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Aug 15 2011

As many of you have found owning the Humax FOXSAT-HDR, a recent software update has caused a significant delay in accessing the TV Guide (EPG), confronted by a “please wait” message usually for around 40 seconds, but in some cases minutes.

There has been some talk about whether this is a Humax or Freesat fault, and Humax have kindly responded to us today with the following:

The reason for the change is due to increased EPG data being sent by freesat above the specification, we have temporarily delayed scheduling programmes until the EPG downloads to resolve lockup issues. We are currently working with freesat for a solution to the issue.

So it would seem that Freesat data increases are the problem, but would have expected that the Humax HDR could cope given that it isn’t affecting any other make/model of Freesat receiver (that we are aware of!). We suspect that because Humax have had complaints regarding lock-ups, they have forced a delay in the software to prevent this.

We haven’t received clarification that this change happened when software version 1.00.15 was launched, but if someone is still running an older version, or has a copy of it, post up a link in the comments box.

Don’t forget that whilst this is an inconvenience, the work-around is by pressing the SCHEDULE button, followed by the RED button; this will give you the guide from cache, but be aware that the data may not be up to date without going through the correct GUIDE option.

104 Responses to “Humax FOXSAT-HDR “Please Wait” Issue”

  1. Phil Says:

    Lets hope Humax and Freesat don’t take to long to resolve the issue. We all know how long it took Humax to release the latest software…


  2. footy Says:

    Only just bought this fantastic bit of kit, and sometimes the EPG problem does surface, as you say Admin pressing schedule and red record button does the trick. Sometimes it works fine-other time no. Thanks for the info Admin, solved a querry we had.


  3. Billy bass Says:

    My humax was fine,until the recent update,so for humax too say its due to freesat epg data,is passing the buck,when you pay £250 for a satellite pvr,you want it to work properly,so what is the guide button for,i dont want work arounds,get your finger out humax !


  4. Gav Says:

    I don’t understand why the box can’t use the 2nd tuner every 5 minutes or so to get the latest guide. Maybe “holding” you if both tuners are in use only.

    I’m pretty sure the new s/w version has added the popup, but the old version of the s/w wouldn’t let you click anything anyway. So it’s actually clearer what’s going on now.


  5. Wouter Says:

    I can also confirm that this issue started for me the moment I had upgraded to the latest firmware.

    Speaking of this whole EPG guide load, I still find it remarkable that when I press guide, the program I’m currently watching will disappear for 45 seconds, while the second tuner is not doing anything. Humax should have used the second tuner, if available and not in use, first.


  6. Neil Says:

    I wondered why the unit wasn’t allowing programme selection until the whole EPG had downloaded, now we know the answer! If it prevents lock-ups then that’s good but it is a bit annoying with the wait.


  7. Al (Original) Says:

    @ Gav, whereas every 5 minutes might be a bit frequent, I nevertheless like your idea.

    How about it Humax? Get the HDR to use a the 2nd tuner if free to download the EPG.


  8. stanandjan Says:

    Having used the HDR for nearly 2 years.. well over a dozen programme deletes every week has been until the last update.. perfection personified..
    It is said that what you’ve never had you never miss so..
    What is a Lock-Up Please?



  9. Richard Crichton Says:

    @8 It’s when the box becomes unresponsive and needs to be rebooted.

    Off topic.Please vote to support Freesat here:


  10. steve 1 Says:

    To stanandjan its when it freezes and nothing works and all you can do is switch it off at switch at back of unit then on again.I noticed if it is already recording you don’t need to wait to set pvr


  11. Al Catraz Says:

    a fault with the wonderful humax box? we panny users have such sympathy for you… 😉


  12. Dean Says:

    If i use the tv guide its 50/50 if i get a picture behind it or not, bit odd .If i have a picture then there is no wait.on the epg info mode. Another thing humax could improve on is the ok button on the remote as you have to push down hard .On a whole its a really good box.


  13. roger mellie Says:

    Had our Humax hdr for 2 years now,never had any issues.Must just be lucky?


