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Nov 21 2008

Comet FreesatComet are now accepting orders online for the new Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digital Box, priced £299.99. Deliveries are available from Monday 24th November.

Buy online at COMET here

Argos FreesatArgos are also accepting orders for home delivery, priced £299.99, and if you use discount code AFD10 you’ll get free delivery, which could be as soon as the 24th November 2008 (depending on location).

Buy online at ARGOS

218 Responses to “Humax FOXSAT-HDR Available Now”

  1. Paul Says:

    The comet site is pre selecting an HDMI cable accessory.
    Doesn’t the humax box come with an HDMI cable ? (i thought it did)


  2. Glyn Smith Says:

    Comes with an HDMI cable. Where do you get delivery for 24th? Earliest I can get is 29th and that is with trying various regional postcodes.


  3. Pete Cullen Says:

    I get the same thing, 29th is the first available date.


  4. Snoods Says:

    Maybe you were too slow and their stock for delivery on the 24th has all gone ?


  5. Glyn Smith Says:

    It was 29th when I was looking at half four this morning.


  6. Snoods Says:

    LOL was just teasing.


  7. admin Says:

    Maybe there was limited stock, now showing 29th earliest with postcodes tested. Sorry guys.


  8. martyn gabb Says:

    4th Dec for me. Called store and there is nothing in stock.


  9. Lee B Says:

    Come on reviews, I dare not purchase without reading something!


  10. Glyn Smith Says:

    If you search for free delivery dates within two weeks, get the 25th December – yay!


  11. Waumo Says:

    I think I will try and get lucky over the weekend, visit a few stores. If no joy then I will order one for early December. I dont want to have to wait till December, I WANT IT NOW!!! (stamping my feet, with tears in my eyes!!) ha ha ha


  12. Glyn Smith Says:

    I’ve looked at Comet order cancellation terms. All you need to do is ring CS and they will cancel. My delivery is for 5th Dec, so if I can get one this weekend it’s a simple process to cancel. Security, if I can’t.


  13. Steve Says:

    I just get this ….

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer delivery slots for your basket at this time.


  14. Rippo Says:

    Ive just recieved this message from satbuyer. might wait for them

    Hi there,

    Just to update you on the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digibox Box, we are expecting stock next week (wc 24th November) and as soon as we have a confirmed day for delivery, we shall notify you and begin taking orders through our website

    Orders will be accepted on a first come, first served basis limited to the initial batch that we receive. This will ensure that you get one as soon as we do.

    Best regards

    The Satbuyer team


  15. Grubby Says:

    Comet are trying to get out of this offer. They have their wording wrong on their website discount code and will not honour what it states!! It’s saying ALL Humax digital tv recorders and the description in the basket is… tv recorder.
    Where do they stand legally with this??
    Save 15% on all Humax Digital TV recorders
    Voucher code: HUM10
    Ends 21st November 2008
    HUMAX FOXSAT-HDR Quantity: 1 £299.99
    Freesat+ digital television recorder


  16. Mark Says:

    Not sure why everyone is rushing to buy one of these. My advice would be to wait 6 months until all of the inevitable bugs have been ironed out. The price may have come down a bit by then too. £300 is overpriced I suspect it’ll be £250 before too long.

    @ Grubby

    Try Trading Standards.


  17. Adam Says:

    The ‘Buy Online’ button doesn’t work for me on the Comet website – anyone else having the same issue?


  18. Adam Says:

    Ignore that! Comet doesn’t support Safari…..firefox to the rescue.


  19. Glyn Smith Says:

    Argos now have ins tock for home delivery. Gonna cancel my Comet box and get it from them as it’s 2 day delivery and attracts Quidco.


  20. pete Says:

    I just ordered it with argos website for delivery on Monday if that helps anyone..


  21. pete Says:

    you can find a discount code for argos too, for free delivery…


  22. Glyn Smith Says:

    Admin, maybe start this in a new post, cos it’s a good deal.
    I know I’ve filled this column up this morning, but a heads-up on a better than Comet deal. I paid Comet £299.99 for the box, with delivery free on 05th December. Now cancelling, as I’ve got the box from Argos on home delivery. Whilst it’s still £299.99, I am having it delivered Monday morning!
    You can save the £5.95 delivery charge by using code ‘AFD10′ at the checkout. Be quick as code expires 25/11. Also, you can save a further £4.50 if you go through Quidco. So, for £295.49 I’ve got my box first thing Monday – go get ’em!


  23. Alan Says:



  24. admin Says:

    The Argos deal is not available to all postcodes, the ones I’ve checked still say out of stock. Probably just the south!!! Will update this post.


  25. bob Says:

    None showing up at Dorset’s Argos stores.


  26. Alan Says:



  27. Waumo Says:

    Argos shows in stock for home delivery at my postcode, but when you go to order, it says out of stock!! work that one out if you can!!


  28. Glyn Smith Says:

    Waumo – The postcode is entered after the ‘out of stock for home delivery’ is displayed. When you check stock in your area, that’s when the 2 day delivery appears. Just checked the site and it’s deffo out of stock initially.


  29. Waumo Says:

    Hi Glyn, On the page initially it says out of stock for home delivery, then I go to the check stock and enter my postcode and it says available for home delivery. I select this option, then enter my house number and it goes to the checkout stage with a big x saying out of stock and will not let me go any further. :( In one word ‘gutted’.


  30. Brian Says:

    I telephoned Argos after having same problem as Waumo above and was told that all stock has now gone!! Guess I’ll have to try elsewhere…..


  31. Daniel Spreadbury Says:

    I live in Enfield and just ordered from the Argos web site. Order confirmation says I’ll have delivery Monday afternoon. I’m made up: can’t wait to get my hands on it!


  32. ian Says:

    just ordered mine with Argos. delivery on monday, free postage.


  33. John Bevis Says:

    We are having one delivered on Tuesday from John Lewis.


  34. Waumo Says:

    Your post code must point to a different Argos distribution warehouse than mine then. Either that or Argos just doesnt like Me and Brian!!!


