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Oct 08 2011

After a long time of waiting (literally!) for the “please wait” issue to be fixed, it appears Humax will launch a new software version (1.00.17) on the 14th October according to DTG.

The new version will automatically download on to your receiver (usually at 3am) providing you have updates set to auto within the menu. The update is exclusively to resolve the EPG problem:

Application version: HPRSFCI 1.00.17
Loader version: U7.54
System id: 3768 0000

– EPG Reservation improvement
When accessing the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) you are now able to set reservations without having to wait for the EPG to fully download. After the reservation is scheduled the EPG download will commence again. To full populate the EPG please allow for 45-60 seconds.

If you cannot wait, the software can be manually installed by downloading from here (zip), with instructions available here.

If you decide to manually install, let us know if the problem is fixed by leaving a comment below.

(Thanks Eamonn McGuinness for the heads up!)

117 Responses to “Humax FOXSAT-HDR “Please Wait” Fix”

  1. steve 1 Says:

    Admin its music to my ears:)


  2. SA Says:

    music to all who thought they had a faulty box.


  3. Lee B Says:

    Good news, anything else coming in the update?


  4. Sussexdan Says:

    Way too little too late! We have, this week switched to Echostar. I’m sorry to say that we feel that Humax just let us down. Issues like; subtitles coming on after pause, slow guide download (i know it is supposed to be fixed soon), painstakingly slow navigation around the guide, jumping to the end of a program if you happen to have paused a program you are also recording (but in live mode) and the lack of program buffer record have just been some of the more major issues we have grown tired of. Good bye Humax!


  5. Lee S Says:

    Is anything going to be sorted out about the faulty EPG on the Technisat HDFS now? The full guide fails to populate, so if I want to set to record a program a week in advance, I cannot operate the timer function as it cannot find any program from the list!! The only channels to populate up to 8 days in advance are C5 an ITV1 HD. I gather everyone seems to be having this problem. Glad you’re all getting the Humax issue sorted though.


  6. Lee Says:

    Just carried out this upgrade on my Humax – You must remember to rename the extracted zip file (as it states in the instructions, even though I missed this first time around!) then the upgrade takes around a minute.

    When you access the guide, it still states “receiving program information” but as soon as you select a listing the video of the channel you were watching before accessing the guide appears in the background with audio allowing you to schedule the reservation (record or watch). As soon as you’re done, the video and audio behind the guide disappears and the “receiving programme information” returns at the top right.

    All in all, this works a treat – Still seems like a workaround to me but better than no update!


  7. Wouter Says:

    @sussexdan (4), fully agree, those issues are indeed left unattended and annoying. My biggest annoyance is however being unable to put bbc1hd,itv1hd,ch4hd on channel 101, 103, 104 accordingly!


  8. Stuart621 Says:

    I’m actually thinking about selling this box and changing to Freeview HD. The Humax Freeview box seems much better and there are some channels I can get on Freeview which aren’t available on Freesat. I’m also a bit fed up of doing contortions trying to get the remote to work when I’m not sitting directly in front of the box.

    there are many positive aspects to this box but the negative ones let it down for me.


  9. bryan Says:

    I’m so glad of this news. Not that I have one of these boxes,but sick fed up of all the moaning and groaning that has gone on over this.


  10. admin Says:

    The “moaning and groaning” as you put it hasn’t been over nothing though; the problem has been a real issue for customers. Hopefully which ever receiver you have doesn’t suffer any such problems as it can be incredibly frustrating.


  11. Chris Says:

    I just installed this and it works as described. I agree with Lee above that this is a bit of a workaround rather than a totally clean solution, but it gets the job done.


  12. steve 1 Says:

    Chris is there any other changes?I hope it doesn’t lock up no more .I will update over air when it arrives


  13. Clive Says:

    I’ve tried everything but can’t get update to work.


  14. Neil Says:

    Steve 1: I thought your comment would be at the top of the pile :)

    Hopefully this fix, which is definitely needed, will finally solve this annoying issue with the HDR. As it’s Freesat’s still current flagship STB, it’s in Freesat as well as Humax’s interest to make sure the unit functions as smoothly as possible. My parents will be chuffed this issue is finally resolved as they’ve got a HDR.


