Humax Software Update Now OTA

Humax have released a new software update for the Humax FOXSAT-HDR (version 1.00.13) and Humax FOXSAT-HD (version 1.00.26), which is available for download over-the-air (OTA) today.

The update for the FOXSAT-HDR is said to just resolve MHEG issues for iPlayer, whilst the FOXSAT-HD the same plus issues with loss of signal on high-band vertical channels.

Do let us know by commenting below how you get on with the update and whether it resolves any problems you have been having.

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  1. @ Robbo 49
    I noticed the same thing when I change from SD to HD, the volume goes down and vice versa;
    I don’t believe that there is any fault here, I imagine that the Dolby digital transmission has a larger dynamic range (The difference between soft and loud) therefore the volume will appear lower then SD broadcasts whose dynamic range has been compressed.

  2. #50 GaseousClay

    Thanks for that clarification. I think that confirms this latest version of Humax software is ready for when iPlayer comes out of its Beta phase. Interesting that they can switch between the 2 methods of access remotely. I wonder how?

  3. my year old FOXSAT HD keeps crashing to a green screen, much more often when watching bbc hd. Thought the software update might solve this, no. Must just have a duff box. 🙁

  4. @jAMES
    This problem is also increasing with me and seems to be the “handshaking” between the box and TV. One solution I have found oftern works is to change to radio mode, change station and then go back into TV mode. This seems to work most of the time and saves having to reboot.

    Gaseous Clay sums up the position. The whole of the red button service was down overnight on Sunday/Monday presumably while they loaded the new software etc onto the interactive service computers. The iPlayer was almost unwatchable on the higher quality even with a 10Mb Virgin cable broadband connection unless I turned off all other programs that access the net. Otherwise iPlayer stuttered every few seconds.

  5. Oyodi 51
    Thanks for the explanation.
    I was confused because, if I simply listen to the Foxsat direct from the TV using the Scart connection, the volume does not change between SD and HD.

  6. @ Robbo 55
    I believe that Dolby digital 5.1 or 2.0 is only carried by the optical out, and maybe via the HD lead. The scart lead can only carry analogue audio.
    When connected to an amp via optical, this will carry Dolby digital 5.1 or 2.0 from the HD channels, and PCM audio from the SD channels, hence the difference in volume because of the reason stated earlier @ 51

  7. @Oyodi 56
    Thanks, I owe you an apology. After a bit more research on what you said, I now fully understand the concepts.

    I now await answers to my other re-boot problem.

    Then I have more….


  8. I just did an ‘Automatic Update’ and it said ‘No Software Found’, but then I looked at the Diagnostic page and it says ‘HPRSFCI 1.00.13′ with a date of 13 Jan 2010! Is that the date of the software or the date my machine installed it? Does the Automatic Update work ‘invisibly’ or does it prompt, like Channel Scans?

  9. i have a foxsat at home with twin feed and updated no probs i also have on in spain with a single feed have had no probs updating that on as well

  10. Hi I live in France can I still receive BBCi player I have a Foxsat HDPVR and a broadband sevice about 8 g

  11. Over the past few days, i’ve noticed my human freesat pvr rebooting at
    the start of programme recordings, while using the menu when it’s recording.
    I thought this was odd, it’s been stable for a long time… now reboots… i checked
    the diag screen and noticed it had been updated recently…. starting to wonder
    if this update is the issue, it was fine the whole of christmas and jan.

  12. It took a long time to download, over 30 minutes, but It has certainly fixed the loss of signal on high-band vertical channels on my Foxsat HD receiver.

  13. Has any noticed that the Non Freesat STB mode has been removed from
    the menu. I think this happened the update prior to this.
    I can’t watch non freesat channels now.

  14. Re 66, 67
    I can access non-freesat mode and currently I have all the Astra and Hotbird free to air stations available.

