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Dec 15 2008

Dixons FreesatDixons have just confirmed that they have stock available online of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ Box. It’s available for £299.99 with £4.95 delivery, but if you use discount code FSPLUS5 you’ll receive a 5% discount.

Once added the discount code, follow up with discount code 10DIGI for a further 10% off…and then use discount code FREEDEL49 for free delivery too!!! 😀

That’s only £256.49! Buy online at DIXONS here

*Discount only available until Wednesday 17th December 2008 so be quick!

(ignore the image, it’s of the standard HD box, but the product is right!)

162 Responses to “Humax PVR Now Available At Dixons”

  1. Pete Says:

    £256 for the box! Watch a few of these start to appear on ebay.


  2. In stock at Dixons! - Says:
  3. Tim Says:

    What a bargain! Thanks!


  4. Mr Nice Says:

    Cheers dude, very Nice – £256.99 with the £4.95 delivery charge is £261.94


  5. Wouter Says:

    sh*t. I changed my order down the line, and it won’t execute. keeps asking about reentering my password, which it won’t accept. strange as I did manage to log into the side for a second time with my user account details.


  6. Matt Says:

    Don’t forget ‘FREEDEL49’ for free delivery.


  7. Neil Says:

    Thanks ordered for £267.31 delivered friday (only day I’m home)

    Should of had one from Argos today, but they failed big time.. Bad Argos..


  8. admin Says:

    Thanks Matt, added to original text :)


  9. Wouter Says:

    ok, never mind. managed to place the order. AND manage to use a code for free shipping as well :) code: FREEDEL49

    so all in all £256.49 let’s see when/if it arrives.


  10. Derek Says:

    Drat. I ordered before the FREEDEL49 information and I can’t find any way to adjust the payment/order.

    Anyone know any tricks to do this?


  11. katkins Says:

    If you ordered a box from Argos and it didn’t arrive when it should have (like mine) give them a ring. I have been told that they do now have stock and will fulfill my order and deliver Saturday (although they did offer me as early as Wednesday). Worth a try if you have just about given up on them – I do hope they keep to their word this time!!


  12. David Says:

    Thanks. Just ordered one @ £256.49 with free delivery.


  13. Ian O Says:

    WOW! It worked a treat just bagged one for £256.49 thanks very much. Without wanting to sound all hippy, I’m having one of those isn’t the Internet amazing weeks! Yesterday I learnt online that if you have been charged a fee for surrendering an old mortgage policy that you can potentially claim some, if not all of it back from your lender. I’ve written the letter in anticipation and now this today. Blimey my HD PVR might end up being free if a certain bank gets their cheque book out! Thanks again, Ian.


  14. IjustwantHD Says:

    Now showing out of stock as soon as I enter code.


  15. GrayB Says:

    Just got one this morning for £256. Hopefully this means I can look forward to a crimbo in HD.


  16. In stock at Dixons! - Says:
  17. Bonzai Says:

    Just got my order confirmation from Dixons (the third email). It’s definetely on it’s way. Now I just need to sort out a decent HD telly.


  18. Humax FOXSAT-HDR Freesat - likely to come down in price ? - Page 2 - Says:
  19. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    This is turning out to be a huge steaming pile of shog dite.

    Twice I have been mailed by Argos to say ‘back in stock’ – when clicking on their link within minutes of getting the mail it says ‘out of stock’.

    Dixons now showing out of stock also…


  20. Andy Clayton Says:

    Bonzai@17 – how long after placing your initial order did you get the third e-mail? I’ve placed my order this morning and have had the first two e-mails (thanks to everyone here for the info, £256.49 is a simply brilliant price!!). I’m now waiting in anticipation for e-mail three!

    Really hoping I did place my order in time (no reason to think I didn’t, as Dixons is showing “out of stock” on the site now) and especially happy that it may mean that before Christmas I can get rid of my $ky+ box that’s been playing up and not recording properly for ages.

    I’m like you, Bonzai, I’ll have an HD set top box but no HD telly… yet. Just got to convince the trouble and strife we should get one… 😉


  21. Ray Says:

    I ordered at 11:30 last night and have had just two emails so far..

    Dammit 10 mins after I ordered someone mentioned the code for free delivery – lol


  22. Wouter Says:

    yes, I ordered at 11.22 last night, and still waiting for email 3.


  23. Neil Says:

    Ordered about 11:30 last night, in stock at the time, not had email 3. Status of my order online says “Cancellation / Non Acceptance in progress”. Quick call to customer services and they say the item is out of stock – the delivery centre will call me this afternoon. So I guess it depends where you live – bah!!!!


  24. Andy Clayton Says:

    From the Dixons FAQ page:
    “When you confirm your purchase we carry out a second stock check just in case we have sold the last item whilst you were entering your payment details. In the unlikely event that you are able to submit an order for a product that is out of stock, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone.”

    Feel a little happier having read that, but I won’t be cracking open the Freesat+ flavoured champagne until I get that pesky third e-mail…


  25. Ronnie Says:

    Out of stock!


  26. ML Says:

    Tried this morning early no luick!
    Argos sent email today but no luck, just have to wait!


  27. Ian O Says:

    Just had an email from Dixons: –

    Unfortunately, we have been unable to process your order as one or more of
    the products you have ordered is now out of stock.

    Please contact our telesales advisors on 0844 561 1111 who will help you
    choose an alternative product. Alternatively you can visit our website at to browse for a substitute product.