  14. Bob Says:

    The Freesat EPG is taking longer and longer to download on my LG LF7700. After turning on the TV, you really need to wait several minutes before trying to access it


  15. ian Says:

    Humax have just gone down IMO with the pretty pathetic excuse of saying its due to the increase in Freesat EPG data, thats just pure 4 letter word and they know it! They expect Freesat to not add channels then? Because the more added means more EPG data, they knew channels will be added so its a cop-out
    Admit you cocked it up and sort it!


  16. Glyn Says:

    @ Dean… My Humax remote started to become unresponsive to a press of the ‘ok’ button. Pressing it hard did the trick, but then took you to further menus that were unwanted – a worn out button? I was about to buy a genuine replacement for £20, when I decided on the Harmony 700 (half price in Argos @ £60). I know it’s a lot to pay for a remote, but when you remove the £20 factor of a new Humax remote, it becomes more affordable. It is lightning fast and more powerful. As a result, the box is much more responsive to the remote. Humax should hang their heads at the bundled, poor quality remote.


  17. steve 1 Says:

    So when are we having a software update?


  18. John S Says:

    I have four Freesat recievers in my house, two Grundig one humax PVR and a LG tv with built in Freesat. My Hummy and My LG have both been upgraded to 1.00.15 and both have the same EPG problems, my grundig box’s have not been upgraded and work perfectly. I have now resorted back to 1.00.13 on my Hummy and guess what it is now working fine again.


  19. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Dean
    The rason


  20. GaseousClay Says:

    I’ll try that again !!!!
    @ Dean,
    The reason you are seeing this 50/50 is because when you are recording both tuners are in use, so the box doesn’t download a new epg instead it uses the buffered epg that is stored in the boxs memory. It performs the same here as if you select ‘schedule’ and then ‘red’.
    On the ocassions that you get the onscreen message the box isn’t recording.


  21. bramble Says:

    The Foxsat-HDR EPG and a few other idiosyncrasies, such as no live buffer record, were the main reasons I deserted the box in favour of the Samsung SMT-S7800 which really behaves the way you would expect it to. (EPG always available for scheduling with no loss of sound and the picture carrying on in a small window.)

    The Foxsat-HDR always felt like an enthusiast’s box. I hope a fix comes soon from Humax. If not, I recommend the Samsung. I understand that the Echostar is also appreciated by its owners.


  22. Keith Says:

    I also noticed this problem immediately after the update. I was unaware of the Schedule > Red button trick to show the cached EPG. Very useful to know. Thanks.

    I had discovered that pressing the ‘i’ (info) button and using using the arrow keys to move through the schedule also worked but hadn’t figured out why. I guess this also uses the cached EPG. However, this approach was a real pain if the programme was anything other than in the immediate future, even though switching to a Favourites list helped a little in moving through the channels.

    Before the update, I thought the ‘i’ button only showed Now and Next, but I could be wrong.


  23. Keith Says:

    I’ve just re-read this and realised I may be talking of something different.

    To clarify, my problem has been less with viewing the EPG itself, but more with getting a ‘waiting to receive broadcast information’ when attempting (and unable) to schedule recordings from the EPG even though the programme itself is listed. It can take hours before this works in the normal manner, but the Schedule > Red button approach works fine.

    Sorry for any confusion, but thought this might help anyone else having similar problems.


  24. footy Says:

    Re John@18. As both your freesat receivers are causing the same EPG problem, it is clear that the problem for all of us lies with Freesat.


  25. footy Says:

    To Admin!! Just found an interesting article on another forum-it appears contrary to the reply you got from Humax that they did this deliberately. “The feature was introduced because the guide only refreshed when the box was on. You have to wait this time now because the guide will refresh every time you access it” Posted early June 2011.


  26. ricsto Says:

    This excuse concerns me. It could well be true that Freesat are pushing out increased data over the EPG but the EPG problem started directly after the software upgrade. As did sub-titles automatically switching on during rewind of TS content.
    I would really like to revert to the previous software version as I’m unhappy with Humax for pushing out an OTA that clearly was not not thoroughly tested.

