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Nov 28 2008

Comet FreesatOk, this will probably be our last update on availability, as it seems the product is becoming more accessible. In future, please refer to the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Price Comparison page. Comet are now accepting orders online again for the new Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digital Box, priced £299.99 (shows £293.61 but isn’t checking out at that price!). Deliveries are available from Saturday 29th November.

Just don’t forget to remove the HDMI cable they add to your basket, the Humax comes with an HDMI cable included.

Buy online at COMET here

121 Responses to “Humax PVR Back In Stock At Comet”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hopefully this means that my order that was placed on the 21st will definately be delivered on Monday. Wahoo!!


  2. Pete Cullen Says:

    Splendid! Just been and ordered one and swallowed the extra delivery cost for delivery tomorrow. Hoorah!


  3. Grubby Says:

    If you type offers in the search and go to 10% off selected humax digital tv recorders it’s showing there. Code cannot be used online but customer services will be able to help.


  4. Chris Hawkins Says:

    Many thanks – have ordered one for delivery tomorrow (Saturday 29th). Saturday delivery cost (£11. 95) helped by the checkout cost of £293.61. So £305.56 – happy with that, IF it arrives :-)


  5. Edwin Says:

    Just ordered online – delivery monday – will wait and see


  6. Bry Says:

    It annoys me how the comet automatically adds a separate HDMI cable to your order, when the box has one included anyway.


  7. RoyTBone Says:

    Just ordered one, but earliest delivery is now the 8th December.


  8. R Says:

    Has anyone got a box from Comet yet?


  9. Col Says:

    Has anybody managed to get the discount from comet?
    I ordered mine last weekend and then read on here about the discount. I phoned them up and was told the discount would be refunded onto my card. Now the price has gone down, the offer is still listed on the offers page and I’m still waiting for my refund.


  10. Grubby Says:

    I got the discount on Monday but had to call customer services.


  11. Brian Says:

    Col – I ordered from Comet last weekend by phone and got the 10% discount and free delivery for 1st Dec. total price £270 – just hope it turns up on monday….


  12. Brian Says:

    Col – just to add, the discount code was showing on the HDR webpage last Sat morning, but was removed by the afternoon. The code didn’t work online but a phone call got me the discount. good luck…


  13. Grubby Says:

    Col – I did exactly the same on Monday to get the 10% discount. My operator wanted me to talk them through how I got to the discount page before giving me the discount. So goto comet home, type in offers in the search, scroll down to 10% off selected humax digital tv recorders, hit the arrow, the HDR is listed there.


  14. Col Says:

    I’ve just got off the phone with them and, even though it is still listed on the offers page, the code doesn’t work and they are denying that it is even written there!
    I’ve told them that it was actually on the product page last week and I also told them that I spoke to somebody only minutes after placing the order to inform them that the code didn’t work. I was told that they had had a few calls about that and that they would refund it…
    They’ve just phoned me back…


  15. Mark B Says:

    Just phoned comet, operator said none available for my area (Leicester) and couldn’t find the code HUM10. I said webpage, “offers” 4 humax boxes, last one on the page.
    He said there would be more in on December the 3rd and I could ring back, but id better be quick and he couldnt find the code, some nonsense about them having two versions of the website.
    Such great customer service, he couldnt find the code, now im left wondering why he wouldnt take my order, lack of stock or problems with the price reduction code.
    Trading Standards should look into this, customers should be treated fairly, especially when they really, really, really want one!


  16. Ronnie Says:

    Dixons have created a page for the freesat pvr. It looks like there gonna start selling them soon:


  17. Grubby Says:

    They are blagging. Trading standards would like to hear this I’m sure.
    I had to walk them through how to get them to the page. I would try again and talk to another operator.


  18. Col Says:

    Success! for me anyway.
    I phoned their head office in Hull and walked them through getting the code and then finding that it doesn’t work. I was told again that it was my fault for not putting the code in when I placed the order. One mention of trading standards and I got the refund for the discount and for the change in VAT and it won’t affect the delivery on Monday.
    She said that their websales department will be looking into the problem now. So if you want to be sure of getting the discount before they remove it altogether, get it ordered now!