    If any payment has been taken in relation to this order, this will be
    credited back to you.

    Not impressed!


  28. Derek Says:

    I have just had a total of four e-mails from Dixons from an order placed at about 23.00 last night.

    The third e-mail confirms a DHL delivery, and the last e-mail is an electronic receipt showing that the discount codes were accepted. Well done everyone for an excellent exchange of information and bad luck to those of you missed out. I suspect that Dixons may adjust their discount codes in the future!! :-)


  29. Christopherobin Says:

    I’ll just have to get out of bed earlier. Gutted!!!!!
    Will keep checking website. in case they get more stock.


  30. Diver Says:

    Just got one ! Thanks


  31. Ronnie Says:

    Says it BACK IN STOCK!


  32. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:


    At last. Shown in stock. Ordered and all the discount codes worked.

    Sky subscription runs out on Sunday. Delivery date is Monday…fingers crossed. Big thanks to admin for finding the discount codes.


  33. DaveC Says:

    I just placed an order at about 3pm and it seemed to go through with all the discounts (thanks!). I’ve just looked again on the site (30 minutes later) and it says out of stock again! So I don’t know if I have one on the way or not. Not very impressive Dixons! I’ll wait and see what happens.


  34. DaveC Says:

    I hope these aren’t the ones that have “fallen off the back of a lorry”! I don’t fancy a dented one!


  35. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    I’ve just downloaded the user manual from Humax’s site. Anyone know if the ethernet port is active?


  36. Andy Clayton Says:

    The Duke Of Hunslet@35. No it’s for “future development”. Rumour has it that BBC iPlayer will be available via Freesat (or rather via your broadband connection) some time next year. All sounds very exciting.

    (My Dixons order still showing “Order in progress”. Having read what happened to Ian O I have a sense of doom rather than anticipation now as I ordered mine at about the same time, but we’ll see what happens)


  37. Lee B Says:

    Out of stock again!


  38. FB Says:

    I too placed an order this morning which seemed to go though fine but then received an email recently saying my order had been cancelled due to the item being out of stock. Looks like everyone who ordered today is in the same boat. Dixons please update your website! Disappointed.


  39. Nick Says:

    That dixons site is carp. I tried 4 times to order last night and it kept bounciong me back to the log in screen.

    Now it says the item is out of stock.

    To be honest I would be surprised if anyone that has ordered actually gets anything this side of Christmas.


  40. Wez Says:

    I ordered mine this morning at 8:45am, so far my i have only had two emails and the site still says “order in progress”.


  41. Nick Says:

    Just spoke to Comet and they are expecting 750 units to be in stores (split evenly) on the 23rd December.

    Can anyone answer this question:
    I already have sky+ installed. Do I need an engineer to set up Freesat ot can I just plug and play one of these boxes?


  42. Wez Says:

    If you have Sky+ you’ll be fine to connect it up yourself.


  43. digital Says:

    @ Nick
    DHL’s website is showing mine as:
    Shipment Data Received 16/12/08 LINCOLN SERVICE CENTRE


  44. Wez Says:

    @ digital

    How long did it take from you ordering to you getting the third email?

    I’ve been waiting 9 hours so far.


  45. FB Says:

    I wonder how many people are buying several at time to sell on ebay hoping that the product will continue being out of stock most of the time at major retailers and that people will pay over the odds to be able to buy one that is available immediately? By the quantity that have been selling on ebay quite some number I suspect.


  46. Clive Says:

    Just ordered one from Dixons 20mins ago………….Lets see what happens


  47. Jam Says:


    Ordered this earlier, massive In Stock on the website and was in stock for a long time after my order was taken and now order query. To be honest was not that happy to order from this joke of a company in the first place so not that unhappy that they were telling more lies on the site.

    Still I do not think I will be getting this before Xmas now!


  48. Daniel Says:

    I’ve already got mine today. 😉


  49. jack barton Says:

    dont forget to manually tune in non freesat section..loads more channels..more hd..


  50. Jason Says:

    How do I tune in Luxe HD without losing all the recordings I have scheduled from the Freesat EPG?


  51. digital Says:

    @ Wez
    Ordered 23:30 yesterday, 3rd email 15:00 today.


  52. Craig Says:

    Ordered at 23.37 last night (Mon) Still waiting for the illusive 3rd email. Status on the website still says order in progress, don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing.


  53. Derek Says:

    FLASH!! At 23.33 the Comet website is allowing orders to be added to your basket and does NOT say out of stock.

    The bad news is that the price is higher. Anyone got any discount codes?


  54. Craig Says:

    HUM10 15% off selected digital tv recorders, haven’t tried it though, still waiting for Dixons :-(


  55. Craig Says:

    Scrub that, it doesn’t seem to work.


  56. admin Says:

    HUM10 is 10% off and only applies to certain Humax products. Comet have corrected the mistakes made from the previous discount code where they included this product in the category by accident.


  57. FB Says:

    I tried ordering from the Comet website using the HUM10 discount code earlier today but it didn’t work. I then phoned quoting their webpage though I didn’t actually give them the address. I said they had a page on their website that referred to a discount. If you go to that link and scroll down to the HUM10 and click on the arrow to the right of it, it displays this PVR as one of the products associated with the discount. The lady I spoke said something along of the lines of computer says no.. She spoke to her manager and still said no. I should have asked to speak to the manager and spell out the webpage address so they could see for themselves but decided not to/didn’t have the time.


  58. admin Says:

    Not that I can see? Just has three Humax Freeview PVR’s.


