutions?


  34. Tom Says:


    why would humax do that ? That’s why they have a pvr version in the first place



  35. Soul4real Says:

    Kevin do a manual scan from setup menue, when complete the option for non freesat mode will be appear.


  36. dan Says:

    Bob: Can you confirm a date of when the OTA fix is going to happen.


  37. David Says:

    Foxst HD puchased May 2008. Lost high band vertical when updated to v1.00.23. Just updated to v1.00.24 channels still missing with bad or no signal.
    Carried out Factory Reset – Channels now showing broken picture.
    Carried out another Factory Reset – Channels still showing broken picture.
    Reverted back to v1.00.15 – All Channels OK

    No problems with HDR purchased December 2008.


  38. Mark Gosden Says:

    New software same problems!! Just updated to .24 and can see no change whatsoever in fact I have lost further channels.


  39. Mark Gosden Says:

    Oh how stupid am I? HZPTSF 1.00.24 does not resolve issues created by previous software update that will happen next week or so Humax customer services say.


  40. Duncan Says:

    Some good news for HDR owners as first indications with the 1.0012 software indicate that you can now edit recording schedules generated by clicking on EPG.


  41. Mike Says:

    HZPTSF 1.00.24 installed today got all channels back for awhile then lost them again looks like i’m going to have to fit the 3dB attenuator again to restore al channels. Come on Humax, try and give some thought to what is happening, and sort your software out


  42. Chris Says:

    Since the update if I want to watch a program that has started, say by 5 min, if I press “ok” on the remote it won’t change to the channel but brings up the box asking if i want to record or watch. Even pressing watch doesn’t change the channel. You seem to have to go back in time to the previous program to change the channel. Does anyone else have this problem and will it be fixed on the next update?


  43. elaine Says:

    I have a humax box, so I could watch create and craft on channel 813. When I first bought the box back in october, I had the channel. Then it just disappeared. After being in contact with humax they said once the new software was released midnight last night, it would come back. Alas, after updating my software I am still getting the same message on channel 813 which is..’no or bad signal’….does anyone know what’s going on???? and if this channel will come back, as that was the reason I bought the box in the first place. Am very very disappointed.


  44. Rob H Says:

    what fix is this my HDR works fine and I’ve been a iPlayer pre beta tester for about 3 weeks…..


  45. martart Says:


    Is this the only channel you are missing? Try a factory reset from the menu button on your remote, this should do the trick!!


  46. elaine Says:

    hi martart,

    yep have done the whole factory reset thing but still the channel is missing…not sure if it’s the only one as I only watch the normal channels, as I this box specifically for the create and craft channel…am at a loss as what else I can do….spoke to freesat couple of weeks ago and t hey said that humax had a prob with a few of their boxes, so they called me and said the software update would fix it..but it hasn’t!!


  47. Andy Says:

    When are they going to sort out the OSD’s being shifted to the right of the screen.

    The Guide OSD is totally truncated down the right hand side!

    They have now sorted out the problem with editing EPG selected recordings


  48. Paul Says:


    The software fix hasn’t happened yet, hopefully channels will come back soon.


  49. Alex Says:

    I have downloaded and it hasnt fixed the issue where the volume control on my HUMAX HD doesnt work – I have the box connected to a sony surround sound system via optical – has it fixed it for anyone else?


  50. Tony Peake Says:

    Tell me if I am stating the obvious, but if the programe your watching has a Dolby Digital soundtrack the volume control on the Humax is fixed if you use the optical or HDMI output. I have the Humax HDR and the volume control works just as it always has.


  51. Duncan Says:

    Chris @ 42,
    The new OTA software HDR 1.00.12 available from today seems to have fixed the occasional problem of being offered record option on prog already well started when you click on it in epg. I have tried my best to get it to play up but so far so good – fingers crossed! Assume and hope you are still on 1.0011 software.
    This is a feature for the boxes. Recommend considering a universal remote such as One For All 5 (URC-7556) which you can make control your surround sound – if it has its own remote – while in “SAT” mode (or control your tv volume like a sky remote). Also it feels more responsive but electronically it is not – just the excellent mechanical feedback when you press a button gives you this impression.


  52. Robert Says:

    My HDR 6 month old, Volume works both my Sony surround amp and TV and my HDR, wish I could click on watch and the option to watch the same program over (repeat watch ) like you can with repeat record if you know what I mean?


  53. Duncan Says:

    For clarity would just like to confirm the digital sound output from the HDR box with latest 1.00.12 software is as follows:
    Optical out – fixed levels for both sd and hd channels.
    HDMI out – fixed level for hd channel/prog and variable for sd channels.