  19. Grubby Says:

    Well done Col! Typical inter company. 1 dept not talking to the other!

    Oh…Dixons are in trouble right??


  20. Mark B Says:

    Now im really annoyed, after being told that i have to ring back in december i find that i can order it online for delivery on the 11th.
    So it must be code avoidance why he wouldnt take my order.
    Now i have had to email comet to ask for a refund. It still shows on their web page…


  21. BillB Says:

    Just to clarify the new price of £293.61.

    Original gross price=£299.99.

    Subracting VAT at 17.5% gives a net price of £255.31.

    From Monday next, VAT reduces to 15%.

    Therefore, adding 15% to £255.31 gives a new gross of £293.61.

    I would suggest waiting till Monday before purchasing to avoid paying the higher VAT.


  22. Col Says:

    Before you ask for the refund phone 08705 425 425 option 4 then 2. Mention trading standards after you have got them to prove that the code doesn’t work and you should get the discount.


  23. Col Says:

    BillB: The price on their website is now £293.61 and you can order it at that price now. But if you want the further 10% discount I would order it as soon as you can before they remove that.
    I just got it for £264.25 or at least I should do when my refund for £35.74 comes through


  24. Roz Says:

    I had a seemingly good run through the Comet process this morning. Website listed the price at £293.61 and took payment at that. It wouldn’t accept the 10% off code HUM10, HUM 10, hum10, hum 10 so I knew I’d have to call. I then got an email that the payment had not yet been processed and was being investigated so decided to call for that reason too. You have to get through to internet sales (not customer services) and they accepted the code; there was no need to prove the code wouldn’t work or threaten. Apparently I have been charged the discounted price with 15% VAT equivalent; total £264.24 rather than waiting for a refund.

    One glitch, not serious for me but others might think it so: Delivery date! The online order allowed me to choose delivery dates from 4th Dec for free delivery so I had picked the 4th and had the confirmation page printed. But Sales said that their next delivery to stock numbering thousands was coming in on the 3rd and that these would not be processed for delivery until the 9th at the earliest. I was not able to convince them to hold to the 4th and it seems that until the payment had been cleared the online order confirmation itself had been worthless.


  25. damian Says:

    just got the humax from comet and it did checkout at 293-61, cant wait – yipeeeeeee.


  26. Steve Says:

    Ordered my box yesterday from Argos at the time i was told i could not
    use the code for free delivery and wound not receive £10.00 voucher.
    Today i rang costumer services and was given both good old costumer services.
    Well Done Argos


  27. Wouter Says:

    I didn’t get my discount and have been on the phone for 15 minutes. Any other tricks I can do to get the discount active? They claim the link to the HUM10 code is an old link and no longer part of the new offers.


  28. Col Says:

    The only way to ‘activate’ the discount is to phone their head office on 08705 425 425, option 4 then 2.
    Talk them through getting the code which is to enter ‘offers’ in the search box, scroll down to the “Save 10% on selected Humax Digital TV Recorders” and note the code there, which is HUM10. When you click on that the Foxsat-HDR is listed but won’t accept that code.
    The first person I spoke to told me that the code isn’t for that product. It clearly is for that product otherwise it wouldn’t be listed on that page, everything else on that page accepts that code for 10% discount.
    I’m not sure where we really would stand with trading standards as there is a difference between an advert promoting the offer ‘on company premises’ and one in public. My threat of contacting them seemed to help me.


  29. geo Says:

    I have just ordered from Comet. Was wondering if there are good reviews out yet about the Humax PVR? Any personal optionals from people who have recieved their order? Is it noisy? As I heard some Humax recorders are a bit noisy? I plan to use as my main viewer for TV instead of the freeview tuner on my TV. Is it good to use?


  30. Al Catraz Says:

    Geo – there is a feedback thread for this box here:


  31. Russ Dring Says:

    Ordered my box at 10.15 this morning, the code Hum10 did not work so, phoned customer serviscs at 1750 hrs. told them I had a problem and that the promo code offering 10% off did not work,they said sorry and that she had filled in a form to admin,the credit would be processed after delivery.Delivery 8th Dec. being the earliest.


  32. Gary Says:

    Just bought one over the phone at1935 hrs with Comet. Going like hot cakes at the moment so be quick . Getting delivered on Tuesday 9th cant wait.


