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May 27 2011

Humax have announced they will release an important software update for both the FOXSAT-HD and FOXSAT-HDR on 1st June 2011.

The update is expected to resolve a number of the bugs which have been apparant on the receivers since launch.

The software will automatically update on your receiver (if you have it set to do so from within the menu) or alternatively you can download now from the Humax website and self-install.

The updates include:

Humax FOXSAT-HDR (ver 1.00.15)
– Dolby Digital downmix included
– Time recovered in standby after a power failure
– Resolved recording issues if left on a part-time channel
– Channel scan for channels added/removed/changed at 3am
– Postcode Table updated automatically (over air)
– Resolved crash issue on iPlayer content playback
– MHEG improvements (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Teletext Jobsite support)

Humax FOXSAT-HD (ver 1.00.28)
– Dolby Digital downmix included
– Time recovered in standby after a power failure
– Channel scan for channels added/removed/changed at 3am
– Postcode Table updated automatically (over air)
– Resolved crash issue on iPlayer content playback
– MHEG improvements (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Teletext Jobsite support)

Add a comment letting us know if the update works for any problems you have been having, or any that remain outstanding; Humax monitor this site for feedback.

(thanks EDDie Heron for the news)

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127 Responses to “Humax Release Important Software Update”

  1. John Roche Says:

    I am grey and old (57) and thought I would have expired before any update.
    Having said that on a day to day basis the only proplem I have is the ages it takes to browse my 2TB HD. Does not seem to have fixed that on the above spec.


  2. Tinpot Says:

    – Channel scan for channels added/removed/changed at 3am

    Does this imply that the scan will be done in the background overnight and will no longer need human input when the box is turned on?


  3. Glyn Says:

    Bit of a faff with the memory stick thing. Didn’t recognise the first one I tried using (although I take stuff off the box with it). didn’t need to re-name the prog file, but did need to with the loader. Have to load each one seperately to the Hummy.
    First impressions, I do notice that IPlayer loads a lot faster. Can I assume that the will not record freesat if in non-freesat mode, still exists?


  4. Graham Brazendale Says:

    Have upgraded my Foxsat-HD, but nothing seems any different except software version is reported as being now 1.00.28 and not 1.00.26.

    However, I note on the Humax website that the upgrade date for 1.00.28 is 08 December 2008.


  5. Graham Brazendale Says:

    Sorry, upgrade date for 1.00.28 is showing as 08 December 2010. My mistake.


  6. Brian Says:

    Thank goodness we have improved that pesky MHEG on ITVplayer :)


  7. StuC Says:

    I was hoping for WiFi support (with the use of a wireless USB dongle) to be included in this next update, but no such luck. The HDR-FOX T2 software update from January 2011 included this – I would have thought it was easy enough to add the same functionality to the FOXSATHDR box.


  8. Ed Says:

    I have the Foxsat HD. When I set it to come on automatically so that I can record a programme using my DVDR it won’t display subtitles even though subtitles are set to On. Has the update fixed this I wonder?


  9. Alvin Says:

    You will probably find that “the industry” have bags of firmware technology at their disposal already but they only release slices of it at any one time depending on what the competition is doing and to keep on generating sales!

    The next big event will be transmission in 1080p but that will be a few years away yet (around 2017-19)

    First priority is to get the whole of the U.K switched to digital, this will be fully completed by 2013.


  10. Dave Stokes Says:

    Installed v1.00.15 of the software and can see that the live buffer record was never implemented presumably due to technical issues. Don’t get me wrong, solving the power cut bug was a welcome addition though before Humax desert the box in favour of a new version. What puzzles me is why it seems to be so troublesome to get the live buffer record implemented. The way I guess it works is…

    1. When the channel or current programme changes, the HDR immediately starts recording the transmission into a new file that it is invisible in the media list.
    2. If the user presses record, the HDR makes the file visible in the media list.
    3. That’s it


  11. Dave Stokes Says:

    Am wondering though whether my idea cannot be implemented because of the extraordinary time it takes to delete a programme. And on that subject what’s that about? hehe


  12. Clive Says:

    I’ve never had a problem with my Humax in more than two years. So basically to me this update is pretty useless.
    Whats the betting once I’ve updated i start getting problems!!