  15. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Stuart # 8, you’d be doing yourself a huge dis-service in my opinion.

    The missing FIVE channels are already on their way as are more HD 4 variants which Freeview doesn’t have the room to host in HD.

    The future is Freesat although I’m sure the government would love to convince you that Freeview was the way to go. Ultimately your choice but in the longer term, Freesat is definitely the better bet and not worth giving up over a few box niggles.


  16. steve 1 Says:

    Neil I am at the top of the pile and 12:).I can’t comment really until 14th Oct


  17. Alan Says:

    What about the problem with Favs. After every auto update you have to reselect your Fav menu. Has that been fixed?


  18. Neil Says:

    You can download and install it now from the hyperlinked link at the top of the page, alternatively wait until the 14th.

    I’m surprised they’ve scheduled a download for a Friday, that means it won’t install on people’s units until 3am Saturday morning. They must be confident there won’t be any related issues.


  19. steve 1 Says:

    Neil @ 16 .I don’t have internet just yet I use my smartphone.


  20. Alvin Says:

    Well at least Humax are taking positive steps to rectify matters via their auto download mode.
    A point to note is that there is no guarantee from any box manufacturer that their products will be 100% bullet proof once on the market, as despite manufacturer’s best efforts, gremlins have a nasty habit of appearing months or even years later in some cases.
    Thank god for the invention of the download fix!


  21. steve 1 Says:

    Thinking about it Neil you can do a Manuel software scan on Friday


  22. Neil Says:

    Didn’t realise you don’t have internet access Steve. Yep, you can do a manual update but only us techies know about things like that! The average punter with a box will not see any improvement until the auto-update overnight.


  23. Muzer Says:

    steve 1 – depending on your smartphone and your data allowance, you may be able to download the file onto your smartphone, rename the file, then use your smartphone as a USB stick.


  24. Bigkev Says:

    @ Stuart # 8 re remote on Humax. Have you removed the plastic cling protective film on the front of the panel behind the front drop down door.
    My remote was poor until I removed this.I have also advised others who had same problems and they too have solved there remote problem.
    My Humax freesat box is best bit of kit ever beats any Sky box that I used to have with yearly breakdowns.


  25. steve 1 Says:

    I Think I will wait muzer I waited all this time a few more days won’t hurt.Neil @22 its easy.1 update.even trigger could cope!


  26. dave Says:

    this problem of the epg delay wasnt there when the machine was first launched. Whe i got my one first, it didnt suffer from this. It was a software update tthat caused it.


  27. Phil Says:

    Glad it’s been sorted, well sort of anyway, more of a bodge than a fix but better than nothing.
    A few other niggles need sorting, i.e. the subtitles coming on after pause or sometimes when recording for one and 45-60 seconds to uodate the epg is still a bit slow.

    Plus a wish list, like being able to access non-freesat channels without having to go through the non-freesat mode.


  28. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ Alvin #20

    As pointed out no manufacturer can guarantee 100% reliability on software. One of the problems is that testing is normally done by intelligent persons who do the correct thing. Once a product is out in the wild people start using the product in a manner that could not be anticipated.

    A classic example was the software used to control the doors on the new London, Tilbury and Southend rolling stock. In the control tests before the trains run in public service their were no problems with the doors. Unfortunately once in service the doors would refuse to close properly and the computer system had to closed down to rectify the fault. Eventually they discovered that the fault was caused by people forcing open the doors when they were closing, something that was not predicted.


  29. Chrislayeruk Says:

    For those thinking of leaving Freesat, why not just have both Freeview and Freesat. You would lose most of your money selling a secondhand reciever anyway and you get the best of both channel listings. Options open. Chris :)


  30. Steve Says:

    Good hardware let down by dodgy software support, that seems to be a modern day pattern …. at least we haven’t got poor hardware as well !!!

    We can all knock Humax here, but there are MANY worse Freesat boxes.