  59. FB Says:

    Sorry for 15% DISCOUNT use this link
    The one I gave in the previous post only states a 10% discount


  60. FB Says:

    Yes sorry the first link I sent only links to 3 pvrs, they must have modified the webpage recently, the cheek of it! The second still has the Foxsat HDR linked to it, it says discount applies to all Humax PVRs as opposed to only selected PVRs on the other. It wouldn’t surprise me if they modify that one too once they spot it, erasing all evidence. Are they allowed to do that once they have stated the the offer is valid until a certain date in the future? I suppose even they weren’t, nobody would sue for that.


  61. FB Says:

    Ridiculous! They’ve just modified (within the last 30min) the webpage I posted as a second link from “Save 15% on all Humax Digital TV recorders” to “Save 15% on selected Humax Digital TV recorders” and have removed the Foxsat HDR. And so soon after my post! Happy coincidence? I think not..whoever is monitoring this website from the Comet tech team, hats off for weaseling out of that one. I should have taken a screen capture and filed a lawsuit..oh well the might of the terastores marches on!


  62. David Says:

    Order at 08:55hrs Tuesday 16 Dec. Recieved 3rd email @ 23:03hrs Tuesday 16 Dec. Confirmed dispatched, delivery 3/4 working days.


  63. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    According to my order history the order was updated with info this morning. I could look at what that info was if I re-entered my password. However it tells me my password is wrong…which it isn’t. Anyone else getting this?

    Now not expecting much, but I think Dixons/Curries are about to learn an expensive lesson in what happens to your return customers when you go off half cocked… Bah Humbug.


  64. Andy Clayton Says:

    Looks like I may be one of the lucky ones! Ordered via Dixons Online at 9.25am on 16/12. Third e-mail was sent at 12.15am 17/12. A nice surprise when I checked my messages this morning. I also have a DHL tracking number so guessing it’ll arrive tomorrow. Time to stick that champagne in the ice bucket 😉

    There are others who ordered at the same time as me who’ve already posted here that they’ve received an update saying that their order can’t be fulfilled. It appears to be a bit of a lottery. I hope everyone who’s still looking finds stock somewhere soon.


  65. Neil Says:

    Lottery is right, I ordered mine a good 10 hours before that but am one of the unlucky ones somehow. Had a bit of a row with Dixons about that. I’m wondering whether they have regional warehouses or something and so it’s a postcode lottery. Oh well, congrats to all who did get one!


  66. The Duke Of Hunslet Says:

    Well I have just discovered a fault with Dixons website.

    When it asks you for your password as confirmation…it is all lowercase. If, like me you manage your passwords the way you are meant to with a mixture of lower and upper case and numbers then you will probably be now aware that the web team at dixons are probably about 12 years old – I do hope Dixons ARE reading this page. Still no e-mail confirming order though…


  67. Wez Says:

    I got my 3rd email late last night, over 14 hours after placing my order.
    My box is at the DHL Lincoln service centre according to the tracking code they sent.


  68. Craig Says:

    Just phoned Dixons customer support and although i havent received the 3rd email, my order has gone through and wont receive the email until they are ready to ship. So hopefully it should arrive Friday morning woohoo! Now would anyone like to come round and fit a quad LNB to my dish and run a couple off extra lines into the house…. Don’t all rush at once now :-0

    FB, Your not going mental, i saw the 15% offer on the Comet website which has since disappeared.


  69. digital Says:

    Ordered 23:30 Monday, delivered 11:05 today. See, Comet, you can get it right.


  70. jack barton Says:

    hi jason.. luxe hd is on nonfreesat nothing to do with freesat..non freesat is tuned manually..


  71. Jennifer Page Says:

    Saw the offer at midday, wrote down discounts total 15% = free delivery and rushed across fields to my neighbour with details as he wants one now. We are waiting until after Christmas.


  72. GrayB Says:

    For those lucky few that have got one, is the hdmi cable any good or is worth spending a few quid on a decent one?


  73. Ed.Broughton Says:

    Had E Mail from Argos ( 2nd time) telling me they have stock. What a bummer !!
    Tried to order,again 2nd time,but guess what,no stock ! What a shower they are. At this rate they will be going down the Woolworth’s path into oblivion.
    Needless to say they have now lost this customer forever.
    Getting really tired of trying to get hold of the PVR now – don’t think I’ll bother anymore. The stores will probably be awash with them in January.
    To those of you who have succeeded,good viewing.


  74. Rob T Says:

    Currys now seemingly have these in stock in their stores, although they are not on display, nor showing on their website. Just popped into the Cannock branch, asking when they are expecting some in. He checked the stock system, and said “We have 4 in stock sir, would you like one?”. Stroke of luck there, so anybody looking to get one before xmas, try Currys :-) They are £299 mind.


  75. thomas Says:

    i have had my humax pvr hd for 10 days now got it from comet no prob i have to say it is worth every penny you will not be sorry its the best thing since slice bread anyone paying sky 17 pound a month are waisting there money


  76. Lee B Says:

    Just ordered today at 3.30, no sign of any emails yet, but I’m sure all will be ok. Nice discount! Read some reviews of the box and it seems to be a top bit of kit. Bit of a Humax fan since purchasing the 9200T freeview recorder.


  77. digital Says:

    An HDMI cable passes a digital signal rather than an analogue one so it either works or it doesn’t. The Humax cable works so save your money.


  78. Keith Says:

    @RobT I wondered how long it would be before the rest of the DSG Group started stocking them.

