Humax Software Update Due Today

According to the Humax website, a software update is due today for all Humax FOXSAT-HD Freesat Digital Boxes. The update should take place automatically around midday, version number 1.00.13.

The software update should resolve the following issues, the lip-sync being the most critical:

– Lip-sync improvements for BBC HD
– Interactive Software improvements
– Display LED fix
– Scart loop-through fix
– i button now removes i-plate after 3rd press

In an unofficial chat we had with Humax, they said that testing has been carried out for quite a while on this new software update, and they are confident that it will resolve the lip-sync issue. Lets hope so, the Olympics 2008 should be a nightmare!

Visit the Humax software update page for more information.

Don’t forget to post your comments once the update is complete, telling us whether the issues have been resolved on your particular box.

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47 thoughts on “Humax Software Update Due Today”

  1. We received 23 emails informing us of this this morning so sorry that we couldn’t credit you specifically for letting us know, but thank you anyway for your participation, its appreciated 🙂

  2. Update downloaded OK , The LED’s showing standby,TV,Radio now work correctly at least. The improve IPlate function is more intuitive. Hope the rest is as good.

  3. sorry you misunderstood me im talking about all the emails you received. I like to see that people are trying to help, it must be difficult having eyes everywhere.

  4. luke – sorry, did misunderstand, we’ve had a few negative comments this morning so went defensive lol. Your right, if the information doesn’t come through from the companies in advance (which often it doesn’t) it needs the community to help out in spotting them.

  5. I’ve noticed, its totally unjustified. What do they expect, how can you possibly be all knowing and for gods sake don’t have any personal opinions or passion about the thing you blog about LOL. you have a great site don’t let a few bully’s get you down.

  6. mines updated,

    didnt have a problem with lip sync before, and hadn’t noticed the LED issue. But im glad the iplate closes on the 3rd click 🙂

  7. It’s what most other people would call the info box – the pop up that appears when you press the ‘i’ button on the remote.

    For reasons best known to themselves, Humax call it an i-plate in the software for some (maybe all…) of their products.

  8. will my humax update in standbye because i cant see if its downloading or not unless i borrow next doors tv

  9. New software loaded and ready to go . . All working OK and will have to wait and see how it performs . . I’m sure Humax have gone through an extensive testing procedure and want their product to succeed and become a leader for quality products in the Freesat market, if they are not already? The market is potentially enormous so I think their best effort will be made.

    It seems a competent product to me.

  10. Humax told me that this software version should also address the “green screen” problem which has been a nightmare with my set up, Loewe Individual TV and Foxsat using HDMI

  11. Did anyone else experience sound problems with Wild China on BBC HD at 9pm on Monday? The sound kept dropping out, and also there were periods of several minutes when the sound was badly distorting. I’ve not noticed this before on BBC HD, and wondered if it was a “feature” of the new firmware?

  12. I know some people will say what is he watching this rubbish for, but i have family in Russia, and on the latest programmes let on Freesat is RUSSIA TODAY, But when i log, on the picture keeps breaking up and a message appears saying “BAD OR NO SIGNAL ” is this a HUMAX FOXSTAT PROBLEM OR IS IT freesat.
    I spoke to Freesat recently ,and the girl said it must be a problem with my equipment.

  13. @Roy W
    I get this constantly on BBC HD using optical audio out. There is a (temporary) fix:
    go to non-freesat mode
    go to LUXE TV
    change the sound to audio description
    change back from audio description to Dolby
    change back to freesat mode
    go to BBC HD

    The above should work for a while or until you turn the box off.

    I suggest you email Humax to make them aware of the problem. I have.

  14. Digital – thanks for your input. I’m using HDMI for sound, so it also affects that as well as the optical out. I will email Humax with the details.

  15. Roy – I too had sound problems like you describe with Wild China. I was using optical out for sound and was using the .10 firmware with the Humax
    I’ve never had the sound before and presumed it was the signal itself which was distorted. I live in the Kent area. It was a great program anyway.

    Brian – Russia Today is great and one of my favourites. I have never had any picture / sound or signal problems. As mentioned above, I live in the Kent area and own a Humax.

  16. Roy / Matt,

    I also had the sound problems with Wild China last night. I had updated to the new Humax firmware, which seems to have sorted the lip sync problem (well done Humax!). I tried using optical out and hdmi – but encountered the same intermittent problem with both. Looks to me like it may have been a broadcast signal problem rather than the firmware update (but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen whether it recurrs).