  31. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi all,

    Chrislayeruk is right, have both & enjoy the best of both, now if only Humax or Echostar would bring a Twin platform freeview/sat receiver to market & most of us anorak types would dead happy !
    I sold my Humax, not because of anything other than I wanted the slingloaded features of the Echostar, but I still glad that Humax sorted the please wait issue out for the sake of my customers who I fit them for, I regard the Humax as joint best freesat pvr along with the echostar, considering the Humax design is a few years old now shows how good it was(& still is) in the first place.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  32. Dave Steer Says:

    Good to hear about the update. I have just read the post by Sussexdan, and I am amazed that he has the same problems with the subtitles and stopping after a paused live program. I have always thought this was just with my receiver. How can Humax ignore these problems? You would never accept a car that stalled every time you stopped at a junction or the radio always came on with radio 3 every time you switched it on. Like Sussexdan I will be buying a new receiver in the near future. This an excellent piece of equipment, but with the continual software bugs, there are much more reliable receivers out there.


  33. Martin Pugh Says:

    I thought it was just me that get subtitles after pausing live TV, a complete pain! Does anyone know if anything going to be done about this problem? Glad to hear that a fix is on the way for the EPG, but why have we had to wait so long for it? HUMAX should be ashamed of themselves, they charge a premium price for the boxes, but offer a very second rate service when it comes to addressing any problems. I certainly will not be buying another one of their products


  34. steve 1 Says:

    I must be the only person not to have this problem with my humax pausing live tv with subtitles afterwards issue.have you tried a factory reset?it does seem to cure a lot of problems


  35. Clive Says:

    If you get subtitles after pausing or rewind just press exit.


  36. Martin Pugh Says:

    Thanks Clive for that simple fix for those annoying subtitles, really appreciated. I note that a few other people have mentioned the other problem I have with my box and that is the remote sensor is really poor. I need to be directly in front of it and not too far away to operate the box with the remote, and yes, the protective film has been removed. I tend to leave the front flap on the box down, which helps, but again, on a box costing this much, you should not need to do this.


  37. Adrian Lucas Says:

    @34 … no steve … I don’t have the problem either. In fact, I’ve just tried to get the subtitles to appear after a live pause. …. I can’t do it.


  38. steve 1 Says:

    To Martin pugh might be a stupid question but have you tried new batteries?I don’t think the remote is that bad.if you got a small lounge the batteries are going to longer.the distance shortens when batteries get older


  39. Martin Pugh Says:

    Thanks Steve, but batteries have been ruled out, but thanks for the input, I must have a “Friday afternoon” box. Thanks again.


  40. admin Says:

    @Martin Pugh

    Have you removed both protective films? Have to agree though, the commands between remote and receiver are poor regardless.


  41. steve 1 Says:

    I must have a Saturday box!I like when you press the buttons they light up the tops ones .I don’t think money has been spared on the remote design and quality


  42. ricsto Says:

    I welcome this update but:

    1: I’ll not be an early adopter for this update and will be disabling the auto-update for the time-being because Humax QA for updates is clearly very poor.

    2: It was only a few weeks back that Humax were saying this was a freesat epg issue.
    The issue of the dreadfully slow EPG started directly after their (Humax) last update.

    3: What about the random switching on of subtitles while rewinding time-shifted content. Once it switches on it is impossible to switch them off until the content is back in real-time. The fact it even decides to switch on at all is completely bizarre.

    4: The worst one for me is not being able to select a program in the EPG that is currently on and change to it. It’s not the above issue with the delayed EPG but a problem whereby I select a program in the EPG, for some reason the box will not change to the program that I’ve selected and asks me if I want to “Watch?”. It’s obvious I want to watch the program because it is currently on and I’ve selected ok whilst the program is highlighted in the EPG. Anyway, I select OK and it instantly asks me “watch now”. I press “ok”, expecting the box to change to the program but no it just does nothing. The only way to watch the program is exit the epg and select the channel in list view.

    I hope Humax do bother reading this site and their overall QA really needs to up its game . It’s a decent piece of hardware which is sadly let down by progressively buggy updates.


