Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Price Drop

We’ve seen the price of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR go up and down quite a lot over the past weeks; we originally thought it might be due to a reduced trade price but this doesn’t appear to be the case. With this in mind, if you are considering purchasing what is regarded as the best Freesat+ receiver on the market, now is a good time, as £209.99 is pretty much selling at a loss for the retailers (maybe a price match battle is going on!). Buy before it goes back up to £229, as it did a few days ago.

Humax Freesat FOXSAT-HDR

Best Price: £209.99

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  1. Perhaps LG should offer this as an addition gesture of goodwill instead of the Humax receiver that they were planning to send – for those who summited their information and were informed that they would be receiving the Humax receiver with 7 days. (some have now been waiting beyond 14 days”

    26th Aug : “Once we have received this information we will request this to be sent which will take approximately 7 days to get to you.”
    26th Aug : “We can confirm, we have requested this to be sent out to you. Please allow 7 working days to receive this”
    26th Aug : “Once recieved the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14days”
    31st Aug : “Once received the Freesat box will be delivered within 7-14 days”

  2. Out of interest, you can buy this machine direct from Humax as a Manager’s Special for just £199. True this is a Grade A spec rather than new, but still carries a 12 month guarantee.
    I suspect that the real reason for these price reductions is the imminent arrival of a newer, higher spec model, which you featured a while back…

  3. True enough, but £10 isn’t much of a difference to buy new rather than second hand and Humax don’t support the running of this site 🙂

    The new versions aren’t due until some time next year, so not imminent.

  4. The price has been varying up and down over the last few weeks. It’s been down to £209 at weekends, £229 early last week and then £219 midweek. Not sure why retailers have done that but there must be some deal with Humax.

    I’m getting one of these for my parents soon’ish so good news. They shot up the Amazon ‘Top 100 Electronics Bestsellers’ sales chart last week with the price reduction and goes to show how popular these HDR’s are.

  5. This box is available from Humax for £199. The boxes are refurbished to “at least as good as new” standard and come with a Humax warranty. My FoxSat-HD box has been great. The Humax Direct site tends to hold its prices steady, so they don’t fluctuate up and down. Remember that this box needs two separate feeds from the LNB.

  6. Could it be that the reason why they are selling these off cheap is that they are being out a new model. Hopefully with a combined Fressat and DVB-2 turner.

  7. @dazza

    As already said, no new version imminent so likely to just be price matching between the major retailers, usually as a result of one dropping further than they should and the rest copying.

  8. My understanding was that Humax announced that the replacement FOXSAT-HDR2 would be available this autumn, so it would be interesting to know why it is delayed. Makes no sense for the company to release details late last year, and then simply not deliver…

  9. Just bought mine from Amazon, have been thinking about it for ages and it’s a bargain for £209. I did see a review somewhere that said that recording was complicated, had to go to a strange menu etc etc. But all you have to do is go to the EPG, find the programme press OK and you get an option to record. Even tells you if there are HD alternatives on another channel. Really delighted with it

  10. I also recall the promise made at the time of the official Humax freesatHD launch that a new FOXSAT-HDR2 would be available this autumn. May be useful to remind Humax that however good the current model is it has its omissions such as not allowing timer recording in non-freesat mode, or what would be even better auto switching between modes. I expect there are still some of us out here waiting to see and now wondering why Admin state there to be delay til next year.

    A combi sat/terrestrial model would also have been a dream but such a combi had not been promised by Humax, but a new freesat+ version well.

  11. The price may be influenced by the fact that the older Panasonic Blu-Ray recorders are still being “dumped” (there must be a lot of stock) at silly prices. I have seen them as low as £369, which is an amazing bargain. They beat the Humax hands down.

  12. For me, the best receiver on the market is a Dreambox!

    With it, you can transfer your recorded programmes to your computer, burn them on DVD or encoded them in any desired format (h264, divx…) Conversely, you can watch on your TV any movie you got on your computer.

    The ethernet connection allows you to access your box from anywhere in the world through Internet, so that you can add or edit programmation abroad.

    Otherwise, you can do the usual stuff: EPG and so on.

    Why doesn’t anybody speak about it?

  13. @19 You can record straight onto your computer and burn onto DVD or Blu-ray if you have a TV card or stick so why bother with a separate box.
    Dream box seems pretty pointless.

  14. @ Richard Crichton

    You are right to compare the Dreambox with a computer, because it is indeed a computer (with Linux too as OS). I agree with you: why bother with a sat receiver when you can simply use your computer?

    The Dreambox DM800HD is incredibly merges the qualities of a traditional sat receiver and of a computer.

    I also have friends who don’t have a TV, because they only use their computer…

  15. Great when do we get BBCi Player back? it’s been 3 weeks now and no answer to my email? you have my email address! joepaul

  16. @joepaul

    As we’ve already told you on your previous comment of the same subject, we are not Humax, you need to contact them directly, their technical telephone number is 0844 669 8800.

  17. As a suggestion,
    It could be that they are to discontinue the 320gb disc drive version and make the “special edition” 500gb version the norm. The additional cost is likely to be negligible given how the price of the slightly larger drives have come down. Considering the numbers they have sold, the R&D and tooling costs must have been amortized fully by now.

    What should be on the market soon, I suspect, is the Foxsat HD2 which was announced almost a year ago. That like the Freeview HD Fox T2 had their “silver ring” motif arrow key set and the ability to record to an external USB device. They have just announced the T2 will get that in an update in October (was going to be September but that is par for the course with the T2).

    On the other hand, they may well be continuing with the existing range until they see the outcome of the Project Canvas specs so that they can introduce their new models with this included.

  18. It looks like the major quality TV and set top box manufacturers are going for other options instead of the Project Canvas (Youview). It does not look if Youview will be able to offer full HD so I will not be investing in it.

  19. Have also been awaiting arrival of Foxsat HDR2 but have learnt that delay is caused by Freesat reviewing some technical parameters which will effect the software required to run the new machine. The reason for a new model was principally because the hardware in HDR1 couldn’t deliver reliably the services released on the recent Freeview (T2) HDR and which is due for a software update in November. If we have to wait (and personally I think it will be worth it and I welcome other views) the up-side will be that the software should have most bugs ironed out on the Freeview model before release in the new Freesat machine.

    Unless anyone has found a better alternative, in which case I’m ALL ears!


  20. Interestingly, after contacting Humax about the HDR2, this is the response I received:

    “We are not going to be releasing this Model for the foreseeable future. This is all speculation unfortunately so a new FOXSAT HD-R will not be available for the next few years.”

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