  13. Bob H Says:

    @Dave Stokes,

    It was implemented as a trial internally but it caused all sorts of problems with reliability because of the processing requirements and so it wasn’t fit for purpose. The engineers reached the limits of what they could achieve with what they had. In much the same way as network media streaming was also tested but found to cause problems and so was abandoned.



  14. dave aberdeen Says:

    same here clive had mine for over two years also.i do not require an update.have not had any problems with my humax box.will probably have now, after 1st june.why fix something if not broken.!!!!


  15. footy Says:

    Agree with 12 and 14, had box for 2 years, never any problems-bet there will be now!-Hope not.


  16. ian Says:

    I’m another one of those that has had a FoxSat HD and no problems, so this is going to be interesting, i just hope this new update doesn’t introduce problems that wasn’t there before-hand. And that is something that normally does happen after an update..


  17. Mark Says:

    Gee you people really do moan a lot about nothing and are so negative!

    I’ve only had one problem in the last two years with my Foxsat-HDR, and that was due to the power failure of whilst I was on holiday.

    Okay, so if the new update isn’t really necessary for you. But wouldn’t you much rather these are solved, in the event one day it did actually prevent you missing a programme/film? Plus ensuring the Foxsat-HD is operating as reliable as possible.

    I’ve been using Humax PVRs since late 2005. Even though many complain that they are slow in updates, they have rarely caused further problems since they ensure it really does work. If you search on other forums (such as Digital Spy) you’ll quickly see the quality of work from other manufacturers is no near as high as Humax.


  18. ian Says:

    Referencing Digital Spy is like saying using Wikipedia in a business presentation, both are full of brown stuff!!!!!


  19. Dave Stokes Says:

    Bob H – thanks for the reply explains things a little – still mad but guessing from that it will never arrive :o(


  20. Dave Stokes Says:

    oh yes and Mark – didn’t mean to come across TOO negative hehe. Users will always pine for improvements rather than overstate the positives any day lol


  21. Clive Says:

    That’s fine Mark but your experience is no good to me!!
    I had a 9200 with no problems for years until an update caused all sorts of problems that were never fixed. Surely you have enough common sense to understand why people are worried. Why wouldn’t they just because you’ve only had one problem? And why would i start missing a film after all this time. If only one problem’s all you’ve had then good, but for those of us who’ve had plenty maybe you should keep your unexperienced opinion to your self.


  22. Ian Bower Says:

    If the implementation of BBC iplayer is faster, then the update, for me, is completely worth it.


  23. ian Says:

    Here here @Clive #21…


  24. ChrisK Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I will be making sure my auto updating is turned off until you brave folk have tested it for me. LoL.

    Thanks in advance for that.


  25. ian Says:

    How do you turn auto-update off.. I don’t think you can!?


  26. Keith Says:

    “Time recovered in standby after a power failure”

    That fix alone is all I needed to see! Living in the sticks, I’ve never been able to rely on the box to record properly whilst away on holiday as we are prone to power interuptions.


  27. Glyn Says:

    Have noticed a positive with the upgrade – remote is far more responsive. I also upgraded my hard drive to 1TB (but don’t suppose this is the reason).


  28. Andy Dow Says:

    Yes Clive! Why Mark would we want an update if we’ve never had a problem and it can actually cause them like I’ve had before. Just in case we get a problem in the future we’ve never had? How ridiculous! I’ve never missed a film and it’s been 100% reliable. So from our point of view (not yours) what exactly is your point?


  29. Mark Says:

    @28 Andy

    My point is just simply there seem to be a lot of disrespect to Humax. I have got a lot of respect for Humax, as Humax is easily recognised as the major and preferred PVR for both Freesat and Freeview. Just imagined what Freesat PVRs would be like if Humax never decided to take part?

    I hasn’t heard of any problems from the betas who having been using the latest version for the past month or so. That suggest that it is pretty stable and I am willing to give Humax the respect and chance it deserves for all of their hard work in the last 6 years.

    If after an update there was a fault discovered, then that would be an entirely different matter and I could perfectly understand people being frustrated with Humax.

    I was going to suggest a way I thought of for those folks to avoid the auto update. I was going to a suggest using a electric timer switch on the Humax plug to set a time off between 2am-4am (avoiding 3am update). But then realised the power-off-clock bug would be present when power was restored. You could always do this if you want, after this update (once that clock bug has been fixed) or whenever you hear that the following update is coming in the future. Just a thought.