  43. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi all,

    Having owned a humax foxsat hdr they came out I’m suprised at the bad feeling for humax on here, I fit these boxes & have never had to swap one out, which after years of fitting sky is very welcome. I’ve on occasion experianced the subtitle issue but I never thought of it as a issue as happened very rarely. yes the remote acceptance angle is slimmer than a sky box but again I never regarded it as a issue, the please wait issue was a annoyance its true, but it didnt stop me enjoying this receiver & now its cured, maybe having seen some really bad pvrs in my time makes me forgive such minor issues. I recently sold my humax but the only reason I did was for the echostars slingloaded features, the Echostar is great but I wouldnt have changed it other than wanting the sling features.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  44. footy Says:

    It is odd, we have not had an issue with the “please wait” for weeks now, this is a fantastic bit of kit. “Well done Humax”.


  45. freesatscott Says:

    Good news that humax issues are getting sorted i do get issues subtitles after pause and wait til get picture behind epg before i can set record but the main thing is how do i record one side while watching another side at same time as the box only lets me record one side and it has to be on that side its recording i have two leads in box lnb1 in and lnb1 out


  46. Colin Harrison Says:

    Update works fine…but only one USB can be connected when doing it. I found that out the hard way!


  47. Eamonn Says:

    The issue with the remote signal being very directional seems not to be an issue with the box itself but with the remote. I’ve swapped to a Harmony 300 remote (£16) and now don’t need to point it directly at the box but instead in it’s general direction. This has also solved the problem of having to change modes on the Humax remote everytime I wanted to change the volume which always happens when changing from a HD to SD channel and vice versa as you can assign the volume control on the Harmony to one device, in my case, my home cinema set up.


  48. John Hereford Says:

    45 Freesatscott. The two input leads should be connected to “LNB 1 In” and “LNB 2 In”.


  49. lawrence Pearce Says:

    It seems that both Humax and DTG are still only making available the current 1.00.15 update for the HDR. Why the wait, unless the 1.00.17 fix has not been fully tested?


  50. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi Freesatscott,

    After connection the cables to lnb 1 & lnb 2 inputs you will need to reset the box, you can do this by restoring the box to factory settings & going through the setup again, this time the box will detect a twin cable instalation & will set up the box to deal with it.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  51. John Hereford Says:

    Mark @ 50. Thanks for reminding of the need to re-set. I meant to mention that, but forgot!


  52. Edwin Says:

    Did the manual update today and can now select a program to record from the EPG without any delay at all, everything else seems OK.


  53. ChrisK Says:

    I am a little bit confused here, at the top of the page it says “the new version will automatically download on to your receiver (usually at 3am) providing you have updates set to auto within the menu.”

    Now I was told that you cannot turn off auto updates and if you were able to I would not have any trouble with the box because the last update that knackered the box would have been avoided.

    I have had my HDR for almost two years and it has worked flawlessly since last years update and now that the box is working properly again with this update can I now turn updates off so the box continues to work correctly.


  54. steve 1 Says:

    I noticed emmerdale is in hd they take there time coronation street has been in hd for 2 years or more.only watch it because my girlfriend watches it honest!:)


  55. Neil Says:

    Steve: Emmerdale went HD on the 6th, the last ITV soap to do so. Not that I’m a massive fan but was privileged to get on a group tour around the set last Friday! One of the questions I asked was about HD and was told the previous night was the first episode!


  56. steve 1 Says:

    I’ll be honest neil I can’t tell the difference between SD and hd with emmerdale.I really can with ch4hd its stunning.


  57. Muzer Says:

    @56: Odd – perhaps it’s because ITV1 SD is so poor in comparison, but I could really tell the difference (my mum watches it). In the first scene in the first one I noticed was HD, I could really see the patterns on the stone when it would have been a blur before.


  58. Neil Says:

    I’ve not actually seen an episode myself in HD yet but will have a look this week. They’ve had to touch up some of the sets to bring it up to HD standards, as they did with Coronation St.