    For all those that are managing to get one from Dixons you get 5% cashback if you buy with an Egg credit card via the Egg website link (& an extra 1% if you have an Egg money card).


  79. Paul Says:

    15.59hrs Just tried to order – showing no stock – try tomorrow (stock arriving every day.) But maybe not Humax.


  80. Andrew Lewis Says:

    Ordered yesterday. Just called Dixons and they don’t have stock and have been selling on the website hoping stock will arrive. They have now stopped this as they’ve realised stock is not coming Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    They now say they have no idea when they will have stock!!!
    The person i spoke to said i was the sixth person she had received a call from about this.

    Wake up Dixons


  81. admin Says:

    Andrew – A number of readers on here have received their orders from Dixons, so they definitely had stock, just maybe not enough.


  82. Keith Says:

    Temporarily went from no stock most of last night and today into stock mid-afternoon so I can only assume that meant they did had some more albeit briefly. I’ve had the first order acceptance email and with the Egg Card savings it’s £241.10.

    Fingers crossed for delivery confirmation now.


  83. Andrew Lewis Says:

    Hi, i totaly believe they had them. They just kept selling them when the stock ran out. The girl i spoke to called their head office and was told they hadn’t realised the supply problems.


  84. Neil Says:

    Just got one in my local Currys, Northampton – they weren’t on the shelf, they were out back – 4 of them, so a similar story to the guy from Cannock, could be an avenue worth pursuing for people still trying. I know they’re the same group but Dixons have properly hacked me off – whilst I don’t begrudge fellow readers their shiny new boxes, it’s clear that some people who ordered well after me got their order fulfilled whilst I did not, which in my book makes Dixons pretty incompetent!


  85. Keith Says:

    Called in my local Currys on the way home.

    The guy checked the local stock. All stores within a 20 mile radius showing 4 in stock … excpet Cannock which now only has three!!


  86. Rob T Says:

    Yep – Cannock only has 3 because i had one of their 4 :-) Still surprised they are not advertising the fact in their stores yet though, as im sure they would fly out of the door if the general public knew. A little annoying they have seemingly added the 2.50% VAT reduction to their pre-VAT profit margin as well instead of passing it on like Comet considering the humax rrp is £299….


  87. Mikey Says:

    I orderd mine from Argos ( Had e-mail from them saying in stock, checked site and it said out of stock but carried on with order and it went through) last Wednesday delivered last Friday, great!!! got rid of sky+ now as well


  88. Tony S Says:

    Don’t believe it.Well done Dixons, ordered midnight Monday received Wednesday PM! Did a manual scan and even found Sky News! Lovely piece of kit 10% off and free delivery £269!


  89. Keith Says:

    “Stock Query – we will UPDATE you shortly by email or phone ”

    Doesn’t look good…..


  90. Derek Says:

    Unit ordered from Dixons on 15th December at 23.00 arrived today at 11.00 despite a predicted DHL delivery of Friday! :-)

    Set up perfectly and working well, but one mystery. This is a “new” unit but on 11 November someone recorded 2 hours of HD football on the hard drive. Hope it was Humax testing…?

    Anyone else with a recent delivery found anything unexpected on the hard drive…..?


  91. Paul Says:

    Derek, in your position I would send the box back. They dont test by recording 2 hours of evening football. They have sent you a returned box which legally makes it second hand or, at best, “refurbished”. You have the right to a genuinely unused box, especially when you are paying 300 notes for electrical equipment.

    It might be fine, and you might not want to part with it now you have it set up, but I would give them a ring and see if you can be discounted or get an exchange straight away.


  92. Ray Says:

    I’ve received my Foxsat PVR last night and watched the Royal Variety Performance in HD – I must say it was fabulous – The Pussy Cat Dolls in HD –
    WOW! the rest was so so!

    So thanks to Bob and all the Humax team this is my first of many off your products…

    To Dixons, you surpised me with your delivery turn around time, but not with the state that the box it arrived in – one of the pins on the plug to the system was bent!! What do they do with these in their warehouse ? I was amazed the system still worked.. the front display looks all scratched, hopefully it hasn’t gone through to the actual plastic front from the protective screen!

    Were the Dixons stock the ones recovered from the stolen lorry in Leeds ?


  93. Tone Says:

    ordered mine 9.00pm Monday .Arrived 12.30 on Wednesday via DHL. Excellent service. Now need 32″ HD telly thats perfect for fast moving action .Any suggestions?


  94. kdbur Says:

    My dixons box coming tomorrow….just to say the first 2 e-mails came to my regular e-mail but the third notifying me of delivery and an e-receipt ended up in my spam box for some reason so kep a check on your spam box if you are waiting for the 3rd e-mail.


  95. Craig Says:

    3rd and 4th email arrived this morning, box should be here tomorrow morning. WOOHOO! 😮


  96. Andy Clayton Says:

    My box is “Out for delivery” on DHL site. I’m a little concerned after reading the comments by Derek@90 and Ray@92 as mine is coming from Dixons too. Oh well, fingers crossed. Will have to wait until I get home tonight to find out if this is a “new” unit or not?!

    So, not long until I can ring up $ky and cancel. Slightly off topic, but anyone got any tips for speeding this process up as I seem to remember that the last time I rang them (to remove channels) I was on hold for what seemed like days(!) I can only think that when you want to cancel altogether they are even less helpful? I also don’t know if they hold you to a 30-day cancellation period or if you can drop kick them into oblivion in one phone call. Any tips/comments gratefully received. I guess others here will also find this kind of information useful.


