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Feb 04 2010

Humax have released a new software update for the Humax FOXSAT-HDR (version 1.00.13) and Humax FOXSAT-HD (version 1.00.26), which is available for download over-the-air (OTA) today.

The update for the FOXSAT-HDR is said to just resolve MHEG issues for iPlayer, whilst the FOXSAT-HD the same plus issues with loss of signal on high-band vertical channels.

Do let us know by commenting below how you get on with the update and whether it resolves any problems you have been having.

(thanks to for the information)

79 Responses to “Humax Software Update Now OTA”

  1. Luke Says:

    Seems to be a fairly big update or very slow download speed OTA.

    Had’t had any issues with the previous software so will be interested to see if I notice any improvements.


  2. Mark Says:

    I tried a manual update half an hour ago. nothing yet.


  3. Frank Says:

    Got the update OK.
    Humax have fixed the manual network settings problem and also the display of the “router address” when using DHCP.


  4. Peter Says:

    Have they fixed the issue with not being able to control the volume using Optical audio and the issue where it keeps asking you to re-scan the HDR?


  5. Chad Says:

    My HDR box has had a little trouble with iPlayer. Nine times out of ten it will reboot after watching a program on iPlayer – sometimes in the middle.

    Hopefully this will fix it!


  6. Tony Peake Says:

    Peter@ The Volume on the optical audio output is fixed when there is a Dolby Digital output (100% of the time on BBC HD) It is usable only when the audio output is PCM. As far as I am aware it has always been like this, certainly since i had my Humax HDR (Dec 08). How are you feeding the output to your decoder .I route my signal through my tv set via HDMI output and thence to the decoder by optical link


  7. Peter Says:

    @Tony Peake, I currently pass the optical straight to my amplifier, i.e. not through my TV. I used to be able to reduce and increase the volume before the last update on any channel. Since the update the volume bar does move but has no effect on the actual volume.


  8. Lee B Says:

    I had no issues with the last software so hope none have been introduced. What I would have really liked is for standard Mp4/MKVs/Divx to play through the Humax HDR via the usb, it would have been the perfect media player. Remember Humax this is why the TechniSat started to win awards and respect because a firmware update give the users something extra.

    A vote of what extra functions users would like from a Humax HDR might be nice.


  9. Chris Says:

    I have software HPRSFCI 1.00.02 still – last update 10 Nov 2008. When I search for an update it finds nothing. Is there something I can do?

    Many thanks to anyone who can assist


  10. Ant Says:

    @Chris. Mine doesn’t update OTA I was told it was because I only had a single feed from the dish. You can download the firmware update online at humax’s website ( or on the hummy forums (


  11. Patrick Ashcroft Says:

    I have downloaded 1.00.26 to my FoxsatHD and it appears to have fixed a problem I was having when ‘flicking’ thru the channels and getting ‘no signal or channel may be scrambled’ message


  12. Rod Says:

    A update for the Humax 9300 Freeview model too removes the channel scan pop up too. Good news all round.


  13. Chris Says:

    @Ant. Thanks


  14. Barrie Says:

    @Ant – can you help. I’ve been on to the Humax site and found the upgrade you talked about (thanks for the link). However I’m confused by the upgarde instructions – it tells you to ” Change the file name to “FOXSAT-HDR_upgrade.hdf””. Unfortunately there appears to be two files – can you which needs to be renamed. Thanks in advance


  15. Harv Says:

    Having just installed yesterday I have the update no problem automatically. Everything works very very well. I have one question. The only thing I can see I will miss that I used to have on Sky is on BBC News red button there is no news multiscreen where you can see weather/sport/entertainment video round ups. Definitely going to miss that and wonder if this will be on Freesat in due course?


  16. Barrie Says:

    Oooops! That solves that problem – one file is the software the other the source code. Again thanks for the Humax link @ant


  17. monkeymaniac Says:

    Just completed download of 1.00.26 FOXSAT-HD softeware update and it still has not fixed the no signal or channel may be scrambled’ message problem.