    I appreciate the schedule->red button workaround is not a massive inconvenience but the box cost me £200+ and I wouldn’t expect bugs in OTA to force work-arounds in my usage pattern. What is the “Guide” button actually for if I have to bypass it to get to a usable guide.

    Is it possible to reinstate the previous and IMHO superior software version?


  27. SL Says:

    Humax are lying, they cant even get their story straight.

    Its either a bug or a massive fail from Humax. People never had a problem before.

    I also question the above post about different makes being the same, since when did all the manufacturers have the same firmware numbers?

    Theres no reports of a non Humax box doing this so far.


  28. Neil Says:

    26 – I’ve too noticed the Subtitle activation issue when viewing programmes timeshifted. I do hope Humax come clean about this and find a fix for the EPG issues (whether or not it is hiding a software bug) as it’s worrying (as admin has commented elsewhere) that end users are starting to reject HDR’s on this issue by installers. I might give Humax a call to see what they say about it.

    As others mention, why can’t they update the EPG on the fly via the second tuner (when not in use), say every 15mins? As others mention, otther Freesat products aren’t affected by this issue either. I can go straight in to ‘Guide’ on my Panny BS750 and select a programme to record, I don’t need to wait 40 seconds so why does the HDR have this issue?

    As this STB is Freesat’s flagship product, which 60% of people have, then they need to sort this out with Humax as not to damage the reputation of the overall product.


  29. Grant Says:

    Over the last few weeks I’ve had the signal strength and quality drop off to nothing on one of my tuners. At first I thought it was a bad connection. However I’m fortunate to have an old second dish that I have from my old Sky sub days so I connecting that and that didn’t restore it either. So then I discovered that if I removed the power completely and then restore it the tuner started working again I have my fingers crossed. I wonder if this is a problem with the new software, has anyone else had this?


  30. Sunshine Says:

    @24 I was told some time ago that the LG TV was fitted with a Humax board! This could account for the issue, My Echostar and Samsung are fine.


  31. SL Says:

    @30 which would indicate it is a humax problem if they do the firmware for it.

    No other company is affected apart from Humax, its their fault. Instead of baling freesat, they should remove this “fix” for a problem that never existed in the 1st place!


  32. Keith Says:

    @26 & @28. Add me to the list of people also experiencing the TS/Subtitle issue. I’d forgotten about it until reminded.


  33. Oyodi Says:

    I have also experienced the TS/Subtitle issus, it’s very annoying,
    But now having to wait minutes for the guide to load before I can set a recording is very frustrating, this problem only started a few weeks ago, when this first started I thought it was the box freezing, so turned power off the on to reset, but still the problem persisted, but reading above I now see that this is a software update bug..
    Hope it’s fixed soon, but looking at Humax’es past record ! . . . .


  34. Red Snow Says:

    Not good Humax, this issue is really very frustrating.

    I have also noticed an issue with iPlayer on BOTH of my Humax boxes (PVR and HD). Whenever I start an iPlayer program the sound does not start until 5-10 seconds in. This issue was not present before one of the recent updates! Anyone else have this?

    Please fix and TEST!


  35. Zub Says:

    @21, I’d much rather stay Humax than go with a Samsung product, when thing go wrong and you have to speak to Customer services…………


  36. Vannin Says:


    If you first run any recording, then select TV Guide, you can select and reserve immediately – no ‘PLEASE WAIT’. I do this when block reserving my weekly watch list.

    Maybe this will also provide a fix clue?


  37. jezB Says:

    I own both Humax and Panasonic products…….. Humax do provide software updates, and their hardware does not require “Factory Resets” to get standard HD BBC channels.

    All in all, I think Humax are streets ahead, both in supporting new features and providing software updates.