  15. I’ve done the update to my Foxsat HD box and I am happy to say the red button Sports Multiscreen is back, just in time for the F1 season!! I had no need for it until then, so was not panicing but F1 is back in March and I’ll be using the Sports Multiscreen quite a lot from then. We have a lot of great British sport (World Cup, Wimbledon and British GP) coming up this year so I want my box to be working.

    I too had noticed that the non-Freesat mode had disapeared Dave S @#38 thank’s for your tip. I will try that out.

  16. Thanks for all the comments I have just been through, They have convinced me to go ahead with my purchase of the Humax HDR which I was considering.
    Goodbye Sky! Welcome Freesat.

  17. During the past 2 weeks, I have updated my Foxsat HDR to 1.00.12 and also tried out the iPlayer function.
    I have a very slow Broadband connection, 0.5 – 0.8 Mbps, but it did load and work.
    I’m using a HomePlug connection.

    A couple of times since then, the Foxsat has re-booted itself. Once after watching iPlayer and the other time, while watching TV.

    I’ve since unplugged the ethernet cable and the unit has not re-booted itself.

    Is there a problem with iPlayer and/or the latest upgrade?

  18. #71 Robbo If you followed earlier threads on this site you will be aware of the controversy over potential interference from HomePlug connections. Is it possible that your particular layout is allowing the interference to affect the Humax box?

    One way to check, if you can get your hands on a long enough ethernet cable to reach from your router to you Foxsat, is to dispense with the HomePlug link and see if that makes any difference.

  19. #72 Jock, Thanks for that, I’m new to these forums and was not aware of previous issues with Home Plugs. I tried this before buying the Home Plugs but I had to “stretch” the router cable and use a very long Ethernet cable to get to the TV. I didn’t leave it connected for too long so this could well be the problem. I’ll try this again and leave it connected for longer. What’s the minimum time to leave connected as I don’t want to create a cable hazard for too long. Where in the forum might I find this info?


  20. #73 Robbo – I can’t really advise you on how long to leave it. You’ll have a rough idea of the timescale for problems to appear when using your HomePlug setup. If you can run a pure ethernet setup for that sort of time without problems, it would be looking hopeful, but you need to keep going for two or three times as long to be sure. Long ethernet cables are no problem, so long as you can stop people tripping over them! If you get a clear run with pure ethernet, try the HomePlug again and check whether the original problems re-appear. I’m sure you’ll quickly work out a suitable methodology.

    An earlier thread descended into a slanging match between the pro- and anti- HomePluggers and Admin had to call a halt.

  21. Guys, quick question. I am looking at getting the humax foxsat HD reciever, not the recorder 320gb version, as I need to replace my freesky card. I figured I may as well bung an extra £100 for the World Cup in HD.

    So to the question….Does this bit of kit pick up bbc iplayer? or is it the recorder only? or am I missing something with the I-player bit?

  22. Installed pair of powergrid 902s two weeks ago to my HUMAX foxsat HD set top box. iplayer worked brilliantly using the 5483 (?or whatever) code, even in “higher quality”.
    Since the number changed to 7001 absolutely nothing happens. just a blank screen. It’s been like this for several days now. All the lights are green on the powergrid 902s.

  23. I have had the OTA upgrade and it has NOT fixed the loss of signal on high-band vertical channels. I have checked by attaching another receiver and can receive those channels – I sent an email to Huamx support over a week ago and had no reply. is this typical of the level of service and product quality from Humax ? Any suggestions? The worse purchase I have ever made!

  24. Hi chaps,

    I did an update but I still have problems with the vertical channel reception, although I have 100 over 100 the signal still breaks up????.

  25. In case anyone else hits the ‘old lock-out problem’ even with the latest update 1.00.17 already installed OTA, which I did last evening during copying a file from the HDD to my external HDD, just to say that by going through the Humax procedure on some websites I free’d it up again & it works. However, please note that the word they use ‘Installation’ doesn’t exist in the Menu choices or sub-choices(!) & I had to use FREESAT tune.

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