  30. Jane Says:

    My i player loads much faster, but have also noticed when i skip back (mine’s set at 15 secs) it quite often pauses instead. It’s never done that before in more than two years, and I’m already finding it very annoying.


  31. Alvin Says:

    Dont worry …. Even if in the unlikely event that any problems should arise after this major update, Humax would find a solution and send out a emergency update to rectify the problem.

    Quite a bit of work and research would have already been done by Humax before releasing out anything to the public.

    Dont forget, Humax are the world leaders in the digital box game.

    Have some faith in this proven company.


  32. Phil Owens Says:

    It’d been nice if the new software included wifi ….. Never mind maybe in the future or some clever person dabbling with the software…


  33. Malcolm Sinclair Says:

    Any chance someone tell me what ‘Dolby Digital downmix’ means please?


  34. footy Says:

    Do not know if software has been done, however re-tune has. Shows moving of one prog-do not know which one.


  35. Russ Says:

    Mine had not updated software at 8:00am. Went into diagnostics and last software update 13th Jan 2010, presumably I-player update. I did a search but no new software found at that time.


  36. Muzer Says:

    According to grahamlthompson on DS, today’s rescan was Daystar changing frequencies.


  37. Mike Bannister Says:

    After software update it now takes an age for programme guide to allow you to set record. In programme guide in top right corner of screen says waiting to update transmission details – this never happened before.


  38. Russ Says:

    Just downloaded the new software, however in diagnostics it gives the update date as 08 Dec 2010. Is this date when they first started to develop the software ?


  39. John N Says:

    @37 Mike. I noticed that too after this update. You have to wait while it ‘receives programme information’. That’s a bad move on that part of the update! I also noticed that this update hasn’t solved the problem of the annoying subtitles when playing back a programme from the memory buffer. If Humax do read these threads, could they please fix this subtitle problem?


  40. footy Says:

    From info given by others this software update seems to affect PVR more. I have Humax HD foxstat-not recorder, do not know if it has updated, and if so, will I notice anything different.


  41. Jock Says:

    #39 – John N

    You can email “Graham North (Humax Electronics)” and report your subtitle problem (and anything else troubling you) directly, I have used this address in the past and received replies.


  42. Jock Says:

    #39 – John N

    The email address didn’t come out right. It should be “Graham North (Humax Electronics)”


  43. Jock Says:

    I give up!


  44. Martin Says:

    I’m a bit dissapointed with the lack of ‘record buffer’ functionality. Not sure how that was approached – but the buffer is already recorded on disk so how hard would it be to add a ‘save current buffer’ function – close current buffer file rename with current timestamp as part of name, and start a new buffer just like when you change channel. Can’t see how on earth that would be stretching the limits of the hardware… I could see that depending on software implementation it could cause issues.

    And I agree – the subtitle on buffer playback bug should have been addressed – it’s very annoying.


  45. ian Says:

    Downloading the new update OTA and by god its slow to download…


  46. John N Says:

    @Jock 41, 42 & 43. Thank you. Don’t give up!


  47. Lawrence Pearce Says:

    Agreed the download is exceptionally slow.
    BBC iPlayer seems quicker to operate following the upgrade on my Foxsat HD, but picture quality remains disappointing even on the higher resolution setting (which really should be the default). By comparison the picture quality on i-Player displayed via my cheap Sony BDP-S370 Blue Ray Player is simply stunning. I don’t know why this should be so – do all Freesat machines display BBC i-Player at the same lowish quality?


  48. Adrian Says:

    I have downloaded the update but on the epg I now get”downloading programme information” and I can’t activate recording at all.


  49. stuart Says:

    i’ve downloaded the new software and I’ve got a problem !!!

    on the epg when i try to set record on a future programme this appears:

    ‘please wait for receiving broadcast information’ press OK

    HUMAX or someone please help??


  50. MGG Says:

    #37 Best to press Schedule then red button – Table View available straightaway and current programme stays on screen. Instant response to Record / Watch request.


  51. stuart Says:

    #50 thanks for the advice works for me.


  52. Mike Bannister Says:

    @50 thanks from @37 – works ok long winded but at least its better than using guide and waiting for upto 5 mins!!!!