  18. monkeymaniac Says:

    Just done a channel retune, all OK .


  19. Lee B Says:

    Does this upgrade fix the green screen hdmi handshaking issue?


  20. Chris Says:

    @Barrie – you rename both and then update through your usb stick one at a time. Apparently the order isn’t important. It worked for me.


  21. Barrie Says:

    @Chris – Thanks, much obliged. Hope I have the same success.


  22. simonaf Says:

    I just did an ‘Automatic Update’ and it said ‘No Software Found’, but then I looked at the Diagnostic page and it says ‘HPRSFCI 1.00.13’ with a date of 13 Jan 2010! Is that the date of the software or the date my machine installed it? Does the Automatic Update work ‘invisibly’ or does it prompt, like Channel Scans?

    IPlayer has always seemed to work fine for me, except that the ‘Home’ page’s aspect ratio isn’t right, like a 4:3 image stretched to fit a wide screen.


  23. Jean Edinburgh Says:

    Humax PVR 9300T- Nightmare- freezes daily. Tried for AutomaticUpdate 4/2/10 which apparently should sort out freezing and it froze at 9.30am. Will try for Sunday but believe same will happen. Help – anybody have any ideas


  24. admin Says:

    Jean, this is a Freesat site, not Freeview!


  25. Kev Says:

    Hi done this up date do i need to do a RE-TUNE


  26. John Says:

    Hello there. I’m looking for some help!

    On the hard drive of my Foxsat HDR there are 4 races from last year’s MotoGP. I want to put them onto my computer, so I can burn them onto DVD, but I can’t seem to get them off my Humax hard drive! I’ve tried to copy them onto a USB pen drive, but the COPY function in the FILE MANAGER is greyed out. Are recordings protected in some way? Could anyone help me with this please? Thanks in advance.


  27. Derek G. Whitehead Says:

    Since this last upgrade I can no longer get the BBC I player to work. It just sits there and says connecting. It worked fine prior to the new software.


  28. Podge Says:

    @ John – regarding your copying issue. Make sure you have the folder slected on your usb key before trying to copy. If it is not selected then the copy function will be greyed out. Hope that helps!

    I’ve had the Foxsat HDR for about a month now and I’m having a problem with alot of the channels near the end of the epg. It seem the signal quality gets worse as you go down the list. Alot of the channels like True Movies, Chartshow will have pixelated lines coming and going on the screen. Does anyone no why this is?


  29. p.speakman Says:

    This update has enabled viewing of all 3 cbs channels whereas before this update I could only view cbs drama.


  30. brian lawrence crosby Says:

    i have a big problem can anybody help me please i cannot get itv hd it went off while watching football and it hasnt worked since please help me.


  31. Oyodi Says:

    @ Brian
    This happened to me with ITV HD. I did a factory reset and this sorted the problem out.


  32. john Says:

    latest download to my foxsat hd box has cured the missing channels problem finally


  33. John Says:

    Thanks Podge!


  34. Dave S Says:

    I find that forwards/backwards skip is even worse than before. The majority of the time it moves on the bar at the bottom but the video just keeps on playing. Frustrating but still a great service if you want to watch from start to finish without skipping!


  35. paul Says:

    Since updating humax software i now have sky news and flaunt which I lost in novembers update (non-freesat channels)


  36. Russ Says:

    Have not been able to access non freesat mode for quite some time, update has not solved my problem. Any ideas ?


  37. brian lawrence crosby Says:

    oyodi thank you very much i had thought about doing that to get itv hd back but wont that wipe out all the updates i have had thanks.


  38. Dave S Says:

    Russ – is the non-freesat mode available at all? You need to do a manual scan to make it appear.


