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Jan 20 2009

Comet FreesatFor all those looking to purchase a Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digital Box, Comet are now accepting orders online with delivery dates from 27th January 2009. The price has increased to £299.99 plus Free/£5.80 delivery.
Buy online at COMET here

Argos FreesatArgos are now showing some stock availability priced at £293.59 plus £5.80 postage. Ignore the stock notice and try to purchase, it worked on a test we did, but might be dependent on your location. (edit – out of stock again!)
Buy from ARGOS online

Maplin FreesatAlternatively Maplin are showing as having stock available; previously they were just taking pre-orders. Maplin are charging £299.99 also with Free delivery.
Pre-order from MAPLIN here

60 Responses to “Humax FOXSAT-HDR PVR Availability (Updated)”

  1. Andy Corbett Says:

    So the VAT reduction lasted a long time didn’t it?


  2. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    Pah. That’s nothing. Anyone thumbing through the new season Next directory catalogue will notice that it is available – for a somewhat inflated price of £349.99


  3. Tony Lock Says:

    Argos now report stock available.


  4. Tony Lock Says:

    That is they emailed me to say it was, but it didn’t last long – it now says out of stock again.


  5. tod davis Says:

    got rid of sky before xmas hoping to buy freesat pvr got currys vouchers given to us hoping i could get it no chance, farce


  6. Ian Says:

    Try phoning Argos,they quite often have stock even when it says out of stock on there web site


  7. Col Says:

    I wouldn’t rush to buy one. In fact, I wouldn’t rush to get freesat at all.

    The only thing that freesat has is bbc hd and that isn’t up to much. itv hd isn’t worth mentioning but the lack of dave, five us and fiver is.

    Since prices have gone up, even with all those people saying they won’t buy into it until the prices go down after christmas, I think it might be worth waiting until there are more products or, at least, more channels.


  8. Keith Says:

    Dont forget to sign up for Maplins Newsletter email and you’ll get a £25 off voucher if you spend £300. You’ll need to spend 11p on a capacitor to take the £299.99 over £300 so that makes it the best curent price at £275 @ inc free delv……… when they get stock!


  9. Zubeir Says:

    I disagree with Col, Even if you by a freesat box, you still have the option to watch all the other free to air channels in non freesat mode & it’s the best alternative the $ky money grabbers.


  10. Col Says:

    Sorry, what I was comparing to is freeview.

    If you can get freeview then the only benefits of getting freesat is bbc hd, the very rare showing of something on itv hd, a million and 1 very low quality porn channels on non-freesat mode, all of the ‘zone’ channels and not much else.

    If you can get freeview then I really don’t see that the extras are worth anywhere close to 300 quid.

    I’ve had my freesat+ for over a month now and recently I’ve been finding myself using my old Sagem freeview+ box more because it has a better user interface and you can get Dave on it. The picture is better on the Humax with its upscaling but if I mess about with the settings on the tele there isn’t a difference.

    If you can’t get freeview then it obviously is worth getting but personally I wish I had waited for a better product.


  11. Andrew Morris Says:

    I have to agree with Col. But if you can’t get terrestrial signals – including Freeview your only choice is $ky or Freesat.
    Where I live they are the only real options and having been ripped off by $ky will never go back.
    Whatever Freesat puts out is a bonus to me.
    So the lack of boxes is a mystery. In this current economic climate, I would have thought that $ky customers will be dropping like flies and the demand for Freesat boxes on the up. So why can’t the suppliers see this?


  12. Keith Says:

    I suspect that Humax are delaying delivery to the shops because of the HDMI HDCP handshaking problem which results in many customer having a green screen after 10 seconds of viewing anything HD. When I last spoke to Humax support, 2 weeks ago, they told that me that a total of 4000 boxs were being delivered to Argos, Currys and Dixons on Monday 12th. This obviously did not happen. They said that I should return my box to Argos to get a replacement, so this is why I asked about stock.


  13. Lee B Says:

    I have been looking for months and still can’t get a Humax PVR, I can’t understand why Humax have underestimated the demand so badly. Won’t be long before other companies release their PVRs to fill the gap in the market.


  14. jules Says:

    John Lewis have stock and are supplying to customers that have pre-ordered. Humax shipped 10,000 units to UK suppliers last week.


  15. Lee B Says:

    jules, just checked John Lewis online and no sign of any Humax freesat PVRs


  16. admin Says:

    Lee, I think Jules is referring to those that have reserved via phone or through the store. JL have so far not had enough supply to allow sale through the website.


  17. Al Catraz Says:

    in fact JL have now removed the PVR from their web site.


  18. admin Says:

    Looks like it, maybe they are updating 😉


  19. jules Says:

    Admin is correct Lee. JL told me that only about 500 units will be allocated to sales via the web site. It might be worth speaking to your local store and ordering. I did this and pick mine up tomorrow, so they obviously have, or at least had sock at the warehouse. Alternatively Comet told me they could have supplied me with one by next Tuesday. Hope this helps.