  35. ian Says:

    im down south ( kent )


  36. Waumo Says:

    Midlands, Derbyshire. I hope Humax havent forgotten the fact that people do live outside London!!


  37. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    I have just cancelled my Sky+ subcription. I would prefer to walk into a shop and hand over my money then have one delivered to Hunslet Hall…which because I work means no one will be in. Not even the butler or the serving wenches. Never mind. Will have to wait a little longer. The annoyance is that BBC Survivors starts on Sunday night and this would be a great opportunity to record something that I am sure I will enjoy. BBC plebs. Can’t they put it back a week?


  38. Waumo Says:

    I suppose I should of said Retailers rather than Humax!!!


  39. Paul Says:

    Hey Duke, when you cancelled did you have to give 30 days notice? and does that mean you still have your sky package for another 30 days ?


  40. Brian Says:

    South – Surrey/Hants border. I’ll keep looking round shops over the weekend and early next week…


  41. Mike Says:

    Just bought one from Argos for delivery Monday afternoon.


  42. neo Says:

    mike getting his on monday .
    gee thanks for that mike i would not not have slept a wink without him telling me that ,

    mike ill bet you send it back before xmas ;


  43. Doug Says:

    Just ordered from Argos delivery Monday 24th ,did not realise that delivery could be free until I checked here and found the code. But after a quick phone call got it refunded and box arrives Monday .. Nice to deal with a good company again ! and thanks to the site admin for a good site .


  44. Adam Says:

    I ordered mine at 13.15 through Argos and it will be here on Monday – I even contacted them to confirm and they told me they still have stock for my area (Surbiton, Surrey). I must be a different depot than Brian who is Surrey border!


  45. Al Catraz Says:

    Grubby – retailers are not obliged to sell you goods at the price they advertise for. They are allowed to say “sorry – we made a mistake, the price should be…”. However, if they’ve accepted your order with the discount, then that’s a contract between you and them, and they have to honour that price.


  46. derrick Says:

    just went to order the humax FOXSAT HDR from Argos and realised that it seems to not be the HDR as they are advertising it as FOXSAT HD not HDR or am i missing something? am i right or wrong?


  47. Paul Says:

    I purchase mine today from Comet. There is a discount code on the Comet website that states “15% off all Humax digital TV recorders” when using code HUM10. I tried to use this code but the shopping cart will not accept it. After proceding with the purchase for £299 plus delivery, I telephoned Comet for an explaination. After a couple of “Let me put you on hold Sir”, I had £45 creditted back to my card. This voucher code will expire today.


  48. derrick's mum Says:

    Your wrong dear. HD- £150 HDR- £299.


  49. derrick's mum Says:

    your wrong


  50. Fluf Says:

    Bought mine in John Lewis today as they phoned to say my pre order was available.


  51. ian Says:

    i think they just have it written wrong.

    the picture, and the fact that its a freesat tv recorder tell you its the right one.


  52. derrick Says:

    argos says its in stock so i just put my order in, filled out all the relavant information then paid for it, all accepted and then they come back and says its out of stock and wont take my money! so i go back to the beginning and it says it is in stock! whats happening? in stock OR out of stock? its all very frustrating! plus it wouldnt take the free postage code that it suposed to accept


  53. Pete Cullen Says:

    Wow they sold out fast! I ummd and aaahd about one from Argos and then they went out of stock.


  54. David Says:

    Rang comet’s online site 3 times about the ( Hum10 ) code ,finally spoke to a manager and got 10% off the humax foxsat-HDR, for delivery on Monday 1st Dec.
    Said stock arrives in around the 24 Nov.
    Tried applying the code to all humax freesat & freeview recorder boxes still would not work that’s why i keeping ringing them.


  55. Smithy Says:

    Just ordered mine from Argos, live in Newcastle. Argos said it wasnt in stock earlier for me but now in stock?!?!?! strange!

    Anyways getting delivered on Thurs coz i’m off work, hopefully get fitted on Fri if i’m lucky, then show off to mates on Sat :)


  56. Sammy P Says:

    Just got an email from Argos that they have MORE STOCK – and the good thing, its UP NORTH !

    Delivery Monday, free with codes found above, to Leeds. so its not just the Surray brigade that get in there first.

    Made up, been watching this site like a hawk for weeks.

    Bye Bye Sky – FREEDOM, AT LAST. The dirty dogs.

    Thanks admin.


  57. Sylvia Says:

    Found the same as Derrick,but have been able to order with Comet. Delivery says 1st December


  58. Simon Says:

    Can we have an update from The Duke Of Hunslet please, it will make my day.


  59. Barrie Says:

    Rang John Lewis this afternoon and they have sold out as well. Placed order but no delivery date yet. Watch for reviews now, if bad will cancel order. 2 year guarantee with JL. Is that standard?


  60. Al (Original) Says:

    Duke couldn’t you persuade them to put it back a week? How about inviting the chairman around for tea and crumpets?


  61. Jon Says:

    Anyone noticed the details (specs) on the Argos website are incorrect (eg. weight: 2.3 vs 3.1)?


  62. Ronnie Says:

    Went to buy it from argos and the boxes sold out while i was placing the order!! And i live in london. Does anyone know what shops (if any) will be selling it tommorow?



  63. Bazza Says:

    Just ordered from Argos for home delivery on monday 24th. Found a voucher for free delivery so total cost £299


  64. Pully Says:

    I live near Chester and have just ordered through Argos for delivery 24th November. Cant Wait!


  65. MJV Says:

    Argos, bought online, done…..

    (at last !!)


  66. Fluf Says:

    Yes, the John Lewis guarantee is 2 years on this item.

    Anyone know why Argos instalation is £110 for twin LNB? JL have charged me £100 for quad.


  67. Ronnie Says:

    John lewis have never had it in stock. Meplin is also listing the box, but its not in stock!.


  68. Mike Bacon Says:

    After other posts I checked the Comet website (I ordered mine online yesterday)
    and they are now offering 10% off (Code HUM 10).I phoned them 01482 425 425 – asked for Customer Services and am now being credited with £29.99.Santa has arrived!