  33. CRANKIE1UK Says:

    ordered over the net, HUM10 didn’t work as with everyone else so I rang up as suggested and spoke to ‘Claire’ who said she would need to check with the internet team tomorrow as they had gone home (8pm). She said she would ring back after 1pm when she got back in tomorrow and let me know if the discount would be honored (not mentioned trading standards yet).
    Any more advise?


  34. Jason Says:

    Can’t wait to get my box from Argos on Monday. A bit off topic here, but can you get Luxe HD on freesat?


  35. Ronnie Says:

    yes, in non-freesat mode. i think.


  36. Chris Hawkins Says:

    Further to my post above (No 4), the box was delivered this morning before 10am :-) Good service from Comet. Look forward to setting it up later.


  37. Priscilla Says:

    Mine was delivered from Comet today too………hooray! Comet stock seems to be flowing at last.


  38. arwel Says:

    Just ordered from comet. If you phone them and say you are having a problem with their offer codes. they ask you where you found the code. tell them to type offers in the search box & 10% off humax is there in the list. the code is ‘HUM10’. it doesn’t work on the website. but after a few mins on hold they put the order through for me. free delivery on the 11th. total cost £264.25.


  39. Mike H Says:

    About a week ago I phoned my local John Lewis store asking about availability. They took my name and mobile number and today they have phoned to say they have them in stock at their loca distribution centre and asked if I would like it delivered or arrange for collection at store !
    I’m picking it up on Tuesday – Good service JL ( and don’t forget they give a free extended to 2 years guarantee . . . .


  40. crankie1uk Says:

    Really p***** off. got my phone call back from comet and they said they would not honour the discount! so I’ve cancelled the order in a huff!


  41. Col Says:

    Sorry to say it crankie1uk but I think you gave up too easily.

    Here’s a question you could ask them: which items does the HUM10 code apply to and how is a customer to know?

    I seriously wouldn’t have given up on it, in order to save 30 odd quid I would happily have phoned trading standards, advertising standards authority or even watchdog.

    I still haven’t had any confirmation of my refund so I may have to get on to all them anyway.


  42. Chris Says:

    I got mine this morning from Comet, I ordered it instore on last Saturday.

    I was beginning to think I may not get it, after reading the reports on deliverys or lack of,


  43. Ronnie Says:

    Argos have changed there website, now checking for stock seems a bit harder. NOT LOL


  44. Ronnie Says:

    Now the new designs gone! WTF


  45. Colin Says:

    Mike H. You’re more fortunate than me. I have been phoning my local JL (Bristol) asking for information on availability, and have visited twice asking for information. At the first visit I was told they had no information on delivery, on the second visit the sales “partner” denied all knowledge of the product until I pointed out the item in their Technology flyer in the department! Both in the store and on telephoning I was told I could not order until they had stock available. To add insult to injury at the last telephone call I was told they had 2200 outstanding orders and could not accept any MORE orders! I placed my order with Comet, got the £10 discount and have a confirmed delivery date of (my choice) next Monday 1st December. By the way as I understand it all Humax kit has a two year warranty so JL are giving nothing extra.


  46. Col Says:

    Stop the presses and all that. What’s going on? This thing is advertised at £349.99 on the Comet website tonight.
    And the discount code still doesn’t work!


  47. Ian Says:

    Can you guys not read – the Comet discount applies to SELECTED products only. The Freesat PVR is NOT included.


  48. Ian Says:

    And Comet seem to have put the price up, suply and demand and all than. I will wait until after Xmas now to see what the sales bring.


  49. Wouter Says:

    oh, yes this seems to be the tradition. “As the VAT rate will be reduced, let’s increase the price of the goods so we won’t lose out on it…”

    I was about to buy a satellite dish at, and they went up from £200 to £240 and confirmed they couldn’t be bothered with the VAT stuff.

    so I guess we have to make Argos/JL happy with the next bulk of purchases.