  59. steve 1 Says:

    It’s the first night I watched it in hd.I will watch closely might be because I’ve had a hard day and I can’t keep my eyes open.I am sure hd will be better tomorrow.


  60. Jon Says:

    Anyone know if this channel is coming to Freesat?



  61. Alan Says:

    Not at the moment – just on Sky to start with


  62. Neil Says:

    PBS looks interesting, sadly I think it’s going to be subscription only.


  63. SL Says:

    So the PUBLIC broadcasting service is going to be subscription only, that makes sense.


  64. Jon Says:

    Its public broadcasting in North America though, BBC America is subscription also.

    Bit of a shame though, it could have been a decent channel for Freesat to have.


  65. Steve 1 Says:

    I agree muzer emmerdale is better in hd


  66. freesatscott Says:

    Hi john hereford and mark aberfan aerials how are you thanks for your help the wires are now in right place lnb1 and lnb2 and have reset box through factory settings so box should work now


  67. Mark Aberfan Aerials Says:

    Hi Freesatscott,

    You are welcome, enjoy your Freesat viewing.

    Mark Aberfan Aerials


  68. John Hereford Says:

    Hi 66. freesatscott,
    John Hereford


  69. Dabber Says:

    I notice that when this update downloads it will be loader version U7.54…….at the moment my Humax HDR is showing loader version U7.52…… what happened to U7.53….did I miss something??
    Also I was getting really annoyed with the subtitles on catchup, never thought to press exit! So many thanks to Clive-35.
    This is the best piece of kit I ever bought, had it for nearly 3 years.


  70. dave Says:

    overall, i would say this machine is a very good bit of kit, just let down by a couple of niggles (for me its the epg issue – soon to be fixed, and the slow ultra directional remote).
    Far better than any freeview box i have seen so far, and with the bonus of freesat not suffering countless reception issues and service updates.
    Quick questions…
    We also have the smaller Freesat Humax box – the HD one that doesnt record, in the other room – will that also get the epg fix?
    We still have a humax freeview box (9150) which works fine – or as fine as any freeview recorder ever does, but why is that design so different? The operation is clunky, with different button commands to do the same tasks, and a freeview epg that takes nearly 15mins to populate with data. Why is the freeview model so poor compared with the freesat product?


  71. Steve 1 Says:

    Dave I might know the answer what is your strength of your signal and quality?if its quite low its takes longer to fill in I know from experience


  72. John Hereford Says:

    70. Dave, Accordin to the DTG website (see Freesat related links on this site) the Humax Freesat-HD will also receive an update to fix the EPG problem.


  73. John Hereford Says:

    70. Dave, According to the DTG website (see Freesat related links on this site) the Humax Freesat-HD will also receive an update to fix the EPG problem.


  74. John Hereford Says:

    Sorry, I meant Foxsat-HD!


  75. Steve 1 Says:

    I did a manual software scan I noticed the software version Id is the same but I can set it now instantly but when the epg is on the sound goes On and off anyone the same?


  76. Mike02 Says:

    @8 Stuart621 –
    Have you removed the film on the flap,and around the sensor?
    Using a universal remote can help with your problem. The one supplied with HDR is directional.


  77. Steve 1 Says:

    Would the update @ 3am would it be @ 3am this morning or tomorrow Morning?


  78. Degs Says:

    Turned on this morning excited to try the new fix but “oh dear” if anything it’s taking longer than ever ( or so it seems ) until the record menu is available. Software showing


  79. Steve 1 Says:

    @78 degs Mine is quicker showing aswell


  80. Adrian Lucas Says:

    Software updated over air ok – EPG now better.

    Although Software version is now as expected, my Loader Version
    is showing U 7.52.

    Humax release notes tell me it should be U 7.53 or 7.54.

    Is this a problem or just something I should ignore ?


  81. ALAN Says:

    Did o.t.a update now showing new s/w 1.00.17, but still showing loader version 7.51. e.p.g bit quicker for a few secounds then went very slow, then back to the same problem a locked box.