  38. Mark S Says:

    Wedding TV removed:

    Channel: 400

    Genre: Lifestyle

    We’re sorry, but Wedding TV is temporarily unavailable on Freesat. We very much hope the channel will be back soon.


  39. Penny Crayon Says:

    @Red Snow (34)
    You are absolutely right, this does it on my box aswell, completely forgot this issue with the other 2 problems raised aswell.

    It is also the same on ITV Player aswell, for reference.

    Unstable Humax firmware update one would presume, not fully tested, & should have been before release.
    Really knocks freesat PVR’s main selling points and functionality & they are “SILLY TO BLAME FREESAT” for the data upload limit on EPG.


  40. peterhb Says:

    Reading about all the difficulties with the humax HD PVR I agree with the suggestion that it’s Humax fault and nothing to do with Freesat. Other wise why does my Humax Foxsat HD box fuction perfectly no problems whatsoever with the guide and EPG, also iplayer and ITV player both function OK.
    I have been looking to get a PVR but will wait until this is resolved


  41. Billy bass Says:

    It is a great piece of kit,but cheaper options are on the market now,alot of people i know will not consider buying humax,after seeing the pratt around ive had with this sat pvr !


  42. Muzer Says:

    @34: Thank GOD I’m not alone! Yes, I also get this issue – it’s whenever any VoD content at all starts playing. Less annoying on iPlayer as it’s normally during the title sequence, but on ITV Player it happens after every ad break.

    I have not tried a factory reset – perhaps you could considering you have two boxes? It won’t get rid of recordings.

    I’ve posted this issue on two or three forums, and, last time I checked, had not received any suggestions on how to fix it. I’ll check again later today, as we’re going soon now.


  43. Ben Says:

    I have both of these problems. The subtitle glitch is solved by hitting okay twice quickly, but the “please for broadcast information” message is infuriating and doesn’t seem to resolve however long I wait. This evening I gave up after three minutes, and tried the red button/sequence (?) solution which worked. I discovered that I could set recordings if I had a recording running, so that’s what I now do instead. In a way I’m pleased that it’s a software bug rather than a hard disc fault, as I had two or three Freeview PVRs which died on me with a lot of valuable recordings on them, and I was dreading repeating that. However, I’m dismayed that a product which is NOT cheap is so buggy and I join the chorus of appeals to Humax to pull their bl****y fingers out and fix them!


  44. steve 1 Says:

    Ben I had to wait ages to set a program so I gave up then I did a factory reset and now its ok now if you call it ok


  45. footy Says:

    Don’t know why, but have had no problems for the past week-works perfectly!


  46. Oyodi Says:

    The Guide loading issue seems to have now been rectified


  47. Paul Says:

    It does seem odd to me that Humax wouldn’t use the second tuner if available, as another poster said, to download the fresh EPG data, instead of interrupting the broadcast on the 1st tuner, as currently happens.

    And what really bugs me is the update was released nearly a YEAR after the previous one, and yet they still messed it up!

    I bought a HUMAX because of their superior reputation (compared to all the other, slow and flaky PVRs). I hope they don’t screw it up.


  48. ian Says:

    seems to be appauling tonight… gave up waiting after 34 mins and watched a dvd instead… all i wantws to do was record something and i cant even.bloody do that


  49. steve 1 Says:

    Ian do a factory reset it worked for me granted it won’t be like before the software update.let me know how you got on


  50. ian Says:

    Thanks – i did as you suggested and it seemed to work…

    im not sure why it should work though – but it does!


  51. steve 1 Says:

    Software is a funny thing they can have gremlins.I am glad I was of help


  52. ChrisK Says:

    Ian and Steve 1 can you tell me what issues doing a factory reset solves, is it all the above issues or my main bear bug one, the “please wait for” one.

    Thanks for reply in advance.


  53. steve 1 Says:

    It takes it back to a default setting


  54. SL Says:

    doing a freesat scan and not saving the results solves that problem too, it should never take more than 1 min to d/l.
    Its another thing thats been there since day 1 and they never fixed.