  39. GaseousClay Says:

    @brian lawrence crosby
    A factory reset will just delete the recording schedule you have set, so it will be necessary to re-enter these. The recordings on the Hard drive will remain intact and any updates you’ve received will not be affected.


  40. GaseousClay Says:

    sorry.. also any presonal preferences will need resetting i.e the ‘V-format’ and whether you have the genre screen enabled etc. The box will also default to 50% volume so that will need ramping back up via the remote control.


  41. Russ Says:

    @ 38. Dave S,

    Dave, thanks so much, I have just completed manual scan and it’s now working fine.


  42. glyn Says:

    I have a humax hd box,But now my bbc hd channel is out of sync and i have tried all the sync adjustments still the same ,Plus i cant adjust volume on bbc hd all ok on other channels any ideas.


  43. Peter Says:

    The rather enigmatic “deals with MHEG issues” that was in the description of the update may be rather more significant than at first was obvious.

    Overnight, the red button service disappeared from all BBC channels but it has now returned with the iPlayer Beta moved to page 7001. When you first access the main interactive menu (which now includes the iPlayer Beta trial as an option), “connecting” briefly flashes up before the initial interactive menu is shown.

    This seems to indicate the box is getting all interactive services via ethernet (ie the web) rather than over the air.

    Glyn, try a reboot by turning on and off. Are you using the digital out to connect to a hifi system or other external sound unit? This is a well known problem with Humax boxes.


  44. glyn Says:

    Ive tried a reboot still the same ,its odd other channels ase ok.


  45. Nik Carter Says:

    @Glynn. It sounds as if you have connected an optical audio cable between your Foxsat and an amplifier and are listening to both the amplifier output and the TV audio. I have noticed a slight difference in sync between my amplifier and TV on some channels. This gives a slight echo effect whilst no noticeable loss of lip sync. I normally keep the TV audio volume right down and then can adjust the volume via the amplifier and avoid sync issues between the TV audio and the amplifier. Hope this helps.


  46. glyn Says:

    Hi all restored to factory settings did a re tune now a1


  47. brian lawrence crosby Says:

    can i thank gaseous clay and oyodi for helping me get itv hd back, did factory reset and seems ok now i hope it stays on now thanks again.


  48. Derek (Original) Says:

    #43 Peter

    The update was installed automatically on my Foxsat HDR, but there are no changes to the interactive menu and iPlayer is still accessible through page 5483
    Not sure I understand what has happened with your system. Is iPlayer now on the red button menu or do you access it through 7001, both. or still via 5483?


  49. Robbo Says:

    During the past 2 weeks, I have updated my Foxsat HDR and also tried out the iPlayer function.
    I have a very slow Broadband connection, 0.5 – 0.8 Mbps, but it did load and work.
    I’m using a HomePlug connection.

    A couple of times since then, the Foxsat has re-booted itself. Once after watching iPlayer and the other time, while watching TV.

    Any ideas?

    Also, I noticed that there was a previous question about volume levels and optical out. I couldn’t find the answer though.
    I have an optical going from the Foxsat to the amp. TV volume is turned right down.
    When I change from SD to HD, the volume goes down and vice versa.
    Any clues on this one?



  50. GaseousClay Says:

    @ Derek (Original)
    On monday morning 8th feb the access to BBC iplayer was switched to an option on the red button home page or using page 7001. Later in the day access was reverted to the ‘live’ 5483 code. Connection to a video stream was very sluggish and at times imposible and the menu navigation was very slow, so they probably went back to the old method for this reason, and I would imagine they may try the newer version again when they have ironed out the bugs.


  51. Oyodi Says:

    @ Robbo 49
    I noticed the same thing when I change from SD to HD, the volume goes down and vice versa;
    I don’t believe that there is any fault here, I imagine that the Dolby digital transmission has a larger dynamic range (The difference between soft and loud) therefore the volume will appear lower then SD broadcasts whose dynamic range has been compressed.


