Humax FOXSAT-HD Receives Software Update

Humax have released a software update for the FOXSAT-HD commencing today. The version number is 1.00.15 and includes HD MHEG performance enhancements, plus DDS support added to DVB subtitles.

The release has been published on the Humax FOXSAT website at

69 thoughts on “Humax FOXSAT-HD Receives Software Update”

  1. Help, I was hoping to watch Wimbledon this afternoon but now when I change channels on my Humax Foxsat it just scrolls through all the channels without stopping, almost impossible now to select a channel, I have tried next door neighbours remote and it is the same.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Have this box all ok but when watching rec hd programe back getting loads of pixels and freezing of program any body else have this problem and how do i fix this if pos

  3. i have just seen an advert for a humax foxsat hd freesat reciever and a reciever humax foxsat hd freesat digital box what is the dfference the price ?

  4. Had same problem with remote scrolling through the channels. Turned out to be another remote control that had a button jammed down and it was swamping the humax box.

  5. I did the update last night, big mistake!! Now a lot of the channels, including BBC HD no longer work. On the non working channels I just get a message telling me that “the channel is scrambled or currently unavailable” Also the auto aspect ratio switching no longer works as before!!
    I’ve tried rescanning and doing a factory reset with no success! How can I get back to the 2008 software please?

    Wish I could put back the clock 12 hours. Grr!

  6. has anybody had this problem .i had my dish profesionally installed everything great BUT icannot get chanell 4 Ikeep getting the no or bad signal message dish fitter says its the box ihave had box replaced problem still is ahumax foxsat HDR

  7. Hi. I have a Toshiba TV and Humax Foxstat. They have worked perfectly well together for 18 months – but suddenly I am now getting the dreaded green screen. It was at first on all channels, but now it is only on HD (108 and ITV). It is a perfect HD picture for exactly 22 seconds and then green with no sound. Changing channel does not restore the picture.
    Humax tell me it is the TV and vice versa. I borrowed another HD TV and the picture was OK and a Toshiba service agent wants £65 to investigate and up to £200 to put it right (and that’s if I take it to them!).
    I am not convinced it is the TV. If I start counting the seconds from turning on channel 108, turn off and on the TV, it is still 22 seconds from chosing 108 when it goes green so it is not the handshake of the TV which is the problem, otherwise it would be 22 seconds from the TV turning back on.
    I have downloaded the latest software. Is it easy to reinstal the software on the Foxstat?
    Thanks for any suggestions.
    Tony H.

  8. Please tell me how to get rid of the green screen? I have been so pleased with my freesat up till now, but this problem is so upsetting!

  9. I have this green screen problem too. Some talk of it being the HDMI input/output not communicating / compatible with the TV and that changing source to something else and then back to HDMI might work. It worked for me once or twice, but the problem still persists. Agree with Jenny T, I too was previously a very happy Humax owner (have 2x hd and 1x HDR) but this is maddening.

  10. Probably the wrong place but,,,,,,,,,Is there a way of changing the “Guide” screen to a more friendly screen for the visualy impared viewer?

  11. I am quite suprised by the problems that you all seem to be experiencing,
    I bought a Humax HD freestat box in 2008, and had no problems until 22/04/10
    when the box froze!!! I am very lucky in that I bought it at Curry’s with a 3 year
    replacement guarantee, so I was given a new one on 24/04/10, GUESS WHAT
    THE BLOODY NEW BOX FROZE TONIGHT AGAIN!!!!! I have never had any
    problems with downloading software upgrades etc, but I am beginning to wonder if these software downloads are causing some form of conflict?
    your thoughts and comments would be helpful. Terry.

  12. Hello again,
    went to Curry’s with my Humax HD Freestat Box today, had a new one again.
    I await developments!! we shall see how long this one lasts.

  13. I am now begining to despare of these Humax freesat boxes. After a complete failure of my first box and a great deal of trouble getting it back to the UK and eventually exchanged. Then another long delay while got it back to Spain, Its been working fine until tonight and now it refuses to start up and turns off when it tries to boot up…arghhhhh Any clues folks ???

  14. got the same green screen and too often, only on HD Sat channels. time to put back my Kathrein which is much more reliable, the best one can do ois to scrap that dm Humax. its garbage

  15. Hello all, further to my statment on 5th May, my Humax HD box is still working
    ok, but I was warned to keep it on it’s own shelf under the TV, ie don’t let any other electrical equipment Sky box, DVD player etc, be set up anywhere near

  16. Good evening all, its along time since I’ve had anything constructive to say, my one and only up date is this, my third Humax HD box is still working fine!!
    I was told that when mass produced as they are, some less than perfect sets,
    will always slip through quality control. Guess I got a good one on the third attempt!!

  17. My freeze and play on the remote control won’t respond can you help. I was told to press the PVR button but dosn’t help.

  18. I want to Configure IP

    What are and where do I find them:
    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Router Address
    DNS Address

  19. Hi guys,can you tell me how i can recover passcode,i changed the code from 0000,and ive just taken it out the cupboard after a year or two.the FOX T-2 works fine,just cant remember my password….please help…thanks nigel.

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