  55. steve 1 Says:

    SL why don’t you want to save the results?


  56. SL Says:

    Because it will add back any channels you have deleted, it may also delete all of your schedule too.


  57. steve 1 Says:

    I don’t delete channels .it is better if you can remember the channel numbers in your head ch4hd 126 and so on


  58. Clive Says:

    I’ve deleted loads of channels especially the rubbish ones, otherwise it takes the EPG longer to load. (or should i say even longer!) And it makes it easier when scrolling through it there’s less channels.


  59. steve 1 Says:

    True there is a lot of crap channels you need a day off to delete them all!


  60. SL Says:

    I scroll too, much quicker and easier and theres no way in the world Im ever going to watch a god or shopping channel.

    Keeping those channels makes as much sense as keeping bloatware on your phone.


  61. Lee B Says:

    This all sounds very much like I had to do with my old Humax freeview 9200T box when it got too slow, i.e delete lots of channels. Took many months before they fixed that problem.


  62. Paul Says:

    For a simple record work around for Humax guide “please wait ” problem. If you only wan to redord a single program then whilst the guide is downloading you can press record now button (red circle) on any item on the displayed cached guide.

    Of course it wont give options to record whole series or choose HD verison , os it is a work around not a fix. Apologies if its in the comments strream above and I missed it.


  63. Rob Says:

    Reminds me of problems I had with a Sagem 6280T free view PVR, a software update completely ruined the guide on my £180 box when it was only 6 months old. Sagem blamed it on a change in the way the guide was transmitted, in spite of the fact that the problem only appeared immediately after the update. They never produced a fix and ignored all emails. I will never buy a Sagem product again.

    I hope that I’m not going to have to do the same with Humax.


  64. footy Says:

    Funny how the wait sign came on again last night-alright this morning-obviously still not fixed properly.


  65. David Pritchard Says:

    I spoke to Humax a couple of days ago and was told that the ‘please wait … issue on the EPG should be fixed early September


  66. Lee B Says:

    Would be nice if Humax made a statement on this.


  67. Akion Says:

    This problem is really taking far too long to get resolved I have restored to factory settings twice with no result and trying to use what used to an excellent box is now becoming a complete farce.As it is now the seventh of September isnt it time humax got it sorted or at least told us all why it has not happened?


  68. Eamonn Says:

    Tried mine at about 7pm and it was the usual long wait. Just tried again at 9:20pm and it loaded immediately with no wait. Has this been fixed?


  69. chris Says:

    Yes I did a factory reset and all works.
    They must have now sorted the software problem


  70. Biff Says:

    Its worse than ever – taking 15 – 20 mins to record programs – Humax is becoming a joke


  71. Simon Says:

    3 years of Freesat. This issue is the final straw. I am now leaving the team.

    Sky HD arrives on Saturday. Hello Football, hello F1 2012, hello lots of HD channels.


  72. Steve Says:

    I am also having the same problem as other Humax users in regard to the long time delay on the guide page.In fact since this week it has become worse instead of better.
    Humax need to keep there customers informed about what is being done to resolve this major fault if only via the joinfreesat news but preferably by giving us a contact phone number especially dedicated to this problem.
    Although its all very well talking about the two million freesat users unless Humax communicate with us they could well see there sales going into decline,after all there are now many dissatisfied Humax customers out there that are hardly going to spread the good word if they cant put right what was until last month a good service.Its not going to promote positive publicity.


  73. admin Says:


    …hello large bills!

    Sounds very much like your requirements go further than a receiver with some dodgy software bugs but instead a need for premium channels which would never have been available on Freesat. Best of luck with your move to Sky anyway :)


  74. POP Says:

    To Simon (71)

    Hello Sky HD….. bye bye money!


  75. admin Says:

    According to my source who has spoken directly to Humax, they have a fix and will be releasing it over the next few weeks as part of a OTA software update.


  76. lee b Says:

    Thanks Admin that’s good news, though a shame the problem came up anyway, at least it can be fixed unlike the missing s2 channels on my bush hd box.