  53. Alvin Says:

    For all those who are complaining of problems after download, simply reboot your machine!.

    It is simple and effective, to do this just switch off your Humax via the remote or on the unit itself, then unplug it at the mains, wait for 2 minuets and re plug the power plug into the socket, wait a further 2 minuets then switch on the unit as normal.

    This procedure allows your Humax to properly digest and accept the new download information it has just received.

    Try it, you may like it!

    Happy viewing.


  54. jezB Says:

    IPlayer menus much faster,
    Thankyou Humax for a well thought through update.


  55. colin Says:

    what is Dolby Digital downmix and Channel scan for channels added/removed/changed at 3am mean in layman’s English please.


  56. Jock Says:

    I updated my Foxsat-HD using the internet/USB stick method. Part of that procedure involves turning off at the mains and forcing a re-boot. So far everything I’ve needed to do has worked OK – but I’ve not gone looking for trouble. I would endorse what #53 Alvin says.

    What I have noticed is that the updated loader (7.25) was not included in what I got over the internet, so I am still running on 7.24. I can’t find it on the Humax download website, so I am waiting to see if the box will realise it is missing and try to grab it OTA. Anyone else?


  57. Vin Says:

    Grrrr, I’ve just noticed that I have the same issue… pressing GUIDE to bring up the EPG, and then trying to select something to record, brings up the message “Please wait for receiving broadcast information”.

    Previous to this update, pressing the guide button would allow me to navigate the EPG and set timers, and after x amount of time, the current channel would appear in the background to the EPG.

    Now… well, I’ve been waiting minutes already, and I still can’t set a timer.
    I can still do it the other way, pressing schedule and list, which I used to do before to get a more responsive EPG, and also keeps the current channel in the background of the EPG, but for crying out loud, how annoying is that, that if I do it “properly” and press the guide button, and try to set a timer, I can’t?

    I still can’t now. I’ve had time to try a few times, load IE, find this thread, and make this post, all the while I’m still unable to set a timer without quitting from the guide, and reloading it via schedule.

    It’s certainly been approaching 5 mins so far.
    So what’s that email address we can write to?
    This is far worse than before.

    Ah, just while typing the line above, the background channel is now showing on the EPG, and I can now set timers. That took so much longer than it used to. It’s basically rendered the guide button useless!

    Sorry for the negativity, I was a little out of touch with the updates, and had just left it alone while it was working, but the OTA update came without any intervention from me.

    Anyway, hopefully another fix will come along soon to fix that, indeed my only problem with my Foxsat HDR is how utterly unresponsive it is navigating the EPG, so was hoping the update may have helped with that, not made it worse.
    Indeed I’ve recently bought the Humax Freeview HD PVR as well, and have been using that more of late.

    Anyway, thanks again to this site, this forum and its members, to have a place to read about, and comment about any updates and issues we’re having!

    Best regards,


  58. Vin Says:

    … and I just did a cold reboot to see if that would cure the problem. I didn’t think it would, and it didn’t.

    This is obviously a new “feature”



  59. Vin Says:

    I didn’t find Graham’s address, but I’m going to write to

    uksupport (at)

    and see if I have any luck.


  60. Phil Owens Says:

    @ Vin.. I’m getting the same “Please wait receiving broadcast information” So annoying … Hope they sort it soon..


  61. stuart Says:

    #53 a complete reboot didn’t solve the gremlins in the epg delay in my box.


  62. Mark S Says:

    So with the new Humax software will there be no BBC HD working on Monday until 3am Tuesday morning, unless doing a freesat tune and filling up the epg with all the junk channels I have deleted?


  63. Chrislayeruk Says:

    My Foxsat HD box doesnt find an upgrade at all. Is it me, Have I missed a time slot?
    Answers welcome, Chris


  64. Chrislayeruk Says:

    System ID 35F1.0000
    Application Version HZPTSF 1.00.28
    Loader Version U7.25
    Update Date 08 DEC 2010

    Is this the latest, if so, Whats with the date Dec 2010?