    1.00.11 introduced the fixed level for sd channels on the optical output.
    I assume the analog ouputs via phono or scart are all variable.
    Hope this clears things up a little. ( I dont have the HD box.)


  54. Terry Says:

    After the 2nd software download, I still do not have the 20 channels I lost with
    the 1st download. This is a very poor public relations exercise by Humax!!


  55. Terry Says:

    After the 2nd software download, I still do not have the 20 channels I lost with
    the 1st download. This is a very poor public relations exercise by Humax!!
    I’m not a happy bunny.


  56. KimR Says:


    Download the 1.00.15 software and install it from a USB stick, the fix for the lost vertical channels is reputed to be on the way.


  57. Unhappy Customer Says:

    I have to object to Bob H (aka Bob Cat in the forums) statement “I believe we have helped most of the consumers we have been in contact with.” because they certainly haven’t helped me whenever I have phoned – I have lost loads of channels due to these recent software updates and resets have not helped one bit… the only thing I can do is revert back to v15 – which gets things working again but is hardly a long term soluton. Humax have not given me a very good service.

    Why will Bob not tell us what (if anything) being done to fix these missing channels – a bit of open honesty would be appreciated on this matter


  58. Marty Says:

    Humax wont u admit the problem with lost channels publicly and tell us when its gonna be fixed? Youre letting us down by this total lack of communication. Dont we matter?


  59. Joel Says:

    My software version 1.00.12 is showing on my Diagnostics page as having an Update Date of 26 Nov 2009. How is this possible if it was only released yesterday?


  60. mark ross Says:

    3rd dec. still no new software update & still missing channels!!!


  61. mark ross Says:

    ive got a hd box by the way


  62. Dan Says:

    Come on Humax, a date of when the OTA is going to fix the missing channels.


  63. Dan Says:

    Come on Humax, when are the channels going to be fixed


  64. Arthur Says:

    Hi im still having problems with missing channels after new update 1.24 nearly 100 channels my favorite Sky News not even listed in channel list tried manual tune 122207V 27500H 2/3 no channels found tried factory reset 3 times no luck this is disgraceful service from humax thats how you loose customers


  65. Chazzer Says:

    I have a FOXSAT HDR (Purchased June 2009). Lovely piece of kit. No impacts or concerns from previous update last month, however, this weeks update (version 1.00.12) have noted one or two glitches:
    a) In Media List view, deleting a program, dustbin icon on right hand side of screen has frozen on one or two occasions (i.e. does not disappear after program deleted, will only disappear when Media list switched off).
    b) If unit is in standby & recording, & unit then switched on, I see this so called “green screen of death” which will disappear if I scroll down the program button.
    Don’t know if any other HDR users have similar concerns?


  66. Lee B Says:

    I have green screen of death (HDMI handshake issues), the Sony TV works fine on Bush HD via HDMI, Panasonic DVD via HDMI, and PS3 via HDMI but the HDR is a problem!


  67. Rob B Says:

    The only issue I seem to have with my box is if it is recording a timed programme, if I try to turn the box on to watch something else I just get a blank screen. Briefly unplugging the HDMI lead from the back of the Panasonic cures this. Maybe I should try another HDMI lead?


  68. Marty Says:

    4th dec still no new software update still missing channels!!!

    lets have a date hummax


  69. dan Says:

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for a date from Humax. No update on their website yet of the problems either.


  70. mark ross Says:



  71. Marty Says:

    So humax can we have our money back?


  72. Doug Says:

    wow what a pathetic effort, still missing lots of channels,
    come on Humax, (you know you can do better)
    or at least keep us informed,


  73. Arthur Says:

    HI all phoned Humax after 20 minute wait on phone i got through the guy emailed me old version software and told how to re install worked fine all channels back to normal except you have to turn of box at night which is a pain he said they don’t know when new software will be available they working on it what a joke


  74. pete o Says:

    Hi there,

    As we think we may now have found a cure to this issue, to confirm our thoughts, please could you see if the file attached works and let me know as soon as you can if this remedies the issue.

    After each software update please can you do a factory reset and see if it works.

    Rename the file as “Foxsat-HD_upgrade.hdf” – Download instructions:

    Again we really appreciate your help.

    If this works we are expecting to release this software within the next couple of weeks.

    Many Thanks,


    Humax (Technical Support)


    TEL: 0844 669 8800

    couldnt get it to upload from my USB stick but they say its a BETA cure, they insist its also not a roll back to the old version,,,,


  75. mark ross Says:

    Bollocks, why should we have to go through all this hassle,what if we don’t have a usb stick.This is bloody ridiculous.Get it sorted or give me my money back so I can buy another make of box.