  77. TERENCE Says:

    This please wait with the recording on the Humax HDR recorder
    Instead of pushing the ok button to record , push the red record button while in the epg and there will be no waiting at all.
    this will get over the problem before humax fix it.
    If you want to do series link then your have to wait and do it threw the ok button


  78. admin Says:

    Rather than pressing record, press pause instead as it has the same desired affect but at least doesn’t clutter your planner up with recordings you don’t want.


  79. david lewis Says:

    the delay or waiting for transmited information, has now increased to 4 minutes how much longer ar we to wait for a fix for this problem come on humax get your act together


  80. grahamlthompson Says:

    If the epg download time significantly exceeds 40 seconds try a freesat tune and exit after the tune to avoid saving the resullts


  81. grahamlthompson Says:

    Can someone explain post 78. I thought the whole point is that users want to make a recording reservation during epg download. Littering the hard disc with recordings is surely what is intended.


  82. Rich Says:

    I’ve noticed the past few weeks the EPG issue is significantly worse than normal. It’s generally sluggish entering Media, loading the EPG, and trying to series link things.

    Just now, for the first time since I got this box 12 months ago, I had to flick it on and off at the power switch on the back. FIRST time I’ve had to manually do this. The guide froze and after waiting five (actually five) minutes I had to flick the sodding thing off and on.

    I hope Humax get this fix out soon … for the flagship Freesat box to have such a flaw isn’t good for future sales.


  83. david Says:

    rich this also happened to myself today,it seems to get from bad to worst,if it continues, soon we will not be able to use the box,should we start returning the boxes to humax ?


  84. Fin Says:

    @24, @36 – agree with you. To summarise my HUMAX troubles:
    1. Protracted “please wait” on EPG when attempting to schedule recordings
    2. Uncommanded mandatory subtitles when viewing TS content
    3. Absent sound on starting iPlayer playback (until I pause and resume playback)
    Really hope HUMAX are reading this and will resolve as soon as their regression testing proves that nothing else has been broken by the update!


  85. Andy Says:

    Well I had one of the first boxes and lived with all those problems.

    Now the latest ‘receiving program information’ cock-up reminds me just how slow Humax are at fixing things. PLEASE Don’t hold your breath for a fix, because on past form we will still be living with this at Christmas.

    Would I by another Humax product? You must be joking!


  86. Lee B Says:

    As a premium product still selling well, it’s a shame Humax don’t treat this more urgently, I guess they will take a hit when people start returning boxes to stores as not fit for purpose though.


  87. Rozzo Says:

    Technisat HDFS users, myself included are reporting epg problems recently on other forums. EPG only shows 6 events per channel for all channels. Currently tuned channel eventually populates with more but can be on random days/times, always in groups of 6 events, and disappears after standby. Signal checks on 999, factory resets etc provide no resolution.


  88. Humax FOXSAT-HDR “Please Wait” Fix | Join Freesat Says:
  89. Johnjony Says:

    I was going to buy a Freesat Humax box , this week now I have read yor reports I will find another one. Thanks folks.


  90. Derek Says:

    Did Humax ever issue a fix for this problem, either OTA or otherwise.

    My box still locks up, although the “workround” does overcome the issue.


  91. AndyB Says:

    Derek, I’m with you – same problem, worsened considerably recently – I have to keep powering the damn thing off at the mains and it is driving me insane! Definitely NOT fixed and I am seriously not happy – time Humax got off their backsides and got it sorted!


  92. Joe Fonebone Says:

    Had a Topfield for years – brilliant. I’ve had a Humax for less than two weeks and am underwhelmed. Found this thread by Googling ‘humax lock-up tv guide’ as my 1Tb Foxsat-HDR just froze on the ‘Guide’. Not knowing the workaround above, like AndyB, I had to unplug the unit from the mains. Whilst I appreciate the workaround above, a workaround ought not be needed especially for a brand new unit. For £300 I expect better – a LOT better.
    As a footnote this is my second Foxsat-HDR within three weeks. The initial box, which I bought at a premium direct from Humax so I could deal with them direct, was sent back due to arriving with a dent in it. A replacement was sent within days.
    I will be ringing customer services in the morning to see if they acknowledge the problem.