  69. Les Nicol Says:

    Argos—-Given the “In stock – Out of stock” variations I wonder if Argos have different distribution points across the country? Possibly other outlets may be the same.


  70. Matt from Kent Says:

    Just ordered from Comet – had to phone up because the HUM10 code was not accepted on the web site but they honoured it over the phone. Total price including morning delivery on 4th Dec – £277.94. Bring it on…


  71. Colin Says:

    After being advised by John Lewis that they have outstanding orders for 2,200 and cannot accept any more, tried the Comet website. Would not accept the 10% off promotional code. Telephoned them this morning (Saturday) and was given 10% off purchase price and courier delivery cost. Total paid £269.99 for delivery on Monday 1st December. Could have been Saturday 30th November, so I’m quite pleased with service from Comet.


  72. Brian Says:

    comet are giving 10% discount – I just ordered on there number 08705 425 425 for home delivery (week monday) as the discount code (HUM10) doesn’t work online! Also, they said they ordered 250 units in the initial batch and there are only 25 left – good luck, be quick! Price £270.


  73. mick Says:

    i ordered mine yesterday from argos but the site would not take the free delivery code AFD 10 phoned them this morning and got del charge removed £5 95p del monday 24 nov but ill bet the price will come down maybe i bought at the wrong time or will there be a shortage for crimbo and prices rocket


  74. Ronnie Says:

    Comet just told me they had taken 300 orders. But they only have 250 boxes.
    Oh dear!!!


  75. Marty Says:

    Comet just told me they have sold out. Should be getting some more stock on monday.


  76. SUE Says:

    And they are taking the 10% offer, off the website page. A bigger Oh dear!!!!


  77. Ronnie Says:

    Argos now say that there wont be a new batch for two weeks!


  78. john Says:

    I have searched the web all day with no luck. All sold out. Does any one know if currys will be selling soon.


  79. john Says:

    i ordered on line yday from comet,£299.00 – del free on dec 4th.
    ringing them now,and asked why i could not use the code.

    they have now given me a refund of 10% or £29.99 back to my credit card,
    code expires today,i advise anyone who has ordered to ring them now on 08705 425425 – they are very helpful,and will not query. Good luck


  80. Tony Says:

    Credit crunch? What credit crunch?


  81. Tony Says:

    What HD services are all these early-adopters going to record?


  82. Rob H Says:

    Looks like availability in my next of the woods; southern Dorset will be around second week of Christmas. Argos expecting w/c 6th December in warehouses and about 1 week to shop floor.


  83. Paul Says:

    A follow up from my earlier post ref Comet HUM10 discount code. Their website did state “15% off all Humax Digital Television Recorders when using code HUM10”. The customer sevice assistant at Comet online did check the code and did confirm I was due a 15% refund and not what she assumed was 10% as the code does suggest. However, the credit does not yet appear on my bank account. . . . . ?


  84. Roz Says:

    In a posting on an earlier topic Les Nicol said: For all interested parties. Humax have confirmed today the following: Diseqc software is retained permitting motorized operation in FTA mode.
    Thanks for that and as the manuals are not yet downloadable I have the following Questions:

    Does the Humax Foxsat HDR also have the required versions of Diseqc for operating multiple LNB’s?
    Will it enable different locations to be received via both of the two LNB inputs on the back of the box? Specifically, I would plan to cable the usual quad LNB with two cables down to the box for the Freesat locations at 28 degrees and add LNBs to receive 13, 19 and 23 degree locations. Would the extra LNBs need to all be added onto one of the main cables via a Diseqc 4 way switch and fed in to LNB1 input or would you suggest another combination?


  85. PhlangePhace Says:


    I thought it was FREESAT15 for 15% off the specific model Foxsat-HD (non-recorder) and HUM10 for 10% off ALL Humax digital TV recorders (incl Foxsat-HDR).

    Good luck if you do get the 15%, though 😉


  86. Al Catraz Says:

    i thought both codes expired 21st Nov – hence they don’t work online any more… maybe nobody’s told customer services!


  87. Wouter Says:

    btw, does anyone know if it comes with an HDMI cable? Comet is trying to throw in a HDMI cable for a hefty £30 (which you can get on ebay under £5 btw.

    the specs on the Humax site for this PVR state that part of the Accessories, an “HDMI/RCA/SCART cable” is included…


  88. Andrew Morris Says:

    You do not need to buy another cable. There is one with the Humax. Comet are wrong in pushing this.


  89. Ronnie Says:

    If i were you I would not order with comet!


  90. Paul Says:


  91. Les Nicol Says:

    Roz – My expectation would be that the Diseqc would be as the iCord ie: 1.1 1.2.USALS. For setting this up on a multi LNB check out this link: Sorry I can’t help beyond this as my setup is 1.25 36 volt motorised dish cabled to a Vbox


  92. Les Nicol Says:

    Roz sorry I put in an extra l

    Try this:


  93. jodie Says:


    I was just wondering I currently have standard sky, no sky+, what would I need/need to do for one of these new humax to work? Would it work with a standard sky dish? Id be grateful for any help.


  94. Brian Says:

    Al, the HUM10 code was shown on the Comet Humax HDR page yesterday morning (Sat 22nd), but was promptly removed by the afternoon! So they had no choice but to honour it at the time I placed my order…


  95. PhlangePhace Says:

    Hey Paul,

    I stand corrected, mate.

    As you point out it appears that the HUM10 that expired 21st Nov was 15% off.
    It is the extension of the expiry date of that code, as currently available, which has been reduced to the 10% off.

    Nice one, I hope you get your £45 refund.


  96. PhlangePhace Says:

    To anyone thinking of pre-ordering from comet….regarding telephoning to get the 10% off.

    Although, as Brian says, the 10% off code was removed from the item description, if you search the comet website with the keyword ‘Discount Codes’ and follow the link from HUM10 it jumps to a page listing 4 Humax products, the Foxsat-HDR being one of them.