  50. Al Catraz Says:

    I agree with Ian – I’m not going to bother now – waiting til after Christmas to see what the sales bring. I may even leave it til Panny launch their own pvr with blu ray recorder (rumoured for sping 09)…


  51. PhlangePhace Says:


    In all fairness to other posters who queried the 10% off code…..The HUM10 has only recently been changed to read ‘Selected’ (possibly the same time the price was hiked up to £349.99). Last time I checked it definately said ‘All’


  52. arwel Says:

    the code is on the pvr. the woman said there is just an admin prob with the code on the website & she put it through manually.
    if you search for humax on the website they hve 5 products. if you click on the offer to see the selected products it lists 4 of the 5, but includes the pvr.
    doesn’t really matter now they put the price up.

    i think the next best way now is the argos way as someone said in a previous post.
    order £100 gift cards 3 times. get 3 £10 vouchers free. then when the pvr comes back in stock. order over phone paying with the gift cards. you will get another £10 voucher. so humax for £299 & £40 of vouchers to spend.


  53. Tom McAdam Says:

    Comet seems to have had a price hike of about £50 on this unit — Why???


  54. George A Dodds Says:

    I’ll probably wait til after Xmas now that Comet have hiked up the price I’m prepared to pay.

    Re. the Humax guarantee.Can anyone who has bought a box please tell me if it says anywhere in the literature that came with it if it mentions a 2 year guarantee. I suspect that if it was 2 years all the supliers would mention it not just JL. Unless of course they play it down to sell their own insurance !.



  55. Mike H Says:

    Sorry to hear your news.

    Perhaps I was just lucky and got in early before JL were deluged.

    I must admit I thought the Huamx only came with a one year guarantee as all other sites, including Comet, are asking you to extend the one year guarantee to 2 or 3 years for their usual high prices !

    What is obvious is that there is tremendous demand for this piece of kit and it is bound to be hurting $ky


  56. Dave Says:

    I see this morning that comet have put there price up to £349.99 . Good job some of us got our order in early. Looks like another cock up by comet.


  57. Pete Says:

    Dave, I don’t see this as a cockup. Just reading the comments here about the difficulty of getting one, and the rave reviews from those who have got one, would make any retailer think maybe they are underpriced. Plus there is always the possibility that new shipments are being paid for in “New, Cheaper!” Pounds Sterling.


  58. Simon Fraser Says:

    Paid for mine this morning at JL = £292.00. The receipt says 2 yrs parts and labour. They said it would be at Customer Collection from Wednesday as they now have stock in ‘DC’, which I gather is their central warehouse.

    This was only after I showed them my pre-order confirmation dated 20th November – otherwise they expected it would be about three weeks for new orders.


  59. Roy W. Says:

    Given that the other major retailers are selling it for £299ish I do find the Comet move surprising. Perhaps they feel demand is so high that they can afford to lose a few potential customers, and still sell all the boxes they can get.

    My local independent retailer in Alfreton is also quoting £349.99, but as a small independent, they will be buying their stock through a distributor, which increases their cost price. When I queried the price, I was told that the higher price still only gave them their “standard margin” on that type of product. They were also happy to offer a price match if I were to order.


  60. Ian Says:

    It said ‘selected’ early last week well before the price hike.


  61. Col Says:

    Ian, answer this one – it also says 15% off ‘selected’ blu-ray players and lists just 7 from their full range of 21. Every one of those 7 (apart from the one thats out of stock) accepts the 15BRP code.
    If you select every one of those Humax boxes for purchase and enter the HUM10 code, all but the HDR will get a discount.
    It isn’t written anywhere on any page of the whole Comet website that the HDR is excluded from the promotion. We only have the fact that it is listed on the promotions page to go on.
    Many people on here have already had the discount which proves that Comet are honouring it some of the time.


  62. mick Says:

    i have just found an argos christmas suppliment in my notw paper and the humax hdr foxat box is actually printed in it with a picture and everything price of £299 99p so they must have hundreds in stock now just thought i would let people know


  63. Dave G Says:

    Just been on Comet’s website the humax DDR is now £349.99. whats that all about?


  64. Rod L Says:

    I have now gone off the idea of buying from Comet. I think that is a polite way of saying what I think. I have just phoned John Lewis at Bluewater. I was told they are expecting 3 deliveries at their central warehouse this coming week, although it may well be the following week before they are available. They have taken allowed me to make a pre-order, with an order number, and will let me know when they arrive.