  93. admin Says:

    Joe Fonebone said:
    Had a Topfield for years – brilliant.I’ve had a Humax for less than two weeks and am underwhelmed.Found this thread by Googling ‘humax lock-up tv guide’ as my 1Tb Foxsat-HDR just froze on the ‘Guide’.Not knowing the workaround above, like AndyB, I had to unplug the unit from the mains.Whilst I appreciate the workaround above, a workaround ought not be needed especially for a brand new unit. For £300 I expect better – a LOT better.
    As a footnote this is my second Foxsat-HDR within three weeks.The initial box, which I bought at a premium direct from Humax so I could deal with them direct, was sent back due to arriving with a dent in it.A replacement was sent within days.
    I will be ringing customer services in the morning to see if they acknowledge the problem.

    They are aware of the fault and hope to release an update in a few weeks time. The 1TB’s are available these days for less than £250.


  94. Joe Fonebone Says:

    admin said: They are aware of the fault and hope to release an update in a few weeks time. The 1TB’s are available these days for less than £250.

    Thanks for the prompt respone.
    Amazon were selling 1Tb Freesat-HDRs for £280-ish when I bought mine however, as I mentioned above, I deliberately wanted to cut out any middle-men from the deal in case anything went wrong and a ‘blame game’ started. As I’m dealing directly with Humax I take no nonsense.
    Leading on from the above I’m also unimpressed with the fact that it’s possible to record two program at the same time on some occasions but not at others. I scheduled one single program on BBC 2 last Sunday night and when it came time to start recording the unit STILL requested I select a channel presumably because I was watching BBC1. Pathetic.
    There also appears to be no facility to crop and cut recorded programs (ie chopping off the ads at the start and end of a recording). I was able to carry out these basic editing tasks on my much older Topfield.
    Isn’t technology supposed to move forward and not backwards?


  95. admin Says:

    Joe Fonebone said: Thanks for the prompt respone.
    Amazon were selling 1Tb Freesat-HDRs for £280-ish when I bought mine however, as I mentioned above, I deliberately wanted to cut out any middle-men from the deal in case anything went wrong and a ‘blame game’ started.As I’m dealing directly with Humax I take no nonsense.
    Leading on from the above I’m also unimpressed with the fact that it’s possible to record two program at the same time on some occasions but not at others.I scheduled one single program on BBC 2 last Sunday night and when it came time to start recording the unit STILL requested I select a channel presumably because I was watching BBC1.Pathetic.
    There also appears to be no facility to crop and cut recorded programs (ie chopping off the ads at the start and end of a recording).I was able to carry out these basic editing tasks on my much older Topfield.
    Isn’t technology supposed to move forward and not backwards?

    The only cause of the recording issue could be that you are only using a single cable from the satellite dish, or you maybe set the receiver up with a single cable and haven’t done a factory reset since adding the second…or your LNB or cable is faulty.


  96. Joe Fonebone Says:

    I live in a block of flats that has recently been upgraded to FreeView/FreeSat.

    I have two cables running from the wall into the back of the unit – Sat 1 & Sat 2. Initially I had problems as the unit could not pick up a signal. When another engineer came out he found that the Sat 1 feed was faulty having been poorly installed. On his leaving both lines were, and still are to the best of my knowledge, working. When he went I recorded two different channels (BBC1 & BBC2 I think) by simply pressing the red Record button. No problem, both recorded at the same time which indicated to me that both Sat 1 & 2 lines are working. Then I started making timer recordings and at this point things became complicated and outright frustrating.

    Take this evening – I’m recording C4HD from 22:00. I then planned to watch the film starting at 22:00 on BBC3 – more fool me. As soon as the unit started recording C4HD I was unceremoniously bumped off BBC3 onto another channel. If I try to view BB3 I cannot and there is a slew of other channels that become unavailable.