  97. Colin C Says:

    Everywhere has sold out and it seems and no availbility to order – unless you know better?

    Very disappointing.


  98. Les Nicol Says:

    Jodie – You will require a dual or (quad LNB If you propose setting up receivers in other rooms) and an additional cable run from the existing dish. Cost of materials £20 – £25.


  99. Les Nicol Says:

    For those unable to obtain a receiver check out both the Satellite specialist dealerships or individual Radio and TV traders who will probably have their distributions through the Euronics network.


  100. Al (Original) Says:

    Les is there anywhere I can find out more about multi satellite set ups that explains all the options and whats required for each clearly and easily.

    I’ve been having a look at Satellite Superstore for a few days for my dish options (I don’t want a standard installer’s contract fit – I’d rather put up my own quality equipment and cable), but I’m still confused as to how to get multiple satellites. There are 2 different types of rotator Diseqc and 36 volt on the moveable options and iots not clear what additonal equipment you need to use them, there’s also the fixed options with various arms but then the question of switches or not switches (I don’t really understand what they do or when they’re required), then there’s the question of what can be received “as is” and what requires a CAM and what additonal equipment is then needed for that. All very confusing. Could do with a simple guide to each and every option that lists everything required and the advantages / disadvantages of each.

    BTW, looking forward to hearing from you when you get your receiever for confirmation you can receieve other satellites via Humax HDR.


  101. Till Says:

    Now I am really confused. I was in Kingston on Saturday, so I decided to couble check on my pre-oder with John Lewis, just in case I could chivvy up teh delivery etc. The salesman stated that they do not know when the Humax HDR will be in stock (despite the phone call I made where they took my order and told me it would be in stock in the next two weeks), the web site still shows out of stock. Yet JL in Bluewater have sold 1,000 already and are waiting for a second batch? At this rate Humax’s initial shipment of xxx,0000 boxes into the UK will run out! Now I am wondering do I cancel my JL order and order from Comet or Argos, my intuition says no to Comet as I have never met (a) any salesman with a brain, (b) every previous time I have used Comet, I have had very very poor after sales service.
    Decisions decisions. I am all of a qaundary!


  102. Till Says:

    Comet now showing out of stock for home delivery in any Area I try in the South East!


  103. Al (Original) Says:

    Comet and Argos are both showing out of stock last time I checked and Argos aren’t taking pre-orders.

    I’m personally waiting on the What HiFi Review, (I wish they’d ensure reviewers got boxes and thus reviews happen before release). I’m lucky in that self installing means that an installation wait isn’t going to be a problem for me for if I decide the Foxsat is right.

    Personally, If you want a box Till, I wouldn’t cancel your JL pre-order until you have one confirmed or received from elsewhere.


  104. Les Nicol Says:

    My advice would be to phone David Craig at Satellite Superstore directly. He will provide you with sound advice. I purchased setup videos from him and these were invaluable when I setup my installation. Since then I have been able to assist friends and neighbours. By the way I am in my 70thyear and if I could manage it then if your reasonably skilled you should be OK. Mind you I have restricted my activities for the most part to ground installations.
    Roof jobs would be a no no for me.


  105. Till Says:

    Al (Original)
    I am not going to cancel as you say until i can confirm delivery from elsewhere. I am just frustrated as I have had freesat for some time after dumping sky and their extortianate prices. I have a Panasonic TV with Freesat built in, however I can not record any show to my ancient Video without leaving the TV on as it records it through the active line input. I am in the prcoess of shifting to a completey digital TV system and dropping Analogue, hence my frustration.


  106. PRV King Says:

    Bought off Comet On Sat 22nd. Got 10% off the list price and FREE delivery. On the site they says there 10% of Humax, but its not for the PVR. But I rang up and agrued the case thats its misleading, and then they took it off. Then I chatted the girl up – got free delivery too !!

    Get in !


  107. Nigel Whitfield Says:

    I’d love it too if bona-fide publications got review samples before product release, but very often these days companies don’t seem that good at it; perhaps they’d rather get word out on blogs and have excitement whipped up so that people buy as soon as they can, rather than waiting for the often long production cycles on magazines.

    Before the net, of course, people wouldn’t know anywhere near as much about forthcoming products as they do now; you’d see something in the shop, and then think “I wonder where I can find out about that?” Even if review samples didn’t ship until around the same time as store stock, most people wouldn’t actually notice; for the bulk of buyers, something was launched when they saw it in the shops or read about it in a magazine.

    That said, we should be getting a review sample at PCW very soon, and by the sounds of it, that will be before many stores have received them. So personally, I’d wait for the PCW review, rather than the What HiFi one, but then I’m biased 😉


  108. Deano Says:

    BONKERS the lot of you ..
    I for one will be waiting at the very least till the January sales (6 months preferably)
    by then the price would have come down , plus a lot of the early bugs will be sorted out..


  109. Till Says:


    Thats your choice, but if every one took the same stance, bugs would take ages to be exposed, real world testing would be delayed. And everything would simply slip 6 months down the line. We all have our own reasons to be early adopters of new products and lets face it, some one has to be first ! :-)


  110. Deano Says:

    @ TILL too right you are it would be a very dull world if we where all the same.
    good luck i hope the bugs are not to big and nasty lol.


  111. Glyn Smith Says:

    So does anyone actually have this box yet, or are tomorrow morning deliveries from Argos the first?


  112. ian Says:

    mine comes tomorrow i hope.

    i know its the first batch, and that there will be bugs, but they will get fixed, and i want two things – a hd receiver so i can use my hd telly to its potential, and to record tv programs


  113. Rob Says:

    I pre ordered mine from Richer Sounds on November 1st. They tell me that stock has been received in the warehouse & delivery to the store (Prestwich in Greater Manchester) is due either on Tuesday or Friday of this week. Fingers crossed!

    Each to their own re comments made regarding bugs/glitches etc however my view is Humax have been in the Freesat space since launch & have the experience of producing solid reliable kit. Similarly, they have the experience of manufacturing PVR product through Freeview – knowledge & experience which will be transferred I’m sure to the Foxsat HDR. Software updates are simple & straight forward to complete & backed up by a 2 year warranty so to my mind, nothing to worry about.


