Humax response to latest lip-sync issues

Since the update from 1.00.13 to 1.00.15 a number of Humax HD customers have noticed a return of the lip-sync issue, most obvious on BBC HD.

In a response to joinfreesat reader Derek, Humax have said,

Over the past 1-2 weeks a number of customers have reported Lip-sync issues on the BBC HD channel. Software version 1.00.13 has addressed the lip-sync issues with the BBC HD channel and Dolby Digital 5.1 broadcasts and until recently we have not had any reports of syncing issues.
Version 1.00.15 has now been released, but this has not made any changes that would affect the syncing.
We have reported the issue to the BBC for investigation as we believe there may be some issues with the broadcasts playing out; as we have not made any changes that could affect the lip-sync.

Let’s hope between Humax and the BBC this issue can be resolved once more.

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  1. from my experience the last few days, some bbc hd programmes are in sync and some are not, its time to get off humax’s back and direct the complaints to the bbc

  2. If I’m going to be honest if there has been a problem with the lip syncing then I certainly haven’t noticed it!

    Seriously this can’t be a major surely? Who really pays that much attention to it?

    If it is really bad then yeah that is pretty annoying, but if it’s just mildly out of sync it doesn’t really matter.

  3. If you go too Sky forums you will see they have been having the same problem with lip synch, so it is not Humax. I have had my box since June or July no problem just a bit soft on SD but that depends on the station.

  4. Well, I’ve certainly noticed the return of the lip sync problem on BBC HD (on some programmes but not others) – but it started a few days *before* the update to Software Version 1.00.15. The problem certainly seems to be confined to BBC HD – I can’t see any problem on Luxe HD or on any of the small handful of HD channels I received from other sats.

    It would appear that it’s the BBC who need to address this problem, not Humax.

  5. Ouch. Blaming someone else is not very responsible. Let’s face it… sounds like there were no issues before the update and now there are… Not really fair is it, Humax?

  6. Yes I have noticed lip sync problems on BBC HD whilst viewing through my Sky+HD box in the last two weeks.

    I would therefore guess that Humax dont want the same sort of vitriollic bashing they got last time when they were accused of ignoring the problem.


  7. Prior to the latest firmware I had no lip-sync problems. Since then I have had problems on BBC HD and some quite severe problems on some SD channels.

  8. After an email I have received I believe that BBC have found and addressed the issue, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

    It is a strange quirk of nature that watching HD video leaves us (as viewers) a great deal more sensitive to lip-sync from the broadcasters. It is unfortunate that Humax had an issue early in this product because we are now an easy target, but hey, we can live with our mistakes.

  9. I sometimes have lip-sync problems with my Goodmans HD box. Switching to standby and then back on again normally resolves the problem.

  10. I have also recently noticed some Lip sync issues on BBC HD again. I also have a suspicion that they started before the latest Humax update.

  11. I too believe the lip sync problem had started before the Humax update and I had only noticed it on BBC HD. The lip sync during the England football game (studio analysis) on ITV HD on Saturday night was fine.

  12. Over the last week or so, I too have experienced the Lip-Sync problem on BBCHD only, and I don’t even have a Humax or Freesat box, just an Arion HD receiver. From the other posts here it seems that the problem is definitely with BBC-HD and not with any particular brand of STB.

  13. I emailed Humax regarding the Lip Sync problem and this is the reply I received,

    “Thank you for your email.

    The BBC found an issue with the broadcasting for BBC-HD over the weekend and has now resolved the problem.

    If you continue to have sound sync problems, please perform a factory reset which can be found by pressing Menu, Setup, Factory Reset.

    Kind regards

    Humax Freesat Support”

    So do not bash Humax on this occasion, re-direct your your comments to the beeb.

  14. As a Foxsat HD owner still experiencing late sound on BBC HD I take no comfort from the Humax Freesat Support statement “The BBC … has now resolved the problem” nor from the BBC internet blog “Hope you should also find last weeks sync error has gone now”.