  65. Derek (original) Says:

    @64 Chrislayeruk
    Looks like your HD box has automatically downloaded the latest update when your back was turned as the new version for HD boxes is 1.00.28


  66. joncfc Says:

    Hiya, does the update come down a seperate channel or something? I ask as after repeated tries i cant get the update and so im still stuck on 1.00.26. The problem i have is i can only get about half of the channels because of trees in our garden blocking the signal. At least i think thats the cause!! :-)


  67. peterhb Says:

    Seems to have improved iplayer operation, now noticeably quicker.
    I have an issue with my Foxsat HD box, which I have always had from new, when switching from viewing an HD channel back to SD I sometimes loose the sound. This doesn’t always happen but when it does I have to either turn the TV off(Philips) and then on to clear it or restart the Foxsat box. This issue is still present, And I’m not quite sure whether it’s The TV not recognising the HDMI properly or the Foxsat box. Apart from this irritation the system works well.


  68. bknewhaven Says:

    Only problem I have noticed since update, is when using iPlayer the programme starts no picture, but with sound or no sound but with picture. Stopping and starting it gets it to work, but it worked perfectly before. Haven’t tried a complete switch off yet, as that means I have to redo all my series recording settings as these don’t work after a complete shut down unless they have changed that in the upgrade.

    Always able to use higher resolution because despite being in a small town on the south coast (Newhaven), local exchange upgraded to ADSL2, so getting speeds of 13MB+


  69. Derek (original) Says:

    Has anyone else noticed lipsynch problems on recordings since the update? Recordings I made before the update (and still have) are perfectly in synch but those made after the update have the sound slightly delayed.


  70. Rob H Says:

    Like any on this forum I’m experiencing the “receiving broadcast information” banner it’s not for more than 30 seconds so far, but is somewhat annoying. Lip sync seems to be ok, I’m using HDMI to my tv. Navigating the EPG seems a bit slower i’d describe it as “laggy”. I sometimes wish electronics company’s used the actual users to test updates on, they’d learn a lot!


  71. Clive Says:

    Well what do you know! i player loads faster but they’ve given us two problems we never had!! Every time you try and record something you get that annoying “receiving broadcast information” and most of my recordings now have lip sync problems. We wait all this time for an update (that was hardly worth it) and they give us more problems than we had before. I hope we don’t have to wait years for them to work out how to fix them. That new Samsung freesat recorder is starting to look very good.
    It can’t be any worse!


  72. Derek (original) Says:

    @Clive. I’m glad its not just me seeing the lipsync issue on recordings since the last s/w update. I also get the “receiving broadcast information” message when pressing record in the EPG, but not always, and sometimes it is only there for a few seconds.

    Lets hope someone at Humax is monitoring this blog and that they are already working on a fix to correct these 2 new ‘features’.


  73. Ed Says:

    System ID 35F1.0000
    Application Version HZPTSF 1.00.28
    Loader Version U7.25
    Update Date 08 DEC 2010

    Mine is the same as this except Loader Version is still U7.22.

    Anyone know why that should be?


  74. steve Says:

    I was hoping in the update when you are watching a recording and its starts to record it moves the curser to the recording programme so when you finished playback u could delete the wrong programme do you agree?


  75. Kerry Says:

    On the HDR in any case…..Is their anyone that has installed the update, that is NOT now receiving the “receiving broadcast information” message? Like some have said, for me it doesn’t really take more than 30 secs or so to disappear. During which time I can navigate full guide listings as before the update…….but until the message has gone, it won’t let me tag a programme to record. Definitely a step backwards in terms of functionality !


  76. steve Says:

    I agree 1 step forward 2 steps it just me with my problem?


  77. steve Says:

    Everybody must be having there Sunday roast is it nice?


  78. Allen Says:

    @57 Vin: Interesting you should mention the picture behind the EPG…

    I got the ‘Receiving Broadcast Information’ error today when I was trying to set something to record. Used to it by now, I pressed ‘OK’ to clear the dialogue, and almost instantly the TV picture appeared behind the EPG.

    I wondered if this long-standing delay waiting for the picture behind the EPG was synchronised with this new ‘Receiving Broadcast Information’ irritant. So, as soon as the picture appeared, I pressed ‘OK’ again and was able to set the programme to record.

    It seems to me that the ‘Receiving Broadcast Information’ error is indeed synchronised with the picture becoming available in the EPG.

    Has anyone else been able to confirm this?

    It’s not an especially helpful observation to us, but I fear there may be some logic to these things occurring at the same time. In which case, we may be stuck with this ‘feature.’


  79. Glyn Says:

    I have noticed lip sync problems on itv 1 hd .