  76. pete o Says:

    i agree, there alot of people dont hve access to a pc or usb stick, even so, only some will work complete farce to have somthing working and give an update and loose channels, loosing the red button will play havoc with my f1 viewing


  77. Lee B Says:

    I’ve now lost channels when it was fine before, this is such poor service from Humax I can’t believe it. Also when i pause and re-play the sound now becomes garbled for a couple of seconds. Plus my 9200T is in bits since the freeview shift around. Don’t think i’ll be getting another Humax the service/firmware is too poor.


  78. Arthur Says:

    Hi This might sound stupid why cant humax remove the new update 1.24 and replace it with old 1.15 the update everyone ota that would fix the problem i have got my old sky box out of the loft with freesat from sky good job i kept my freesat card


  79. Charles Says:

    That download seems to have done the trick – but will it get the dodgy software back if I leave it on overnight? Only one way to find out for sure…


  80. Charles Says:

    All is well.


  81. peter baynam Says:

    Can anyone throw any light on the problem and possible solutions?

    To get the new update Iast time I used a USB dongle to update the software. (as we only have a single tuner it throws an error up if we try to do it automatically)

    when I check the box for new software it tells me the new version available is 1.00.12. If i go to the Humax site

    The only version available I can find is 1.00.23 Which I thought I updated last time. Since I updated last time ITVHD is not working.

    I have a humax foxsat-hdr.


  82. peter baynam Says:

    Another question.. what is the ‘loader’ download for ? Is this necessary too? Not much info from Humax


  83. peter baynam Says:

    I think I have found the correct software update page for the FOXSAT-HDR

    Maybe they haven’t updated the website with the latest version. (1.00.12) Would be interested to know if anyone else is having a problem with ITVHD using (1.00.11) version


  84. Arthur Says:

    Dam forgot to turn off the box it downloaded 1.24 software
    Im sick of this SH*T o well back to sky freesat


  85. Alan Says:

    I love my pvr this second one i have had first did go wrong replaced very quick by dixons But what i do miss wich i have on Freeview PVR is if you rewind a live programe you can’t record from the rewind point.when is this likely to happen.


  86. Charles Says:

    All is not well..


  87. mark ross Says:

    pants, still does not work.


  88. Dan Says:

    Mine without doing anything has just come back to life.


  89. Lee b Says:

    I think humax should pull their best engineers off the new project and get the hdr right or they are going to lose their fan base and have a lot of returned boxes by the look of things.


  90. Steve Says:

    Not happy, having same problem as Chris @ 42, it was fine before the update, will this be sorted soon.


  91. Al (Original) Says:

    I’m niot happy at the live TV pause bug. If you pause live tv whilst you go out of the room for a short period and then press play to watch it, it will play from the buffer for a short while then suddenly jump to live play losing you all of the programme between the point at which it was at in the buffer and the point at which the live show is at.

    Someone elsewhere has suggested this was a bug in the original firmware, although personally I’ve never had it happen until this latest version.


  92. Dan Says:

    Now beyond a joke, the channels have gone again.


  93. Tony Hales Says:

    My software developers are better than your software developers it seems. I don’t understand why we are getting all these problems with firmware. Don’t they beta test it properly before they release it. Obviously not.


  94. Terry Says:

    Not prepaired to put up with Humax any more. Have made my Humax HD box redundant, Instead have connected my Fortex Star HD Satellite box to the Freesat Dish, and downloaded all the Freesat plus the Free to Air Channels, also the $ky scrambled Channels from the Astra Satellite.


  95. Jock Says:

    Has anybody checked whether you get a better result by downloading the latest update from the web site and applying it by USB?

    For the Freeview boxes, Humax seemed to regard OAD as second best. If Freesat boxes are experiencing dodgy reception, an internet-based DIY upgrade might prove more reliable.

    What do you reckon, KimR, should a few more users read their manuals? Or are you going to post your instructions somewhere where they are readily available to Humax users in a fix?


  96. KimR Says:

    @Jock, 😉

    Ahhh grasshopper – Many have checked the “new” V1.00.24 software expecting it to cure the “missing channels” problem – it doesn’t – but it wasn’t supposed to, it’s just to add a “parental control” folder.