  114. Andrew Morris Says:

    Deano, Said….
    BONKERS the lot of you ..
    I for one will be waiting at the very least till the January sales (6 months preferably)
    by then the price would have come down , plus a lot of the early bugs will be sorted out..

    I say,
    So what?
    I’ve been enjoying life for 6 months while you haven’t! Ha ha!


  115. Les Nicol Says:

    Andrew and Rob – I would agree with both of you on bugs etc. Those who are pessimistic should bear in mind that apart from the “Freesat” EPG this is (in terms of the hardware) a cut down version of the iCord released earlier in Europe and extremely well reviewed on the German station Dr Dish. Any bugs are likely to be related to the software and this should be dealt with via OTA upgrades. Also bear in mind that Humax has an extensive pedigree as far as Satellite receiver production is concerned and are a major player in the field. Can’t go wrong with a 2 year warranty.


  116. Deano Says:

    No you cant go wrong with a 2 year warranty . plus it is a sound product.
    But there will be bugs , for the next month there will be hundreds of posts about them..
    I am just one of the majority (as the prev poll showed ) who will wait till the price drops and the bugs are gone..


  117. Rich Wallwork Says:

    oh dear, looks like comet have sold all their stock, theyve withdrawn the hdr on the site. i went down to the main comet in Leeds and the best the manager knew was that theyd have it by the end of the month. Currys didn’t have any idea!


  118. Si Says:

    I just called Argos and mine was loaded onto the lorry at 6.20 this morning.. so it’s coming today. Wll report back when she arrives :-)


  119. Rolo Says:


    I have been looking and cannot actually find the product on the comet site has it been removed.


  120. Glyn Smith Says:

    YAY – my box has arrived!!!


  121. Glyn Smith Says:

    I was up and running within five mins. First thing box does is ask you to upgrade software from 1.00.01 to 1.00.02. This takes a few mins. After re-boot it asks for postcode then goes off to verify it. Then downloads channels in an instant (not like 9200). Interesting to see what the lnb out is for – maybe able to slave my Sky box from the feed. Oh, and it’s whisper quiet!


  122. ian Says:

    anyone else????

    im quite excited – and a pity i have to wait until i leave work to have a play with mine.


  123. Soul4real Says:

    You must let us know if there is any improvement on the picture quality!


  124. Waumo Says:

    Mine arrived around 10am. was working within minutes. doesnt make a sound, no noise from fans etc. a quick software update and your away. recording is very easy to use!! a very very nice piece of kit.


  125. Waumo Says:

    I personally think the picture quality is identical to the foxsat HD, but i have no problems with the way my picture looks. At first on the foxsat HD it was a little soft, but after playing with my TV settings I made it into a great picture, so the settings on my TV were already configured making the foxsat HDR a great picture as well. but that is just my opinion, not sure if the internals are different between the two box’s or not (without stating the obvious differences!!)


  126. Barry S Says:

    Just ordered mine (over the phone) form JL, Oxford St. Lady assured me they are just waiting for stock that will be delivered either sometime today or Monday Dec1. They’re expecting around 2000 units.


  127. Glyn Smith Says:

    Been messing for an hour with it – well impressed! There’s a lip-sync function so you can adjust audio delay. So far, I’m most impressed with the remote – it’s multi-functional. Got my DVD and TV working off it. It doesn’t clash with the 9200 PVR. I called Humax for a code as I still want to use my 9200. Firstly, the woman told me the HDR isn’t out yet. When I told her it was sat under my tv, she decided that the 9200 can only work with the original remote – bummer! Was she fobbing me off? Can someone tell me if 576p or 1080i is better? Feel kina smug watching the impressive HD trailers knowing that $ky are getting not one bean from me.
    I suppose I should post this in the feedback bit as requested by admin – sorry!


  128. Glyn Smith Says:

    the lnb out is for loop-thru from lnb 1 to 2 for single lnb installations. This allows limited viewing of channels whilst another is recording.


  129. Barry S Says:

    Glyn Smith – You lucky so and so :) 1080i is ‘best’, although BBC/ITV will transmit some sport in 720p as this suits fast moving action such as football.


  130. Glyn Smith Says:

    thanks Barry. So would this auto-switch or would I have to delve into settings each time and how would I know what it’s being broadcast in, in the first place?


  131. John Says:

    Great to hear that some of you have already got your hands on this PVR.

    How is the picture quality ? I have Virgin V+ Box at present,and not receiving the best picture – their technician said this is because Virgin use “lower sampling rates” than Sky etc., therefor picture not up to their standard – am hoping that this Humax will deliver quality pictures.Lets have your comments please.


  132. Barry S Says:

    Glyn Smith – No probs. I can only guess the menu settings are the same as the FoxSat HD. Set the resolutiion to 1080i . You can use the V-Format button to change the resolution to 720p etc to see if you get a slightly better picture. Most people though can’t tell the difference. Yes the programme info bar will tell you what res the current programme is being broadcast in.


  133. Ronnie Says:

    Satbuyer sold 250 in 6 mins!!! For anyone who still wants to buy a box, you can pre-order for delivery by the end of the week at falcon sat


  134. Andy Says:

    Anyone else order from Comet feeling slightly nervous about the voerselling rumours?!


  135. John Says:

    Andy – Whats that about ?


  136. Paul Says:

    Can anyone point me to Comet with the location ofthis box, cannot find it at all..


  137. Steve in Surrey Says:

    It seems if you live down south there is no chance ordering with John Lewis or Argos or Comet, it’s even been removed from Comets website. Satbuyer sent me en email saying it was available to order but tried 10 mins after getting email and all stock of 350 had been gone. Even tried the Humax site but they are not taking pre orders yet.

    Everyone has totally under estimated demand for this unit.


  138. Ronnie Says:

    Seeing as comet have removed the box from there site, I would be very nervous. Then again, you could be one of the lucky 250. Can you not get a refund?