  82. Steve 1 Says:

    Alan try a factory reset it settles things down


  83. ChrisK Says:

    Adrian @ 80

    Hi, my HDR has loader 7.53 and from memory (I am going back to the early days of the HDR here so may be wrong on this) that any loaders that are older than this won’t update box OTA. I seem to remember something about Humax saying you had to do the loader update via USB but once done everything in the future would be done over the air.

    Such a long time ago (coming up to 2 years now) and may be it was something else that the update did, can’t remember but if your box is working and updating with no input from yourself I would not worry about the loaders.


  84. Adrian Lucas Says:


    The updates happen automatically – so I think you might be right.

    Cheers Chris


  85. Clive Says:

    I updated from 7.52 to 7.54 using a usb stick many months ago. It was very easy from the Humax website, but to be honest i haven’t noticed any difference. Anybody Know what difference it’s supposed to make?


  86. dave Says:

    steve1 – we dont have any issue with signal anymore, its almost on the top notice for quality and strength. What i can add though, is say you want to record an item on itv1, its loads the itv epg data faster if you switch the box to that channel.
    (this regarding humax 9150 on freeview).


  87. Steve 1 Says:

    Dave @86 my parents got a humax freeview pvr and the epg could take 30mins to fill in and sometimes it wouldn’t record a set program and the quality was 100% strength dad phoned up humax and this was the problem .it was hit and miss whether it would record or not.since the switchover its instant.


  88. Steve 1 Says:

    @85 Clive.I would like to know the answer aswell.


  89. Keith Says:

    Mine still shows 1.00.15, loader version U7.52. So it didn’t update. I guess this shows @83 is correct. Although… the previous OTA update did work automatically, but oddly a couple of days later than everyone else, if I remember correctly. Maybe I have a signal strength issue.


  90. Adrian Lucas Says:

    @ 34 & 37

    Me and my big mouth!

    After saying I never experienced the ‘pausing live tv then getting subtitles’
    it happened last night ! Doh!

    But, pressing the EXIT button got rid of ’em :-}


  91. mike Says:

    update works fine , great box , thanks bigkev for your tip on the remote , had my box since world cup 2010 didnt think to look behind drop down on box just thought it was rather slow , works like a dream now , many thanks


  92. Martin Pugh Says:

    As someone famous once said, “I don’t believe it”. I expected a plastic film on the outside of the drop down flap, this I removed when I purchased the box about two years ago, but why put a second plastic film behind the drop down flap on the viewing window? It does not make sense, I just wonder how many people with this box have not, like me, realised this exists and not removed this second film? Now I have done it the remote is FANTASTIC, it works without me having to be directly in front of the window at a distance of no more than eight feet. Thank you Mike #91 for your post and sorry to Bigkev #24 for me not realising what he was saying in his post. All is now well in Humax land!


  93. monkeymaniac Says:

    Have I missed an update, because bbc news 24 has disappeared of the Freesat EPG.


  94. Steve 1 Says:

    To 39.Martin pugh.there was me saying I think the humax remote is fine did you forget to take the plastic off behind drop down door?.doh!..anyway the new software seems alright.fingers crossed.


  95. David Says:


    Just a quick thanks to everyone who mentioned the plastic strip behind the drop down flap, I checked it and thought ‘I don’t have that’ saw someone else mentioned it again, took another look, still couldn’t find it, then on a third attempt manged to find it and peel it back, remote works much better now, thanks again!!!


  96. Degs Says:

    regarding the remote. Mine has never been fantastic even with ALL the plastic strips removed. I have now noticed that the buttons I have used mostly need real solid pressure to work. Any other keys work well taking into account that the remote was never the best in the world.