  52. Derek (Original) Says:

    #50 GaseousClay

    Thanks for that clarification. I think that confirms this latest version of Humax software is ready for when iPlayer comes out of its Beta phase. Interesting that they can switch between the 2 methods of access remotely. I wonder how?


  53. jAMES Says:

    my year old FOXSAT HD keeps crashing to a green screen, much more often when watching bbc hd. Thought the software update might solve this, no. Must just have a duff box. :(


  54. Peter Says:

    This problem is also increasing with me and seems to be the “handshaking” between the box and TV. One solution I have found oftern works is to change to radio mode, change station and then go back into TV mode. This seems to work most of the time and saves having to reboot.

    Gaseous Clay sums up the position. The whole of the red button service was down overnight on Sunday/Monday presumably while they loaded the new software etc onto the interactive service computers. The iPlayer was almost unwatchable on the higher quality even with a 10Mb Virgin cable broadband connection unless I turned off all other programs that access the net. Otherwise iPlayer stuttered every few seconds.


  55. Robbo Says:

    Oyodi 51
    Thanks for the explanation.
    I was confused because, if I simply listen to the Foxsat direct from the TV using the Scart connection, the volume does not change between SD and HD.


  56. Oyodi Says:

    @ Robbo 55
    I believe that Dolby digital 5.1 or 2.0 is only carried by the optical out, and maybe via the HD lead. The scart lead can only carry analogue audio.
    When connected to an amp via optical, this will carry Dolby digital 5.1 or 2.0 from the HD channels, and PCM audio from the SD channels, hence the difference in volume because of the reason stated earlier @ 51


  57. Robbo Says:

    @Oyodi 56
    Thanks, I owe you an apology. After a bit more research on what you said, I now fully understand the concepts.

    I now await answers to my other re-boot problem.

    Then I have more….



  58. Ross Says:

    #when does this website get updated its been a week now!


  59. admin Says:


    When there is news, we cannot make stuff up :)


  60. Robert Hudson Says:

    @59 ADMIN



  61. nick Says:

    I just did an ‘Automatic Update’ and it said ‘No Software Found’, but then I looked at the Diagnostic page and it says ‘HPRSFCI 1.00.13′ with a date of 13 Jan 2010! Is that the date of the software or the date my machine installed it? Does the Automatic Update work ‘invisibly’ or does it prompt, like Channel Scans?


  62. graham from falkirk Says:

    i have a foxsat at home with twin feed and updated no probs i also have on in spain with a single feed have had no probs updating that on as well


  63. Don Penfold Says:

    Hi I live in France can I still receive BBCi player I have a Foxsat HDPVR and a broadband sevice about 8 g


  64. Neil Says:

    Over the past few days, i’ve noticed my human freesat pvr rebooting at
    the start of programme recordings, while using the menu when it’s recording.
    I thought this was odd, it’s been stable for a long time… now reboots… i checked
    the diag screen and noticed it had been updated recently…. starting to wonder
    if this update is the issue, it was fine the whole of christmas and jan.


  65. Dave Says:

    It took a long time to download, over 30 minutes, but It has certainly fixed the loss of signal on high-band vertical channels on my Foxsat HD receiver.


  66. Neil Says:

    Has any noticed that the Non Freesat STB mode has been removed from
    the menu. I think this happened the update prior to this.
    I can’t watch non freesat channels now.


  67. Dave S Says:

    Neil – see post 38


  68. hhmb Says:

    Re 66, 67
    I can access non-freesat mode and currently I have all the Astra and Hotbird free to air stations available.


  69. Derek B Says:

    I’ve done the update to my Foxsat HD box and I am happy to say the red button Sports Multiscreen is back, just in time for the F1 season!! I had no need for it until then, so was not panicing but F1 is back in March and I’ll be using the Sports Multiscreen quite a lot from then. We have a lot of great British sport (World Cup, Wimbledon and British GP) coming up this year so I want my box to be working.