  65. Chris Hawkins Says:

    Have had it for 36 hours now and am loving it. I’ve just become confused however. My daughter just turned on the tv to watch cbeebies. But it (Foxsat+) is currently recording 2 other channels. Didn’t realise you could record 2 AND watch a third – it’s only got 2 tuners/2 LNBs. This is probably not the right place to ask the questions, but didn’t know where else. It doesn’t seem to be complaining. Could anyone throw any light on this? Thanks.


  66. admin Says:

    Chris, just apply the theory in the following link, but for two inputs!


  67. Chris Hawkins Says:

    Thanks Admin – life just keeps getting better – an added bonus! Thanks for the site – without it I would have no Foxsat+.


  68. Edwin Says:

    Just Phoned Comet to confirm delivery today.
    It is NOT coming – Although they took and confirmed my order they tell me it is out of stock. Offered a full refund!!
    More stock due on the 3rd and they will telephone me then to arrange delivery.
    Be warned – placing an order and getting confirmation does NOT guarantee delivery. Have taken time off to wait in today. They would not even cancel the delivery cost. Will not use comet again.


  69. Mike Says:

    How can Comet as £349.99 today!! Some VAT cut this is!


  70. Mike Says:

    Edwin, Below is the Comet Delivery gurantee of there website. Looks like you are due your refund.

    Delivery guarantee
    There’s nothing more annoying than waiting for a delivery that never arrives. You won’t have that problem with Comet. We deliver when we say we will – and in the highly unlikely event we’re late, we’ll apologise and refund your delivery charge in full.


  71. Jim Says:

    Edwin made me panic my box was due for delivery today from Comet, my account was still showing awaiting despatch phoned Comet it is being delivered today.


  72. Jim Says:

    I have been checking for online stock, and Comet have now removed the page, I can’t see myself getting one before Christmas now.


  73. David Says:

    JL have now cocked up two of my orders…

    Originally ordered SEVERAL weeks ago. I checked up on this order back in mid Nov and they said they had the order and to call back the following week as no stock was currently available… when I did they had ‘lost’ the order even though I had my order reference, checked its status the previous week – JL denied all knowledge of it.

    I placed a new order (so now at back of queue – thx JL!) and was promised it would be available for collection today (Mon 1st) – Called to check it is ready for collection before making the 90 mile round trip, and its not there! JL have now said end of week. If I knew this last week I would have bought from Argos/Comet.

    I must say I am VERY disgruntled by JL over this. They have handled the order process extremely badly. There really is no excuse for a company of their size.

    I judge a company on how it performs when things go wrong, rather than when things are going good…. and JL have failed badly.

    Obviously this experience will be taken into consideration when purchasing in the future., I will never fully trust JL again.


  74. Edwin Says:

    Thanks Mike I’ll be progressing that.
    I’ve left it on order for the moment.
    Just got an email from Argos that it was back in stock – Too late whilst talking to them the last one was sold – back in the queues again.
    Just not my day!


  75. Ronnie Says:

    Dont give up, your get it. I had to sit next to my computer waiting for an Argos stock e-mail. LOL


  76. Steve Says:

    After having a bad picture for the last year and not wonting SKY
    I have today received my Humax Box from Argos Fantastic picture
    easy to set up nice one ARGOS you are the best of the REST ie JL
    Comet etc GO WITH ARGOS.


  77. Colin Says:

    Mike H.

    Box arrived today from COMET on promised delivery day.
    You are correct Mike, the warranty is for one year!
    However having read David’s experiences with JL which are very similar to mine, I’m not that worried about the two year warranty.
    Looking forward to setting up tonight,but cannot touch the TV until after my wife has watched a relation’s team beat the Eggheads!


  78. Ronnie Says:

    Theres a new video on youtube. Not got alot of details. LOL


  79. Jason Says:

    My box was due to be delivered today by Argos, but you can imagine my excitement when it turned up on Saturday afternoon after placing the order on Thursday!!!! 48hours in and I love the humax box. The HD picture is great on my 50inch PioneerKuro. Just wish there was a bit more HD content but I’m sure it will come with time.