  97. Steve 1 Says:

    @96 degs.How old is the remote?have you changed the batteries?.email humax they might send you a new one as a good well gesture if not you can buy one for £20.mine is fine


  98. Derek (Original) Says:


    The Humax HDR remote control system has always been a poor performer compared to others as far as I’m concerned. Both plastic strips have been removed from new, and unless the remote is pointed directly at the sensor and within about 12 feet, results are intermittent. My other remotes (TV, SKY, Bluray) all function over a much longer range and don’t need to be pointed directly at the sensor.
    Having said all that, the problem is not the remote control itself as I also use a Harmony 525 Universal remote, which doesn’t perform any better with the Humax HDR than the Humax remote. I believe the problem lies in the window of the drop down flap on the front of the Humax HDR. If the flap is left down, the Humax and Harmony remotes both perform as you would expect. Try it. Is this a classic design design mix-up? Was the system designed and tested by engineers without knowledge of the dropdown flap? Signal attenuation and diffraction through 2 tinted windows with an air gap between them is clearly the problem.
    However, there is a solution. With the flap up, the position of the IR sensor window is not noticeable externally, but the display window is. Why? Because the flap window material has been coated on its inner surface everywhere except the display window. Now fold down the flap and locate the circular aperture in the back of the flap for the IR sensor. The coating in this circular aperture can easily be removed with your fingernail without scratching the window. I have removed this coating from the circular window area of my Humax HDR and remote performance has improved.

    Now for the disclaimer:



  99. Degs Says:

    Hi Guys and thanks for the advice. I have tried all the suggestions mentioned one by one to see if I could get to the bottom of this problem. I did resolve myself ages ago that the remote would never perform as well as others ( sky, Sony TV and HI-FI various DVD players etc.etc.) but now the fact of poor response to certain buttons that I have pressed with regular use ( in my case 1, GUIDE, Volume, EXIT and Programme ) is alittle worrying.


  100. graham Says:

    Regards the remote problem. I spoke to Humax about this when the Foxsat was new (I had A pre-order ) and they never metioned the film covering the window, you would think they should know its there but I had a job to see it when I looked and found it very hard to get a corner up to peel it off. But since I took it off it works OK and from a much greater distance. Moral Techie guys don’t know everything.


  101. Degs Says:

    Anyone had a new bug appear since the latest software update? Now, if i’m watching a channel and want to record it, as usual I press the record button. If I then change away from that channel I get the blue box “bad or no signal” and the only way I can get any channel to view is by switching the box off at the wall outlet.


  102. Steve 1 Says:

    Degs@101.I tried it on mine its fine.mine is a 2011 model if that any help


  103. Derek (original) Says:

    #101 Degs

    I have tried it on my 2009 model and I don’t see the problem you describe.


  104. Mark Says:

    Derek @ 98.
    Brilliant info – many thanks! I’ve put up with needing to aim my remote with the accuracy of a sniper for years (even though I removed both films shortly after buying the unit some years ago).
    Never occured to me to try it with the flap down – What a difference! I’ve now done the “fingernail scratching” mod and am getting good performance from the remote with the flap up.
    Thank you again for posting this information.



  105. Steve 1 Says:

    101 degs.are you giving it enough time tell the banner disappears to change channel?


  106. Derek (original) Says:

    #104 Mark

    Thanks for the feedback confirming my mod worked for you too. I was beginning to wonder whether anyone else would try it. It really does make a big difference to the remote performance. I don’t understand why Humax didn’t mask off the IR window at the same time as the display window before applying the coating.


  107. William Pratt Says:

    Hi I am in Costa Blanca Spain. What post code should I enter into a Humax 500GB pvr ? and what Freesat channels are available here.Is it possible to re recieve other Sat channels on this box.

    Regards. Bill


  108. Steve 1 Says:

    107.William pratt.don’t hold your breath.


  109. Mike02 Says:

    @ 106 Derek (original)

    I can confirm others have tried your mod as well mate.
    You’ll find a thread here:



  110. Sara Says:

    Sorry if this is not the right place to ask/post, but I couldn’t find a way to start a question.

    I have a problem. I have a Humax Foxsat HDR and have had recent problems deleting BBC HD programmes and recording radio programmes. My disk is usually 98% full with a mixture of TV and radio programmes.
    The temporary ‘fix’ was to borrow a 500gb USB external drive and copy the programmes, format the disk and copy back. I had thought of upgrading to a 1tb disk to overcome the space problem, more HD programmes being available (BBC1 HD and C4 HD), but as the problems have re-occurred I have delayed this upgrade.