    Humax appear to work in VERY mysterious ways 😉 I can’t for the life of me understand why a. They’ve been notably uncommunicative b. Unwilling to automatically rollback OTA to the V1.00.15

    Everyone on t’other forums is still waiting for a fix for the broken software.
    Those that use the “search” buttons find out how to download, install and retain the V1.00.15 software from a USB stick.
    Those that don’t use “search” are still complaining that they have missing channels. 😉
    The info is there if they care to look for it. :)

    P.S. There have been reports that Humax have provided test versions of a new/fixed version by email, as far as I know no-one has posted a public version of this fix.
    TBH I don’t much care now as the V1.00.15 works fine for me for now. :)


  97. Wes. Says:

    Got the new update,got some channels back for a short time but now gone again. But,when i pick a channel that comes up with bad or no signal etc if i put my box into stand by then turn it back on again i can watch that channel until i pick another one.


  98. mark ross Says:

    Anyone got a link for the V1.00.15 update?


  99. KimR Says:

    @mark ross – online file sharing and storage – download FOXSAT-HD_upgrade_1.00.15.hdf



  100. KimR Says:

    Oops, forgot, direct links don’t work here, but I guess you can figure it out :)


  101. mark ross Says:

    do I have to rename as in (update.hdf)


  102. KimR Says:

    Yes, but this site won’t let me post the correct name.

    it’s FOXSAT(dash)HD(underline)upgrade.hdf


  103. Jock Says:

    KimR – try putting in the full web address (not your abbreviated version) then I think this site’s software will recognise it and convert it into a hyperlink.

    As an experiment: – let’s see if that works.


  104. KimR Says:


    Hi thanks for that but I think it’s the special characters in the filename (underline maybe?) that cause problems.

    Perhaps Admin can clarify?


  105. admin Says:

    Link seems to work fine KimR if this is the one you mean?


  106. KimR Says:

    @Admin, I tried about 5 times to post the link in full, then without the web address just the filename and eventually got it to post by removing the underline and dash :) must be me then 😉


  107. Jock Says:

    Kim R / Admin

    Glad we’ve got that sorted.

    Oh – Kim – I preferred your posts before you discovered emoticons.


  108. KimR Says:

    Depends on whether I’m feeling serious or facetious.
    I remain, sir, your humble servant


  109. Antony B Says:

    I’ve just purchased the Humax HDR and its being installed later this week.
    So currently there is no HD service ? Any other issues I should know about ?


  110. mark ross Says:

    cheers, seems to be working with that update,must remember not to turn off the


  111. Paul Says:

    I downloaded version 10015 (post 105) and all missing channels were restored, however this morning they had gone again due to Humax sending an OTA “upgrade”.
    Why is this still being send out if it’s no good?
    When will there be a permanent fix for this?
    I was told the end of LAST month.


  112. KimR Says:

    @Paul @mark ross,

    The temporary fix, once you’ve installed the 1.00.15 is to TURN OFF the box at night so that it can’t upgrade OTA.


  113. mark ross Says:

    turned off the box last night,turned on this morning, had bloody upgraded to .24 version?


  114. KimR Says:

    @mark ross

    You have to turn it OFF at the wall NOT standby, it can’t “upgrade” if it’s switched off completely


  115. John Morrow Says:

    Bit difficult to record programs in the evening when the box is turned off at the wall :-(


  116. Arthur Says:

    Hi Humax no more put my up for sale on Ebay using Sky Freesat
    I purchased the Technisat HDFS box very good reviews and comments from others better then Humax but bit on the pricey side


  117. arctic--fox Says:

    I’ve only got a bit to add… factory reset restored my channels but red button won’t work for sports multiscreen – Having reverted back to my sky freeview they now want to charge me twenty quid for an “updated” free viewing card – channels are dropping off the free sky viewing I had.


  118. KimR Says:

    I’ve now made the effort, put up a big 18 element yagi and I’m watching freeview from winter hill as we speak, well done Humax.

    There were Technisat HDFS on flebay a couple of weeks ago at 125 quid, I sould have bought one, have a look and see how much they are now, talk about market forces.

    IMO the Foxsat HD is a great piece of kit, let down by Humax CS.


  119. KimR Says:

    Oh and @arctic–fox, NOTHING will persuade me to part with any more of my money to $ky – digibox anyone?


  120. admin Says:


    The trade price on the TechniSat hasn’t changed, so prices on ebay were just too low; infact, very low!!!


  121. arctic--fox Says:

    I didn’t say I was gonna pay it lol – I am selling my Humax on ebay and I will probably buy one of them technisat things eventually – I also have a sky box and a sky plus box that might be finding their way onto ebay shortly!!