    I have just one question, can I add Luxe HD without losing all the timer recordings I have set up on the schedule planner.


  80. Ronnie Says:

    Does adding a non-freesat channel wipe your planner?


  81. Ronnie Says:

    Yep, it does. My whole planner has been wiped. 😡


  82. Denis Says:

    In view of the economic downturn surely the price has to come down considerably. After the first flush of buyers unless the price comes down there will be a big slow down in the number of boxes sold.

    From my experience money is getting in short supply and is expected to get even worse over the next year or so.


  83. Suzanne Says:

    The review thats listed on the Foxsat-PVR page is gives quite a bit of information. Here’s the link to save you trawling through the comments.


  84. Dave G Says:

    been to Comet again today, they say they have ten people waiting, but no stock in their warehouse, Argus and Satbuyer no stock!!


  85. crankie1uk Says:

    this is the reply I got after I e-mailed comet my complaint!
    I was concerned to read of the problems you have experienced with your order.

    “Having investigated this matter with our Internet sales team, I can confirm that this particular discount code was advertised against the Humax Foxsat-HDR in error. This has since been rectified but the manager of the department has asked that I pass on his apologies for the error.

    Whilst I appreciate your comments about advertising standards, mistakes unfortunately can happen. The terms and conditions on our website state that, when mistakes do happen, we will give you the option to resubmit your order at the correct price, select alternative products or cancel your order. In this case, I can confirm that a refund has been submitted for you. The payment will be made back onto the card used for purchase within 3-5 working days of the request.

    In regards to your request to speak with a manager, I apologise for any misunderstanding. Managers will, of course, speak to customers. However, in the interests of fairness, they will investigate your issue first and then call you back within a 4 (working) hour timeframe to discuss the matter.

    I realise this matter has been frustrating for you and I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Should you require any further information or assistance from this office, please e-mail me back.

    Kind Regards
    Kevin Morgan
    Comet Customer Services”


  86. crankie1uk Says:

    Doesn’t appear to be listed at comet anymore!!!!????


  87. SatScene Says:

    Will wait for the new year to trade up from the basic Foxsat HD. Never know, might even get something off in the sales!


  88. Denis Says:

    They will come significantly down in price in the near future as the recession really starts to get a grip.

    By February there will be very little spare cash around to buy such luxeries.


  89. Col Says:

    Crankie1uk – did they give you a refund on the overcharge or for the whole thing? Where the email says “…resubmit your order at the correct price…” it looks like they are saying they’ll let you buy it at the price they want you to pay – the full one. I’m hoping you got the discount.

    I still haven’t had my refund of overcharge but got the box yesterday. It wasn’t packaged in anything other than the procuct’s box, came by third party carrier and wasn’t even sealed with packing tape. If I was dishonest I could easily have claimed that the only thing in the box was a couple of bricks.


  90. Grubby Says:

    I had my box delivered from Comet this morning. Hopefully Comet are now delivering all that have been ordered as there was concern relating to fulfilment. Price paid….£269.99 including the 10% discount!!


  91. mark b Says:

    I had a problem ordering mine last week (from comet) anyway i now have an email confirming that my 10% discount will be refunded to my credit card.
    It seems some people have been treated quite differently. I would imagine that the recent price increase is to recoup some of the money lost on hum10.


  92. Roger D Says:

    Comet- a joke! Ordered last Friday for delivery Monday. No show. Contacted them and was told order had been canceled. In fact it hadn’t. The CC authorization had taken ’till today to clear. Got back to them and arranged delivery for tomorrow. Just had a call from them to inform me they’re out of stock and have no forecast as to when units will be available. I await the refund. Believe me this is a very short description of what actually happened. Moral of the story is that Internet purchasing is great when it works. When it does not go smoothly, it’s a nightmare. I shall wait for units to be available in the high street, however long I have to wait



  93. Edwin Says:

    Hi All
    Continuing saga with Comet. Just got a phone call to say that although new stock (500pcs) arrived despite they took my payment last week and promised delivery monday this new batch is still not enough to complet all the orders!!!!
    Guess what, they cannot still deliver to me I am lower on the list. Tried to persuade me to take a refund as don’t know when next batch is due. I’m still going to hang in there.
    Wish me luck


  94. admin Says:

    Argos have stock available for purchase online again:

    Don’t forget code AFD10 for free delivery!