  139. Andy Says:

    John – I ordered through Comet when they were still available and got my 10% off, however since then people have been saying that they’ve been overselling them, so I might not get one!

    I think I might have to take the risk and hope it arrives though – especially when you factor in the fact that it was 10% cheaper than anywhere else.


  140. Barry S Says:

    Steve in Surrey – Try JL in Oxford st, London on 020 7629 7711. I was told they are expecting stock in today. You can place an order at no cost and they will call you when stock arrives.


  141. Ronnie Says:

    I just rang JL in oxford st and they said that they wont have stock till early december????


  142. Barry S Says:

    This is frustrating. Depending upon who you speak to in JL Oxford St – you get a different answer to the same question regarding stock arrival.


  143. Al (Original) Says:

    @Glyn Smith,

    Do you have a satellite dish that receives more than just Astra 2D?

    eg. 19E and / or 13E?

    If so, have you tried the box with FTA channels on these birds as well and can you auto detect and store channels from these?


  144. Barry S Says:

    Now In stock at Argos on-line for home delivery (using a london postcode anyway). Earliest del date is Wednesday 26th.


  145. Richard Hayes Says:

    My Foxsat-HDR arrived this morning. It’s working great, but there is a problem.

    The box comes with software version 1 installed and tries to update to version 2 but comes up with an E05 error message each time. At least it works well anyway with version 1, so just skipped the software update bit.


  146. bridggar Says:

    Argos – all gone.


  147. PeterL Says:

    Went to Argos started the order process, filled in my details, out of stock by the time I got to the end of the process – Oh-well lets hope JL come up with something…


  148. Doug Whittaker Says:

    Nice shiny foxsat hdr arrived at 2:45 pm from Argos now installed ,updated and programmed ok watching one program and recording another ok ( still in the driving lesson mode just yet ) …but so far everything working 100%.
    I hope those not lucky enough to get one don’t wait too long but things do look pretty good so far here. so worth waiting, honest .
    Picture as good as my old Humax hd receiver now taking a trip upstairs .
    Have NOT missed Sky, but could do without their requests to come back !
    Why ?… there is enough here to suit our needs and apart from the box outlay Im now avoiding subsidising Mr M$$doch’s pension… Doug


  149. Ster Says:

    Same situation with Argos as the weekend.
    Check stock availability and it says yes.
    Order, put in card details etc. place order and it says OUT OF STOCK!



  150. ChrisD Says:

    Well I ordered mine in my local Comet store on Saturday, for delivery on Sat 29th. Noticed that on the website it is now not listed. Fingers crossed mine is already allocated to me!


  151. admin Says:

    I know it’s maybe too early to post a full review, but for those that have received, please post your comments on the new PVR on the product page



  152. Ster Says:

    Just spoke to Argos they have 900 on order but no date for delivery.


  153. Daniel Spreadbury Says:

    Mine arrived from Argos about an hour ago. All set up and working. At the moment I only have one cable from the quad LNB to the room where the FOXSAT-HDR is installed, so I can only record one thing at once, and the software doesn’t seem smart enough to work that out: it happily let me schedule Spooks and WWII: Behind Closed Doors for recording at 9pm tonight. We’ll see what happens!

    Also, like one earlier commenter, I’ve not been able to get the software update yet — E-05 error message. I’ll try again later.

    Picture quality seems top-notch. Impressed so far!


  154. spencerflares Says:

    tried comet,argos and john lewis.all out of idea when they will be back in stock.WARNING! if you order online with argos, it says instock until AFTER you have paid,then tells you out of stock.£5.95 p&p on a £10 hdmi cable! i think not!!


  155. DIB Says:

    Just checked on the argos website and it says in stock for home delivery. Im very tempted to order now.


  156. mick Says:

    ordered mine friday got it today at 9-15 but it did not come in an argos van it was a courier service set it up works fine brill picture quality set up was a breeze cant update yet next job is to fit a double lnb sling another cable in .i hve already tried recording works on one cable can only get better nice bit of kit by by sky and i have put a 5 mtr hdmi cable in the wall still works brill


  157. Si Says:

    I’m very happy so far. Similar tale, can’t update software yet. Won’t have a second cable coming in til Thursday. Works a treat with the one cable though. Picture looks pretty much identicle to how it did on the previous Foxsat box. Managed to record HD footage no probs. I’m down to just 2 boxes under the telly now!! This and a BD player. Very happy.


  158. MikeT Says:

    Argos south east are showing in stock for home delivery within 2 days.


  159. Alex Says:

    Looks like the Argos site says they’re in stock, but once you go through the entire order process and enter your Verified by Visa details it comes up saying it’s out of stock.

    Highly annoying!


  160. Katkins Says:

    Hi Alex – I am getting the same from Argos


  161. Richard Hayes Says:

    I’ve got a second cable being fitted tomorrow AM so will post a full review once completed. Still no joy updating, have also contacted Humax about the E-05 error to see if it’s something they can resolve.


  162. Richard Hayes Says:

    Quick update. The error is E-OS, all letters, not that it tells us much.


  163. Ronnie Says:

    Argos are getting stock in there shops next week. (So CS say)


  164. Ronnie Says:

    Dixons and Curreys are taking there time!!!


  165. Jim Says:

    Having gone through the ordering with Comet (Friday 21st), been told they have sold out (email Saturday 22nd), them cancelling my order (email Monday 24th), phone call (24th am) telling me (in effect, tough luck, I’ll have to scrummage in the queue all over again when they have new stock), and a second phone call after calming down to tell me the Corby depot have stock and I can order one from the Chippenham store – which I have now done – for Thursday collection! Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?


  166. Dave Says:

    I see pvr junction have uploaded an unboxing video :)


  167. Skern Says:

    Is the Humax box on Curry’s website ‘Humax Foxsat-HD+ Plug In and Play’ Product Code 991575 the same as the one you’re all talking about? It’s at £219.98 and obviously unavailable.
    Rang up a few times but they don’t seem to have a bobbins.