  20. Adam Says:

    I am waiting on John Lewis Trafford Centre, anyone had luck in there over last few days ??


  21. Bob Says:

    Took Keiths advice and registered for the Maplins newsletter and made sure that my order was just over £300 with a 12 pence capacitor and managed to get an instant £25 deducted from the Humax PVR.
    Not sure when it will be delivered but im well pleased.
    Thanks Keith.


  22. Brin Says:

    Just called Maplin, as it said in stock on their website and was told that they would not have them in stock for another 4 weeks.

    That is very dull



  23. Mark Spanner Says:

    John Lewis website is still not showing the HDR.
    Father-In-Law was in JL Norwich yesterday asking about stock and then could not give him any dates as to when because they were continually being let down by their supplier.

    If 10,000 units were shipped to the UK suppliers why have JL taken it off their website after displaying it for over 2 months + Argos have no stock + Currys have removed the link (ie no stock).

    Humax are clearly hoping to use the Nintendo strategy to win customers! :-(


  24. Ian O Says:

    Do I have a fault with my HDR? Its worked fine for the past few weeks on a single LNB feed. I’ve just changed the LNB to multi-feed. If I connect either LNB cable to the HDR I get a picture. However, when both are connected, I still get a picture but I cannot record two TV programmes at once?!? I get an error message about a conflict. Any ideas anyone?

    Thanks in advance


  25. Ian O Says:

    Ahh!! I’ve just answered my own question. It might be useful for someone else in the same situation. If you perform a factory reset the HDR detects the new input and then you can record 2 channels at once!


  26. Adam Says:

    Just an update, John Lewis Customer Services contacted me via email last night requesting my details to reserve stock coming into them on next delivery, they did not say when they just gave me an order number telling me i could take this to Trafford store pay for the order which will then be released and delivered from their Warehouse to the store. Off there with the money tomorrow so will keep you updated. Seems confident of them ?
    They have removed item from online and you can not use the link of notify me when in stock but i just emailed customer services and they seem a bit more switched on there.


  27. Keith Jones Says:

    Another update. Just had an Email from Argos offering home delivery in 2 days or local collection ( Bournemouth) at the end of the month. Still priced at £293.59 which is higher than Dixon’s were selling in the run up to Christmas. Think I will wait for a couple of weeks until one of the major supplier blinks & reduces the price to the acceptable figure of around £250


  28. admin Says:

    Keith, you have absolutely no chance of that happen. Dixon’s were selling at £299.99, it just happened that a few discount codes combined together got the price down significantly. Once Dixon’s realised, they dropped a couple of the codes. In addition, whilst demand remains so high, with no problem from any retailer to sell, prices won’t fall. The only time they will is when Humax are caught up with supply and they are readily available both online and in-store.


  29. Brin Says:

    had an email from argos confirmed they just got in a limited stock this was at 12.08 and when I went to buy online at about 1.40 they were all gone.

    Some buggers must have some.



  30. Ian Says:

    I am fed up of Argos e-mailing me telling me they have stock, they have been doing it on at least a weekly basis since before Christmas, when ever I follow the link they send me it always reports ‘No Stock’!


  31. Keith Jones Says:

    Admin re:

    Keith, you have absolutely no chance of that happen. Dixon’s were selling at £299.99……

    I know that market forces dictate the buying & selling prices of everything in our economy but when everyone can see that Freeview PVRs are available for around £130, commonsense dictates that manufacturing if not development costs of the Freesat HD version can’t bet too far removed from these.

    It won’t be too long before supply/demand forces Humax and or suppliers to slash the cost of the Freesat HD version of virtually the same box to a more affordable level.

    Whether this is a matter of weeks or months, time will tell.


  32. Graham Oliver Says:

    Phoned JL Cambridge today to check on my order and was told there are now some at the JL warehouse. I am too far from Cambridge to go and collect from store so they will send it today via regular Parcel Force – up to 5 days :-(


  33. Shaun in Sheffield Says:

    Just a quick post to say, I found this link for the Foxsat HDR at Homebase, they appear to have stock !

    Humax HDR at Homebase

    (edited by admin)


  34. Ian Says:

    Just tried this link . It says out of stock


  35. Derek Says:

    As Homebase is part of the same group as Argos (Home Retail Group), their stock status will probably mirror that of Argos.


  36. Oyodi Says:

    I it seems am one of the lucky / unlucky one to have got hold of one of these boxes,
    This is the email I have just sent to Humax:-
    When I press the information button the information bar comes up on the screen, BUT it does not disappear after 10sec which I set in the menu.

    I came home from work yesterday and my children had pressed the information button to see what was on, but because it did not disappear after a period of time and stayed displayed, I now have the information banner burned into the screen, which will not vanish!!!!!

    I have had this 50” TV for 3 years and had no such problem with my sky box, but 4 weeks into having the Freesat box I now have screen burn,

    So the information banner NEEDS TO DISAPEAR after a period of time.