  80. glyn Says:

    @ Alvin reboot did the trick,no more lip-sync problems ta.


  81. Bob Woody Says:

    My Foxsat decoder which has worked perfectly for the last two years has now decided that both feeds from my dish are supplying no signal at all.
    It wont allow me to imput my postcode & I can’t get any Freesat signal at all – all the FTA channels are there showing about 90% strength & 80% quality (not bad for the Algarve).
    I’ve updated the software but that didn’t help – rang Humax but no help at all.
    I’d be obliged for any ideas anyone may have



  82. michael Says:

    epg takes 30 seconds to identify prog that I wish to record
    a backward step!!!


  83. Rusty Says:

    Hi, I have a Foxsat HDR.

    I think I have graded to the latest software, ver 1.00.15 amd U7/54 are shown on the diagnostics page ?
    But how do I get ITV player, page 903 show the ITV player logo + comming soon in 2011. I have asked Humax, by they don’t answer the questions asked.


  84. Clive Says:

    Hi Rusty, i also have a Foxsat HDR and have been watching itv player for months. It’s still on test but if you have a Humax you can watch it. What you need to do is go to page 999 which is the freesat info page. When that comes up press, green, green, blue, green, green, on your remote. Then when the itv player page appears press red and your in. Good luck.


  85. Rusty Says:

    Hi Clive, thanks for the info. I will try tonight when I get home.



  86. steve Says:

    I have a humax pvr it locked up the other night I had to switch it off then on. At switch at back.what are the technical reasons why ? and can I hurt it by switching it off that way I had no choice.


  87. PCM Says:

    As well as the EPG delay, I also had the problem of all my set series recordings were also recording the “Audio Description” even though it was disabled. I have deleted all the folders and reset, hopefully this will solve the annoying problem.


  88. Tony D Says:

    I’m glad someone else has the very annoying Audio Description problem. I have it disabled but still get the audio on some recorded programmes. Any ideas?


  89. Raymond Says:

    Since the upgrade, in addition to the ‘Receiving Broadcast Information’ message, I am also finding that I regularly lose the Red Button functionality on BBC and need to reboot the Humax box to retrieve it. Anybody else having the Red Button problem?


  90. michael Says:

    Ref Question 81
    Had same problem solved it by putting my Panasonic back to delivery state and then re booted and reset the TV


  91. Barry Dickens Says:

    Have used BBC Iplayer but ITV player still comes up Available 2011, when is this available?


  92. Steve G Says:

    I have all the problem guide and lipsync associated with the latest software update plus slow remote response or locking up of the remote, requiring the hdr box to be turned off on the front of the box and rebooted, then the remote works fine for a while, I have sold several of these units and am getting complains from nearly all my customers who have some or all of the symptoms. also forwarded to humax will put any replies in this forum.


  93. steve Says:

    For steve @92 mine locked up last Sunday (humax) I noticed it didn’t record coast remote didn’t work or front box buttons I had to switch it off then on at switch at back then manual record coast so you think its a software issue its the first time its happened.


  94. steve Says:

    I don’t have I player connective to humax but with the software update your comments say its a improvement but everything else its got pvr locked up missed a recording and waiting for receiving broadcasting information is a new problem why did humax let this software go out knowing this.I regret downloading this new software.


  95. SteveR Says:

    Noticed lip-sync problem on ITV1 HD only – thought it was the up-grade; Humax customer support sent me down-grade USB file to get me back to where i was, however lipsync is still out; audio earlier than video.
    If you set Humax to “non freesat” mode and select ITV1 HD Granada channel 5119 , which is part of the Sky multiplex, the lipsync is perfect. so this must be ITV’s encoding when feeding the Freesat mux. Perhaps someone else could try this to confirm? Lip-sync is also out on a Panasonic with built in freesat; only went astray in the last week.


  96. steve Says:

    How often does humax look at this site?I am a novice to Steve r the down grade usb file is it a memory stick they sent you?or do u need the internet?


  97. CliveW Says:

    I’m not sure why this update was released. It seems to have caused more grief than it fixes. Could Graham North please tell me how I explain ‘Receiving Broadcast Information’ to my wife.
    “It used to work! What have you done to it?” is the cry.
    “I haven’t done anything, honest. They just sent this sh*t to us automatically” I reply.
    “And why do I keep getting subtitles when I dont want them?”
    I think Humax sees its future in FreeviewHD.


