Humax PVR Back In Stock At Comet

Comet FreesatOk, this will probably be our last update on availability, as it seems the product is becoming more accessible. In future, please refer to the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Price Comparison page. Comet are now accepting orders online again for the new Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Digital Box, priced £299.99 (shows £293.61 but isn’t checking out at that price!). Deliveries are available from Saturday 29th November.

Just don’t forget to remove the HDMI cable they add to your basket, the Humax comes with an HDMI cable included.

Buy online at COMET here

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  1. My thoughts are that HUMAx have used the media in a subtle marketing plan. First you spread the hype about how good it is and worth waiting for then restrict supply when it eventually comes out – result is a surge in interest and the “must have” syndrome. All good for sales leading up to Christmas!

  2. Argos have extended the £10 voucher when you spend £100 offer to 7 December, but #11 in the Ts & Cs reads “This offer is not available with the purchase of Argos gift cards”. Not sure whether that has been there all the time or is a recent change. Irrespective, we are starting to see household names disappearing from the market place, which in the long run is not good for the consumer as competition decreases, so lets not accelerate that process by making unfair, unintended uses of discounts offered in good faith by retailers.

  3. Had two emails from Argos, out of stock both times

    Went onto Comets websit thursday at 7.30am in stock ordered it and it arrived Monday, had to go out and get an optical cable and away we go


  4. Like everyone else been following argos/comet etc trying to find one available to buy or order for delivery. Being in Inverness, delivery would be about 2010 !! However, went round to a local independant shop at the weekend and they said they were hoping to get some in on Tuesday from their supplier in Glasgow. Went round after work on Tues 2nd Dec and true to their word they had just had two in and bought one. Moral is,dont forget your little local shop, worth ago. Much better customer service. Thanks to Highland TV and Audio, Greig St, Inverness. Great little shop.

  5. Mine just arrived from Argos (Due totally to admins tip off a few posts up)

    Cant wait to get home and try it.

  6. Hi
    I have just heard that the company that is importing them into the UK has gone into receivership. So no wonder there is a problem. I got this information from a local retailer when trying to find one. Had given up with Comet and Argos!!!
    Has anyone else heard anything similar!

  7. I’ve just been looking at the HUAMX website and the page listing suppliers -COMET are not included on the list – any thoughts of information anyone?

  8. just received my recorder from argos bril service
    perhaps jl should take a leaf out of there book

  9. Waited in today to get my long awaited HDR from Argos. It was a no show. Apparently there was some snow which caused them some problems. Who has every heard of snow causing problems in Britain? Then again..
    Tomorrow is the new promise. Here’s hoping!

  10. rang comet yesterday said my order for foxsat pvr will be deleverd on 11dec. is this a maybe, or are they true to there word. we will see. if not i will never ever deal with them again, and that is the honest truth.

  11. I have cancelled my order with Comet. went into shop this morning said they have 12 on order but had no idea when they would be in stock, this is in the Eastbourne, East Sussex area, I think the the best bet is Argos, fingers crossed, My mate ,who got his off E-Bay and paid nearly £400 has recieved it this morning, all set up and working fine, still, £400, quite a premium!!

  12. Maplins will be stocking them at £299.99. Their site says stock due in 14 days but they have told me it will be in the New Year. If you subscribe to their news letter by email you get money off vouchers and save £25 by spending £300. You’ll need to add an 11p capacitor to the order to take it over £300. Free delivery as well. Just a shame they wont have stock this side of Xmas but I can wait.

  13. @Keith if you phone Argos customer services on 0845 6402020 I am sure you will get a box before Crimbo, quote the catalogue No 532/1832. I ordered mine yesterday and it’s being delivered Mon

  14. Thank you everyone, esp. Dave G. I put my name down at Richer Sounds in October, to be notified when the Humax was in stock…… I got so fed up with waiting, I called the Argos number and lo and behold….. it’s being delivered Tuesday!! Thank you everyone for your ‘heads up’ and information on, what sounds like, an amazing piece of kit. Happy Christmas!

  15. After days of frustration and worthless guarantee’s of delivery from Comet, I got my money refunded over the counter at their Kettering branch. I feel disinclined to use this company again as their customer service is so woefully poor.
    Instead I had no problem ordering from Argos. True to their word my pvr arrived early in the morning last Thursday. Having spent the weekend “playing” with it. I’m more than pleased.
    My advice to all reading this post is that you ask for email alert from Argos as to when you’re local distribution centre has stock available . When said email arrives phone them for home delivery as soon as you can…..and keep trying………As for Comet, I now consider them to be a bit of a joke company. This fiasco will cost them dearly.

  16. Received my PVR from Comet at 5:50 p.m. last night as promised by teh nice lady at Comet’s Customer services.

    First impressions – Fabulous, have used Sky+ for a few years and feel this is on a par (somethings better some not).

    I have got one question. The Optical Audio output (SPDIF). Does that only output when a dolby digital transmissiois being used or does it process standard stero audio at other times. In other words if I get a TOSlink cable and setup my Bose and Humax for the Optical link will I still need to use the RCA leads and re-set the Bose and /or Humax when there is no Dolby Audio being received by the Humax.

  17. Comet delivered my Foxsat on Monday as requested, the 10% discount then came through on Thursday plus the VAT reduction credit. Who said that comet was bad?
    “Belt and braces” job now means that I have two Foxsat recorders, J Lewis fulfilled my order,Comet did too.
    Which lucky friend will have the spare one?

  18. Stock back in at Comet, discount codes don’t work, and offers page updated to not show HDR. So £292 it is plus delivery, but hopefully worth every penny. Looking forward to giving $ky a call tomorrow morning!

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