Humax Release Important Software Update

Humax have announced they will release an important software update for both the FOXSAT-HD and FOXSAT-HDR on 1st June 2011.

The update is expected to resolve a number of the bugs which have been apparant on the receivers since launch.

The software will automatically update on your receiver (if you have it set to do so from within the menu) or alternatively you can download now from the Humax website and self-install.

The updates include:

Humax FOXSAT-HDR (ver 1.00.15)
– Dolby Digital downmix included
– Time recovered in standby after a power failure
– Resolved recording issues if left on a part-time channel
– Channel scan for channels added/removed/changed at 3am
– Postcode Table updated automatically (over air)
– Resolved crash issue on iPlayer content playback
– MHEG improvements (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Teletext Jobsite support)

Humax FOXSAT-HD (ver 1.00.28)
– Dolby Digital downmix included
– Time recovered in standby after a power failure
– Channel scan for channels added/removed/changed at 3am
– Postcode Table updated automatically (over air)
– Resolved crash issue on iPlayer content playback
– MHEG improvements (BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, Teletext Jobsite support)

Add a comment letting us know if the update works for any problems you have been having, or any that remain outstanding; Humax monitor this site for feedback.

(thanks EDDie Heron for the news)

127 thoughts on “Humax Release Important Software Update”

  1. Since the last update my box will not retain the channels in the favourite list.
    Needs a retune every time its been on stb

  2. @ 98 Mr Slinky

    Looks like you missed all the complaints from Panasonic owners regarding the non appearance of BBC iPlayer on their legacy products!

  3. same problem as bob woody worked ok except ch4 breaks up, so tried to retune but postcode not recognised, now no freesat or pvr recorder
    all non freesat progs ok signal strength and quality show ok on non freesat
    but no signal on freesat wife ready to kill me how do i fix this please

    ps done the reset bits as per manual

    thanks in advance david

  4. Grrrrrrrrr!!! Ever since the last update my Humax HDR is

    1. Randomly asking if I wish to turn off the box ‘in 5 minutes’. Not good when you have just switched it on for the kids.

    2. The issue of Subtitles (STILL) magically apearing if you re-wind a programme .

    Come on Humax. I thought you were better than introducing bugs that were not really evident in the first place?

  5. Bought my Foxsat HDR, and was over the moon with it.

    It remains a great bit of kit, but for 2 little things…

    1) My Guide waits (Receiving Program Information) for 1 to 4 minutes (timed at 232 seconds last time) which is a very long time when you’re stood waiting for it.

    I thought this update would help, it hasn’t

    2) I can’t set my TV to the remote, it seems to ‘want’ 4 numbers rather than the 3 given… when I program it, I go through the procedure entering 3 numbers (1 flash for each) and if I enter another, it flashes twice.
    Have tried several ways of doing this, but always the same.

    Any help would be great. Thanks

  6. We have had our Foxsat HDR for a couple of years. We have been bery pleased with it until this latest fiasco with the EPG, Pressing guide means we have to wait up to 5 minutes for it to load the EPG – it used to be instantly responsive.

    So HUMAX – please sort this out pronto. You have really made a MESS of it!!!

    And thanks to all the guys on here. Well done! We’ll be trying the schedule/red combination.

  7. I don`t go to guide i go straight to schedule then press red button then i can record right away

  8. I am so fed up with this message” please wait for receiving broadcast information” and trying to record from the guide we are pensioners and do not understand how to get rid of the message we paid a lot of money for this humax freesat and I certainly would not recommend it, come on humax sort it out

  9. Ok have just found an interesting cheat to this very annoying problem. If you press the red record button, then go into the Guide then select the program you want to record hay presto it works, then simply stop the manual record. Hope this helps until Humax can work out a better way?

  10. Thanks people, just found this forum after months of problems relating to the “receiving information problem”
    It was a fantastic piece of kit when purchased but rubbish now, I wish I had never bought it and would never recommend a Humax to anyone else.
    The best part to me is that the manufacturer caused the problem and now the resale value is zero, how they must value their customer base!

    I should have gone to Specsavers!

  11. im as fed up with waiting for program information and being asked about closing down in 2 mins as every one else in this forum.
    Com on humax ive been a fan of linux for many years i know you can do better than this.
    If you value your customer base do it quickly!!!

  12. Humax HD-R boxes are now on version 1.00.17 and not version 1.00.15 so make sure you are using this latest update.

  13. Also went trying to update your box, you should be aware that for one of the files is in fact in compressed format and will need to be decompressed – renamed and the copied to your memory stick, then deleted and the next file downloaded on to a memory stick and also renamed but this file is not compressed. If you are getting an error E-ID on your display it is because the files have not been correctly downloaded and renamed.

  14. Similarly I (professional electrical engineer) am disappointed with the performance as the box does not do what it says. Don’t like the frequent “waiting for broadcast information” and we can often not record 2 channels and certainly not record 2 and watch 1 from the HDD. The performance seemed to degrade from the factory settings and this presumably due to “upgrades” received. Now frequently when recording a BBC channel say eg 101 the box will also decide to select another version of the same channel say 975 ( even if at a different time) and then no other record options are available. If we watch a programme previously set to record the box freezes and has to be switched off to reset. There seems to be little interest in responding to or resolving any of these problems or even being available to customers (not found any technical help line)- seems the only option is to return under guarantee?

  15. I am having the same problem (guide displays “receiving programme information” and hangs up) with my 2-year old Humax Foxsat-HDR. What is the recommended solution? Update the software (how on earth do I do that?) or restore factory settings (if I can find it in the menus)?

    I didn’t do this when I first bought it so maybe it has been updating the software automatically (how do I find out?).

    I waited a year for the box to be released because I believed all the reviews. It lived up to its reputation at first but now is becoming decidedly irritating. Power-cycling all the time is not good for the machine and is a real nuisance.

  16. Ed said:
    System ID 35F1.0000
    Application Version HZPTSF 1.00.28
    Loader Version U7.25
    Update Date 08 DEC 2010
    Mine is the same as this except Loader Version is still U7.22.
    Anyone know why that should be?

    I have found the same issue is this a problem of a typo on the Web Site???

  17. I don’t know where to start so i would think Humax, I have just got a Humax HD a none recording unit, just what i wanted, to squeeze me over from Freeview Sky,
    anyway, i was under the impression i got was unplug one and plug in the freesat, but no sat signal available, so using a sky box in another room coming from a quad lnb, i checked the signal on skybox, says low quality and a top signal about three quarter on the bar signal? so straight to the phone to Humax and what a surprise i got, they recomend a qualified tech guy to do the install? yet my sky bos is ok, so Humax guy said ” it is slightly offset? is thia a vertical up and down job, or a swing to left or right, and if thats the case, then all these tuner thingys wont pick up this difference ive just downloaded a iphone app, wants to know the dish size etc, so please guys, what do you think, as my vertcal slipped a bit, i can feel a major payout coming to some aerial guy, i,m quite confident with technology so any pointers would be great, my app is satfinder, just having probs putting dish size in ” guessing ” prob an old dish,….this is getting easier by the minute, its like a trip to the vets…money i aint got, thats why my mini pace 1000 is on an Auction site now…if you hurry, seems a very popular old sat box, cos its already paying for my ne Humax..
    something i don’t know?? help help guys, if i get a reply does this come to my e-mail, i hope so…

  18. Switch on this morning to find all my recordings gone is it possible to get them back? Freesat humax 1010s

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