  168. mick Says:

    got my freesat humax pvr today from argos 2 cables connected from dish works brilliant well worth the wait


  169. Neil... Says:

    I wonder how worried Sky are getting!!


  170. Ronnie Says:

    I think Sky are gonna remove the recording charge. If they dont there gonna lose alot of customers.


  171. Neil... Says:

    They should do it quick, before they miss the boat!


  172. BJ Says:

    Hi Skern, That box is the HD receiver not the receiver/recorder.


  173. ian Says:

    wow! what a product!

    i think you need two sat cables for the software update – as mine worked fine and reading above – its seems the people with just one cable cant get the update.

    the best thing so far is that i can controll my TV, AND my old dvd player with the humax remote – and the picture quality is far better than my samsung built in freeview picture, so im very very happy i got it now rather than later.


  174. crankie1uk Says:

    skern that product doesn’t look like the freesat+ at all!


  175. Skern Says:

    I know. They’ve used a Foxsat HD picture.
    Was told tonight it is the Freesat Recorder and they’ve not had any deliveries yet. But should be anytime.


  176. MikeT Says:

    Mine arrived from Argos this afternoon, its soak testing atm and will get pride of place in the lounge tomorrow. Very pleased with it.


  177. Katkins Says:

    Just received an email from Argos to say more stock is in (again). Went through the process again or ordering to be met with OUT OF STOCK again!!

    What exactly is going on with Argos – teasing us in this way.


  178. Bryan Says:

    I’ve tried Argos too, goes through Auth check and then states out of stock. Be warned not to try this too many times as its eating into your authorisation limits with your cards. Might be worth calling your bank incase they see all the attempted auth transactions and temp block your card!! – you will want it working when the stock arrives!


  179. Al Catraz Says:

    the box has disappeared from Comet’s site!


  180. Brian Says:

    Bryan, I had the bank card problem on Sat and didn’t get my Argos order placed when I had the chance (after several failed attempts)! However quick call to bank and I got it sorted, then ordered from Comet and got the 10% discount :o) Argos then e-mailed me twice today to say I can now order – too late for them. Surrey/Hants border.


  181. Glyn Smith Says:

    Can’t get text working on anything other than BBC. Can someone confirm this? Ta


  182. Glyn Smith Says:

    no text service (other than BBC) till some point in future – bummer!


  183. Glyn Smith Says:

    how to get non-freesat channels onto the HDR –


  184. Simon Says:

    Checked into JL again last night (I pre-ordered with them last week). They said they had had 18 in at the weekend which had all gone to people who had ordered before me. (Sigh!)

    They also said they were expecting more stock in this week and that I am second on the waiting list as it stands now.

    They will ring me…


  185. SUE Says:

    Just ordered one from Comet online, due to be delivered on the 2nd December. Had confirmation email. Fingers crossed.


  186. Les Nicol Says:

    Al (Original) – Diseqc Motor is powered by the receiver and in less exposed areas of the country will drive an 80cm dish quite safely. Anything larger – taken account of our changing weather patterns may be subject to slippage by virtue of the single post mounting and take off completely in a a really strong wind burst. With a moderate dish size you should be OK and would able to track three or four Satellites either side of 28 degrees South East. 36 volt Motor setups are designed to manage larger dishes that can track a much wider arc and are used more by ex pat Brits in eg: Spain to get UK TV – by professional organisations or amateur enthusiasts to pick up global sat feeds. This set up sees direct bolting to the dish where the motor is powered either by a receivers onboard posititoner or separate stand alone posititoner. These can handle Diseqc – setting up of a range of satellite positions normally around a maximum of 64 or manual user setup this being controlled by a reed switch sensor at the motor end. A separate four core cable is required to deliver the 36volt supply to the dish motor. – – Multiple LNB setups are fitted on a special arm at the end of the dish boom and are angled in such a manner as to pick up to around four Satellites in close proximity to the Astra group and Eurobird1 at 28 degrees South East. A signal stacker control box auto switches the signal as you tune to the respective Satellites. Hope this makes it clearer for you.


  187. Les Nicol Says:

    AL (Original) – anyone else – (A)You don’t necessarily require a motor dish setup living in eg: Spain but you do need a much larger dish setup. – (B) The Humax DTR as most current receivers that have Diseqc power the motor using the Sat cable to transmit around 12 to 14 volts but this of course is a shared supply with the LNB


  188. Al (Original) Says:

    Les do you know if the new Humax can autosearch for FTA channels on other satellites as this was one of the short comings I understand of the original Foxsat HD box.

    I’ve seen an arm that will allow 28E, 19E, 13E all on the one dish from 3 seperate LNB’s, I’m just unclear as to what else I need and whether or not its feasible with the Foxsat HDR.

    I know this is a slight divergence away from the original thread, but equally, I’m sure the knwoledge of the possibility of using the HDR to pick up other satellites as well FTA will be of interest to many.


  189. Les Nicol Says:

    AL (Original) I haven’t yet set my HDR box up but there’s little point including Diseqc if the receiver can’t auto search the transponders on respective Satellites and facilitate the storage of downloaded channels. You could check this out with satbuyer, The multiples won’t be much use on this kind of info.


  190. Al Catraz Says:

    JL have knocked the VAT down on their web site, so the box is now listed at £292 – not that they’ve got any of course…!
    The VAT reduction applies to their TVs too, so the panny TX32LZD81 (integrated freesat) is now listed at £780.


  191. Les Nicol Says:

    Satellite Superstore now have stock of the Humax DTR for anyone desperate to get one.


  192. admin Says:

    Satellite Superstore are only taking pre-orders, they don’t have stock as yet.


  193. Ronnie Says:

    SS say Pre-Order Now, Its not in stock. Maybe im on the wrong site???


  194. admin Says:

    Same place, it just looks as if they have stock from their product page, but if you phone them, they are taking pre-orders only. Maybe just need to adjust the website to state pre-order.


  195. Les Nicol Says:

    AL(Original) and Roz If you check Glyn Smiths posting 183 and click on the link this will take you to a descriptive illustrated setup of multi-sat using Diseqc in the DTR.