  97. NIPster Says:


    I’ve just ordered one this morning at 09:45 from the Dixons website. I shall wait and see if they actually have one to send me before I get excited. I will be pleased if it arrives. I originally ordered one from Argos for £299.00, but after they tried to deliver it 4 times and ‘couldn’t find my address’ I got well and truely cheesed off. Hopefully I will not get one for £45 pounds cheaper.


    P.S. Thank you very, very much for all the discount codes – much appreciated.


  98. timpavitt Says:

    I ordered on Tuesday but have still got the message:

    “Stock Query – we will UPDATE you shortly by email or phone ”, although it was supposedly in stock when I placed the order.

    According to their website they are out of stock at 9.30 today so how has NIPster been able to order today?


  99. Ron Says:

    You would think that Dixons would have corrected the image by now.


  100. DaveC Says:

    I got fed up waiting for an email after a day and a half. I called them this morning and they haven’t got any stock at all, nor did they have any when they took my order. And they have already charged my credit card!
    Moral of the story – don’t deal with Dixons!


  101. Ray Says:

    ‘Andy@96’ My system seems to be unused, no rogue recordings on the HDD or anything like that, just that the Humax box is bashed up with holes in it, which cant be a good way of handling something like that. Oh and the bend plug pin, which bent back again easily so it would fit in the socket…


  102. Lee B Says:

    Ordered yesterday but only 1 email so fair, if they have sold me the item without being in stock I will refuse to deal with Dixons in future!.


  103. DaveC Says:

    Finally got my second email at 11 am Thursday saying they haven’t got stock (just after I had called them to find out the truth). I ordered at 3pm on Tuesday.


  104. timpavitt Says:

    Just viewed my order on Dixons website, status now says:

    Order Declined/Cancelled!

    Spoke to them on the phone, they would not even allow the order to be left on for delivery after Christmas.

    Obviously don’t want to sell at the current price, as I assume the discount codes won’t work if you re-order at a later date.

    Will not deal with DSG again


  105. Lee B Says:

    Dixons have wasted my time, the item was never even in stock, even though they changed the website to say “in stock”, oh well lost all my future business now.

    They did the same trick on a friend ordering a Plasma from them, must be company policy to pi55 people about!.


  106. Andrew Lewis Says:

    After two days Dixons have cancelled my order. Their a waste of space.


  107. Tim Says:

    I ordered from Dixons on Monday at 22:45 and just got my 3rd email with tracking number for delivery tomorrow morning :-) It’s been sent by Business Post, not DHL though which is a blessing as DHL delivered my previous foxsat to a random set of flats on the same street last time and I had to locate it myself!


  108. Jam Says:

    I just phoned Currys after being let down by Dixons.

    They stated they have the HDR on their system, but have had none delievered for online or for sale in stores.

    Rather annoying.


  109. Clive Says:

    ………….order cancelled, what a suprise :-(


  110. Thephilcornish Says:

    I couldnt get Sky to budge on 30 day cancellation. As I paid them in advance I only had another £4 to pay though so didnt push too hard. I suggest you call them in the day though, I tried in the evening and gave up after 20 minutes being told how important my call was……..


  111. Kevin Says:

    Thanks for the tip about Currys. I went to the Crown Point store in Leeds this lunchtime. They had no HDRs on display, but had 3 in stock. Only problems were having to pay full price (probably cheaper than Ebay, though) and an uncomfortable moment when they gave me a bag containing a normal HD box instead of the HDR! The staff don’t seem to have been briefed that they now have them in stock.


  112. Andy Clayton Says:

    DHL status of “HSD Out for Delivery awaiting IOD” which, according to Mr Google, means that my parcel has been passed to the first person who happened to walk past the DHL depot this morning and may (or may not) turn up sometime before the next Ice Age.

    I wouldn’t mind personally, but the wife’s waiting in for the parcel and I’m the one who’ll get the brunt if it doesn’t turn up until midnight; and the dog’s going mental because she hasn’t had a walk since I took her out first thing.

    OK. Enough grumbling. Time for someone to point out that they haven’t managed to order one yet, let alone not get one delivered. :-)

    Thephilcornish@110 thanks for the info re: $ky. Good point about the daytime phone call, I’ll follow your advice there. Ta.


  113. John Says:

    Argos keep sending me e-mails saying that they now have stock, however when I got to their site it says they are out of stock. Finally I phone Argos and they told me to ignore e-mails they as they have none in stock and there are no more due in until 20th Jan so it is a waste of time trying. Looks like Comet is the only place you will get it.


  114. Wouter Says:

    Ordered Monday 11.20pm via Dixons.
    2 emails tuesday early morning. 3rd email tuesday afternoon
    Just delivered this morning.


  115. monkeymaniac Says:

    Go to on line satellitesuperstore they now have them in stock. They will have one deliveried within 2 to 3 days, they even do a free postage option, I had my Humax HD receiver down in 2 days and that was a free delivery, the PVR on there site is £299 and had a brilliant service, WORTH A TRY.


  116. monkeymaniac Says:

    Oh forgot to say, postage included in the £299.


  117. keith Says:

    Have just sent a snottergram email to the CEO of the DSG Group explaining what appalling customer service they are providing over this. Doubt if it will do any good but I might get put in touch with someone capable of making a thruthful decision.