    I’ve done a little bit of research online and from what I can gather this is simply how things are currently. Apparently there are different providers for different signals and if they clash then you can’t watch an opposing signal – madness.

    I have a number of neighbours who are awaiting feedback with regards to FreeSat I’ll give it another week or so but at the moment I don’t intend to paint a very good picture I’m afraid.


  97. admin Says:

    Afriad you have your information wrong. The ability to only access two channels when sharing a similar frequency band isn’t correct, but that is a sign of a single cable installation.

    When you had the input 1 problem resolved, did you do a factory reset on the HDR? If not, that will be the issue, as the receiver cannot detect the second feed without a factory reset. Do that and you should be able to record one channel whilst recording/watching another, plus watch a further channel from within the same frequency band.


  98. Joe Fonebone Says:

    admin said:
    Afriad you have your information wrong…..

    Did a factory reset and the unit is only detecting one connection. Calling the installation firm again in the morning to ask to speak to the engineer who gave it the green light. Watch this space…


  99. Joe Fonebone Says:

    To be honest I’ve given up.

    Humax are collecting the box on Monday (the 30 day warranty runs out shortly) and I’ve sent a letter of complaint to the firm hired by the Council who’ve installed the buildings satellite dish and wall sockets. They want £50 call out if it’s not the wall sockets at fault. That means that in order to make sure that I’m not out of pocket I’m going to have to get another HDR using the Humax refund, (brand recommendations anyone?) to try and see if it was the Humax or the wall sockets at fault.

    I have tried a variety of ‘fixes’ including one sent by email from Humax that overrides the Freesat Tuner in order to enable the user to force the unit to recognize that there are two cables attached. The fix didn’t work. At one stage Humax were carrying out the Diagnostic check with me over the phone and I had to report back that all the signal bars at the bottom were reading ‘0%’.

    I still strongly suspect that it’s the wall sockets. I disconnected the Sat 2 cable entirely then ran one cable from Sat 1 on the unit to Sat 2 at the wall. No signal was detected. On connecting all the leads back up I now have no signal at all – back to square one.

    I’m already nostalgic for the days when you just plugged the ariel into the TV and you were good to go.


  100. admin Says:

    Definately would suggest an installation issue and not the Humax, so don’t lose faith in the Humax brand or the Freesat platform. Just insist the installation company come back out and resolve.


  101. Alan Says:

    I have the same lock up problem. Last night it needed rebooting about 5 times and froze just accessing the EPG. I had noticed previously that if I tried to move the EPG timeline whilst it was receiving info it was likely to freeze, but it was much worse last night. All in all the problem seems to be getting worse by the day! Makes my blood boil when I have about a minute to set a new recording and the damn thing then freezes! @!”@**%|##!


  102. Joe Fonebone Says:

    Alan said:
    I have the same lock up problem…..

    Alan, this issue has been acknowledged by Humax who have released an official update which ought to prevent the EPG locking-up. The step-by-step instructions and software download for this fix can be found on the Humax site here ->
    I noticed a much improved performance in the EPG after the installation.


  103. DavidP Says:

    I too have had problems with my Humax-in particular with the guide page freezing. Other problems are: 1) when I press on “All Channels” the cursor moves down to the News and Sport page! 2) long delays when pressing the remote buttons-especially the OK button. I rang Humax who advised me that they had sent out software to correct the “freezing” problem but that it had not worked on my Humax. The only solution was to re-format the hard drive but this would wipe all of the programmes I had recorded. The guy I spoke to was really not interested in me being upset about this so I wrote to the Commercial Director 2 weeks ago to complain but have had no reponse. Very disappointed with their service.


  104. Phil Ski Says:

    Problem with recorded program playback. One episode of a series has the letter G on a red circular background showing on the media listing. Plays the advert and not the episode. Can’t find a reference to it in the manual or on line. Anyone got a clue what this represents?


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