Humax PVR Now Available At Dixons

Dixons FreesatDixons have just confirmed that they have stock available online of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Box. It’s available for £299.99 with £4.95 delivery, but if you use discount code FSPLUS5 you’ll receive a 5% discount.

Once added the discount code, follow up with discount code 10DIGI for a further 10% off…and then use discount code FREEDEL49 for free delivery too!!! 😀

That’s only £256.49! Buy online at DIXONS here

*Discount only available until Wednesday 17th December 2008 so be quick!

(ignore the image, it’s of the standard HD box, but the product is right!)

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  1. Yeah, I got mine today and the film was pretty tricky to pull off. It’s attached fairly firmly, with no obvious bits to catch an edge. ‘unhappy’ might be changing his name to ’embarrassed’ fairly soon.

  2. HELP! Okay I’ve finally tracked on down at Argos. Only one problem I can’t get it to work! The screen is blank on the TV and the display on the Humax says Wizard. I’ve tried calling Humax but the technical line isn’t answering. I only have one LNB input so thought I might need to do the update manually but when I go to Humax’s website you need a username & password to download the file. Any ideas most welcome.

    Thanks in advance


  3. I might be stating the bleeding obvious here (and I apologise in advance for that) but it sounds to me as if you haven’t got your PVR correctly hooked up to your TV. The display on the Humax shows “Wizard” as you configure the box when it’s booted up for the first time.

    Check the connections between your box and telly making sure that they’re pushed in all the way. If you’re using HDMI then try SCART instead in case you’ve got a faulty lead.

    Don’t panic (yet) I’m sure it’s something simple you’ve overlooked in your excitement to see the Humax HDR in action (we’ve all been there… at least those of us lucky enough to have one, of course)

  4. Dont worry about the update – I only had one connection for the first week or so and it worked fine without the update.

    As to the blank screen – on my tv it didn’t default to the humax box until I changed the TV settings (in my case I had to select HDMI 1on the AV/HDMI settings) Have you got an AV button on your remote? Thats how I got to my HDMI screen until I changed the start-up default.

  5. Andy got it kind of right, I started to investigate before your post and discovered something a miss. Basically my telly has 3 HDMI inputs and one of them doesn’t work, this is particularly annoying as its just over 12 months old and I’ve a feeling it only came with a 12 months guarantee! 🙁 Looks like I’m either going to have to find a switch box or invest in a new TV otherwise my Bluray & BT Vision box aren’t all going to be able to be plugged in together!

  6. After several days out of stock at Dixons, it appears they are selling the Foxsat-HDR again – but alas the discount codes published on this site no longer work, only the Free delivery one 🙁 This means that Dixons is no longer the cheapest place to buy this slab of technology…. Anyone discovered any new discount codes?

  7. Exercise extreme caution with Dixons. I found a recording on the hard drive of my “new” machine so it obviously was not new.

    I have been corresponding with their “customer services” who have not been helpful, and have just told me:

    “The HUMAX FOXSATHDR Freesat Digital TV recorder has been removed from our website as we do not anticipate receiving further stock, at this time.”

    At the same time they have asked me to return it for a replacement (which they obviously do not have). Ho hum.

  8. I’m damned if I would part with the thick end of £300 of my hard earned to the likes of Dixon’s, Argos, etc, They are in the business of shifting boxes not after sales service. That’s why 4 or 5 weeks ago I placed an order with John Lewis, Cheadle who then gave me a confirmation No.
    We received a telephone call from them this morning at 7.30am and still bleary eyed we gave them the credit card details and they will deliver or I can pick up on the 30th Dec. (Receiving stock at Northampton warehouse next week)
    OK we wont have an HD Christmas but we will have a free 2 year guarantee and more importantly peace of mind.
    I have dealt with JL for many years now and the slightest problem they will exchange no quibble.
    My advice is go to a specialist Hi Fi shop (Superfi) or John Lewis

  9. I’m collecting mine from John Lewis on the 30th from Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. I agree with Mike about the crap, lack of after service from the other chains, especially Currys.

  10. just got my humax hdr from dixons, and i could not beleave what a saw
    the hdmi socket was ripped to bits .it was impossible to put the lead in that makes this box work. what the hell is going on here
    this box is well second hand and being returned and dixons have sold it as new.
    putting a formal complaint into dixons about this.
    they are picking the box up for return on monday, but have i got the most recked new box out there. not a good start to the new year

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