    The two problems in detail;
    1) I record radio 4 extra (nee BBC Radio 7) every weekday 06:00-10:00 and have done so for a long time. However since about August 2011 it has not recorded every day, but that wonderful problem – intermittently !. I am unable to see a pattern; edited programme, deleted and put in as new – same result intermittent. After the ‘fix’ was applied this was cured, so I put it down to the disk being full. It stopped recording on 03Nov11.

    2) I am unable to delete BBC HD programmes, error message “cannot delete due to file restrictions”. After the ‘fix’ was applied this was cured, so I put it down to the disk being full. I recorded Midsomer Murders (ITV HD, 115 minutes) and was able to delete it, so I thought the problem was solved. However I was unable to delete programmes on 07Nov11; Match of the Day (BBC1 HD, 71 minutes) and Waterloo Road (BBC1 HD, 62 minutes). It also affected HIGNFY (BBC2, 45 minutes). When you try to delete the programme it goes through the motions, blue dustbin on right hand side of screen and then the error message. All the programmes in the media list have disappeared. I power/switch off/on and the programmes are populated in the media list.

    My initial thoughts, thinking aloud;
    I read somewhere about the BBC encrypting their programmes to avoid unauthorised copying ?. As BBC1 HD only starting broadcasting in Nov10 and not all the programmes were/are in HD, the problem may have been masked for a while. Plus how many people, non-techie types, actually record in HD ?. Based on the HD bit-rate denial by the BBC I should imagine they will deny this could possibly be something to do with them, but as I said inadvertently. So I was wondering if the encryption/restriction was inadvertently causing an unintended file deletion problem.

    Also something else about a maximum file size of 4gb being allowed to be copied?. This is software/firmware restriction ?. So, again, I was wondering if this restriction was inadvertently causing an unintended file deletion problem.

    I have yet to re-try recording something in excess of 60 minutes on ITV HD (119) again and C4 HD (126). I will also try BBC HD (109) just to see.

    Any help or suggestions gratefully received. Otherwise as it will be raining (!?) on Saturday, it will give me time to copy and re-format again. Oh, the format the Humax box does is not a full format, just a quick format as it only took seconds last time ?. Thanks for any and all suggestions that will (?) be forthcoming.


  111. steve 1 Says:

    Sara @ 110.I would try a factory reset it won’t delect recordings there has been a lot going on with new channels and software updates.sometimes you get gremlins with software so it might settle things down if no luck email or phone humax they are very helpful.I hope this is useful


  112. steve 1 Says:

    Sara @ 110 .make sure you have latest software update contact humax if not sure.


  113. Marian Donovan Says:

    Hi We are having problems deleting after weve watched a recording, it has just started this was ok before, everything else works fine. Its a Humax Foxsat box which records 2 progs at once if needed. Hope you can help as weve been through the book on websites and no help anywhere so hope you can help us Many thanxs in advance


  114. Bill Evans Says:

    Where is the infra red sensor on the Humax HDR1000


  115. Mark Groeneveld Says:

    Just bought this box direct from Humax. Listed as Graded stock.
    My problem (straight after installing), is the box will suddenly switch off and then the front panel will keep flashing on and off with a clicking noise.
    Tried factory reset and re-installing latest firmware. Changed the HDMI cable and where it is plugged into. Have emailed Humax. In the mean time whilst waiting for them to back to me. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix this.


  116. admin Says:

    Mark Groeneveld said:
    Just bought this box direct from Humax. Listed as Graded stock.
    My problem (straight after installing), is the box will suddenly switch off and then the front panel will keep flashing on and off with a clicking noise.
    Tried factory reset and re-installing latest firmware. Changed the HDMI cable and where it is plugged into. Have emailed Humax. In the mean time whilst waiting for them to back to me. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix this.

    If it is clicking then it would suggest a hard drive failure; surprising they would allow re-sale of a product with such an obvious fault. Have them replace for you.


  117. james smith Says:

    Mark G. & admin post 115–The advise helped me too. In my case it is laughable, just moving the fan wires a little caused the fan to come on and sort every thing


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