  95. Edwin Says:

    Just tried argos on phone – no stock but also got email back in stock
    Still in stock now – ignore 1st page and continue – just got one – delivery tomorrow
    ADF10 says offer finished but still gave discount!!


  96. Pete Says:

    Cheers for the heads up Admin, ordered mine for del on 4th Dec… nice one :)


  97. Russ Dring Says:

    Just collected mine from customer collect John Lewis as arranged last Friday.
    Wonderful performance, better than the original non PVR Humax I bought on May 9th 2008, as it had too many issues,I got a refund from J.L. now pleased I waited.
    Also ordered one from Comet,just incase JL did not come up with the goods, that should be delivered next Monday. If they deliver I will have one to dispose of.


  98. crankie1uk Says:

    Col,I think I understand it as the correct price being the one without the discount. I had paid the £293 after failing to get the code to be accepted, then rang to get them to honour it and asked then for the refund when they refused. It hasn’t appeared on my credit card account yet as a refund!


  99. crankie1uk Says:

    thanks admin, just ordered from argos after my disappointing debacle with comet! Code AFD10 worked for me. Hope my order wasn’t one of the polish drivers responsibility!


  100. Dave Says:

    Guys, having seen Comet hike their price for no plausible reason beyond greed, I decided to put my faith in Argos.

    In preparation, I followed the earlier post on here, and purchased 3 lots of £100 gift card/voucher and got £30 in Argos vouchers (I got in quick as the website says this offer ends 2nd Dec, but has been extended before, so….).

    I then tried and failed to find a box in stock at Argos, and so decided to use the “Email me when back in stock” option, though in truth I didn’t really hold much hope on this.

    However, at 2.01pm today, I got an email from Argos saying stock back in. Having vouchers I could not order online (it still showed as out of stock online by the way) so I jumped on my motorcycle and headed for the nearest Argos. Lady there put in the code, asked when I wanted delivery, took my vouchers, and – having again spent over £100 – gave me another £10 voucher.

    Sure, the AFD10 code evidently doesn’t apply in store, but the VAT saving covered the delivery charge, and the net cost, allowing for the vouchers given to me was under £260.

    Hopefully the offer will be extended for subsequent customers, who can then be better treated than by Comet, and save £90 into the bargain. (And hopefully my box will be here for Friday!)

    But do use, and have faith with, the “Email me when back in stock” option

    Good luck


  101. Peter Says:

    My thoughts are that HUMAx have used the media in a subtle marketing plan. First you spread the hype about how good it is and worth waiting for then restrict supply when it eventually comes out – result is a surge in interest and the “must have” syndrome. All good for sales leading up to Christmas!


  102. Derek Says:

    Argos have extended the £10 voucher when you spend £100 offer to 7 December, but #11 in the Ts & Cs reads “This offer is not available with the purchase of Argos gift cards”. Not sure whether that has been there all the time or is a recent change. Irrespective, we are starting to see household names disappearing from the market place, which in the long run is not good for the consumer as competition decreases, so lets not accelerate that process by making unfair, unintended uses of discounts offered in good faith by retailers.


  103. Keith Tomkins Says:

    Had two emails from Argos, out of stock both times

    Went onto Comets websit thursday at 7.30am in stock ordered it and it arrived Monday, had to go out and get an optical cable and away we go



  104. Keith Tomkins Says:

    Also I paid the £299 price not their new one wot a cheek comet! £350 eh!


  105. Phil Says:

    Like everyone else been following argos/comet etc trying to find one available to buy or order for delivery. Being in Inverness, delivery would be about 2010 !! However, went round to a local independant shop at the weekend and they said they were hoping to get some in on Tuesday from their supplier in Glasgow. Went round after work on Tues 2nd Dec and true to their word they had just had two in and bought one. Moral is,dont forget your little local shop, worth ago. Much better customer service. Thanks to Highland TV and Audio, Greig St, Inverness. Great little shop.


  106. Pete Says:

    Mine just arrived from Argos (Due totally to admins tip off a few posts up)

    Cant wait to get home and try it.