  118. Scottyjay Says:

    Followed the suggestion of some of the guys above and called my local Currys number, not the 0870 one. For those of you in the Edinburgh area Kinnaird, Hermiston Gait and Falkirk all had 4 in store. Bought mine today from Falkirk, looks like none of them are actually putting them on the shelves.
    Weird one.


  119. Andy Clayton Says:

    Box finally arrived at 5pm. Ridiculously simple to set up and use. Seems very well made, but agree with some other posts that the EPG is a little slow on “today’s” list but unlike $ky it doesn’t slow down when you flick to days ahead. I’m very impressed and will be even happier if Father Christmas brings me an HD Ready TV to plug it into (unlikely, but you never know I have been very good this year).

    Just testing the recording capabilities on Buzzcocks and Lead Balloon then will sit down with a beer to watch my first recordings (it’s been a tough day I need one).

    Just phoned $ky to cancel and managed to do it from start to finish in under 20 minutes. Much easier than I thought it was going to be. (I used to get an 01xxx number to dial for that.)

    Really hope those still hunting for one of these boxes find one soon – trust me, you won’t be at all disappointed!


  120. Jon Says:

    If you want one now then go to Curry’s!
    I ordered mine from Dixons at 11PM on Monday, just after the news broke on this site. I think I made a mistake by asking for delivery this Monday (paying extra for the privilage). I got two e-mails almost immediately, then nothing. The website stated ‘order in progress’. Having read some of the comments above I decided to check out the Curry’s stories of ‘4’ in stock. First rang the national 0844 number and was told categorically that the group only has product available on line with Dixons, there were definitely no units in Curry’s stores and there would not be any until after Christmas. Still curious I went to my local Curry’s to see their last one walking out the door under somebody else’s arm. I asked about local stock elsewhere. Sure enough there were small numbers, up to four, available in many stores around North West England (including Bolton, Preston, Liverpool etc). My Curry’s store said I could pay there and pick one up from a store of my choice.
    I phoned Dixons who said “units are in stock and your order is proceeding normally but I can’t guarantee anything” (rather different to some responses others have had?). I cancelled the order and handed over the money to Curry’s. Twenty minutes drive to another nearby Curry’s and I left with a box.
    The whole things seems really strange. I may well have got my box on Monday but I couldn’t stand by and watch them disappear from Curry’s, only to discover that Dixons were going to let me down.
    My advice: If you want one, get yourself down to Curry’s and ask for a local stock check. Thanks to all the contributors for the information. Good luck and Happy Christmas. I’m off to try mine out.


  121. Keith Says:

    Just a shame they are £299.99 @ Currys


  122. Neil Says:

    Jon… I done the same but for delivery today.. Was stuck on ‘order in progress’..
    Then yesterday got an email with the businesspost tracking number. At least you do have a box now tho..


  123. Diver Says:

    Dixons just cancelled my order.

    Is this legal? Thought companies had to fulfill reasonable orders. Gave me some rubish about having to of received third email. Don’t think they want to sell at the cheep price!


  124. Alex Says:

    Go to Currys. All the stores have a small amount of stock. Ordered from Comet but the order wasn’t confirmed. Emailed me day later and had changed the delivery date till after Christmas!! It was 299 but is worth every penny!
    Thanks to everyone for the updates


  125. Craig Says:

    Dixons order arrived via Business post, box looked as though it been chucked around the warehouse a couple of times but the hummy dosent seem to have suffered. Plugged it in and watching now, Ding Dang Doo! 😮


  126. NIPster Says:

    This is all very strange.

    I ordered mine from Dixons yesterday in a window of about 20 minutes while their site said ‘in stock’. I received three e-mails from them yesterday and one contained a DHL tracking number. Looking at the DHL website today this shows ‘Out for delivery’, from a local branch of DHL. I don’t want to get too excited just yet, but it seems like the box might be on its way to me.

    This is all so random. It is complete luck whether you get to order one and it arrives or order one and get the run arround.


  127. David Says:

    Ordered via Dixons on Tuesday 16/12/2008 @ 08:55. Received Thursday 18/12/2008 @ 12:33 with free delivery.

    Setup lat night no problems. I have had the Foxsat HD since June, so it is nice to see the familiar interface which makes it easy to switch from one to the other.

    Thanks Ian for this site. Great information.


  128. Andy Clayton Says:

    Well said David@126. In my excitement at having been lucky enough to receive one of these babies, I forgot to say thank you to and all the contributors here for the codes that enabled me (and others here) to secure a Humax HDR at just under £257. Cheers :-) And Happy HD Christmas!


  129. Andy Clayton Says:

    I got mine OK from Dixons, but I’ve just had an e-mail update from Argos saying that they’ve got them back in stock! Amazingly, when I went to the site it was still showing as IN STOCK (first time that’s happened). Looks like there’s more and more of these turning up all the time.


  130. Neil Cooper Says:

    Dixons have just taken them off their website.Demand seems to be completely outstripping supply. Item was briefly in stock yesterday morning but in the time it took me to input put my card details to pay for it, it went out of stock! Just can’t bring myself to be ripped off and pay 350 quid for it on ebay!!!


  131. Edward Says:

    It is back up on Dixons site now – I too saw it had been removed this afternoon.
    Ordered one yesterday morning after two attempts of gettting one in the basket and submitting order.
    Had the first email to confirm order but then got the “unable to process order” eamil this afternoon. :(
    I am still wondering what they are up to as stock was showing at 13.35 today so why cancel my order?