    I would like the BBC and the receiver manufacturers to work together and actually correct the problem. As things stand, the Foxsat HD receiver is not able to deliver the BBC HD service with sound in sync (HDMI Dolby Digital connection to TV).

  15. Co-incidence? Since posting here on Friday I’m delighted to say that the problem now seems to have been corrected. The sound was in perfect sync with the picture on the BBC HD Channel over the weekend. Long may it stay that way.

  16. I’ve recently bought a Humax HD box, watched Hustle last night great pictures BUT sound out of sync with pictures. I thought this problem had been sorted out?

  17. I agree Hustle was badly out, probably about 40 to 80ms in the “wrong” direction so could not be corrected. Other programmes and the audio sync test signals are correct. Hence it is the BBC who are wrong?

  18. Yes I had the same problem, had to watch it on BBC1 – very annoying. I’m also experiencing the audio lag on the BBC HD preview – anyone else? It must be BBC as when watching ITV HD it’s fine – can’t believe this problem has been going on so long. Fix it BBC!

  19. We have been on FreeSat since 12/01 and have found that although the offering is limited by the Beeb, there have been no problem with lip sync.
    Great quality picturesif any thing, the bass is a bit soft.

    Call us tight, but didn’t want to pay $ky ££££ to enjoy latest technology.
    FreeSat: Go On!!!
    Don’t forget that licence fee!

    Sys:Panasonic PZ81->optical->Yamaha RX-V450(!) to Dolby 5.1

  20. I have a humax hd freesat pvr and watched HD for the first time (England football game) and had a lip sync problem in the wrong direction so the problem is still apparent?




  22. @John

    I know you wrote your comment some time ago but we are new to Freesat and have the same wrong way lip-sync problem. Humax recommended a rest but I did not check whether this will clear all my recordings.

    Alos to anyone surely a software update from Humax to allow lip-sync correction in both directions would partially resolve this?

  23. I have recently purchased a Humax Freesat and have experianced lip sync problems on BBC and ITV HD broadcast. I have found that pausing the broacast then resumming resolves the problem.

  24. we had humax fostsat put in after few days box shut down tv went of cant get tv to come on again had tv for 7 months got privat had no problem with tv untill switch over try and get help you is 0

  25. my wife is partially age 70+.So i thought seeing she cant get around id get this put in for her got a 42 tv at a big cost to me,So had this letter about the switch over by the bbc, Now up to this time have no problems with tv had it 7 month got it private off solder going back saw tv going was working fine wife loved it she could see what was on she was happy tears in he eyes she could see what was on tv again.So i rang about switchover ok we will get someone out to you, well they put box in ok few then the free view box went off taking the tv with it never to come on.
    It has cost me nearly over 100 pound to ring them to be held on if you wont this person press 4 if you wont this person and so on by the time you manage to get a word in and tell them your told you need to speak to this person after about it they say ill get some one to ring you back so you end up having to ring them again and thats how it goes on and the lies your told is just not on the people that are sent out tell one thing while they are there is just to keep you sweet when he out in his van talking to the the office differnt matter after he has justtold you and your wife looks like they will have to replace the tv Now please if you have had a problem i would like to hear from you thease sort of things have got to stop thank you for reading this and hope this dosent happen to you

  26. by the way they are not putting the hand up to the problem to the tv and sofar not going to put it right.

  27. Got 2 humax foxsats, the one thats had the latest update done now has a lip sync problem the other one is still fine – both connected to same sat dish

    therefore the problem must be to do with updating

    will try the pause then play method as mentioned earlier on BBC HD

  28. I have recently bought a Humax Foxsat HDR. I am experiencing lip sync issues on BBC HD and ITV HD channels. Non HD channels are fine. I also have a Ferguson HD freesat box whcih does not have lip sync issues when plugged into the same satellite feed. The issue is definitely a problem with the Humax box.

  29. I too have lag issues only on HD channels. Both Humax boxes do it and it is in the reserve direction from the Lip-Sync option in the menu (which only makes it worse).

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