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  1. Waiting for John Lewis, spoke to a lady this morning who said they had expected them into the warehouse last Saturday, then yesterday 24th still not sure when they will arrive. But free next day delivery and 2-year warranty – I’m going to wait with my fingers crossed.

  2. Looks like they are selling them ‘on a promise’ lol
    If they had them I would expect to get it next day if i’am paying a fiver delivery.

  3. Seems the whole supply situation is a bit of a joke again.

    You’d have thought after the last time, Humax would have released huge quantites to the market (although I don’t know how much if any Humax are to blame for the current situation as it could be the shop buyers underbuying rather than the suppliers undersupplying).

  4. Al (Original) – Can confirm for sure that it’s not the retailers fault, they cannot buy any in, as Humax are not supplying!!! No independent distributor has received anything yet!!! Only Argos have successfully obtained a reasonable amount, which was Humax’s entire first batch, so questions have to be asked of what Humax are doing, and why wasn’t the first batch fairly distributed as promised. 🙁

  5. admin – if Argos had all of the first batch, then how come Comet where also selling from Saturday. Comet (Hull) told me they had 250 units from the first batch – of which I’ve hopefully bought one (Dec 1 delivery). This is a brilliant and informative site – keep up the good work. thanks…

  6. Brian – This is information that is being passed through the supply chain, so please note that Chinese whispers might be at play 😀 However, can anyone confirm they have received from Comet yet, as originally early delivery dates were available. Comet are either taking orders most likely on a promise of stock, or they are gambling. Same goes for JL if indeed they have been taking orders, but suspect maybe they haven’t, there has been too many accounts of what’s happening to beleive. Some independents have also taken orders, again on promise, but ultimately it’s the supply chain above them promising delivery from Humax that is causing all the problems.

    I have asked for an official statement from Humax and Freesat on this matter. I feel they should explain themselves.

  7. They seem to have taken a page out of the Nintendo marketing manual. Create a demand that will outstrip any possible supply. That way, people stop thinking about whether the price is good and are just thankful that they got one.

  8. Al (Orig.) Humax don’t have huge quantities to release to the market. They have only recently pressed the “Go” button on the assembly lines, so the only way to build up huge quantities would have been to stockpile them after assembly. If they did this everyone would be complaining about further delays in them reaching the shops. Only last week were were being warned of a delay before they were available to buy, which shows how little time Humax has had to build and ship volume.

    The other thing to consider is where the boxes are assembled. If Humax do not assemble in the UK, then there’s shipping delays to consider – unless they fly the early builds here in small quantites and make a loss on every box because of the difference in cost of air freight against surface freight rates.

    They can’t magic 40 container loads of boxes off the end of the assembly line on day one, then teleport them to the retailer’s warehouses.


  9. FWIW – No JL staff (in Canary Wharf, Oxford St or WGC) would allow mw to join a waiting list. I managed to secure on from Comet this morning but delivery isn’t due until 5th Dec. 🙁

    I had thought about waiting for the VAT reduction but think supply will be constrained too much to bother to wait.

    Have confirmation from Comet of shipping date so fingers crossed!

    I’d like to echo the comment of a previous poster – great informative site! Thanks!!

  10. @ Paul

    ‘They can’t magic 40 container loads of boxes off the end of the assembly line on day one, then teleport them to the retailer’s warehouses.’

    They can if they planned the launch properly. I agree it’s not easy though.

  11. @ admin, Paul, I’m just playing devils advocate as I don’t know where the problem lies. I haven’t pointed the finger at anyone specifically just said that it could be either the retailer buyers or Humax’s fault sa I see it. I’m not going to make specific accusations against one or the other based on speculation as thats called libel if the speculation is incorrect. I prefer to trade on opinion rather than fact.

    Paul, if Humax do have insufficient quantities to release to the market then clearly the supply fault probably lies with them. I disagree that if that was the case that they shouldn’t have delayed the release a couple of weeks to allow them to build up stock. People would be far happier with a couple of extra weeks wait and then an easy purchase than having to scramble around for stock and fill out order forms only to have their orders then cancelled at the end of the ordering progress a la whats happened with some stores.

