Humax FOXSAT-HD Receives Software Update

Humax have released a software update for the FOXSAT-HD commencing today. The version number is 1.00.15 and includes HD MHEG performance enhancements, plus DDS support added to DVB subtitles.

The release has been published on the Humax FOXSAT website at

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  1. also need to mention this the box we have connected to all the screens in our shop so need to get it sorted ASAP

  2. And I have now got lip synch problems that I didn’t have before. A factory reset has made no difference.

    Doesn’t exactly bode well for the PVR, especially as Humax have yet to fix the sound distortion problems I’ve had from day one and which they, too, have experienced.

  3. I just got the software update no probs.. but i also had a channel added .. but i’ve no idea what it was .. any ideas?

  4. My Foxsat manual talks about downloading update via USB from the Web site.
    There doesn’t appear to be any link to enable this, does anyone know anything about this route?

  5. No probs on my update to 1.00.15…On another subject the “Humax PVR launch at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show”, I think this box is an HiDef one, then how are we going to be able to record ITV HD?, at the moment to watch ITV HD requires a red button press, will the Humax PVR record an ITV HD on a timer setting in HD?.

  6. I upgraded my box earlier this evening without any problems.
    Stewarts comment is a very good one, I wonder how ITV HD will be handled by the PVR box. I would hope ITV would be launching a proper stand-alone HD channel in the near future.

  7. No problem here with v1.00.15 . . Also one channel appears to have been added but I’m uncertain which one . . Any ideas?

  8. Humax Foxsat HD s/w update installed OK, but the lip synch problem was really bad on ‘Sunshine’ on BBC HD tonight. Anyone else notice that?

  9. derek yes the lip synch was bad on ‘sunshine’ the problem appears worse since last update, over to you humax

  10. The ITV problem is that ITV is hidden to prevent Sky’s open (unscrambled scan listing it as an open FTA channel) some FTA box manufactures have provided updates to allow their boxes to pick up ITV HD. ie: Fortec Star “Passion – Vantage 8000(S).The BBC take a neutral stance and thats why BBC HD is listed within the Sky FTA channels.

  11. Peter hb — USB isn’t yet enabled, but then neither is the SKY HD box including it’s Ethernet and Sata ports and there are no plans to activate these. If the SKY box is your own you can circumvent one aspect of this in that the Sata port can be enabled, but this means opening up the receiver and a good practical knowledge in IT. See the current issue of “Micromart” which talks you through and illustrates the process of upgrading this boxes HDD. — Much better of with the Humax DTR and Freesat.where the fitted ports will be activated as the service develops.

  12. Update went through OK for me last night. Sunshine happened to be on at the time and lip-sync seemed fine. Will check again tonight when it has had a re-boot.

    I look forward to the PVR so I can get rid of my aging Skybox, but I also wonder how long it will be before Panasonic bring out Freesat versions of its Freeview DMR-EX range…

  13. Lip synch was definitely well out on ‘Silent Witness’ on HD last night. I well check out the Humax website over the weekend if it’s the same again tonight.

  14. I too experienced bad lip sync on ‘Silent Witness’ – but I don’t think that’s anything to do with the update (it was out last week as well, before the update).

    It seems very unfortunate that the old lip sync issue is back. Could this be a BBC problem rather than a Humax problem? (I’ve not noticed a problem on other HD channels – that is, Luxe, and the handful I get from other sats.).

  15. The lip sync problem I think is to do with the dobly 5.1 component. I’m not sure which way round it is but if you have a 5.1 amplifier system then you have to be connected for sound using a HDMI lead through your sound system them back into your display in order for the lip sync to work on two separate systems. ie your tv and your 5.1 sound amplifier? Hope this helps.

  16. Danny.. Press ‘menu’ .. Go up or down to ‘System’ .. Go right and select ‘Diagnostics’.. There you will see the current installed software version. Mine is showing HZPTSF1.00.15 which is the latest version released, apparently . .

  17. Over the last week or so, I too have experienced the Lip-Sync problem on BBCHD and I don’t even have a Humax box, just an Arion HD box.

    Has anyone contaced the Beeb on this?

  18. From Humax Freesat Support in response to my query on the re-emergence of the lip-sync proble..
    “Over the past 1-2 weeks a number of customers have reported Lip-sync issues on the BBC HD channel. Software version 1.00.13 has addressed the lip-sync issues with the BBC HD channel and Dolby Digital 5.1 broadcasts and until recently we have not had any reports of syncing issues.
    Version 1.00.15 has now been released, but this has not made any changes that would affect the syncing.
    We have reported the issue to the BBC for investigation as we believe there may be some issues with the broadcasts playing out; as we have not made any changes that could affect the lip-sync.”
    Over to you BBC!

  19. I got the Foxsat HD for christmas. My firmware is 1.00.09, so really out of date. I’ve tried many times to update, but always get the ” no software found ” message. My problem is, I have to keep switching aspect ratio manually. Getting sick of it!

  20. I have got the dreaded green screen after about 2 months of use Humax customer service seem unable to help me as they say its a problem between the box and sony tvs Does this mean that the box will not work with sony If that is true what do i do Can i take it back to the seller and get a refund If they have a problem with sony tvs should not there be a general warning

  21. @Roger
    I get a green screen ‘flash’ when I switch my tv to the freesat box,but then the picture appears,sound takes a couple of seconds longer. Reception quality is excellent. Had the box about three months and my software is V…15.
    TV is Philips full HD panel

  22. I have a Humax-HD box connected to a Toshiba TV. Got a permanent green screen on HDMI since the weekend before last. Tried Humax support but they say it’s the tv and Toshiba say its the Humax box. Can anyone please advise?

  23. It is possibly the communication between both units. Best idea would be try your Humax box on another HD Ready television, even if it isn’t connected up to a satellite dish you should still a message screen up so you know whether the HDMI is working or not.

  24. I tried connecting via HDMI to another HD Ready TV and the Humax-HD works perfectly. That doesn’t mean it is not a problem with the Humax and the Toshiba tv though! The Humax should work with any tv shouldn’t it? Still got the dreaded green screen on the Toshiba and Humax now not responding to my emails.

  25. Evening all.
    I’ve just switched on my system — Sharp HD TV in 1080i and now I have the dreaded permanent green screen.
    The Green screen used to go after about 20 seconds but this evening I’ve no picture at all 🙁
    What gives?
    HUMAX HAVE to fix this issue.
    It was fine and now its not. I simply can’t accept that its the fault of the TV and I don’t intend to replace the TV.
    I’ve spent a bundle getting the satellite dish & Quad LNB installed so I’m not happy!
    HUMAX, what do you say?

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