  98. MK Slinky Says:

    And the moral of this story is…? Don’t buy a HUMAX if that’s the response you get from their tech guy’s! If a company has no interest in the thoughts and opinions of it’s customers then they’re simply NOT WORTH DOING BUSINESS WITH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thankfully I bought Panasonic and only came here to look for answers to my mum’s humax problems. Yes that update has really screwed up the EPG, and now my poor old mum has to wait an eternity to set a recording!!

    Humax really SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


  99. SteveR Says:

    If you contact customer support they will offer you the version before the up-grade by email, i asked for it – it was not their suggestion, i wanted to find the cure for the lip-sync issue myself – it’s a file you copy onto a USB stick,plug it in the front following the instructions they send on a email. This does not fix the lip sync issues, but if you are unhappy with the other changes then down-grade. BTW customer support recommends the “restore factory settings” will solve most issues.


  100. steve Says:

    Thanks Steve r


  101. Mike J Says:

    Since the last update my box will not retain the channels in the favourite list.
    Needs a retune every time its been on stb


  102. Kevin Ver1 Says:

    @ 98 Mr Slinky

    Looks like you missed all the complaints from Panasonic owners regarding the non appearance of BBC iPlayer on their legacy products!


  103. Clive Says:

    Anybody know what year Humax intend to solve the new problems they’ve caused!!


  104. david mcphail Says:

    same problem as bob woody worked ok except ch4 breaks up, so tried to retune but postcode not recognised, now no freesat or pvr recorder
    all non freesat progs ok signal strength and quality show ok on non freesat
    but no signal on freesat wife ready to kill me how do i fix this please

    ps done the reset bits as per manual

    thanks in advance david


  105. Mark Coker Says:

    Grrrrrrrrr!!! Ever since the last update my Humax HDR is

    1. Randomly asking if I wish to turn off the box ‘in 5 minutes’. Not good when you have just switched it on for the kids.

    2. The issue of Subtitles (STILL) magically apearing if you re-wind a programme .

    Come on Humax. I thought you were better than introducing bugs that were not really evident in the first place?


  106. Clive Says:

    If you get subtitles after rewinding i found that mine disappear if you press exit.


  107. YeoPhill Says:

    Bought my Foxsat HDR, and was over the moon with it.

    It remains a great bit of kit, but for 2 little things…

    1) My Guide waits (Receiving Program Information) for 1 to 4 minutes (timed at 232 seconds last time) which is a very long time when you’re stood waiting for it.

    I thought this update would help, it hasn’t

    2) I can’t set my TV to the remote, it seems to ‘want’ 4 numbers rather than the 3 given… when I program it, I go through the procedure entering 3 numbers (1 flash for each) and if I enter another, it flashes twice.
    Have tried several ways of doing this, but always the same.

    Any help would be great. Thanks


  108. George Says:

    please fix the “Please wait receiving broadcast information” it spoilt a good box


  109. Roy Says:

    We have had our Foxsat HDR for a couple of years. We have been bery pleased with it until this latest fiasco with the EPG, Pressing guide means we have to wait up to 5 minutes for it to load the EPG – it used to be instantly responsive.

    So HUMAX – please sort this out pronto. You have really made a MESS of it!!!

    And thanks to all the guys on here. Well done! We’ll be trying the schedule/red combination.


  110. Clive Says:

    My EPG is taking longer and longer to load. They need to sort this out fast!!


  111. jeff cliffson Says:

    I don`t go to guide i go straight to schedule then press red button then i can record right away


  112. Clive Says:

    Thanks for the advice Jeff. It didn’t used to work on my box but know works a treat.


  113. gwyneth bishop Says:

    I am so fed up with this message” please wait for receiving broadcast information” and trying to record from the guide we are pensioners and do not understand how to get rid of the message we paid a lot of money for this humax freesat and I certainly would not recommend it, come on humax sort it out


  114. R&J Says:

    Ok have just found an interesting cheat to this very annoying problem. If you press the red record button, then go into the Guide then select the program you want to record hay presto it works, then simply stop the manual record. Hope this helps until Humax can work out a better way?


  115. Clive Says:

    Why don’t you just press schedule and then the red button. You can set recordings straight away?