  107. Jen Says:

    I have just heard that the company that is importing them into the UK has gone into receivership. So no wonder there is a problem. I got this information from a local retailer when trying to find one. Had given up with Comet and Argos!!!
    Has anyone else heard anything similar!


  108. Peter Says:

    I’ve just been looking at the HUAMX website and the page listing suppliers -COMET are not included on the list – any thoughts of information anyone?


  109. gordon bacon Says:

    just received my recorder from argos bril service
    perhaps jl should take a leaf out of there book


  110. Alant Says:

    Waited in today to get my long awaited HDR from Argos. It was a no show. Apparently there was some snow which caused them some problems. Who has every heard of snow causing problems in Britain? Then again..
    Tomorrow is the new promise. Here’s hoping!


  111. crankie1uk Says:

    got mine from Argos, thanks to admin too!


  112. thomas Says:

    rang comet yesterday said my order for foxsat pvr will be deleverd on 11dec. is this a maybe, or are they true to there word. we will see. if not i will never ever deal with them again, and that is the honest truth.


  113. Dave G Says:

    I have cancelled my order with Comet. went into shop this morning said they have 12 on order but had no idea when they would be in stock, this is in the Eastbourne, East Sussex area, I think the the best bet is Argos, fingers crossed, My mate ,who got his off E-Bay and paid nearly £400 has recieved it this morning, all set up and working fine, still, £400, quite a premium!!


  114. Keith Says:

    Maplins will be stocking them at £299.99. Their site says stock due in 14 days but they have told me it will be in the New Year. If you subscribe to their news letter by email you get money off vouchers and save £25 by spending £300. You’ll need to add an 11p capacitor to the order to take it over £300. Free delivery as well. Just a shame they wont have stock this side of Xmas but I can wait.


  115. Dave G Says:

    @Keith if you phone Argos customer services on 0845 6402020 I am sure you will get a box before Crimbo, quote the catalogue No 532/1832. I ordered mine yesterday and it’s being delivered Mon


  116. Dan R Says:

    Thank you everyone, esp. Dave G. I put my name down at Richer Sounds in October, to be notified when the Humax was in stock…… I got so fed up with waiting, I called the Argos number and lo and behold….. it’s being delivered Tuesday!! Thank you everyone for your ‘heads up’ and information on, what sounds like, an amazing piece of kit. Happy Christmas!


  117. Steve.B Says:

    After days of frustration and worthless guarantee’s of delivery from Comet, I got my money refunded over the counter at their Kettering branch. I feel disinclined to use this company again as their customer service is so woefully poor.
    Instead I had no problem ordering from Argos. True to their word my pvr arrived early in the morning last Thursday. Having spent the weekend “playing” with it. I’m more than pleased.
    My advice to all reading this post is that you ask for email alert from Argos as to when you’re local distribution centre has stock available . When said email arrives phone them for home delivery as soon as you can…..and keep trying………As for Comet, I now consider them to be a bit of a joke company. This fiasco will cost them dearly.


  118. Matt Says:

    Im trying to do the update, Say’s error E-OS what does it mean


  119. chris Says:

    Received my PVR from Comet at 5:50 p.m. last night as promised by teh nice lady at Comet’s Customer services.

    First impressions – Fabulous, have used Sky+ for a few years and feel this is on a par (somethings better some not).

    I have got one question. The Optical Audio output (SPDIF). Does that only output when a dolby digital transmissiois being used or does it process standard stero audio at other times. In other words if I get a TOSlink cable and setup my Bose and Humax for the Optical link will I still need to use the RCA leads and re-set the Bose and /or Humax when there is no Dolby Audio being received by the Humax.


  120. Russ Dring Says:

    Comet delivered my Foxsat on Monday as requested, the 10% discount then came through on Thursday plus the VAT reduction credit. Who said that comet was bad?
    “Belt and braces” job now means that I have two Foxsat recorders, J Lewis fulfilled my order,Comet did too.
    Which lucky friend will have the spare one?


  121. James Says:

    Stock back in at Comet, discount codes don’t work, and offers page updated to not show HDR. So £292 it is plus delivery, but hopefully worth every penny. Looking forward to giving $ky a call tomorrow morning!


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