    Oh well……enjoy those that have them (can we come round?!)


  132. Andrew Lewis Says:

    Currys do have stock in their stores. Go to you local store and ask them to check the local stores, then ask for the phone number of the store that has stock. Call them and they will probable say they don’t have any, ask them to look in the warehouse and O i’ve found one will be the answer.

    Hope this is of help, got mine today like this.


  133. Clive Says:

    Argos have got stock…..just ordered one….use XMASDISCOUNT for £10.00 off and AFD10 for free delivery……Mines coming Monday!!!!!!!! £283.61


  134. William Says:

    I managed to order one from Dixons (with discount codes – thanks) at 11pm on the 15th for delivery today. However the delivery van broke down – boo hoo – so I won’t get the HDR until Monday. For once, not Dixons fault! They even refunded the delivery charge (I didn’t get the free delivery to start with)…


  135. Pete Says:

    Lee at Argos says they have stock,mine will arive monday—hope springs eternal.


  136. Glen McFarlane Says:

    Ordered mine from Argos an hour ago. £283.61. Coming Monday. Hallelujah!!!!


  137. Jam Says:


    Just got one from Currys. I have rang their man number 4 times over the last two days and even rang stores direct. Kept saying no and none due.

    Went in store and asked the sales assistant and he said they had none in stock. I ask if he could check, typed away on the computer and four in stock! Smacked one down and now watching gardners world HD! :)


  138. Steven Says:

    Come on you people . .

    Get a life and go read a book . . The Human Race has managed pretty well for the last 10,000,000 years without a PVR . . I’m sure another week or two won’t make a lot of difference . .


  139. Priscilla Says:

    Where’s your seasonal spirit Steven? This is the adult equivalent of waiting to see if Santa will arrive!! (Not sure if putting out a plate with a mince pie and a carrot will help entice the Comet/Currys/Argos man though…..)

    I’m one of the lucky ones though. I have mine, although I also share the experience of it arriving in a damaged box and with some light scratching on the display. However -its working brilliantly and I’m loving seeing HD TV. My final challenge is swapping my single LNB for a quad which I plan to do today…….fingers crossed!!


  140. Matt Lynn Says:

    I just got mine from Comet and it works a treat. Great piece of kit – I’ve written more about it on my blog. I think once people get to know about this it is going to hurst Sky a lot.


  141. Wez Says:

    @ Priscilla

    Peel off the protective film on the front of the display.
    Mine looked like someone had scraped a knife all over the front, then i realised it had a thin protective film over it, once i took it off it looks fantastic.


  142. Priscilla Says:

    Oops, yes, it was just the protective film – thanks Wez!

    Further to my earlier post – changing the LNB turned out to be such an easy job I decided it was safe to let my husband do it! 😉 I’m really glad I didn’t accept the exorbitant price I was quoted by a “professional”. The most time consuming part of the total job was getting the ladder out of the garage…


  143. Andy Clayton Says:

    OK. You’ve all got to help me out. My Humax PVR is fantastic. Really pleased with it and I’m not missing $ky+ at all. Now… how to convince “she who must be obeyed” that we should dump our perfectly good SD Sony CRT television and buy a nice new modern telly with all it’s Full HD goodness to replace it with (preferably with a larger screen than our present set, but that may be another battle).

    Any tips? 😉


  144. katkins Says:

    Good old Argos let me down again for the second time!

    Delivery arranged for today 7am – 1pm. It got to 12 noon and still no sign so I gave them a call. “Yes” the customer service adviser told me, “it is in stock and sheduled for delivery today, let me check where it is on the delivery schedule” …. wait of 2 minutes ….. “Oh, it wont be delivered today, I’m afraid, the warehouse didn’t put it on the lorry”.

    Having given them a few pieces of my mind and informing them of what a amateur set up I have found Argos home delivery to be, I was given a new delivery date – it was a case of take this date or cancel your order – well one last hope before Chrismas I suppose. New delivery date is Tuesday. I have had to give an alternative address for delivery ( a further complication that I wanted to avoid, given that the organisation seems to have trouble finding the one brain cell that they share).

    I dont give much hope for them getting it right on Tuesday and might as well resign myself to not getting one till the spring. Aparantly, now that they have missed two deliveries, the management team will track my delivery every step of the way to ensure it reaches me – we will see.


  145. Steven Says:

    Andy Clayton said:
    “Now… how to convince “she who must be obeyed” that we should dump our perfectly good SD Sony CRT television and buy a nice new modern telly with all it’s Full HD goodness to replace it with (preferably with a larger screen than our present set, but that may be another battle).”

    I think your massive Sony ‘dinosaur’ need a catestropic electrical failure. Just take the fuse out of the plug but tell the Mrs that it’s completely burnt out . . 😉

    Then, get a new TV and restore the Sony afterwards as if a miracle had happened . .


  146. markl Says:

    “Now… how to convince “she who must be obeyed”

    Well…. you can never win that one! Rocket science much easier I think! However.. won’t be too long before our soaps start getting filmed & transmitted in HD ??? I used that one for getting my bush HD box back in June. Or you could just be humble & beg or offer to hoover, dishwash, iron for the next 10 years etc etc. At least you can do the housework as you watch your new HD wonderfull cuddly nice best thing since sliced bread telly! OR tell her it’s the telly or you?

    PS ordered my Humax box of tricks from Argos on Fri for del this Mon. Please, if it does arrive I will believe in the big man up there with the white hair for ever! AND there is a Santa! Merry christmas to everyone!