    If I buy a new TV, I will have to remove the Freesat box and have to go back to sky because I could not have this happen to my new TV.

    A very disappointed customer


  37. admin Says:

    Oyodi, that’s terrible, try leaving the screen on white noise (the flickering black and white) for a while, that should sort it out.


  38. Chris Says:

    Richer Sounds have in stock now


  39. Oyodi Says:

    Hi Admin
    Thanks for that, it seems to have done the trick, I wonder if this problem is just on my box, or whether this is a software issue. On our other box which is FreeSat from Sky (therefore a sky box), the information banner does disappear after about 30 sec, but on our FreeSat Humax HDR it stays on permanently until turned off manually.


  40. Greenbaker Says:

    So (subject to availability) is the Freesat PVR a worthy rival to my Sky Plus box yet -or should I leave it a while before I swap?


  41. Andrew Morris Says:

    I have had absolutely no problems with my Humax PVR.
    It is vastly superior to the $ky+ Box and does exactly what is says on the box.

    There, I’ve said it.

    Now it will probably break down!

    Joking apart Greenbaker, go for it – if you can find one.


  42. nofity Says:

    I also have no problems after 2 weeks with my Humax Freesat pvc and am very pleased with it.

    No problems except the TV does not “see” it when I switch it on. I understood that HDMI is like scart in that a signal is sent to switch the TV on? It’s not a TV problem as it correctly sees my blu-ray player. It’s not the lead either, as I’ve swapped them.

    Is there a “hidden” switch in the Humax to send a signal to the attached TV? (It works ok “manually” by selecting the HDMI feed on the TV.)


  43. admin Says:

    Auto-switching isn’t available via HDMI on some televisions. That’s most likely the problem, no need to change cables.


  44. gordon bacon Says:

    my humax pvr switches its self on though the night from standby to just a blue window i have to turn it off and then on again at the socket for it to work
    anybody else had this trouble done a factory reset as per humax still problems


  45. Matt Says:

    Gordon try the link too on No 385 HDR page . A few people have the same problem . They say it turns itself on at 3 in the morning to check for updates on 11427 H 27500 2/3 . What is your signal strength like on that channel ? Go to manual tune to find out .( Its under Failure to Boot.on HDR Hummy )


  46. gordon bacon Says:

    thanks for your help matt i am not very tecnical could you help me further


  47. Matt Says:

    Sorry Gordon I can’t really help you but if you search then go to their Foxsat HDR section, other people have had problems with Booting in the morning . The boss man seems to think it could be a weak signal from the Freesat home transponder . Others think its temperature ? But have a read of it your self at least your not alone, hopefully a firmware update will come soon and sort these problems out .


  48. gordon bacon Says:

    thanks for your help matt very kind of you


  49. Tom Says:

    Just to confirm on stock – JL have just sent my box out and will be round to install on Monday – Great service (Plus I get 2 years warranty) :-)


  50. Jason Says:

    Confirmed in stock at Birmingham Richer Sounds reserved for collection tomorrow


  51. Adam Says:

    Still waiting on my Foxsat from John Lewis, Have told me twice its in stock i went and paid yet still no delvery dates come through ergh !!!!!!!


  52. Phil Says:

    Best bet is maplin guys, be patient, sign up for a newsletter when you register, in 2 days you will receive a newsletter with a 20 digit code that will give you £25 off anything over £300 – i bought a humax foxsat hdr for £299, and a resistor 15p ! Total cost – delivered – £275.14


  53. jack barton Says:

    argos chatham kent have one left in stock


  54. Ross Says:

    A batch due at Maplin.

    I ordered mine from Maplin only a couple of days ago. I have just spoken to them regarding delivery and they are expecting a batch in the next day or so.

    Hurry hurry!


  55. admin Says:


  56. Ross Says:

    I should have said don’t forget your £25 off voucher


  57. john t Says:

    Hi – collected my PVR from Argos tonight so no chance to try yet. Reason for leaving a comment – Argos emailed to say they had stock but it was gone as others say – HOWEVER you can order to collect from store and these come from warehouse NOT web stock so worth trying – if it accepts the reservation you should be lucky.


  58. Adam Says:

    Latest email update from John Lewis is delivery to their Warehouse on 2nd March. Gutted i asked for John Lewis vouchers purely to get this item. Been messed around so much by John Lewis and they know i cant go elsewhere as all i can get is my vouchers back which are useless elsewhere. Ordered for Xmas will be lucky to get for Easter


  59. Greenbaker Says:

    Thanks for the advice and updates-I will be coming back to this thread for the latest impartial advice!


  60. Adam Says:

    Further update, John Lewis said it would be 2nd march before they got any stock yet they rung me Monday 9th to say stock now in their northampton warehouse and i would get mine by Friday this week woo hoo just in time for England vs Wales 6 nations in HD. Now website allowing pre orders also for anyone who hasnt got one yet


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