  17. It would seem, so far, that the lip sync problem has been successfully addressed – but it’s going to take a few days to really be sure. (Luxe HD, in non-Freesat mode, still seems to have minor lip sync issues, but then, the SD version of Luxe isn’t in perfect sync either, whether on the Foxsat or on my Dreambox.)

    The handful of other FTA HD channels that I get from other sats all seem fine now as well (not that it was easy to tell from an upscaled, German-dubbed episode of Happy Days on Anixe HD!) – hopefully this latest update has done the trick.

  18. No problems here and working perfectly so far. . . For those with a motor, National Geographic HD UK is available free at 12.5’W AtlanticBird 1 – 11185V 13657 2/3 DVBS2-8PSK . . Using Foxsat HD

  19. With re: to future updates, does anyone know if it is possible to improve the soft picture on SD channels?

  20. Just to add my voice to what Steven has said: Nat Geo HD on 12.5°W is well worth having – in my view it’s the best of the FTA HD channels from the other sats (though Unitel Classica on 19.2°E is very good if you’re into classical concerts – bit too much opera for my taste though). I have found, however, that Nat Geo HD needs a 5ms lip-sync delay on my set-up (not a major issue).

  21. Hi all
    Version 13 seems to have introduced a small bug with me insofar as when exiting ‘edit favourites’ the unit completely locks requiring a reboot. Anyone else noticed it?
    The lip-sync appears to be ok on HD, however, I noticed a small problem on the SD. Strangelt this cleared later and all appears to be correct now.

  22. It’s interesting what you say Rustii regarding soft pictures on SD channels. Are you using a Foxsat HD? Comparison is always a dangerous one but I have seen comments before regarding softness on the Foxsat in SD. I have the same receiver and find the SD pictures quite acceptable, generally, depending on transmission. I wonder if different examples are giving different results?

    Personally I find SD channel quality on my Foxsat to be well judged without excessive emphasis or artificial crispening to give an illusion of detail. Otherwise perhaps my TV and receiver combination works well for me?

    Interested in others comments..

  23. I agree with you Steven, I find the ‘soft SD picture’ quite acceptable, although I agree that it is soft compared to my Virgin box. However, what I like about the Foxsat HD box is the pleasing contrast especially on HD i.e. very dense blacks. Overall, I very pleased with the unit and it’s good that Humax are prepared to update problems very quickly.

  24. I have a Humax freeview pvr, the Humax HD Foxsat and a Panasonic plasma with built in freeview. To my eyes, I find Freesat SD to be the best of the lot with particularly better colour. The Freesat SD picture looks best in the 1080i upscaling mode. Some posters here have said their SD looks best in 720p upscaling mode.

  25. I have the Foxsat HD and find the SD quality excellent, especially in close-up. For some reason it’s not quite as good when watching ITV as it is on other channels, and it has improved greatly since I first installed it. Whether this is due to my fiddling with the TV settings or a software update I have no idea.

  26. Your quite right Bernar, the Foxsat does produce a pleasing contrast and depth of detail on HD, compared with other HD (non-Freesat) receivers I have tried.

    On SD channels I notice (on the Foxsat) digital ‘artifacts’ seem much less apparent (especially noticeable around the channel logo), on low quality channels, than I have seen with other receivers. Perhaps it’s good engineering and as mentioned before, SD pictures do not appear to be artificially over sharpened.

    We seem to forget that a good majority are watching on ‘relatively’ HUGE screens compared with even 5 years ago. We are bound to notice shortfalls in transmission . . Other than those that have a huge SONY dinasour the size of a house. Hey, but they don’t do HD.

  27. hi

    I have a humax that connects to a satalite dish. The problem i am facing is that when i put the music on to the humax through a usb connction in this case i use a usb stick, it transfers it but only plays the 1st 3 second of the song. i then press the left hand arror on the silver circle to go bk and then it plays perfectly. I was wondering if anyone could help me on this. Its getting v annoying now. i have re formatted the hard drive and also done al the updates im v lost what to do next Please help me

    May thanks Gemma

  28. The latest update to the software recieved 10/6/2010 has apparently removed all my recorded programmes. Is there a solution to this?

  29. Again today the hard disk appears to have been wiped clean of all the recording made since June 11th.

  30. Re Humax HD software updates – dont do it!!!! we did an update yesterday and have now gone to the dreaded ‘green screen’ and unable to clear, tried power on and off but still the green screen………. help!!!!!!

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