  196. Katkins Says:

    If you are still licking your wounds from not getting a FOXSAT-HDR in the first scramble – like me :( , console yourself with a read of the manual for the receiver which is now available to download from the Humax site.

    Learn it now – enjoy it later :)


  197. Roz Says:

    Thanks to Les and Glyn and to downloading the manual we now know that the Humax Foxsat HDR is shown with the required versions of Diseqc for operating multiple LNB’s. The wikispaces link to the HD version is also very helpful.
    Amazing that the manual does not tell you how to access the advanced menu which the wikispaces does do, as follows! I assume it will be the same on the HDR version.

    To access the Advanced menu (hidden):
    – Go to Menu> SETUP
    [- Move cursor onto an item]
    – 2 options appear: Antenna Setting & Manual Tune

    I am still unclear whether using a multi lnb dish will enable different locations to be received via both of the two LNB inputs on the back of the box? Specifically, I want to install two cables down to the box for the Freesat locations at 28 degrees and add LNBs to receive 13, 19 and 23 degree locations. Has anyone yet been able to work out whether the extra LNBs need to all be added onto one of the main cables via a Diseqc 4 way switch and fed in to LNB1 input or is there another combination that would work better?

    BTW, I also agree with the wiki wishes list that the switching method between freesat mode and non-freesat mode seems very cumbersome, if that is indeed the way to do so during viewing use, and would also like to see Humax upgrade the software to an easier method; e.g. one of the coloured remote buttons plus OK, or just the ability to type in the channel number from 5000 up would have seemed logical.


  198. Les Nicol Says:

    Roz – Bob from Humax at a much earlier point in a previous posting indicated that there could be configuration issues when running the two EPG’s and that these receivers should be treated as two seperate boxes ie: when in Freesat mode it’s a Freesat receiver when in STB (FTA) mode its an iCord. I suspect the reason they’ve hidden the Advanced menu is to avoid those but experienced multi users getting into difficulty and “screwing up” the base configuration. As Bob commented they had Diseqc technology and decided to put it in. In some respects the iCord has more to offer but overall Freesat incorporating MHEG-5 with all current and future operating advantages is a leap ahead of all other offerings.


  199. Les Nicol Says:

    Roz – Given the complexities of having the two EPG’s I would have thought the more straight forward method would have been in fitting a Diseqc motor to your dish making sure that the Sat cable from the motor is to tuner1. The motor instructions would normally guide you on this. Cost wise it wouldn’t work out much more expensive as you would only require a quad LNB rather than multiples and dish bracket. Multiple dish bracket and individual LNB’s £79.00 — Diseqc motor around £49.00 — quad LNB £10 – £20


  200. Les Nicol Says:

    For anyone wondering why ITV HD is still red button access even with the new DTR it is due to lack of availability on Astra2D and the transmission being beamed from Eurobird1. As Eurobird1 is considerably more powerful than Astra 2D with a Europe wide footprint ITV is required to hide there transmission as they don’t have Europe wide broadcasting rights. It’s a bit puzzling when Sky seem to be able to cover almost all of Europe.


  201. Pully Says:

    Hi Guys, can anyone help me. I have today set up my HDR and I have two issues.
    1) I have tried recording ITV and Channel 4 at the same time and that works fine but I am unable to view BBC1 or BBC2 plus some other channels whilst these are recording at the same time? Any ideas please?

    Also, I ahve tried programing the remote control for my TV a Panasonic Viera TH37PX60B but cannot get any of the Humax codes to work. Thanks


  202. Toby Says:

    I’m waiting for the inevitable Freesat Blu-ray recorder, Panasonic are rumoured to be releasing on next year.


  203. Matt Says:

    Toby, hope you’re rich a freeview type one for France on Pix Mania is only around 1799 Euro’s ………..


  204. casbo Says:

    has anyone recived there boxes from comet that were supposed to be delived today or sat 29th….


  205. Colin Says:


    Yes. Mine promised for today has arrived fron COMET.


  206. casbo Says:

    thanks colin.


  207. Sylvia Says:

    YES ours has come today on stated date from COMET we had our doubts,especially when it got to 7.00pm and then when we were just moaning about how we knew it wouldn’t come it arrived about 7.30pm ! Shame won’t get to try it till weekend as hubby has to install sat dish on roof yet !


  208. casbo Says:

    thanks sylvia


  209. BigAl Says:

    Comet have pushed their price up to £349 after advertising at £299 only three days ago. Shame on them – taking advantage of their customers. I shall not buy from them and wait until the others have stock


  210. admin Says:

    Argos have stock available for purchase online again:

    Don’t forget code AFD10 for free delivery!


  211. paul nicholson Says:

    I cannot access the comet mail order site.


  212. casbo Says:

    I recived mine from comet on date stated but i was also disgusted how comet had put there price up to £369 over the weekend that is just totaly ripping customers of as they were the only ones who had stock and they no how the boxes are in demand.


  213. Keith Says:

    Ordered mine from Argos on 2nd. I phoned Argos to check that it would be delivered on the 4th as promised. On the 4th I called again (after waiting in all day) to be told that the delivery would not happen as the unit couldn’t be found in the warehouse – really!!

    I cancelled order!


  214. Keith Says:

    Humax Foxsat arrived from Argos (even after cancelling the order).

    The unit is very impressive. I’ve seen some of the problems talked about here and on other websites, but with an update they can be resolved.

    It does the basics very well. The HD picture quality is great. The records and playback is 1st class.

    My old Tivo unit still has the upper hand in a few “ease of use” areas, but overall the Humax is a great unit.


  215. nick Says:

    the issue with not being able to update is due to the fact that both cables have to be connected to the hdr one is not sufficient for the update to take place


  216. Matt Says:

    Just got mine for £235. John Lewis ex-display 😉 just need a dual lnb + I’ll be done.


  217. admin Says:

    Great result Matt, have they included the remainder of the 2 year warranty also?


  218. kevin Says:

    working ok in France also for whom ever is interested


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