  12. I said this in an earlier thread. In an ideal world Humax should of given a specific release date that allowed them enough time to efficently test the product, build suitable quantitys and get them to retailers before that date. But unfortunatley we dont live in an ideal world!!
    I dont really think we can blame retailers cancelling orders on Humax though. The retailer shouldnt have taken the order in the first place if they dont have the stock, or pre-warned that they dont have stock and you will get it when you get it.
    Humax have budgets just like the rest of us. As far as they are concerned, the product is finished and they need to start seeing a return on their investment ASAP. Delaying the launch of a finished product by two weeks to get stock to the retailers isnt really in their’s or the retailers interest is it?? Imagine if you was a retailer sitting on tens of thousands of pounds worth of satellite box’s that you have purchased and need to start selling but you cant because Humax have said you cant until x date, especially in this economic climate.
    As frustrating as it is for the likes of you and me, their are arguments on both sides of the coin!

  13. Let’s all get a bit of perspective here guys.

    We’ve all been waiting over 6 months for a PVR since the launch of Freesat, so surely a couple or more weeks or so after Humax announce the release of the box isn’t the end of the world.

    I work for a small electrical retailer and I’ve ordered mine through our aerial and satellite wholesaler. He’s a pretty small fish in the buying sea compared to the likes of Comet, Argos, JL and the rest, so I’m not expecting my box to turn up in the next few days, but hopefully it will arrive before Christmas. In the meantime the dish has been aligned, fitted with a new low-noise twin LNB, an Ethernet port installed behind the TV, and I’m looking forward to the 2.5% VAT saving due to the current economic crisis.

    Patience is a virtue, so they say. So let’s all be a little more virtuous as the time of “Goodwill to all men” approaches.

    However, I agree that it would be nice if the online sellers could get their acts together and give us an honest picture of their supply situation.

  14. @Dick:
    Preparing the dish with a new LNB is a good idea… but the Ethernet port… Mine has been laughing at me for 6 months now…. I mean, come on Freesat do something with it!!
    Good thing it seems the Humax PVR will make some use of it. Too bad it won’t play movies from the LAN, or will it?Anyway it won’t do Divx, although I think the iCord does play divx.

  15. One question about PVRs dealing with subtitles.
    Can they record them?If so, can you later switch subtittles on and off when watching the recorded show?

  16. I’m a bit worried about my Comet order. Placed it online on Friday lunchtime and received my confirmation email – due to be delivered on Saturday 29th. However, as I have someone coming to set up my dish the following day, and feeling rather worried by things I have read here and elsewhere about Comet, I sent them an email yesterday asking them to confirm that my order would be fulfilled. All I have had back is an automated response and since then a deafening silence, despite the auto response claiming I’d get a reply within 24 hours. As my query just requires a simple yes or no and is something that a look at the order system would verify, the lack of response makes me fear the worst.

  17. Just tried comet with anorthern postcode, and it took the VAT off but then said it was out of stock in my area!

  18. Hope Comet are not playing games with us.
    I placed my order on Friday and supposed to have delivery on 4th December.

    It cost me £270.00 as i got 10% discount with Voucher Code,just hoping it turns up as promised.

  19. Some Comet stores have the product available to order. I ordered mine on Monday afternoon & picked it up on Wednesday, the first delivery after the order.

  20. admin: My HDR from comet is scheduled for delivery Monday 1st Dec. Ordered last Saturday, had confirmation e-mail – but not heard anything else since then. Will let you know if I receive it on time….

  21. Guys – just ordered mine today… wooo hooo…. delivery Friday.
    Argos was the one for me – e-mailed me when it came into stock and only waited 1 day before they said it was available, so looking forward to getting that installed this weekend. Hope everyone else that is looking for one is succesful.
    Great little page by the way! I’m in the Newcastle area if that’s any use to anyone as I know the Argos distributors have different stocking levels etc.

  22. As above – Arrived this morning – replaced the old sky LMB with a quad from Maplin, ran 2 cables (with frozen fingers) and hey presto. Updated new firmware right away and up and running within 2 hours start to finish. All seems as advertised. No isses at all. Nice bit of kit – Just need to get an HDMI switch box now (older Pioneer plasma with only 1 HDMI input .. Grrrr). Anyways – Guess the latest Panasonic is on the list.

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