    I too had noticed that the non-Freesat mode had disapeared Dave S @#38 thank’s for your tip. I will try that out.


  70. GerryM Says:

    Thanks for all the comments I have just been through, They have convinced me to go ahead with my purchase of the Humax HDR which I was considering.
    Goodbye Sky! Welcome Freesat.


  71. Robbo Says:

    During the past 2 weeks, I have updated my Foxsat HDR to 1.00.12 and also tried out the iPlayer function.
    I have a very slow Broadband connection, 0.5 – 0.8 Mbps, but it did load and work.
    I’m using a HomePlug connection.

    A couple of times since then, the Foxsat has re-booted itself. Once after watching iPlayer and the other time, while watching TV.

    I’ve since unplugged the ethernet cable and the unit has not re-booted itself.

    Is there a problem with iPlayer and/or the latest upgrade?


  72. Jock Says:

    #71 Robbo If you followed earlier threads on this site you will be aware of the controversy over potential interference from HomePlug connections. Is it possible that your particular layout is allowing the interference to affect the Humax box?

    One way to check, if you can get your hands on a long enough ethernet cable to reach from your router to you Foxsat, is to dispense with the HomePlug link and see if that makes any difference.


  73. Robbo Says:

    #72 Jock, Thanks for that, I’m new to these forums and was not aware of previous issues with Home Plugs. I tried this before buying the Home Plugs but I had to “stretch” the router cable and use a very long Ethernet cable to get to the TV. I didn’t leave it connected for too long so this could well be the problem. I’ll try this again and leave it connected for longer. What’s the minimum time to leave connected as I don’t want to create a cable hazard for too long. Where in the forum might I find this info?



  74. Jock Says:

    #73 Robbo – I can’t really advise you on how long to leave it. You’ll have a rough idea of the timescale for problems to appear when using your HomePlug setup. If you can run a pure ethernet setup for that sort of time without problems, it would be looking hopeful, but you need to keep going for two or three times as long to be sure. Long ethernet cables are no problem, so long as you can stop people tripping over them! If you get a clear run with pure ethernet, try the HomePlug again and check whether the original problems re-appear. I’m sure you’ll quickly work out a suitable methodology.

    An earlier thread descended into a slanging match between the pro- and anti- HomePluggers and Admin had to call a halt.


  75. Paulie Says:

    Guys, quick question. I am looking at getting the humax foxsat HD reciever, not the recorder 320gb version, as I need to replace my freesky card. I figured I may as well bung an extra £100 for the World Cup in HD.

    So to the question….Does this bit of kit pick up bbc iplayer? or is it the recorder only? or am I missing something with the I-player bit?


  76. gedsmk Says:

    Installed pair of powergrid 902s two weeks ago to my HUMAX foxsat HD set top box. iplayer worked brilliantly using the 5483 (?or whatever) code, even in “higher quality”.
    Since the number changed to 7001 absolutely nothing happens. just a blank screen. It’s been like this for several days now. All the lights are green on the powergrid 902s.


  77. Bernard Says:

    I have had the OTA upgrade and it has NOT fixed the loss of signal on high-band vertical channels. I have checked by attaching another receiver and can receive those channels – I sent an email to Huamx support over a week ago and had no reply. is this typical of the level of service and product quality from Humax ? Any suggestions? The worse purchase I have ever made!


  78. Wolfman Says:

    Hi chaps,

    I did an update but I still have problems with the vertical channel reception, although I have 100 over 100 the signal still breaks up????.


  79. Brian Mallalieu Says:

    In case anyone else hits the ‘old lock-out problem’ even with the latest update 1.00.17 already installed OTA, which I did last evening during copying a file from the HDD to my external HDD, just to say that by going through the Humax procedure on some websites I free’d it up again & it works. However, please note that the word they use ‘Installation’ doesn’t exist in the Menu choices or sub-choices(!) & I had to use FREESAT tune.


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