Humax FOXSAT-HDR “Please Wait” Issue

As many of you have found owning the Humax FOXSAT-HDR, a recent software update has caused a significant delay in accessing the TV Guide (EPG), confronted by a “please wait” message usually for around 40 seconds, but in some cases minutes.

There has been some talk about whether this is a Humax or Freesat fault, and Humax have kindly responded to us today with the following:

The reason for the change is due to increased EPG data being sent by freesat above the specification, we have temporarily delayed scheduling programmes until the EPG downloads to resolve lockup issues. We are currently working with freesat for a solution to the issue.

So it would seem that Freesat data increases are the problem, but would have expected that the Humax HDR could cope given that it isn’t affecting any other make/model of Freesat receiver (that we are aware of!). We suspect that because Humax have had complaints regarding lock-ups, they have forced a delay in the software to prevent this.

We haven’t received clarification that this change happened when software version 1.00.15 was launched, but if someone is still running an older version, or has a copy of it, post up a link in the comments box.

Don’t forget that whilst this is an inconvenience, the work-around is by pressing the SCHEDULE button, followed by the RED button; this will give you the guide from cache, but be aware that the data may not be up to date without going through the correct GUIDE option.

104 thoughts on “Humax FOXSAT-HDR “Please Wait” Issue”

  1. I have the same lock up problem. Last night it needed rebooting about 5 times and froze just accessing the EPG. I had noticed previously that if I tried to move the EPG timeline whilst it was receiving info it was likely to freeze, but it was much worse last night. All in all the problem seems to be getting worse by the day! Makes my blood boil when I have about a minute to set a new recording and the damn thing then freezes! @!”@**%|##!

  2. I too have had problems with my Humax-in particular with the guide page freezing. Other problems are: 1) when I press on “All Channels” the cursor moves down to the News and Sport page! 2) long delays when pressing the remote buttons-especially the OK button. I rang Humax who advised me that they had sent out software to correct the “freezing” problem but that it had not worked on my Humax. The only solution was to re-format the hard drive but this would wipe all of the programmes I had recorded. The guy I spoke to was really not interested in me being upset about this so I wrote to the Commercial Director 2 weeks ago to complain but have had no reponse. Very disappointed with their service.

  3. Problem with recorded program playback. One episode of a series has the letter G on a red circular background showing on the media listing. Plays the advert and not the episode. Can’t find a reference to it in the manual or on line. Anyone got a clue what this represents?

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