  122. Doug Says:

    Humax, i think you have a nerve, advertising a new box, when you are unable to make the ones you sell work,

    would i recomend Humax to anybody, !!!!! customer service is very poor,

    what a great idea, switch it off at the wall at night, (now you are unable to record)


  123. mark ross Says:

    Bloody ditto…….


  124. Matt Says:

    No BBC HD or red button services since last up dat and now onto my 3rd USB stick in trying to do manual update having gone to Humax website for latest update version. Any ideas, anyone ??????


  125. mark ross Says:

    its about time all on here got a petition asking for a refund,in this technology age the hassle we are having is a no brainer.How the hell can it be difficult solving this problem.It could & should be sorted overnight.To hell with this.Who’s in?


  126. mark ross Says:

    p.s. meant to add,

    I would be happy with an exchange for these so called next generation receivers , since they have obviously spent all their time on that instead of fixing the present problems they have……DOH!


  127. Doug Says:

    What amazes me, they are testing the I player, people find the access code and it is blocked,

    But i have to switch my box off at night to stop it updating over the air, why o why are they not able to switch off the OTH upgrade,?

    Or the least Humax should keep its customers informed, (guess that is asking to much)


  128. KimR Says:

    Heads Up Folks

    Just found and installed the latest V1.00.25, All appears to be resolved, Humax Foxsat HD now working correctly.


  129. KimR Says:

    The link on avforums appears to have been pulled, probably not surprising, I guess that means it will be available OTA very soon.


  130. Neil_board Says:

    Today I seem to have ost BBC1, 2, ITV1, 2 and a bunch more. Am I the only one?


  131. Matt Says:

    Updated via link from KimR – all working fine now, thanks for that !


  132. KimR Says:

    Official V1.00.25 now available from Humax site, enjoy :)


  133. Mark Gosden Says:

    I am struggling, as I am unable to update to HZPTSF 1.00.25. I believe this may be an error on my part. I can follow the simple instruction and when I reverted to 1.00.15 all worked fine.

    However this time all appears ok until I attempt an update. I follow the procedure but nothing other than the box starts in the normal way.

    The USB device I am using is the very same as I used for 1.00.15 reversion which worked. I have also renamed the file as per the instructions.

    I have asked Humax when or if this update will be OTA and I await there reply.
    I would appreciate any useful help

    Regards Mark


  134. KimR Says:

    @Mark Gosden

    If the USB update won’t work I suspect it’s “finger trouble”, we all suffer from it :)

    Check usual suspects, less than 1GB stick/card, FAT, file renamed to Foxsat-HD_upgrade.hdf, file in stick/card root folder, Press STDBY on STB not remote, take out stick/card re-insert press STDBY again hold for 30 secs.

    If you can’t make it work it’s no big deal, there’s no discernible major difference between 1.00.15 and 1.00.25, wait for the OTA




  135. Phily Says:

    Anyone have issues with their channel display on the box after the HZPTSF 1.00.25 update?
    Currently it now shows nothing, tried a power off/on and still the same :( bad times


  136. Phily Says:

    Ha, turns out that I flashed the *-HD software on my *-HDR box :)
    Seems like the *-HD software works on the *-HDR box – wonder if the *-HDR software would work on a *-HD box?


  137. Neil_Board Says:

    Again lost most of the major channels on my HDR box, but it still receives and shows BBC HD perfectly. How do I get the rest of the channels back???

    Tried to get the latest version (1.0012) of the HDR s/w from the Humax site, but I repeatedly get a failure message when downloading saying something to the effect “download could not complete file not available – contact server administrator” when half way through the download…



  138. Ernest Saberton Says:

    While watching the football the Liverball game I pressed the red button for hd everything ok for twenty minutes then the hd picture went of only sound then but no more hd picture all though the red button kept showing why did this happen


  139. geek Says:

    I lost count of the number of times I tried to update my Humax following the software update problem. I was clearly unable to use the product; unable to play recorded viewings; unable to record all the fabulous stuff (for a change) over the xmas period (I have a grandson now so it was fabulous to me). Of course, Humax closed for the xmas and NY period – haha just when their customers needed them the most. I spoke to Humax as soon as they opened briefly (28th Dec), who went through the upgrade with me and condemned the machine (great I’m not thick after all and the problem was with Humax). Have they sent me a new machine yet? Have they heck! They said they would. They asked me to email them my proof of purchase. How do I email a receipt from the shop (no I don’t have a scanner). Anyway, it’s 6.1.12, and still no machine. I want to make a complaint but there is no facility for this on the website. I also now want my money back. Anyone had any success with either?


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