  116. Edwin Says:

    Is it me or is the recording from Guide working OK now?


  117. Edwin Says:

    Yes it was me it still doesnt work!


  118. Ken the technophobe Says:

    Thanks people, just found this forum after months of problems relating to the “receiving information problem”
    It was a fantastic piece of kit when purchased but rubbish now, I wish I had never bought it and would never recommend a Humax to anyone else.
    The best part to me is that the manufacturer caused the problem and now the resale value is zero, how they must value their customer base!

    I should have gone to Specsavers!


  119. compman Says:

    im as fed up with waiting for program information and being asked about closing down in 2 mins as every one else in this forum.
    Com on humax ive been a fan of linux for many years i know you can do better than this.
    If you value your customer base do it quickly!!!


  120. Joshjosh Says:

    Humax HD-R boxes are now on version 1.00.17 and not version 1.00.15 so make sure you are using this latest update.


  121. Joshjosh Says:

    Also went trying to update your box, you should be aware that for one of the files is in fact in compressed format and will need to be decompressed – renamed and the copied to your memory stick, then deleted and the next file downloaded on to a memory stick and also renamed but this file is not compressed. If you are getting an error E-ID on your display it is because the files have not been correctly downloaded and renamed.


  122. Roger Weaver Says:

    Similarly I (professional electrical engineer) am disappointed with the performance as the box does not do what it says. Don’t like the frequent “waiting for broadcast information” and we can often not record 2 channels and certainly not record 2 and watch 1 from the HDD. The performance seemed to degrade from the factory settings and this presumably due to “upgrades” received. Now frequently when recording a BBC channel say eg 101 the box will also decide to select another version of the same channel say 975 ( even if at a different time) and then no other record options are available. If we watch a programme previously set to record the box freezes and has to be switched off to reset. There seems to be little interest in responding to or resolving any of these problems or even being available to customers (not found any technical help line)- seems the only option is to return under guarantee?


  123. multifield Says:

    I am having the same problem (guide displays “receiving programme information” and hangs up) with my 2-year old Humax Foxsat-HDR. What is the recommended solution? Update the software (how on earth do I do that?) or restore factory settings (if I can find it in the menus)?

    I didn’t do this when I first bought it so maybe it has been updating the software automatically (how do I find out?).

    I waited a year for the box to be released because I believed all the reviews. It lived up to its reputation at first but now is becoming decidedly irritating. Power-cycling all the time is not good for the machine and is a real nuisance.


  124. John McKenna Says:

    Ed said:
    System ID 35F1.0000
    Application Version HZPTSF 1.00.28
    Loader Version U7.25
    Update Date 08 DEC 2010
    Mine is the same as this except Loader Version is still U7.22.
    Anyone know why that should be?

    I have found the same issue is this a problem of a typo on the Web Site???


  125. Pete Holt Says:

    I don’t know where to start so i would think Humax, I have just got a Humax HD a none recording unit, just what i wanted, to squeeze me over from Freeview Sky,
    anyway, i was under the impression i got was unplug one and plug in the freesat, but no sat signal available, so using a sky box in another room coming from a quad lnb, i checked the signal on skybox, says low quality and a top signal about three quarter on the bar signal? so straight to the phone to Humax and what a surprise i got, they recomend a qualified tech guy to do the install? yet my sky bos is ok, so Humax guy said ” it is slightly offset? is thia a vertical up and down job, or a swing to left or right, and if thats the case, then all these tuner thingys wont pick up this difference ive just downloaded a iphone app, wants to know the dish size etc, so please guys, what do you think, as my vertcal slipped a bit, i can feel a major payout coming to some aerial guy, i,m quite confident with technology so any pointers would be great, my app is satfinder, just having probs putting dish size in ” guessing ” prob an old dish,….this is getting easier by the minute, its like a trip to the vets…money i aint got, thats why my mini pace 1000 is on an Auction site now…if you hurry, seems a very popular old sat box, cos its already paying for my ne Humax..
    something i don’t know?? help help guys, if i get a reply does this come to my e-mail, i hope so…


  126. Mark Says:

    So the next update will be in 2017 for my foxsat+ hd box?


  127. Viv Says:

    Switch on this morning to find all my recordings gone is it possible to get them back? Freesat humax 1010s


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