  147. Andy Clayton Says:

    Thanks Steven@144 and markl@145. Great advice. At the very least your comments made me laugh :-) All I can think as I watch things now is how much better it would all look on a new telly. And many of the things I want to record over Christmas are being shown on BBC HD… I suspect I’m not alone in having this problem…

    Another idea is the VAT decrease. I could blind her with science and claim a new TV would be loads cheaper (instead of about £15 cheaper which is much closer to the truth).


  148. Steven Says:

    Well Andy@146 . . You can pick up an excellent 32″ for buttons now, the screen is possibly as big or bigger than the Sony but takes up 1/10th of the space and think of the elecricity savings. The extra space will “open up the living room”. Convince here that with the current economic climate prices will rise dramaticaly in 2009 (and they possibly will). 😉 . .

    Have a great Christmas . .


  149. unhappy Says:

    In the last month I have bought 2 Foxsat HDRs, one from Comet and one from Argos, and both times they have arrived in poor condition with loads of scratches on the front panel :( So after returning the 2nd box today I still have’nt got one arrgghhhh!!!


  150. admin Says:

    Did you not remove the film cover off the front, as that’s what will have been scratched.


  151. Glen McFarlane Says:

    Yeah, I got mine today and the film was pretty tricky to pull off. It’s attached fairly firmly, with no obvious bits to catch an edge. ‘unhappy’ might be changing his name to ’embarrassed’ fairly soon.


  152. Ian O Says:

    HELP! Okay I’ve finally tracked on down at Argos. Only one problem I can’t get it to work! The screen is blank on the TV and the display on the Humax says Wizard. I’ve tried calling Humax but the technical line isn’t answering. I only have one LNB input so thought I might need to do the update manually but when I go to Humax’s website you need a username & password to download the file. Any ideas most welcome.

    Thanks in advance



  153. Andy Clayton Says:

    I might be stating the bleeding obvious here (and I apologise in advance for that) but it sounds to me as if you haven’t got your PVR correctly hooked up to your TV. The display on the Humax shows “Wizard” as you configure the box when it’s booted up for the first time.

    Check the connections between your box and telly making sure that they’re pushed in all the way. If you’re using HDMI then try SCART instead in case you’ve got a faulty lead.

    Don’t panic (yet) I’m sure it’s something simple you’ve overlooked in your excitement to see the Humax HDR in action (we’ve all been there… at least those of us lucky enough to have one, of course)


  154. Priscilla Says:

    Dont worry about the update – I only had one connection for the first week or so and it worked fine without the update.

    As to the blank screen – on my tv it didn’t default to the humax box until I changed the TV settings (in my case I had to select HDMI 1on the AV/HDMI settings) Have you got an AV button on your remote? Thats how I got to my HDMI screen until I changed the start-up default.


  155. Ian O Says:

    Andy got it kind of right, I started to investigate before your post and discovered something a miss. Basically my telly has 3 HDMI inputs and one of them doesn’t work, this is particularly annoying as its just over 12 months old and I’ve a feeling it only came with a 12 months guarantee! :( Looks like I’m either going to have to find a switch box or invest in a new TV otherwise my Bluray & BT Vision box aren’t all going to be able to be plugged in together!


  156. eklektofonic Says:

    After several days out of stock at Dixons, it appears they are selling the Foxsat-HDR again – but alas the discount codes published on this site no longer work, only the Free delivery one :-( This means that Dixons is no longer the cheapest place to buy this slab of technology…. Anyone discovered any new discount codes?


  157. admin Says:

    Dixons’ promotional codes ended 22nd December. There are currently no codes available for the main retailers selling this product, although stock is available from Argos and Comet. Check out


  158. Derek Says:

    Exercise extreme caution with Dixons. I found a recording on the hard drive of my “new” machine so it obviously was not new.

    I have been corresponding with their “customer services” who have not been helpful, and have just told me:

    “The HUMAX FOXSATHDR Freesat Digital TV recorder has been removed from our website as we do not anticipate receiving further stock, at this time.”

    At the same time they have asked me to return it for a replacement (which they obviously do not have). Ho hum.


  159. Mike Says:

    I’m damned if I would part with the thick end of £300 of my hard earned to the likes of Dixon’s, Argos, etc, They are in the business of shifting boxes not after sales service. That’s why 4 or 5 weeks ago I placed an order with John Lewis, Cheadle who then gave me a confirmation No.
    We received a telephone call from them this morning at 7.30am and still bleary eyed we gave them the credit card details and they will deliver or I can pick up on the 30th Dec. (Receiving stock at Northampton warehouse next week)
    OK we wont have an HD Christmas but we will have a free 2 year guarantee and more importantly peace of mind.
    I have dealt with JL for many years now and the slightest problem they will exchange no quibble.
    My advice is go to a specialist Hi Fi shop (Superfi) or John Lewis


  160. jack barton Says:

    now in stock at £299.nice people..


  161. Michael Says:

    I’m collecting mine from John Lewis on the 30th from Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. I agree with Mike about the crap, lack of after service from the other chains, especially Currys.


  162. Terence Says:

    just got my humax hdr from dixons, and i could not beleave what a saw
    the hdmi socket was ripped to bits .it was impossible to put the lead in that makes this box work. what the hell is going on here
    this box is well second hand and being returned and dixons have sold it as new.
    putting a formal complaint into dixons about this.
    they are picking the box up for return on monday, but have i got the most recked new box out there. not a good start to the new year


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